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导读: 48个,关于”句子的基本成分“的英语句子48个,句子主体:。以下是关于句子的基本成分的八级英语句子。




1、The fundamental constitute and working elements of electronic thermometer was elaborated. 阐述了电子温度表组成部分的基本构成和工作原理。

2、The groups divided as above coincided with groups classified according to molecular weight, amino acid composition and amino acid sequence of N-terminal of EFE components. 这种按免疫学性质分组与根据分子量大小、氨基酸组成和N端氨基酸序列分组基本吻合。

3、Conclusion: composition in Rhizoma is almost the same as Fibrous Root. 结论:根茎与须根成分基本相同。

4、There are three base implementations provided for subclassing. 所提供的用于生成子类的基本实现有三种。

5、The chapters cover a wide spectrum of related interests, from the molecular bases of morphogen function, to human genetics to cancer research. 本章盖住宽范围有关使感兴趣,从分子基础的成形基因功能那里,令人类遗传学兑一癌症研究的是。

6、This chapter by a common crime, the basic theory, basic theory of a common crime of bribery of two parts. 本章由共同犯罪的基本理论、共同受贿犯罪的基本理论两部分组成。

7、They are similar among these microsporidias. There are 16 kinds of amino acids in the total proteins of each microsporidia, but their relative contents are different. 氨基酸组成分析结果中发现各种孢子总蛋白所含的氨基酸种类基本相同,均含有16 种氨基酸,但各种氨基酸的相对含量不同。

8、Some fundamental principles, such as the principle of quantum state superposition, quantum entangled state and quantum decoherence etc. 在实现信息处理的过程中,量子态叠加原理、量子纠缠和量子退相干等基本原理和基本概念应当充分考虑。

9、Quantum mechanics, on the other hand, was developed over several decades by many people and is an extension of physics to subatomic, atomic, and molecular sizes and distances. 另一方面,量子力学经过无数人数xx年研究发展,成为扩展到亚原子、原子和分子的大小与距离的物理学,相对论和量子论是当今被称为现代物理的基本组成部分。

10、Part 2. Basic maturity of running script: This part describes the situation of running script in the period of initial formation and basic maturity. 第二部分,行书字体的基本成熟:描摹了行书初步形成以及基本成熟时期的情况。

11、They are also the basic ingredient in gazpacho, ratatouille , pizza, and caponata. 蕃茄也是西班牙凉菜汤、闷炖蔬菜、比萨和茄子蔬菜开胃菜的基本成分。

12、Because Raoult's law assumed that you have a single component. 因为拉乌尔定律假设,有一种成分或基本上是一种成分。

13、Although the ionization potentials of dimethyl naphthalenes used was almost the same yet the charge distribution was different due to the different positions of two methyl groups on naphthalene. Th… 结果表明,尽管这些二甲基萘的电离能基本相同,但因取代基位置不同使分子中电荷分布不同,从而影响了激基复合物的形成能力。

14、The most basic element of meaning is traditionally called morpheme . 传统上把意义的基本成分称为词素。

15、Various basic sentence models are formed by arranging of the four valencies verbs and their argument components in order. 这些四价动词及其配元成分的有序排列构成了富有特色的不同的基干句模。

16、Cell adhesion induced by cell adhesion molecules(CAM) is the rudimental life phenomenon such as myocyte growth and differentiation, inflammation, thrombus formation and so on. 黏附分子介导的细胞黏附是基本的生命现象,是细胞的生长及分化、炎症、血栓形成等一系列重要生理和病理过程的基础;

17、Basic Ingredients for Potato and Corn Chowder recipe; 马铃薯和玉米基本浓汤配方成分;

18、Dumbbell-shaped compounds for building the first one and 3-aryloxy-1,2-epipropan as basic building-blocks for building second one have been synthesized. 合成了组装第一种分子梭的哑铃型化合物及组装第二种分子梭的基本砌块3-芳氧基-1,2-环氧丙烷。

19、Our research provided the basic information for revealing the molecular mechanism of Pesudostellariae Radix. 本研究为揭示太子参药材品质形成的分子机制提供基础资料。

20、Quantum theory underlies much of macroscopic physics. 量子理论构成大部分宏观物理学的基础。

21、The two basic component of rate-distortion model based on Lagrange multiplier in video coding are distortion and rate. 视频通信中的基于拉格朗日乘子法的率失真模型的两个基本组成部分是失真度和比特率。

22、The single-arm molecular weight hardly change molecular weight distribution and average arm number of the products. 单臂分子量对于产物的分子量分布,平均臂数基本没有影响。

23、The ion exchange resins containing DEAE-, CM-, -SO3H groups were prepared and their uses in biochemistry were studied. 合成了含DEAE,CM及磺酸基的离子交换材料,并初步研究了这些树脂的基本物化性能及其在生化分离中的应用。

24、These include use of nano-scale particles of graphene, a one atom thick layer of carbon molecules that form the basic structure of graphites. 这其中包括利用纳米级微粒图表,构成石墨基本结构一个原子厚度的碳分子。

25、Novel polymeric adsorbents containing amino-group and hydroxyl-group with high adsorption capacity for bilirubin were synthesized. 本文分别合成了含氨基和羟基的高分子吸附剂,并对它们对胆红素的吸附性能进行了研究。


26、Np - anilino - naphthalene -1,8- dicarboxylic imide and N - allyl - naphthalene -1.8- dicarboxylic imide were synthesized, then their two modified polymers were also prepared. 本文合成了N-对氨基苯基-1,8-萘二亚酸胺和N-烯丙基-1,8-萘二亚酰胺,并合成其修饰的两种聚苯乙烯高分子材料。

27、Up to 80 percent of shampoo is this basic element. 这种基本成分在一瓶洗发水中高达百分之八十。

28、The following subsections explain the most useful basic reports. 以下子部分说明了最有用的基本报告。

29、It first divides the ontology into a set of sub-trees with different granularities according to the structure of the ontology, then uses sub-tree mapping algorithm to map them. 本文提出一种基于树分割的本体映射算法,首先根据本体的结构将本体树分割成不同粒度的子树集,然后在各子树之间运用子树映射算法进行映射。

30、Primary meristem of Cynomorium songaricum Rupr. is composed of protoderm, ground meristem and procambium strands that line a wavelike ring in the ground meristem. 锁阳茎的初生分生组织由原表皮、基本分生组织以及在基本分生组织中呈波浪式环状排列的原形成层束组成。

31、As the basis of assigning costs to products, accountants should compute cost rates for all cost drivers. 作为将成本向产品分配的基础,会计人员应当对所有的成本动因计算成本分配率。

32、As is known to all, slices of polymer crystals crystal is a basic form, made of polymer ontology crystallization of the most common spherulite get fact is formed from the accumulation of tablet chip. 众所周知,片晶是高分子晶体的一种基本形态,由高分子本体结晶得到的最为常见的球晶事实上是片晶堆积而成的。

33、Proteins are biological macromolecules that are an essential component of organisms and partite in every process within cells. 蛋白质是一种生物高分子,它是有机体的基本成分,并且参与了细胞中的每一个流程。

34、Discrete semiconductor devices and integrated circuits - Partie 5-2 : optoelectronic devices - Essential ratings and characteristics. 半导体分立器件和集成电路。第5-2部分:光电子器件。基本额定值及特性。

35、Using mobility of basic loop or sub-chains formed from the union of basic loop to distinguish… 利用基本回路或基本回路的并所形成子链的活动度识别消极子链。

36、Bandhas are essential components of the ujjayi breathing technique. 收束法是喉式呼吸的基本组成部分。

37、The MEH-PPV chains are separated basically in THF(tetrahydrofuran) dilute solution. 在THF稀溶液中,MEH-PPV分子链基本上皆为分立态;

38、Using mobility of basic loop or sub-chains formed from the union of basic loop to distinguish negative su… 利用基本回路或基本回路的并所形成子链的活动度识别消极子链。

39、A group of polyamides formed by the condensation between an amino group of one molecule and a carboxylic acid group of another. 一类由一个分子的氨基与另一个分子的羧酸基之间,缩合而生成的聚酰胺。

40、Bone china porcelain is basically made by adding bone ash to kaolin and petuntse. 骨瓷的基本成分是加入骨粉的高岭土和白墩子。

41、Using mobility of basic loop or sub-chains formed from the union of basic loop to disti… 利用基本回路或基本回路的并所形成子链的活动度识别消极子链。

42、The mental patient thinks the cement is the elementary element of the ornament. 精神病人认为水泥是装饰品的基本成分分。

43、What happens in the intestine is that food gets broken down into constituent molecules, some of those molecules are absorbed into our bodies. 在肠道中,食物必须分解成基本的组成分子,其中一些分子才能被我们的身体吸收

44、There are three base implementations provided for sub-classing. 所提供的用于生成子类的基本实现有三种。

45、The coupling concept here is to have substrate reactive groups on molecules of the host polymer itself, or of another polymer compatible with it. 本文的偶联概念是指在主体聚合物本身的分子上有反应基团,或者与聚合物相容的另一聚合物的分子上有反应基团。

46、Lexeme is the essential component of language. 词是语言构成最基本的成分之一。

47、Twenty of these "letters" correspond to amino acids, the building blocks for proteins. 其中的 12 个 “字母” 对应于氨基酸,它是蛋白质的基本成分。

48、Ion-exchangers based on polymers of headings Nos. 39.01 to 39.13, in primary forms. 初级形状的离子交换剂,以税目39.01至39.13的聚合物为基本成分的。

49、Hemoglobin is a total of 574 amino acid molecules in 4 subunits. 血色素由 4 个子组中的 574 个氨基酸分子组成。

50、The frame of"Three networks and a stock" classifies its fundamental construction function from basic function of electronic affairs. “三网一库”框架是从电子政务基本职能出发而划分的基本建设任务。


51、It Introduces the basic concept, basic process of the activity-based cost. And an application is imitated about the separately budget based on activity-based cost. 介绍了作业成本的基本概念、基本流程,并进行了基于作业成本的分预算的模拟应用。

52、These words are the basic Legos of pop songs, nothing but overly familiar shapes until they’re built into something. 这些词句是流行乐里最基本的素材,其本身太过面熟,只有成为构建其他意象的一部分时才会被赋予含义。

53、All unpaired atom, molecule and atomic group are called free radicals, which exist in body widely. 凡是具有未成对电子的原子、分子或原子团都称为自由基,在体内分布广泛。

54、Using mobility of basic loop or sub-chains formed from the union of basic loop to distinguish negative sub-chain. 利用基本回路或基本回路的并所形成子链的活动度识别消极子链。

55、The cost of sequencing DNA has fallen from about $1 per base pair in the mid-1990s to a tenth of a cent today, and the cost of synthesising the molecule has also fallen. DNA序列重排的成本在xx年代中期是每个碱基对一美元,而现在的价钱是当时的十分之一,而且人工合成分子的成本也大大降低。

56、Scientists have found that everything in the Universe is made up from a small number of basic building blocks called elementary particles, governed by a few fundamental forces. 科学家们发现宇宙中的一切物质都是由一小部分基本组块(我们称之为基本粒子)组成的,这些基本粒子被一些基本力所支配。

57、In turn, nucleotides have three distinct components: a sugar, a phosphate and a nucleobase. 而核苷酸由三个不同成份组成:一个糖分子、一个磷酸分子与一个碱基。

58、Five hydrogen cyanide molecules can join up to make adenine -- a chemical element of the DNA molecule found in all living organisms on Earth. 五个氰化氢分子可以连在一起形成腺嘌呤—这是一种合成DNA分子的基本化学元素,在地球上所有生命体中都存在。

59、Abstract; Determinations of the major nutrient components of wild Bombax malabaricum DC. 对攀枝花的基本营养成分作了较为全面的分析测定。

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