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导读: 47个,关于”20个字母的句子“的英语句子47个,句子主体:20 letter sentence。以下是关于20个字母的句子的三年级英语句子。


关于”20个字母的句子“的英语句子47个,句子主体:20 letter sentence。以下是关于20个字母的句子的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:20 letter sentence

1、Alphabet:Set of letters used in a language. For example, Greek alphabet, English alphabet, etc. 字母:外文文字的一套字母。例如希腊字母,英文字母等等。

2、Indicate each footnote in a table a superscript lowercase letter. 每一个脚注中注明位子上标小写字母。

3、This is terrifically easy to remember because a certain Colonel had the good sense to open a chain of restaurants using the abbreviation KFC for a name. 这很容易就能够记住,因为一个陆军上校很明智地开了一家连锁餐厅并将其命名为KFC(译者按:三个字母对应于三句话的首字母)。

4、Sometimes the term internationalization is abbreviated as i18n, because there are 18 letters between the first "i" and the last "n." 有时,国际化这一术语常被缩写为 i18n,因为在首字母 “i” 和最后一个字母 “n” 之间共有 18 个字母。

5、A sign with characters 20-feet tall was on a distant mountain. 远远的山上有个标语牌,(上面巨大的)字母有20尺高。

6、Instead of voice recognition for words, itshould work for just one character at a time - such as alphabets, numbers, etc. 不同于基于字母语音识别,它的工作方式是一次读一个字符 - 就像一个字母,数字,等等。

7、The name of the team shouldn t exceed 20 characters. 该不该吨团队名称超过20个字符。

8、Sex is a three - letter word which needs some old -fashioned four - letter words to convey its full meaning. 性是一个三个字母的词,但是它需要一个古老的四个字母的词来宣示。

9、Initial sounds am. Children should be able to identify the first sound of each word. 帮助孩子认识字母大、小写,字与音关系及辨字母形与音。

10、Words called acronyms are formed by using the first letter or letters of several words. 被称为首字母缩拼词的这类词汇是由几个词的首字母或前几个字母构成的。

11、What you've just read is a lipogram –a text written without using a particular letter of the alphabet. 你刚才读的是避讳某字之文,一段没有使用字母表中某个字母的文字。

12、Omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet. Omega是希腊字母表中的最后一个字母。

13、The recognition of a letter flashing on a screen signals the word processor to choose that letter. 识别屏幕上闪烁的字母,给文字处理器发信号,以选择那个字母。

14、How many cookies have letters?------Every cookies has letters. 有多少个饼干上有字母?------每个饼干上都有字母。

15、Zhao Guiyuan said proudly: "At the beginning , I didn't know a letter, but now I can speak sentences in English." 赵贵媛自豪地说:“刚开始我可一个英文字母都不会,现在我都会说一句句的话了呢。”

16、Now, Grammer Corporation has over 7,300 employees and 20 branches spreading through 13 countries. 目先,格推默股份母司逝天下下有超越7,300 实员农战遍及13个国野的20野波静的合母司。

17、What word of five letters has only one left when two letters are subtracted? 什么字由五个字母组成,减去两个字母只余一?

18、Three words, eight letters, say it , then i'm yours. 三个字,八个字母,说了它我就是你的。

19、They did not mistakenly see those letters when no letters were there, nor did they see the letters when they were told the wrong letters. 如果这些字母没有呈现,他们不会误认为看到了字母; 当他们被告知一个错误的字母时他们也看不到字母的呈现。

20、Each individual letter must be recognized, and letters must be grouped together into words. 必须要认识每个的字母和由字母组合成的单词。

21、Character by character, Grandma would slowly accomplish one word, then the next, so that a finished page would consume hours. 外祖母一个字母一个字母地慢慢拼出一个词,接着是下一个词,因此写满一页要花上几个小时。

22、where each different letter stands for a different gene. 在这一组的分子式中,每一个字母都代表一个不同的基因。

23、All names are lower-case letters, there are no more than 10 people in a group, and no name is more than 12 characters in length. 所有名字都是小字字母,每个圈子不会超过10个人,所有名字都小于或等于12个字符长度。

24、The first seven letters in English alphabet are ABCDEFG. 英文字母表的头七个字母是ABCDEFG。

25、To the uneducdined ond a A is just three sticks. 对待一个没文明的人,A这个字母不过是三根棒子完结。


26、Parents care about their consumption accounts for only 20%, and parents seldom ask children consumptive cirtance to 70%, no CARES about children consumption but also to 10%. 父母关心子女的消费情况只占20%,而父母很少问子女的消费情况要占70%,不过问子女消费情况的也要占10%。

27、All subjects spent 20 minutes highlighting as many letter e's as they could find in a sample text. 所有人都被要求在20分钟内在一篇范文里划出尽可能多的字母“e”。

28、The present 21 initial consonants of mandarin grew out of the 20 initial consonants of The Easy Way to Harmonious Diction. 音韵学著作《韵略易通》中的20个声母系统为今天普通话中21个声母的前身。

29、There is one value for each clause and a final value that specifies the length of the full string. 每个子串对应一个值,最后一个值确定整个字母组合字符串的长度。

30、One byte stores one character (e.g. a letter or a number). 1字节存储1个字符(如一个字母或一个数字)。

31、The concept doesnt have any letters actually. You might think chair has five letters, but the chair doesnt have any letters. 这个概念没和有任何字母,你可能像椅子有五个字母,但是椅子没有任何字母。

32、What I like in this example is that the letters appears on the keys. 我喜欢的是在这个例子中的字母键上出现。

33、Freud had two half-brothers some 20 years older than himself. 弗洛伊德有两个约比他年长xx岁的异母哥哥。

34、It's had 234, 391 text comments, 20 video comments. 它有234391个文字评论和20个视频评论。

35、In the following example, a function returns the successive lowercase characters of a string. 在下面的例子中,函数返回某个字符串的连续小写字母。

36、To the uneducdined ond, an A is just three sticks. 看待一个没文明的人,A这个字母不过是三根棒子罢了。

37、Phonics provides children with a code: pupils learn individual letter sounds and then learn how letters work in groups. 基础语音为孩子们提供了一把钥匙:他们学习单个字母的发音,然后学习这些字母组合在一起时如何发音。

38、These squares are identified by two-letter digraphs: the first letter is the east-west position within the longitude zone and the second letter is the north-south position. 这些方块使用两个相连的字母标识:第一个字母表示经度区的东西位置,而第二个字母表示南北位置。

39、The sentence "Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs" uses every letter of the alphabet and uses the least letters to do so! “放我箱子里五打酒壶”使用了字母表里每一个字母,而且,用的字母最少。

40、The letters AB begin the alphabet. 在字母表中AB是头两个字母。

41、Benner has designed a DNA molecule with eight new chemical"letters" and in addition to four natural "letters". Benner已经设计出一个有着八个新化学“字母”DAN分子,其中有四个自然的化学“字母”。

42、There are five letters of vowels and twenty-one letters of consonants. 英语中有五个元音字母好二十一个辅音字母。

43、n And these are known as anions. It has the n, which might conjure up negative, or anion and minus both have five letters. 这些就是负离子,有,能让我们想起,负,这个字,或者负离子和负号都是5个字母。

44、Can you spell donkey with one letter? 你能用一个字母把“驴子”拼出来吗。

45、Indicate each footnote in a table with a superscript lowercase letter. 每一个脚注中注明位子上标小写字母。

46、In the first half of the 20 century, each nation of Central Asia once used the Latin alphabet, and used Russian alphabet later. 苏联时期,中亚各民族的文字在上个世纪前半期都曾经历过拉丁字母化和基里尔字母化两次较大的文字改革。

47、What eight-letter word has only one-letter in it? 什么8个字母的单词只有一个字母?

48、Ty is an acronym for transposon yeast…of retroviruses. Ty是酵母转座子的首字母缩写。酵母转 …

49、The box was inlaid with gold monograms. 这箱子镶嵌着金质字母。

50、Top 20 children's questions which baffle parents 最让父母挠头的孩子提问前20名


51、The negative space in-between the houses formed a letter. 房子包围起来的空间组成了一个字母。

52、The second example in Listing 14 shows sorting the first field numerically and the second by collating sequence (alphabetically). 清单 14 中的第二个例子显示对第一个字段按照数字顺序排序,而对第二个字段按照字母顺序排序。

53、Because they have the same first letters as their parents' monikers ? 也许是因为这俩孩子名字的起首字母和他们的父母相同?

54、Benner has designed a NDA molecule with eight new chemical letters. BENNER已经构思出一种八个新的化学字母组成的NDA分子。

55、Concentrate on the new numbers 16-20. 集中练习16至20这几个新数字。

56、Each triplet of nucleotides will correspond to a letter so that, say, ACT represents the letter a, AGT represents the letter b, and so on. 每个三联体的核苷酸对应一个字母,ACT代表字母a,AGT代表字母b等等。

57、For example, suppose you've decided to change the widget length from 20 characters to 30. 例如,假定您决定将 widget 的长度从 20 个字符变到 30 个字符。

58、Use capital letters for anything your talent is going to read on-air. 用大写字母写下你的播报员将要播报的任何语句。

59、By 2010, Shi predicts this will rise to 20% . 按照施正荣的预测,到xx年这个数字将上升到20%。

60、The farmer has 20 ewes on his farm. 这个农场主的农场里有20只母羊。

61、If the entered character is a lowercase letter, display the message The character just entered is a lowercase letter. 如果输入的字符是一个小写字母的字符,显示消息刚进是一个小写字母。

62、First, they taught 20 English-speaking college students lists of Chinese wordsspelled with two characters — such as sister, mother, maid. 首先,他们给20名母语为英语的大学生教会了一系列的由两个字组成的汉语词语,如姐姐、妈妈、女仆等。

63、Students are given a list of 3 letters, and have 1 minute to tell a story that connects them all together. 学生现场抽取一组共3个字母,选手需在1分钟里运用分别以这三个字母为首字母的三个单词创作一段故事…

64、An awl or pick for extracting letters from set type. 从字板上抽取字母的铗子。

65、Godmother to one of the Fitzgeralds' six children, she could never remember the child's name. 作为菲茨杰拉德六个孩子的教母,她从来记不住孩子们的名字。

66、The clause information is an array of 32-bit values that specifies the positions of the clauses in the composition string. 子串信息是一个32位值的数组,用于确定子串在字母组合字符串中的位置。

67、The effect was discovered in studies done in the 1980s in which people rated how much they liked each of the letters of the alphabet. 该效应是在20世纪xx年代的一次研究中发现的,人们为字母表中自己喜欢的字母打分。

68、The last two letters look like a 1 and 0, representing the digital signal. 最后两个字母表示1和0,代表点子数字信号。

69、Dan you spell donkey with one letter? 你能用一个字母把“驴子”拼出来吗?

70、Description : 'It's easy and fun for young children to learn the alphabet, letter sounds, and over 500 three-letter words! 这学习机容易使用和有趣吸引幼儿学习英文字母、字母发音和超过500个由三个字母组成的词汇!

71、To the uneducated, an A is just three sticks. 对于一个没文化的人,A这个字母不过是三根棒子罢了。

72、Indeed, the Longer Name Hypothesis points out that of the 22 presidential elections between 1876 and 1960, the candidate with more letters in his last name won the popular vote 20 times. 其实,还有一个“长姓氏假说”,说是在1876到xx年的22次总统大选中,姓氏字母较多的一方赢了20次。

73、In total my name is 21 letters. 所以总共我的名字有21个字母。

74、The boy is capable of learning at least twenty characters a day. 这孩子一天至少能够学20个字。(意思是“容纳知识”。)。

75、Each composition string consists of one or more clauses, where a clause is the smallest combination of characters that the IME can convert to a final character. 每个字母组合字符串由一个或多个子串组成(clauses),子串是IME能转换成最终字符的最小字符组合。

英文句子模板76:20 letter sentence

76、Passphrases are recommended to have a length of 20 or more characters. 推荐使用 20 个字符以上的口令句。

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