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导读: 38个,关于”10句简单的否定句“的英语句子38个,句子主体:10 simple negative sentences。以下是关于10句简单的否定句的专业英语句子。


关于”10句简单的否定句“的英语句子38个,句子主体:10 simple negative sentences。以下是关于10句简单的否定句的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:10 simple negative sentences

1、In other words, you can change your epigenetics even when you make a dumb decision at 10 years old. 换句话说,你xx岁做出一个愚蠢的决定,都有可能改变外基因。

2、A transition condition is a true or false statement that the processor may use to determine the current state of any particular activity. 转移条件就是一条是或者否的语句,处理器借以判定任何一个特定活动的当前状态。

3、Diploma in a second specialty obtained in the 10 years preceding the date of filing of the lication for a selection certificate. 这句话是否是说在递交申请前xx年取得的第二专业有效,那么递交申请后才开始念的第二文凭就没有用了吗?

4、But when you're being negative, it's:"I'm so not feeling wedges any more. " You see? 在否定句中,就应该说成:“我再也不想穿坡跟鞋了。”

5、As an additional element, they play the role of emphatic rhetoric in the negative sentence, increasing the negative prominence. 作为附加成分,它们在否定句中往往起着强调修辞作用,增加否定突显度。

6、The disagreement between modal logic and the double negative construction of the necessity modals originates in the semantic misplacement . 必要性或必然性模态句的双重否定结构在模态逻辑上所出现的不对应现象源于否定词的语义错位。

7、With regards to the form of answering to negative interrogative, Chinese is diametrically opposite to Arabian. 在针对否定形式附加问句的回答形式上,汉语和阿语正好相反。

8、Negation, the process or goal of negating the meaning of a single word or the whole declaration of a declarative sentence, can be realized by means of meaning roach or pragmatic one. 否定是关于陈述句中个别词语或者整个陈述的否定过程和结果。否定可分为语义否定和语用否定。

9、There are only six syllables here rather than the conventional ten. 这句只有6个音节,正规的应该是10个。

10、There was no school in the village at that time. (=there was not a school。) 注意:在否定句中,否定词用no,也可用not a或not any。

11、Else, it goes through the binding vector array looking for a non-NULL pointer to binding handle. 否则,它循环遍历绑定向量数组,寻找非 NULL 的绑定句柄指针。

12、The last part discusses the pragmatic value of the negative of modern Chinese, especially for the ueness of the negative sentence and its pragmatic effects. 最后论述了现代汉语否定范畴的语用价值,即对否定句的模糊性及其语用效果作了较详细的说明。

13、The numbers are designated "RSA-XXXX", where XXXX is the number's length, in bits. 此句是否应翻译成:这些数字被设计成“RSA-XXXX”形式,这里的XXXX是以位为单位的数字的长度。

14、It is an executable, so it can be invoked simply, as shown in Listing 10. 它是一个可执行程序,因此调用它很简单,如清单 10 所示。

15、I'll get all the access I need. 我上网的理由很简单,不知道你是否相信。

16、Listing 10 Polymorphic definition of Facebook Special user 清单10 Facebook特殊用户的多态定义

17、Lester:In other words, you only need a budget increase for the first order. 莱司特:换句话说,你只需要增加第一批定单的预算。

18、In other words, if 10 defects existed, you'd find 7 to 9 of them. 换句话说,如果存在 10 个缺陷,那么您可以找到其中的 7 到 9 个。

19、The several clauses following the negative word closely are all in the negative scope if they are similar semantically. 流水句中否定词后面的几个小句如果语义相容,则它们都在否定辖域之内;

20、10kJ/K That's the heat released, divided by minus 10 or 10 kilojoules per Kelvin, right. It's 8.2 Kelvin. 再除以-10,或,这就是8。2K,换句话说。

21、They talk in their dialect that is almost impossibly understood. 他们用方言交谈,别人几乎无法听懂。(定语译为单句)

22、Is this equivalent to running it in the HIGH mode? 这是否等效于以 HIGH 模式运行该语句?

23、Easy & effective way to determine if boars are in a heat-stress situation - monitor respiration rate. 简单又有效地确定公猪是否处于热应激的方法——观察呼吸速度。

24、Otherwise, it writes to standard output, as shown in Listing 10. 否则,它将写入到标准输出,如 清单 10 中所示。

25、否则,它将写入到标准输出,如 清单 10 中所示。Otherwise, it writes to standard output, as shown in Listing 10.


26、Listing 9 shows how to define the connection parameters so that the SQL statements run in-line. 清单 9 显示了如何定义连接参数,以便 SQL 语句嵌套运行。

27、Simple carbohydrates can be included but should constitute less than 10% of total energy (21,22). 简单碳水化合物可以包括但不应少于总能量的10(21,22)%。

28、In other words, Wilder’s target audience is the top 10% of income earners! 换句话说,王尔德的目标读者是收入最高的10%的那群人。

29、Leaving speech field out of consideration or not, a sentence meaning includes the theoretical state and the actual state. 根据是否考虑特定的言语场,义句可首先分为静态义与动态义。

30、What does this Shunting-Yard algorithm statement mean? 这是否调车场算法语句的意思是什么?

31、This article will tell you the 10 Best wine clubs in UK. 这篇文章为您简单介绍了英国10佳葡萄酒俱乐部。

32、He was still alive, but beyond anything anyone could do for him. 这句话有否定的意思吗?这样译可以吗?他还活着,可是所有人都回天乏术。

33、It asks, in other words, whether all values are commensurable. 换句话说,是否所有价值都可以计价。

34、Otherwise, the helper function simply returns. 否则,助手函数就简单返回。

35、Are issuing fines the only thing environmental inspectors do? 环境稽查是否就是大家所谓“开罚单”的简单工作呢?

36、Listing 10. First rule defined in testRules1.drl 清单 10. testRules1.drl 中定义的第一个规则

37、To simplify harvesting, the trees are pruned to 8 to 10 feet. 为了收获简单,一般将树剪成8到10英尺高。

38、The c3p0.properties file specifies the size of the statement cache as shown in Listing 9. properties 文件指定语句缓存的大小,如清单 15 所示。

39、Meanwhile, this thesis shows that the different expressions of negative sentences ultimately reflect and are determined by the related culture differences. 同时此类研究表明英汉两种否定句表达上的差异最终反映并决定于其文化差异。

40、The SimpleGWTApp class then defines a textbox and on, which you can use to input someone's name and send them a greeting (see Listing 10). SimpleGWTApp 类随后定义一个文本框和按钮,可以使用它们输入某人的名字并发送一句问候语(参见 清单 10)。

41、Are you denying yourself time to simply be? 你只是在简单地否定你的时间吗?

42、To put it differently, does the thought process discover the real? 换句话说,思维过程是否能发现实相?

43、Shall we indeed accept good from God, and shall we not accept adversity? —Job 2:10 金句: 「难道我们从上帝手里得福,不也受祸吗?」(约伯记2章10节)

44、Simple and high-throughput. The procedure involves addition of a single working reagent and incubation for 10 min. 简单、高通量:整个测试过程只需加入单一工作试剂并培养10分钟。

45、So the N extra SQL select statements on pojoB were cut down to N/10. 因此N次额外的关于pojoB的select SQL语句被减少到了N/10次。

46、Once the belief thease diseared. i, a word denied all the past. 曾经的信仰灰飞烟灭,一句话否定了所有的过往。

47、"In other words, you found that your view of the world, your ideology was not right, it was not working, " asked Waxman. 换句话说,你是否发现你的世界观,你的理念是否不对头,是否行不通呢?

48、After Professor Stephen Hawking arently rubbished the idea of a God, claiming the Big Bang was an inevitable result of physics, here are ten of our favourite quotes. 在史蒂芬·霍金教授明确地否定了上帝创造宇宙的观点,并声称大爆炸是物理学的必然结果之后,本文盘点了霍金的10句智慧之言。

49、Here is a list of 10 things out of the numerously wonderful things he had said; 这里有10句话是从他以前所说过的无数极精彩的话语中提取出来的;

50、Bake salmon in foil or poach in a light stock for 8-10 minutes. 三文鱼 [名] salmon; [例句]用箔纸包烤或用清汤蒸煮三文鱼8至10分钟。


51、The c3p0.properties file specifies the size of the statement cache as shown in Listing 15. properties 文件指定语句缓存的大小,如清单 15 所示。

52、Here is another case of the negative preceding something. In addition to what you have said there is more. 这儿有另一种否定句式的表达,说明你要说的内容有更多。

53、Heidel was skeptical that there is an easy fix. 海德尔怀疑是否有个简单的对策。

54、For negative sentence, total fixation time and saccade amplitude are shortest. 否定句注视时间最长,眼跳广度最小。

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