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导读: 35个,关于”毕业的句子“的英语句子35个,句子主体:。以下是关于毕业的句子的专业英语句子。




1、Bachelor degree with major in Physics, Automation, Electronics related, Optics or mechanics. 大学本科及以上学历,物理,自动化,光学,电子等相关专业毕业。

2、Majored in art-related fields. 美术相关专业毕业。

3、My son and my daughter are both alumni of Ohio State University. 我儿子和女儿都毕业于俄州州立大学。

4、Sent transcripts. Graduation phase. Graduation photo. 上翻课室。发毕业相。毕业证。成绩单。

5、After the graduation he got married and even had a child. 毕业后,婚娶,一子。

6、毕业 graduatefinish school 毕业 bìyè 卒业(そつぎょう)する。

7、I will never forget those days we stayed together.(我永远也不会忘记我们待在一起的那些日子)

8、I am graduating this summer and I am a senior in communications. 我是传媒专业毕业班学生,今年夏季毕业。

9、She is second to none among all the graduates.毕业分配job assignment on graduation一毕业她就被分配任学校的会计。

10、I passed CET-6, and was named as "outstanding graduate " in the school and the city. 但不管怎样在毕业的时候我还是获得了院级优秀毕业生和市级优秀毕业生的荣誉称号。

11、Bachelor degree with the major in Science or engineering. 2 more years experience in EMS industry. 理工类专业毕业,EMS(电子生产服务业)xx年以上从业经验。

12、This austerity has been retained by modern high schools and universities in the caps and growns worn at graduation ceremonies. 这一简朴的颜色被保留至今,并被用于现代高中毕业生和大学毕业生在毕业典礼的着装。 毕业生将帽子的流苏从一边移到另一边,表示他们有了提高。

13、Finally the long awaited senior year came and three weeks before graduation, Bill asked Mark if they could talk. 毕业的日子终于临近,毕业前三周,比尔问马克可否见面聊聊。

14、Both of his kids actually did graduate from Michigan. 他的两个孩子也的确从密歇根大学毕业。

15、"Marriage after graduation" members are those female college students who put their entire stake on marriage. “毕婚族”,多数出现在毕业大学女生的身上,她们把一辈子的赌注放在了婚姻上。

16、That's when the window of opportunity slams shut for most college romances: graduation. 或许也正是因 此,毕业为大学罗曼史画上了句号。

17、Graduated from Xi'an Electronic Science College, and majored in 'Electronic Materials and Components'. 毕业于西安电子科技大学“电子材料及元器件”专业;

18、With silence and tears. —[Britain]George Gordon Byron 多年离别后,抑或再相逢,相逢何所语?

19、College Degree or above in Electronic Engineering or Computer Science or equivalent experience. 本科以上学历,电子技术、计算机科学专业或相关专业毕业;

20、This lad is a college of law graduate. 这个小伙子是法学院的毕业生。

21、University graduate in architectonics , fresh graduate is permitted also. 建筑学本科毕业,应届毕业生也可。

22、Hide it in a hiding place where no one ever goes.把它藏在没有人的隐秘处。

23、A proper part-time job does not occupy students' too much time. In fact, it is unhealthy for them to spend all of time on their study. As an old saying goes:All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. 一份妥贴的专业就业并不会占用学生太多的时候,毕竟上,把统统的时候都用到进修上并不康健,正如那句老话:只就业,不嬉戏,聪敏的孩子会变傻。

24、Among all students who graduated from Hooper University over the past five years, more physical science majors than social science majors found permanent jobs within a year of graduation. 81在过去xx年从Hooper大学毕业的所有学生中,自然科学专业的毕业生在毕业xx年内找到固定工作的人数要多于社会科学的毕业生。

25、What are the advantages and the disadvantages between before-school and after-school relationships? 毕业前和毕业后结识的朋友优点和缺点是什么?


26、Kyoko finished school three years ago. 恭子xx年前便从已毕业。

27、Graduates earn more than non-graduates. 毕业生比未毕业的赚的更多。

28、Now graduated income workers than to the phenomenon of middle school once again so cold in the hearts of college students. 当初大学毕业支出不如初中毕业就打工的景象又一次使大学学子心中发凉。

29、Jean-Luc Picard graduates fr Starfleet Acady. 毕凯从星舰学院毕业。

30、From, but not having graduated with, the class of. 出自某一届,但并未同此届毕业生一起毕业。

31、I'm a graduate of Suzhou University and skilled in administration management and secretary. 我是苏州大学档案与电子政务(现代文秘)专业的应届本科毕业生。

32、Fudan University students at their graduation ceremony in Shanghai last month. 上海复旦学子于毕上月毕业礼。

33、I am a graduate of Hubei University, graduated so far have been engaged in many occupations. 本人毕业于湖北大学,毕业至今从事过许多职业。

34、The first graduating class was 62 students in 1892 and the first graduation ceremony was held in 1898. xx年,学校第一个毕业班的62名学生毕业。xx年,学校举行了第一个毕业典礼。

35、distance does not separate our hands of longing.Wishing you happiness forever! 时间冲不淡友情的酒,距离拉不开思念的手,祝福你,永远永远!

36、I studied electrical engineering and computer science, graduated in 1986 from Princeton. 我的专业是电子工程,及计算机科学,xx年从普林斯顿大学毕业。

37、Responses came in from 1,361 recent grads and 735 alumni. 有1,361名应届毕业生和735名往届毕业生作了回答。

38、In Bill Gates' Book for high school and college graduates, there is a list of 11 things they did not learn in school. 在比尔·盖茨写给高中毕业生和大学毕业生的书里,有一个单子上面列有11项学生在学校里学不到的事情。

39、If I should meet thee, After long years, How should I greet thee? With silence and tears. —[Britain]George Gordon Byron 多年离别后,抑或再相逢,相逢何所语?

40、For alumna and graduating students, there are significant differences in "business knowledge" and "technology management". 毕业校友与应届毕业生在「商业知识」、「技术管理」方面亦有显著的差异。

41、Every way U look at it,U lose.无论你怎么考虑,你都会失败。

42、My sister just graduated from high school graduation was held last night. 我妹妹中学毕业了,昨晚举行了毕业典礼。

43、"The classes of 2009 and 2010 are now competing for the same jobs, " Angulo said. 2009毕业生和2010毕业生正在竞争着同样的工作。

44、I don't know when we could get together again .(我不知道何时我们能再聚首。

45、You graduated from high school as valedictorian. 你以优秀毕业生的头衔高中毕业。

46、毕业日 My mother was close to tears in my graduation. 在我的毕业典礼上,母亲差点儿就哭了

47、It's from father and son's breakfast in my junior-high school graduation. 那是在父子早餐上拍的,在我初中毕业的时候。

48、Graduate from the electronics section big, can accept to acquaint with quickly to the electronics product; 毕业于电子科大,对电子类产品可以快速接受熟悉;

49、I: Which university did you graduate from? A: I graduated from Hebei University. 你是哪个学校毕业的?A:我毕业于河北大学。

50、The blossom of phoenix flower, our graduation day is getting closer and closer. 凤凰花开,毕业的日子一天一天到来了。


51、Average starting salary for graduates: N/A ($90, 000 three years after graduation) 毕业平均起薪(年薪):未知(毕业xx年后的学生年薪90 000)

52、If you wait three or four years, how old will you be when your hypothetical future kids graduate from high school or university? 如果你在等个xx年的话,那你假象中的孩子高中毕业或者大学毕业的时候你自己都多少岁了呢?

53、Graduation film of a student from Sichuan. Vagabond child, youthful flutter. 来自四川的学生毕业作品,流浪的孩子,青春的悸动。

54、Farewell dinners, after all, serve a function: They help students to bring the "university" chapter of their lives to a tidy - and sometimes emotional - ending. 毕竟,一场场毕业宴会的作用在于:它能帮学生们为大学生涯划上一个完整而略带感伤的句号。

55、the world is a screwy place, it does not play by the rules.这个世界很扭曲, 并没有什么游戏规则。

56、Leads: I was a duty high graduate, the graduation nearly 6 years. 我是一名职高毕业生,毕业快xx年了。

57、All over town, graduates were dancing and toasting the end of their student days. 小城上空萦绕着毕业生们庆祝毕业的欢声笑语,四处都是毕业生们舞蹈狂欢的景象。

58、My step son graduated college last weekend. 我的继子上周末从大学毕业了。

59、Stroll around the grounds until U feel at home.四处走走,直到你感觉舒心。

60、Adler is correct in this declar that educ does not end with grpublishingu. 阿得勒这句话很无误,教育不能随着毕业而终了。

61、Are we going to be enjoying our kids' graduations? 我们将要享受我们的孩子的毕业典礼?

62、Ben:Congrats on your graduation. Make your parents proud, kiddo ! 祝贺你毕业,你叫你的家人骄傲了,小子!

63、A nation turns its lonely eyes U(Woo,woo,woo).世人在用孤寂的眼神看你。

64、When you graduate, look at themselves in the mirror, saw a old fox. 当你毕业时,照照镜子,看到一只老狐狸。

65、But for Lie Zhiwei, a 26-year-old graduate in Guangzhou, the old wisdom no longer stands the test of time. 但是对广州xx岁的毕业生列志伟(音)来说,这句话却过时了。

66、Look around U,all U see are sympathetic eyes.看看四周,净是同情的目光。

67、Like so many graduates before them, the seniors were right on cue as they began to wave their white handkerchiefs in the air during the last line of the song. 正如从前许多毕业生一样,毕业生们在唱歌曲的最后一句时,感觉自己仿佛挥舞着白色的手帕。

68、Above college degree. Major in Macromolecule Material or Mechanical/Mold was preferred. 大专及以上学历,高分子材料或机械模具专业毕业优先。

69、My wife was a collegiate swimmer and turned to triathlon after college. 我的妻子大学里就游泳,并且在毕业后转入铁三。

70、What have you been up to since graduation? 你毕业后的这段日子都在干些什么呢?

71、In time, Farmer Fleming's son graduated from St. 多年以后,农夫佛莱明的儿子从伦敦圣玛丽医药学院毕业。

72、When does your son graduate? 你儿子啥时候毕业?""

73、I come from Jiangxi, thereupon 98 years in July graduates to Jiangxi changes the state electronics industry institute, after the graduation, went to Quanzhou to start my first work. 我来自江西,于是xx年xx月毕业于江西渝州电子工业学院,毕业后,去泉州参加了我的第一份工作。

74、Our school the junior college will graduate next year in February. 我们学校的大专毕业生将在明年xx月毕业。

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