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关于”读句子的软件“的英语句子28个,句子主体:Sentence reading software。以下是关于读句子的软件的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentence reading software

1、When statistical software reads a "raw" character format data file consisting of ASCII or EBCDIC characters, it must read each byte in sequence. 当统计软件读取一个以ASCII或EBCDIC为格式的原始数据文件时,必须照着顺序一个一个字节地读取。

2、I repeated that every day, and almost every action I did was somehow aligned with that mantra. 我每天诵读,而且我做的每件事无论如何都与这句梵语相一致。

3、You can mark the message as read, reply it, call back to the sender, delete the message or open it in messaging application. 您可以标记邮件阅读,答复,回电给发件人,删除邮件或打开它在通讯应用软件。

4、The software structure is made up of device driver, hardware abstract layer (HAL), visual machine (VM) and reading ZIF file. 其中软件体系结构包括:驱动程序、硬件抽象层、虚拟机、读取接口数据文件。

5、They do offer fascinating possibilities, for instance writing/reading a file handle could write/read directly to a database, or send an e-mail when you close the file. 但它确实能够让人神往,例如,通过写/读文件句柄,可以直接写/读数据库,或者在关闭文件时发送一封电子邮件。

6、If you’re not looking to replace your eBook reading software of choice, consider this: Lucidor is also available as a Firefox plugin. 如果你不寻求替换既有的电子书阅读软件,不妨考虑一下这个: Lucidor 还提供了 Firefox 扩展。

7、If do not have , explain with respect to perusal software. 假如没有就熟读软件说明。

8、It uses an advanced algorithm technique which overwrites your files multiple times so that the data contained in themis no longer readable. 该软件使用一种多次覆写你的文件以确保数据内容不再可读的高级的算法技术。

9、Reading a speech word for word. 逐字逐句的读演讲稿。

10、No one reads e-mails any more – with the exception of those from the boss. 没人还会阅读电子邮件——老板的邮件除外。

11、This book belongs on the bookshelf of every developer who cares passionately about quality and craftsmanship. 每个在乎软件质量和专业技艺的开发人员都应该阅读此书。

12、Read about the standardization of document formats between office suites on OpenOffice.org. 在 OpenOffice.org 上阅读 办公软件包之间的文档格式标准化。

13、If Apple plans to let Kindle stay on the iPhone/iPad platform, the Kindle app could be a good alternative to Apple's new iBooks bookstore. 看读 - 如果苹果计划让看读扎根于iPone/iPad平台,那么看读应用软件将会成为苹果新iBooks书店的一个新选择。

14、Provided business English training for staff in the Software Testing Department of Citibank. 花旗银行软件测试部(培训内容:商务英语听、说、读、);

15、Although Morse Code is still in use, most electronic communication today uses machine readable codes transmitted and interpreted by computer software. 虽然摩尔斯电码仍然在使用,大多数电子通信今天使用机读码传播和解释的计算机软件。

16、Please read carefully before running the program " software to run Know. Txt" . 请在运行程序前详读“软件运行需知。

17、Adding appropriate soft-ware driven technology to these time-tested behaviors leads to happy early readers. 这些经过时间考验的步骤,佐以合适的软件技术,将会使您的孩子成为快乐地早期读者。

18、Read free classics like The Sorrows of Young Werther or TheWaste Land with this app. 用这个软件可以阅读免费的经典之作,比如《少年维特的烦恼》以及《荒原》。

19、CD-ROM inside the program needs to use C language compiler software to open the reading, you can also use the " UltraEdit" and other software to open the read or edit. 详细说明: 光盘里面的程序需要采用C语言的编译软件进行打开阅读,也 可以使用“UltraEdit”等软件打开阅读或者编辑。

20、My first exposure to software craftsmanship was in Pete McBreen's book Software Craftsmanship, which I read back in 2002. 我第一次接触到软件工艺,是在2002年的时候读了Pete McBreen的书软件工艺。

21、I’m happy with it, so if you’re looking for software to read with check it out. 我很乐于用它,所以如果你在寻找一款阅读软件不妨一试。

22、It means that readout will be preformed at the same time, when software tries to performed ECC correction. 这意味着,读出将被预先在相同的时间,当软件试图执行ECC纠正。

23、Good knowledge in office software skills and skilled in reading and writing English E-mail and reports. 良好的使用办公软件技巧及能熟练的阅读及其书写英文邮件及报告。

24、LiYan:I'm reading ane-mail from Lucy. 我正在读自露西的一封电子邮件。

25、Everyone can see there is no setup. exe file, so how to setup? 用虚拟光驱的软件读入镜像文件就可以安装了!


26、To get user computer harddisk volume serial number as machine ID in the VB application software, To generate software register code after encryption. 在VB应用软件中通过读取用户计算机的硬盘卷序列号作为机器码,加密后生成软件注册码。

27、Sinbad Search is for looking up information on the go, it is not just intended as another RSS reader but software for finding information you need using your phone wherever you are. 这款软件是动态的搜索信息,并不只是一个RSS阅读器,而是一款无能你在哪里都可以帮你找到你所要知道的信息的软件。

28、Generally, RFID System consists of hardware instruments, such as RF reader, antenna, transponder, and software components such as data collecting and processing Middleware. 射频识别系统主要由读写器、天线、电子标签等硬件设备和数据采集、处理中间件等软件组成。

29、The software reads the IFC schema (.exp files), and from this it reads all the IFC object cl and properties. 软件首先读取IFC模式文件(.exp文件),接下来读取IFC对象的类和属性。

30、Interpretation -- As the old joke goes: software, free. The manual, $10, 000. 专业解读 ── 就像一个老笑话说的:软件,免费;手册,$10 000。

31、Timing and auto reading, external trigging to control reading, set by software. 定时自动读卡和外触发控制读卡,由软件设置。

32、You could have the right soft key load fav contacts or whatever you want - the above code is just loading the all contacts screen. 你可以用右软件来读取联系人或者任何你想要的- 上面的代码仅仅是读取全部联系人。

33、The device betrayed the stilted speech that is characteristic of most text-to-speech software, but nonetheless ounced the words clearly and accurately. 阅读器发声准确清晰,抛弃了其他阅读软件那呆板机械的读音。

34、This week Read/WriteWeb will be featuring a series of posts about the Web Office. 本周读写网的主题是在线办公软件。

35、Some software is capable of creating an "export" file which can then be read by other software or on other platforms. 但有些软件可以制造”输出文件”,输出档可以被它种统计软件或是别种平台上被读取。

36、Therefore, You may recite the Heart Sutra with the counter utility anytime, anywhere conveniently. 所以您可利用本软件之读经计数器随时随地方便的读诵心经。

37、Few software applications can read this format, which is the default when saving files in AutoCAD. 只有少数几款软件应用程序可以读取此格式,这个格式是在 AutoCAD 中保存文件时的默认格式。

38、The hard-to-read code that underlies technical debt also makes it more difficult to find bugs. 同时,这些难读的代码引起的技术债务也让我们难以找到软件的缺陷。

39、The CD-ROM contains also the user software. 只读型光盘也包括用户软件。

40、HTML editor software supports creating link elements, and Web browsers and blog-reading software supports their consumption. HTML 编辑器软件支持创建 link 元素,Web 浏览器和 blog 阅读软件也为并行 Web 提供了支持。

41、Where there is so hard to become read-only software ah! 哪里有使硬盘变成只读的软件啊!?

42、Many software developers frequently read and edit XML configuration files and are already comfortable with the syntax. 很多软件开发人员经常阅读和编辑 XML 配置文件,已经适应这种语法。

43、Read thee-mail message from Wang Kun and answer the questions. 读读王昆发的电子邮件,回答问题。

44、This will mark all messages as read in the selected folder and its subfolders. 这将把选中文件夹及其子文件夹中的全部信件标记为已读。

45、Today, visually impaired children can be well versed in literature without knowing how to read; computer-screen-reading software will even break down each word and read the individual letters aloud. 现在,视力有缺陷的孩子们不用学习如何阅读就能沉浸在文学的韵律中;这些电脑屏幕阅读软件会把词语一个一个大声地诵读出来。

46、He read the story aloud to his son. 他朗读那篇古代事件给他儿子听。

47、The software relies on features from HTML 5. This technology is still under development. 该软件充分利用HTML 5的特性,可以在没有网络连接的时候离线数据读取邮件,目前尚在进一步开发中。

48、In fact, I'm reading a number of books right now on software teams and ways that seem to help form good teams. 随即我开始阅读大量关于软件团队和工作方式的书籍。

49、It is a lightweight interchange format which is easy to read and write for both humans and software. 这是一种轻量的交换格式,人和软件都可以方便地读写这种格式。

50、More and more people are tending to read books or information by computer software or mobile phone software it is because most of the E books are free and convient to download. 越来越多的人倾向于阅读书籍或信息计算机软件或手机软件,这是因为大多数的书都是免费的,方便下载。


51、The number is meaningful only to the software, not to the reader. ◎ 那串数字只对软件有意义,对读者无意义。

52、The codes can be read using free software that can be loaded on most modern phones using their cameras to read the code. To read QR codes on your camera phone, download via reader.kaywa.com/phones. 这种密码能被一种免费软件读取,这种软件可以下载到通用手机上,并通过使用摄像功能来识别密码.用你的摄像手机读取QR密码,请下载reader.kaywa.com/phones.使用苹果手机来读取QR密码,请访问code.google.com/p/iphone-qrcode/.通过[Kevin Lim]

53、Computer programs like Speed Reader or Rapid Reader are designed to help readers improve reading speeds with flashing letters and words. 有些软件,如“速读”和“快读”,就是专门设计经由过程闪灼字母和单词来提高人们阅读速度的。

54、During the last few years, it has been realized that maintenance of programs is more expensive than development, so reading of programs by humans is as important as writing them. 在过去的一些年里,人们已经意识到维护一个软件比开发一个软件还要昂贵,所以人们读程序和写程序一 样重要。

55、Thank you for your e-mail, which, if it is under three (3) sentences long, I have read. 感谢你的来信,我已经拜读了你的邮件,虽然你的来信不足三句话。

56、Agile Software Development: A Cooperative Game (2nd Ed) by Alistair Cockburn. Possibly the most interesting book I've ever read about agile software development. 《 敏捷软件开发:合作的游戏(第二版)(Agile Software Development: A Cooperative Game)》,作者Alistair Cockburn:这是我读过的关于敏捷软件开发的最有趣的书。

57、Group 3: We found how to send an email. 小组齐读发送电子邮件。

58、The code rail and reading head are adapted perfectly to one another and the absolute position of each gap is stored in the software in the reading head. 编码带与读取头彼此配合得天衣无缝,每个空隙的绝对位置存储于读取头的软件中。

59、Chapter 5, "Testing the Software with Blinders On, " teaches you the techniques to use for testing software without having access to the code or even knowing how to program. 第五章“黑盒测试”,教您不需要阅读代码甚至不知道软件怎么开发的情况下,进行测试软件的技术。

60、CAJA reader software, the method effective, easy to understand. CAJA阅读器的软件,该方法效果好,易理解。

61、The research and application of IOT (Internet of things) are popular day by day, which include hardware of electronic label reader, IOT software and e-business, etc. 物联网的研究和应用日趋广泛,包含有电子标签识读器硬件、物联网软件、电子商务相关研究等众多方面。

62、Software which provides Internet users with a transparent read capability of remote files at anonymous FTP sites. 为因特网用户提供无条件读取匿名FTP站远端文件功能的一种软件。

63、Mark all messages in this folder and subfolders as read? 将此文件夹及其子文件夹中的信件全部标记为已读吗?

64、The golden hill software of responsible software business is advanced vice-president arrowroot as jade-like stone to golden hill " Internet is changed " having oneself unscramble. 负责软件业务的金山软件高级副总裁葛珂对于金山的“互联网化”有着自己的解读。

65、After you have the software installed, this tutorial should take approximately 30-60 minutes to complete. 安装完相关软件后,阅读这篇教程大概需要 30-60 分钟。

66、The situation: You stare at the 72 unread emails in your inbox or your three-page-and-growing to-do list and throw up your hands in despair. 这句话的语境是:面对邮箱里的72封未读电子邮件或者长达3页的待办事宜清单,你绝望得举手投降。

67、Please ensure that handing out binary-only CDs actually is in compliance with the license of the distributed software. 请确保手头的二进制只读光盘符合软件分发的许可协议。

68、Bible reading software along with full support bilingual control. 圣经阅读软件同时全面支援中英双语对照。

69、Read a compendium of published software architecture definitions. 阅读已发布的软件架构定义的纲要。

70、This powerful mobile e-book reading, and is a smart phone , you can download software to your liking. 这款手机电子书阅读功能强大,且是一部智能手机,你可以根据自己的喜好下载软件。

71、After reading the initialization file, the presence of new e-mail is checked. 读取初始化文件后,将检查是否存在新的电子邮件。

72、The software function includes to read the IC card and administer water capacity. 软件功能主要包括读卡和水量管理功能。

73、As the number of news feeds has grown, a new category of software has emerged: the news reader. 随着新闻提要数量的增加,出现了一种新的软件类型:新闻阅读器。

74、Read your software contracts, and make sure you understand your licensing rights. 仔细阅读软件合同,确保你明白了享有的许可权。

75、And (of course :) catch my second Software RAID article, in which we'll take a look at some more advanced Software RAID functionality and RAID-1. 您还应(当然:))读我的第二篇软件 RAID 文章,我将在其中探讨软件 RAID 的某些高级功能和 RAID-1。

英文句子模板76:Sentence reading software

76、It has found a few niche, black-and-white applications in mobile phones and "electronic books" such as Sony's Reader and Amazon's Kindle. 据了解,电子纸已经有了一些用武之地——手机中黑白的应用软件与“电子书”,如索尼的读书器与亚马逊的“燃具”(Kindle)。

77、Barnes & Noble is in a legal fight with Microsoft over Microsoft's claim from earlier this year that the Android-based Nook e-reader violates Microsoft patents. 巴诺是在与微软的法律斗争对微软从今年早些时候的Android为基础的角落的电子阅读器侵犯微软的专利申请。

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