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关于”努力励志的句子“的英语句子38个,句子主体:Hard and inspirational sentences。以下是关于努力励志的句子的初一英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Hard and inspirational sentences

1、Those are shelves . She washes the clothes every day . 难道机器人没有洗衣服吗?这是个反问句。

2、Regard each failure as a stimulus to further efforts. 把每次失利看成对进一步努力的激励。

3、Youthful comrades must continue to work hard. 秋水同志还须继续努力。

4、I have found it a difficult sentence. 我发现这是一个难句。

5、As shown in Listing 5, the revised INSERT statement invokes the XMLValidate function before specifying a parameter marker for the XML data. 如 清单 4 所示,修订后的 INSERT 语句在为 XML 数据指定参数标志符之前调用 XMLValidate 函数。

6、Bentham presented a logic on will or imperative sentences in 1780. Ernst Mally was the first man who tried to construct deontic logic. 边沁在1780年提出一个关于意志的或者说命令句的逻辑。

7、It is such will that encourages us to overcome numerous difficulties, quickens the pace of self-innovation, thoroughly breaks the foreign technological barrier. 正是这种斗志,激励着我们克服无数困难,不断加快自主创新步伐,彻底打破了国外技术壁垒;

8、Everybody has his own ambition, try an all-out effort to fight. 每个人都有自己的志向,好好努力奋斗。

9、Children acquired the compound sentence from easiness to difficulty gradually. 儿童复句由易到难逐步发展起来;

10、This author is obviously working to make an elaborate introductory sentence that's the first thing that's heard in this congregation who's hearing this letter read out loud. 这位作者显然在努力,创作一个精巧的概论句,它将是教堂会众,听这封信被大声读出来时,听到的第一句话。

11、The blunt poetry of his words, his unadorned insistence on respect, promised a new and uncompromising order, martial in its discipline, forged through sheer force of will. 他直率的诗句,对尊重的朴实坚持,并承诺一个新的不妥协的秩序,军事化的纪律,靠着纯粹的意志力稳步前进。

12、Your efforts would be stultified by one word of mine. 只要我说一句话就能使你的一切努力化为灰烬。

13、And scores of ingrained rules and habits block efficiency efforts or actually reward waste. 现行的数十种法规加上根深柢固的习惯,使提升效益的努力窒碍难行,甚至还奖励浪费。

14、She later became a volunteer to the hospital, I can see the two words I always say: "Knowledge does not equal wisdom." 后来她到医院当了志工,深深体会到我常说的两句话:「知识不等于智慧。」

15、The one-sentence journal, the diary of days, and this trip journal are all quick, untaxing ways to keep memories vivid. 一句话的记录,几天的日记,另有旅行日志都是快速,简便地贯串毗邻影象鲜活活跃的要领。

16、In other words, half of the world’s female self-made billionaires hail from communist China. 换句话说,世界上一半靠着自身努力赚取十亿美元的女富豪们,有一半是来自中国。

17、The last thing I want to mention is that the great salesmen always work harder and be more perseverant than others. The harder you work, the luckier you will be. 最后送大家一句话:好的外贸业务员往往就是比别人多了那么一点努力和坚持,越努力越幸运!

18、Very nice. OK, I'll work on that. 很好的建议嘛,看来同志我尚需努力。

19、Use: Restores 1350 to 2250 mana. 使用:恢复1350到2250点法力值句号。

20、Congrats to the following students, and I hope everyone continues to work hard! 希望所有同学再接再励﹐ 继续努力。

21、Well, he had will, - ay, will strong enough that with one last exertion it could destroy itself and cease to be. 哼,意志力他还是有的——他的意志力还够坚强,只需再作一番最后的努力就可以连意志力也摧毁,不再存在了。

22、EXAMPLE 1: Our chintzy old boss never rewards even the most outstanding achievement with a bonus or even a compliment. 即使业绩再出色,我们上了岁数的小气老板也不会给额外的奖励,甚至连一句表扬的话都没有。

23、What does it mean that " readerships are 'sticky'" (p. 48)? “读者是‘难缠的’”这句话是什么意思(第48页)?

24、Three hardest utterances :I need you! Sorry! Don't be mad! 三句难一启齿的话:我需要你!对不起!别生气!

25、Each year, college students, encouraged to aid students in the poverty-stricken areas, volunteer themselves in poor villages for a year and try to improve education in poor areas. 每年都鼓励大学生们去贫困地区支教,志愿者们说贫困山区呆一年并努力改善贫困山区的教育。


26、In other words, if a man does not have a strong will to win the final victory, he will never succeed in his life. 换句话说,如果一个人没有脆强意志往获得最后胜弊的人,他终其毕生永久不会成功。

27、We asked the teacher to explain the difficult sentences again. 我们要求教师再解释(explanation)一下这些难句。

28、He often exhorts Mary to work harder . 他经常勉励玛丽要更加努力工作。

29、General “Buck” Turgidson: We’re still trying to figure out the meaning of that last phrase, sir. 巴克·特吉德森将军: 我们仍在努力弄清最后一句话的意思,先生。

30、As a strong-willed man, he will always make his effort to go forward. 意志坚强的人会一直向前努力的。

31、The thought nerved me to make an other effort. 这种想法激励我再作一番努力。

32、The company repays hard work with bonuses. 公司对努力工作的员工给予奖励。

33、What began twenty-one months ago in the depths of winter must not end on this autumn night. 我在21个月前的深冬开始为竞选做出的努力并不会在今晚画上句号。

34、But it seemed to motivate them to push themselves. 但是这些音乐似乎激励他们努力坚持。

35、Editors should pay close attention to staff morale, and do what they can to bolster it by celebrating successes and rewarding outstanding achievement. 编辑要十分注意员工的士气,并通过努力庆祝成就,奖励优秀,尽各种方式鼓励士气。

36、No. look at your day and note when you made an effort to place a full stop after an incident. 不要那样做;回想自己的一天,并注意努力给某个事件画上句号的时刻。

37、What inspires me is the hard work of our employes. 员工们对工作的努力激励着我。

38、In other words, what they have in common with each other, ethical will and animal passion, is that they're both grounded in interest. 换句话说,道德意志和动物本性,的共同点就是,它们都建立在兴趣之上,对吧?

39、You need praise for your efforts and encouragement when it’s difficult. 你的努力需要赞扬,遇到困难的时候需要他人的鼓励。

40、In other words, if you can't get the raise, go for the title, " says Dubiel. 换句话说,如果你得不到加薪的话,那就努力得到头衔吧。

41、To be honest , the first lesson was not a great success. 这位意志坚强的母亲通过耐心的努力终于帮助她的聋哑儿子学会开口说话。

42、In other words, to ensure absolute no data lost, these logs need to stay intact since the last online backup. 换句话说,要想确保绝对没有数据损失,需要原样保存上次在线备份以来的日志。

43、On the other hand, because of their different inflammatory pathways, measuring simultaneously the cysteine and inflammation markers will improve the overall sensitivity of detection. 换句话说,因为同半胱胺酸与发炎标志是经由不同的发炎途径产生,同时检验二种标志将有助于发炎反应的侦测敏感度。

44、My salary isn't very large at the moment and we have nowhere to borrow much. We must cut our coat according to our cloth. 我现在的工资不高而且我们也没有地方借钱。我们必须量力而为。今日作业:用今天所学的词组造句标明:【版务公告】奖励规则和回帖要求。

45、Under you and the world friends' support and encourages, I must the even more endeavor! ! ! 在你和坛友们的支持和鼓励下,我要更加的努力!!!

46、China's plant life is enormously rich. 《中国植物志》是几代中国植物学家努力的结果。

47、A person respires, aspires, perspires, inspires and expires. 一个人出生,立志,努力,启发,死去。

48、In order to get through the grueling 8-hour work day, we reward ourselves with these treats as "well-deserved" restitution for our efforts: in other words, we eat it because it's right in front of us. 为了度过每天8个小时的工作煎熬,我们用这些食物奖励自己,把它们当作是我们的努力应得的回报:换句话说,我们吃这些东西是因为它们就放在我们面前。

49、The magazine is trying to get subscribers. 该杂志正在努力发展裹多的订耘者。

50、On the other hand, it also discusses nothing being existence, which differs from Buddhism and Laozi. The Yangming doctrine, symbolized by the so-called four-sent… 以四句教为标志的阳明学说是三教融合的新阶段,也是宋明理学的新发展。


51、The teacher was asked to explain the difficult sentences again. 教师被要求再解释(explanation)一下这些难句。

52、Perhaps you've heard this summed up as don't just work hard, work smart. 也许你会听到这句总结的话,那就是不要只是努力工作,要聪明的干活。

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