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导读: 26个,关于”保护地球的句子“的英语句子26个,句子主体:Protect the earth。以下是关于保护地球的句子的七年级英语句子。


关于”保护地球的句子“的英语句子26个,句子主体:Protect the earth。以下是关于保护地球的句子的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Protect the earth

1、While befriending some human children, the Autobots fight to protect the Earth from the Decepticons, and the return of Megatron who has been missing for three Earth years. 而与一些人类的孩子,汽车人战斗到保护地球免受霸天虎的回归,威震天的人,已经失踪了三个地球年。

2、We will not let our earth be destoryed, and we will do everything we can to save earth. 我们不会让我们的地球被毁灭,而我们将会尽我们所能保护地球。

3、Let us protect the earth! 让我们一起保护地球吧!

4、Do not try to make adventure to natural reservation other than scientific purposes. 出科研外,不要去自然保护区旅游探险。

5、We must protect the earth. 我们必须保护地球。

6、Protect the earth from our own, from little thing. 保护地球从我做起,从小事做起。

7、Carpooling and taking public transportation to cut CO2 emission; 共享汽车出行,使用公共交通,减少碳排放。

8、The atmosphere around the earth represents the power of unity, providing energy for the earth-protecting seed to grow unyieldingly . 包覆著地球的大气层是团结的力量,使保护地球的成长茁壮,向上攀升。

9、The movie almost gets this one right—Earth’s magnetosphere does protect us from blasts of subatomic particles from the sun. 影片在这点上倒是说对了,地球的磁气圈确实保护我们免受太阳风中亚原子颗粒的直击。

10、Mosquitoes defend the Earth's rainforests. 第三,蚊子掩护着地球的雨林。

11、The ozone layer protects life on earth from harmful ultra-violet rays. 臭氧层保护地球上的生命免受有害紫外线的辐射。

12、Geospace environment is very important for live and development of human. 地球空间是人类赖以生存、发展的重要保护层。

13、The FREE-RELEASE Golf S protects the health of each golfer – from children to playing pros. FREE-RELEASE高尔夫球鞋子保护每位高尔夫球运动员健康- 从孩子到演奏赞成。

14、Unlike many other players, he refuses to wear strapping to protect his feet and ankles. 与其他球员不同的是,他拒绝缠上保护脚和脚踝的带子。

15、Pick up the cigarettete stubs with your tools at hand wherever you go; 随手利用身边工具捡起烟头;

16、We on Earth have protection in the form of a magnetic shield. 在地球上的我们受到一种磁屏蔽的保护。

17、LASERBEAK is a protective companion for the Earth kids who become involved in the battle between the TRANSFORMERS. 激光鸟是被卷入变形金刚之间的战争的地球孩子的保护者。

18、Help save the earth with these ecologically-friendly English phrases! 运用这些有助生态环保的英文片语来保护地球生态!

19、To protect the earth is to protect ourselves. 保护地球就是保护我们自己.

20、The male lion's job is to defend the pride and guard its territory. 雄狮子的任务是保护狮群和领地。

21、In outer space, with no swaddling atmosphere to diffuse it, sunlight is infinitely more powerful than on earth. 在外层空间,由于没有大气保护层对阳光的保护作用,那里的阳光要比地球上强烈得多。

22、Make every effort to protect the earth! 竭尽全力来保护地球吧!

23、We can roughly estimate how much it will cost to reforest the earth, protect its topsoil, restore rangelands and fisheries, stabilise water tables and protect biological diversity. 我们可以大致估计在地球上再造林、保护表层土、恢复牧场和渔场、稳定地下水位并保护生物多样性所需的花费。

24、Protecting the world from pollution, and keep a clear environment for our children, grand-children! 我们唯一的地球,需要大家共同的关注,保护环境造福子孙后代。

25、The protective carpet should include an anti-sliding coating on the back of the protective carpet. 保护地毯应包括抗滑保护地毯背面的涂层。


26、Reading earth-friendly books both plants some green seeds in their minds but also reiterates the messages you are trying to send. 阅读保护地球的书籍既在他们的脑海里种下了环保的并且也强调了你一直在努力传达给他们的信息。

27、Carpooling and taking public transportation to cut CO2 emission; 共享汽车出行,使用公共交通,减少碳排放。

28、Ecology means protecting the earth: without earth, how can we survive? Protecting beings means respect for life: without life, can anything have meaning? 环保是对于地球的爱护:没有地球,何能生存?护生是对于生命的尊重:没有生命,何来意义?

29、The study of meteorology is of critical concern for protecting Earth's environment. 可以说气象学对于保护地球环境来说有着至关重要的作用。

30、Shanghai Jinpengle International Trading Co. , LTD hold the principle of protecting the wild animals and zoology since established in 1993. 自xx年正式成立以来,金蓬乐就秉持环保理念,以“保护野生动物,保护地球生态”而致力于仿真皮革的研发与推广。

31、Stop using plastic bags in favor of the reusable ones; 停止使用塑料袋,而用可循环使用的袋子。

32、He heard the note of warning in her statement; she was protecting herturf. 他听得出这句话的弦外之音,这是在提醒他;她在保护自己的地盘。

33、Protect the Earth 保护地球的意思 Protecting the earth is very important to human beings. 保护地球是非常重要的对人类来说

34、This way both the net and her racket head protect her. 这样,球网和球拍给她双重的保护。

35、To promote environmental protection locally and globally, and to make more and more people become eco-conscious . 促进地区和全球范围内的环境保护,并使越来越多的人树立环保意识。

36、and the animals, plants and people that depend on them. 保护地球原始森林和动物,植物,这些都与人类生存息息相关。

37、Returning the land reserved for real estate development to land for forestation; 将房产用地用于植树造林。

38、The GEO-ITU collaboration will protect the dedicated radio frequencies that satellites and Earth-based instruments use to gather data on the global environment. 国际地球观测组织和国际电信联盟还将共同保护供卫星和地球仪器收集地球环境数据专用的无线电频率。

39、Returning the land reserved for real estate development to land for forestation; 将房产用地用于植树造林。

40、Tzu Chi volunteer, Huang Shuyun:We are part of the Earth. While we clean up we also clean out our inner garbage. 慈济志工黄淑云:「我们是地球的一份子,不只要守护环境也要心灵环保。」

41、High &low voltage protection, current overload protection, antifreezing protection, electronical delay protection. 高低压保护,电流过载保护,防冻保护,电子延时保护。

42、Pick up the cigarettete stubs with your tools at hand wherever you go; 随手利用身边工具捡起烟头;

43、Stop using plastic bags in favor of the reusable ones; 停止使用塑料袋,而用可循环使用的袋子。

44、Security experts constructed mono-molecular shielded caverns beneath the Royal Palace. 安全专家们在王宫下面建造了由单分子护罩保护的地宫。

45、I think we are supposed to do something to protect the earth.我认为我们应该做些什么来保护地球。

46、Brave and strong, the activists talked to workers outside the factory and left a positive message about protecting the earth. 这些勇敢坚强的活跃人士在厂外与该厂工人举行了会谈,并就如何保护地球提出了积极的建议。此句是形容词作方式状语。

47、When the charged electrical particles approach the Earth, they carve out a highly magnetized region —the magnetosphere —which surrounds and protects the Earth. 当这些带电粒子接近地球时,便形成一个很强的磁场区--磁气圈--包围着地球并对地球起一定的保护作用。

48、Protecting the earth our homestead is an unshirkable duty for every earthling . 保护地球家园,是每一位在世者义不容辞的责任。

49、Monoi de Tahiti Oil - Moisturises and helps to protect and condition the skin and hair. 大溪地栀子花油-有效保护、修护肌肤和秀发。

50、Protecting the entironment, protecting our world is not an alarmism, but is no time to delay related to our offspring. “保卫环境,保卫我们生存的地球”不在是一句危言耸听的口号,而是关系到后代子孙的刻不容缓的大事。


51、Via slip ring disposal and modifying program of rotor one point ground protection, rotor one point ground protection operation again is effectively avoided. 通过对发电机滑环的处理及对转子一点接地保护程序的修改,有效地避免了发电机转子一点接地保护动作的再次发生。

52、Yangyang: Yes. Everybody should do something to save our planet. 是的。每个人都应该为保护我们的地球做一些事情。

53、Telekinetic Sphere. Mobile force globe protects one subject. 遥控法球:移动的球形力场保护一个受术者。

54、We still have a lot of Earth's biota to save, " Barnosky said. 我们仍然能够保护地球上大量的生物系。” 巴诺斯基说。

55、All the students should know how to protect the earth. 所有的学生应该知道如何保护地球

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