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导读: 27个,关于”国外的励志名人名言句子“的英语句子27个,句子主体:Inspirational famous quotes and sentences from foreign celebrities。以下是关于国外的励志名人名言句子的雅思英语句子。


关于”国外的励志名人名言句子“的英语句子27个,句子主体:Inspirational famous quotes and sentences from foreign celebrities。以下是关于国外的励志名人名言句子的雅思英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Inspirational famous quotes and sentences from foreign celebrities

1、Zhang Zhijian, spokesman of the Chinese Mountaineering Team, announced Tuesday the squad to carry the Olympic flame to the top of Mount Qomolangma. 中国登山队发言人张志坚xx日宣布登顶珠峰的火炬接力团队名单。

2、Zhao Zhongxiang was a famous TV presenters in China, especially famous in chairing for brains Quiz. 赵忠祥同志曾是中国赫赫有名的电视节目主持人,尤以主持智力竞赛节目出名。

3、Thoughtfulness is the first skill one should learn.———Lv Kun 肯替别人想,是第一学问。

4、Three insurgents and a militia member were killed in the encounter, said Sharafuddin Majedi, a spokesman for the provincial governor. (REUTERS/ Mohammad Shoiab) 省长发言人Sharafuddin Majedi透露,冲突中三名叛乱分子和一名国民军成员被打死。

5、The Pennsylvania Dutch are actually from Germany, aka Deutschland. 宾夕法尼亚荷兰人实际上来自德意志,又名德国。

6、It is not enough to have a good mind. The main thing is to use it well. Descartes 仅仅有好头脑还不够,重要的是要善于使用它。

7、My name is Chi Chan, I am a Chinese. 我的名字是陈志,我是一个中国人。

8、The foreigner's name is Dr Marcel LOYER. He is French. 65 years old, Veterinary surgeon, French senior volunteers. 老外的名字叫罗耶。马塞尔,法国人,xx岁,兽医,法国资深志愿者。

9、He is nationally renowned for its rural Technology iron man. 他就是全国闻名的身残志坚的农村科技铁人姜德明。

10、Confucian's remarks are well-known in the world. 孔子的警世名言也世人皆知。

11、In addition, 30 drivers proudly featured the Autism Speaks logo on their cars during the race. 此外,有三十名赛车手在赛程中把“孤独症代言人”的标志自豪地贴在自己的车身上。

12、The man who has made up his mind to win will never say "impossible ".Bonaparte Napoleon 凡是决心取得胜利的人是从来不说"不可能的"。

13、Milu, ever as the coach of China Soccer Team, have said , "Attitude determines everything. "however, only a few people can understand the essence of this saying. 曾经担任中国足队教练的米卢说过一句名言:“态度决定一切。”然而,只有很少人能够理解这句话的真谛。

14、Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.Marie Curie 生活中没有什么可怕的东西,只有需要理解的东西。

15、Mr. educator Tao of a famous saying: "Thousands of people seeking truth and teach teach ten thousand ten thousand thousand school to learn to do live." 我国教育家陶行知先生有一句名言:“千教万教教人求真,千学万学学做真人。”

16、Officials say 34 Thais and 55 foreigners were killed in Sunday's crash. 有关官员说,在星期天的坠机中, 34 名泰国人和55 名外国人丧生。

17、China educator Mr. Tao Xingzhi had a famous saying: thousand teach million teaches truth, thousand learn ten thousand learn to be reality. 我国教育家陶行知先生有一句名言:千教万教人求真,千学万学学做真人。

18、He was writing to a foreign--a French--correspondent. 在写给一名外国,一名法国记者的信中

19、The supreme hiness of life is the conviction that we are loved .(Victor Hugo , French novelist ) 生活中最大的幸福是坚信有人爱我们。( 名人名言:法国小说家 雨果.

20、Mr. Zhang Zhigong was a famous linguist and Chinese educationist in contemporary China. 张志公先生是我国当代著名的语言学家和语文教育家。

21、Another Confucian saying – well known to all educated Chinese – is that a group of three people will always include a teacher. 另一句儒家名言——对于所有受过教育的中国人是众所周知——是“三人行必有我师”。

22、Their books that intellectuals is no exception. 言路这名知识分子也不例外。

23、He said the results confirmed his suspicions about ugly British women and said their behaviour abroad left a lot to be desired. 他说这一结果跟他的猜想不谋而合,英国女性确实丑名在外,她们的言行让外国人敬而远之。

24、Although Fifa has yet to decide the seedings , a spokesman said they were "99% likely" to be based on world rankings. 尽管国际足联并未公布队名单,但据一名发言人说,他们有“99%”的可能性会以国际排名作为依据。

25、'Our aim is to drive people back in to Britain's libraries whether they are reading chick-lit, science fiction or a celebrity autobiography. ' 我们的目的是鼓励英国人重拾阅读的习惯,不论是读通俗言情( 趟过女人河小说言情)、科幻小说还是名人自传,都很不错!


26、He was listed in Information Database of Outstanding Persons, China Contemporary Aesthetic Celebrities and World Celebrities. 《中国当代美学名人志》、《世界名人录》等,亦曾介绍其美学研究和艺术创作成就。

27、There will be about 300 partints, including 260 foreign delegates and 40 Chinese delegates. 出席会议人数约300人,其中260名国外代表,40名中方代表。

28、Be wisely worldly, be not worldly wise.———Francis Quarles 要善于处世,不要老于世故。

29、The bravery of the miners themselves made them national celebrities and gave some of them new careers as motivational speakers. 矿工们在矿难发生后表现出来的勇气使他们成为全国知名人物,其中一些人还凭此开始了发表励志演说的职业新生涯。

30、Here, Chinese and foreigners get to choose their own ellations in each other's languages. 但是现在中国人要取洋名字,外国人也要取中文名字。

31、Zhao used to be a famous TV host, particularly well-knowned for quiz shows. 赵忠祥同志曾是中国赫赫有名的电视节目主持人,尤以主持智力竞赛节目出名。

32、In 2008, Ayittey was listed by Foreign Policy magazine as one of the "Top 100 Public Intellectuals" of our time. 在xx年, Ayittey被杂志《外国政策》提名为“100个公共知识分子”。

33、China 's Confucius also said: "The official, the name is not then the words will not ring." 我国孔圣人也说:“名正言顺,名不正则言不顺。”

34、Some men are wise, other men are otherwise. (名人名言)有些人很睿智,有些人却不然。

35、A virtuous man must have said something of note; but someone who has said something of note is not necessarily a man of virtue. 有德者必有言,有言者不必有德。孔子说:“道德高尚的人一定会有有益的名言传世,但有名言传世的人不一定都是道德高尚的人。”

36、To many Chinese, "Chinas number one sister" is a maverick. 对许多中国人而言,“中国一姐”是一名特立独行者。

37、To accomplish something is the “supreme state of life”.———(Germany) Engels 有所作为是“生活中的最高境界”。

38、Rolls-Royce double-R logo in addition, there are the famous tze signs. 劳斯莱斯的标志除了双R之外,还有著名的飞人标志。

39、At present, nearly 6,000 Chinese language volunteers are actively involved in 35 Confucius institutes or claooms, teaching the Chinese language and culture to over 50,000 Southeast Asian students. 目前,近6000名汉语志愿者活跃在35所孔子学院和孔子课堂里,向5万多名东南亚学生介绍中国的语言和文化。

40、Locally dubbed "heaven on earth" for its classical gardens and parks, Suzhou boasts the fifth-largest local GDP in China. 杂志称,被喻为中国“人间天堂”的苏州以其园林出名,现在同样因其GDP增速排名第五而著名。

41、Well-known phrase of "revere fate, revere big shot, revere saint words", namely the showing especially of this thought. 畏天命,畏大人,畏圣人之言“的名句,即是这一思想的凸现。

42、His poor health condition is a great barrier for him to finish school. 尽管有语言障隘,二名外国学生成为了很要好的朋友。

43、Despite the language barrier, the two foreign students became close friends. 尽管有语言障隘,二名外国学生成为了很要好的朋友。

44、Man with foreign accents interrupts to ask for information. 一名带有外国口音的男子在问路。

45、She reads aloud the words of an organizer of the Gay's Wife Association, who declined to be named. 她大声地朗读了一名来自“同志妻子联合会”的一名创建人的匿名信。

46、Raul Slough Lewis signs in addition to double-R, there is the famous tze signs. 劳尔斯·劳易斯的标志除了双R之外,还有著名的飞人标志。

47、Mark "Dashan" Rowswell, a Canadian television celebrity in China who gained fame through cross talk, rarely performs anymore. “大山”Rowswell标志,一名加拿大的电视名人在中国获得了名声跨说话,很少执行了。

48、To most foreigners, all of these are labeled simply as Chinese food and usually served together without additional information. 对于大多数外国人而言,所有这些菜都被简单地冠以中国菜之名,上菜时通常也不会有额外的说明。

49、Being yourself quotes help you get faith and a better prospective towards life. 激励实现自我的名言智语会帮助你获得信念,对人生更充满希望。

50、There is a famous small Shenyang: the greatest tragedy in life is that death did not spend the money. 小沈阳有句名言:人生最大的悲哀就是,人死了钱没花完。


51、Shanghai Foreign Language School Affiliated To Shanghai International Studies University is one of the most famous foreign language schools in China. 上海外国语大学附属外国语学校,中国最知名的具有外国教学语言优势的中学之一。

52、Ten Quotes new to the latest edition 最新版增订的十条名人名言

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