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导读: 27个,关于”现在进行时的句子“的英语句子27个,句子主体:Sentences in the present continuous tense。以下是关于现在进行时的句子的初中英语句子。


关于”现在进行时的句子“的英语句子27个,句子主体:Sentences in the present continuous tense。以下是关于现在进行时的句子的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentences in the present continuous tense

1、you had better eat more fruit and vegetables. 你最好多吃些水果和蔬菜。

2、Progress is continuing as expected, and problems are being communicated for unexpected issues. 进度按计划推进,并且在出现意外问题时进行沟通。

3、也就是I'll be right back 或I'm gonna be right back的简写。

4、Maybe I’m going out on a limb, but I think we still have to invest it。或许这么作有点冒险, 但我想我们还是要投资它。

5、I didn't know you were so busy. 现在进行时:

6、Now the process can continue running with a subset of root privileges. 现在,进程可以一直用根特权的一个子集运行。

7、I'll buy Dad a birthday cake. 我将给父亲买一个生日蛋糕。

8、At first glamce, the concepts of consumption and frugality in Tzu Chi seem to conflict each other. 在田野过程中,进一步发现,慈青在进行日常生活节约的同时,其实仍然 进行为数可观的消费活动。

9、Controlling-monitoring performance and taking corrective action as necessary. 控制-关注任务进程表现并在必要时采取正确的行动对其进行控制。

10、I have been painting the wall。现在完成进行时。

11、Initially, researchers used deontic conditions in the study of Wason selection task and found that deontic conditions had effect of facilitation in Wason selection task. 最初,研究者在条件推理中使用道义条件句对四卡片问题进行研究,发现道义条件句对解决四卡片问题具有促进作用。

12、In other words, it’s time to get wisdom. 换句话说,现在是求取智慧的时候了。

13、Past perfect 过去完成时 She had read the book. 6present continuous 现在进行时 (常与 now 搭配 ) I am studying now.

14、The first, the ongoing Avionics Modernization Program (AMP), provides a state-of-the-art glass pit with modern avionics and flight instruments. 第一阶段是正在进行的航空电子现代化计划(AMP),提供了国内最先进的玻璃座舱,配备现代化航空电子设备和飞行仪表。

15、Now the post has become an effective means of promotion. 现在发帖子成为人们进行推广的一种有效手段。

16、D. Two years has passed since he joined the League. 一般现在时与现在进行时的转换

17、Take a long, hard look at all your current works-in-progress. 花长时间仔细地看你现在正在进行的作品。

18、Chapter one expounds upon the history and present situation of the studies on SVS . 第一章对连动句研究的历史和现状进行了评述。

19、you had better not be just playing with her feelings. 你最好不要只是玩弄她的感情。

20、This color modulates the color of the entire particle and makes the particle ear dark near its birth and lighter just before death. 这个颜色与整个粒子的颜色进行混合,来使粒子刚出现的时候显得“黑”而在在消失的时候更“亮”。

21、Many kids multitask, he says. 他还说许多孩子在屏幕前时进行着多项任务。

22、And now suppose that I want to sort all of these cups. 现在我要把这些杯子进行排序。

23、they will be arriving here tomorrow . be arriving是现在进行时的结构。

24、我常在我的房间里睡觉 i often sleep in my room. 我常在我的房间里睡觉 i often sleep in my room.

25、You can now customize the prompt that ears when you use the CLP in interactive mode. 现在可以对在交互模式下使用 CLP 时出现的提示符进行定制。


26、She wants to go to a move too        她也想去看电影

27、And now that you have patterns of bits after bits after bits, and if you chunk them up into say, eight-unit quantities, now can you start storing words and sentences, and paragraphs. 你现在按照一定模式一位一位的进行排列,如果你组成块,8位一个单位,这时候我们就可以存储字和句子以及段落。

28、She learned how to have an ongoing dialogue with her son, now 11, sometimes using news stories as a jumping-off point. 她学会了如何与自己的儿子进行持续的对话,有时会用新闻报道作为切入点。她的儿子现在xx岁了。

29、It's time to reevaluate your motives. 现在是该对你的动机进行重新评估的时候了。

30、We have visited her three times. 请给分吧,很辛苦的啊

31、For static DML statements in packages, the global variables are resolved during a bind operation. 对于包中的静态 DML 语句,将在进行绑定时解析全局变量。

32、He likes gling to movies with me     他喜欢和我一起看电影

33、现在进行时,The kids are having a picnic.

34、We are reading for both profit and pleasure。为什么用现在进行时?

35、The 64-bit return value from sizeof in the following statement is truncated to 32-bits when assigned to bufferSize. 在下面这条语句中,在对 bufferSize 进行赋值时,从 sizeof 返回的 64 位值被截断成了 32 位。

36、What are you doing for vacation? 1. 学会用现在进行时表未来计划。

37、Yes, there is a Nirvana; it is in leading your sheep to a green pasture, and in putting your child to sleep, and in writing the last line of your poem. 是的,世界上是有涅磐;它是在把羊群带到碧绿的牧场的时候,在哄着你孩子睡觉的时候,在哄着你孩子睡觉的时候,在写着你的最后一行诗句的时候。

38、The results in experiment 1 showed that there is perceptual symbol representation in comprehension when subjects complete recognition task once after they read the key sentence. 实验1中被试读完句子以后马上进行图画探测任务,结果表明这时被试头脑中进行的是知觉符号表征。

39、Where have you been? I've been looking for you everywhere. 你是跑去哪儿啦?我一直到处在找你耶!(第二句是「现在完成进行式」)

40、I've asked Mum to take care of Junior for us. 我请了妈妈来照顾我们的儿子。

41、As we moved up the rocky slope we found semi-desert vegetation. 在石子坡上行进时,我们发现了半荒漠植被。

42、The performance of singing and dancing in various ceremonies extended and deepened the drama factors eared in ancient times. 在各种祭祀仪式中进行的歌舞表演,延顺和深化了上古时期出现的戏剧学因子。

43、The school meeting is holding now! 开会绝大多数情况下用hold做动词,还有时态要用现在进行时态!

44、Experiments are done on a four cylinder type DA462-A. Test results show that engine with knock or without knock produces high frequency ionic signal or smooth signal respectively. 在DA4 62 -A四缸汽油机上进行了大量的试验研究,采集出了爆震与非爆震时的离子电流信号,发现有爆震时会出现一定频率的高频信号叠加在离子电流信号上。

45、I have been learning English since Grade 现在完成进行时 表示过去发生 持续到现在仍在进行的动作。

46、现在是说再见的时候了,谢谢你带领我们你们的校园 Now is the time to say goodbye, thank you for showing us your campus

47、   现在进行时 be+doing 表此时此刻正进行的动作或状态 listen look now all the time Don’t…

48、On carrying our his experiment, Faraday discovered electromagnetic induction. 在进行实验时,法拉第发现了电磁感应现象。

49、Who can tell me how to be the present participles? 现在分词用途多,进行时态不可缺。

50、It turns out that string theory predicts the behavior of entangled quantum particles, which can be tested in a lab — therefore testing string theory. 结果是弦论能够纠缠态的量子粒子的行为表现,而这种行为表现可以在实验室中进行检验——因此最终可以对弦论进行检验。


51、This is a post office . 现在进行时

52、The sentence to be translated that contains variables also needs to be stored separately in localization packs and combined together when accessed from the localization pack manager. 对于要翻译的包含变量的句子,同样要在本地化包中进行分别存储,并在从本地化包管理器访问时,将它们组合在一起。

53、现在完成进行时 I've been writing letters all this morning. 我写了一上午信。

54、Her Dad can perform very well.        她的爸爸能表演的很好

55、I (was doing )(do) my homework at eleven last night. you( are kidding)(kid) us. 第二个空,用现在进行时,意思是你现在正在逗我们玩。

56、Sending intellectuals to the May Seventh Cadres Schools didn't achieve the goals of reforming the thoughts of them but wasting their time for scientific researching. 把知识分子下放到“五七干校”进行劳动,并没能实现思想改造的目的,反而浪费了知识分子进行科学研究的宝贵时光。

57、A couple of years ago, John did a bit of soul-searching in his travels, but now he's got a kid and is more of a homebody. 几年前旅行的时候,约翰还进行一些自我反省。但现在有了孩子后,他完全是个宅男了。

58、When this new process—the child process—is executing, the parent process will still be running. 当这个新进程(子进程)正在执行时,父进程仍然在运行。

59、Unlike indent , it does not attempt to wrap long statements. 不像缩进,它不对长语句进行自动换行。

60、This thesis aims at determining the scope of SVC in Chinese and exploring the phenomenon of argument sharing in this construction in order to determine the status of the shared arguments. 本文的目的在于确定现代汉语中连动结构的范围并对连动结构中存在的论元共享现象进行研究,以确定共享论元在句子中的地位。

61、When Wenle diseared, Mr. Peng and police conducted a frantic search, uncovering a surveillance video showing the boy with a man wearing a black leather jacket. 当文乐时失踪时,彭先生和警方进行了详细的查找,在监控录像中发现一个男子抱走了这个孩子。

62、现在完成进行时 the present perfect continuous tense

63、Peter is working, but Mike is playing. 现在进行时与一般将来时的转换

64、Chinese legal science is in a progress toward multi-way nowadays. 现时的中国法学正行进在多元路向上。

65、His mom is a performer                   他的妈妈是个演员

66、you had better get going or you will be late for school. 你最好快一点,不然上学要迟到了。

67、I like to go to a movie tonight         今天晚上我想去看电影

68、Right now, start acting as if the above statement is true at all times. 如果上面的那句话在任何时候都是真的,现在,就开始行动。

69、The bank which issues the electronic cash does not carry out the check-up of double-spending. 发行电子现金的银行不再进行电子现金的重复支付检查。

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