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导读: 41个,关于”简单的句子及“的英语句子41个,句子主体:Simple sentences and。以下是关于简单的句子及的高考英语句子。


关于”简单的句子及“的英语句子41个,句子主体:Simple sentences and。以下是关于简单的句子及的高考英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Simple sentences and

1、The structural diagram of 14 polyanions and the vibrational models of the structural units P33, P73 and P113 have been plotted. 论文绘出了14个离子的结构图, 以及普遍存在的结构单元P33、P73 和P113的简正振动模式图。33。

2、The following is a brief account of the 1556 and the recent 1975 and 1976 earthquakes. 以下是简1556以及最近的xx年和xx年的特大地震的简单介绍。

3、Snapshot administration is easy and quickly performable. 快照管理十分简单和快速。

4、Eat plain, mixed with salad, on toast, or mashed with dijon mus and onions as a spread. 简简单单地吃,或者配沙拉、吐司,也可以搅碎配芥末和洋葱。

5、And never forget how important it is for kids to simply get together to play. 不要忘记,对孩子而言,简单地和她们在一起玩耍一下是多么的重要!

6、As you can see, parsing XML using XMLEventReader along with XMLEvent and its sub-types is quite straightforward. 可以看到,使用 XMLEventReader 与 XMLEvent 及其子类型解析 XML 非常简单。

7、Such is the allure of exclusivity, and the eal of simplicity. 这就是排他的魅力,以及简单的吸引力。

8、Based on the production of Longling tone, content and features such as a brief introduction, the tone for everyone to increase awareness of some understanding and awareness. 本文通过对龙陵调子的产生、内容及特点等的简单介绍,为大家认识调子增加一些理解和认知。

9、Our second goal will be to provide a gentle introduction to the methods of quantized fields and their lications in many-body physics. 其次,我们将会对场的量子化方法及其在多体系统中的应用作简单的介绍。

10、Compared to the complexity with which our conventional computers and networks function, the ability to store and retrieve a single photon might seem rudimentary. 和我们传统的电脑及网络功能的复杂性相比,这种存储和再现单个光量子的能力看上去还相当简陋。

11、Chapter One briefly introduces L/C and B/L, and the importance to show correct date on B/L. 第一章简要介绍信用证和提单,以及信用证项下提单日期的重要性。

12、Easier management and delivery of lications. 应用程序管理和交付更为简单。

13、Are the bankers and the food corporations simply reflecting what the rest of us have become? 银行家们和食品公司可以简单地反映出其他人变成了什么样子吗?

14、Fortunately, the download and installation is pretty straightforward. 幸运的是,下载和安全是相当简单的。

15、Dual pull tabs for an easy on and off. 双拉环,一个简单的开和关。

16、Simple repository workspaces and streams consist of a single component. 简单的存储库工作区和流包含单个组件。

17、Simplicity, efficiency and conducing to the computer calculate. 简单、效好及方电脑计算。

18、In the first chapter, I will briefly introduce the historical background of Memoirs and critics' responses to this classic. 第一章我将简单介绍《欢场女子回忆录》的历史背景和批评家对它的评论。

19、Thinking Simple and complex seems to be enemy: when I was trying to think simply, the issues I faced always becomes complex. 想复杂和简单好象冤家对头,每当我头脑简单时,面临的问题总是十分复杂.。

20、The necessity and basic idea of electrostatic protection in assembling electronic devices are presented by introducing the electrostatic and electrostatic discharge(ESD)briefly. 通过对静电及静电放电(ESD)的简单介绍,提出了在电子装联中进行静电防护的必要性和基本思路。

21、Pull-tab at collar for an easy on and off. 拉片领一个简单的开和关。

22、For the sake of simplicity, the following examples show you how to store only the username and password. 为简单起见,下面的例子将只向您展示如何保存用户名和密码。

23、The essential concepts of sub-cer theory and the derivation of those "sub-cer equations" are briefly introduced. 并在文中介绍了在高分子合金研究中应用的群子论的一些基本概念和方程的简单推导过程。

24、Terminalia chebula Retz. mainly contains triterpenic acid, gallyl glucose, gallate and anthraquinone etc. They have the activities of antibiosis, antioxidation, antitumor and cardiotonic etc. 诃子主要含三萜酸类、没食子酰葡萄糖、没食子酰的简单酯类化合物及蒽醌类等物质,具有抗菌、强心、抗氧化及抗癌等药理活性。

25、For example, the script shown in Listing 1 should be condensed and simplified considerably into a smaller and more clean-looking program. 例如,清单 1 所示的脚本应该浓缩和简化为更简单、更干净的程序。


26、The main members of JSDA and also the products are simply related. 对协会的主要成员单位及其产品进行了简单介绍。

27、Brief introduction of current satus of waste water treatment technology simultaneous brief introductwaste liquor recover of PCB. 简单介绍了国内PCB废水及废液处理技术,同时对PCB废液的回收进行了简单论述。

28、Simplistic and experimental python ETL package. 简单化和试验性的派森ETL包。

29、Simple but stunning, this structure's clean lines and an intimidating scale only add its undeniable magnetism. 但米约大桥简单却耀目,简单的线条和巨大的规模增加了其令人难以抗拒的魅力。

30、Rhyming text and soft, heartwarming ilrations depict the various relationships between father animals and baby animals of different types. 作者用简单的文字及生动的插画来描述各种不同动物间的父子之情。适合儿童阅读。

31、In this review, we present the semiclassical theory and the latest progress in the SET investigation, and further the potential lications of the SET based … 本文从单电子隧穿现象的起源入手,概述了单电子隧穿现象的半经典理论及其器件的研究进展,并简述了其潜在的应用价值。

32、He invented thermograph and uncomplicated telescope and microscope. 他发明了温度计以及简单的望远镜和显微镜。

33、Simplicity and straightforwardness are sometimes totally necessary. 简单和直接了当,有时是完全必要的。

34、It's easy to simplify roll microfilm storage and retrieval in your office. 要简化办公室缩微胶卷的存储及检索十分简单。

35、Life is easier if lesson plans are easy to follow, and a teacher has updated seating charts and schedules. 如果教案简单易行,如果老师及时更新学生的座位表和时间表,教师的日子就好过多了。

36、Superiority of this roach over ordinary M-estimates and least squares results is demonstrated with a small example. 通过一个简单的例子,说明了这种方法比普通的M-估计以及最小二乘结果更加优越。

37、Making pulleys. Continious. Simple one sheave and two sheaves pulleys. 制作滑轮。继续。简单的单绳轮和双绳轮滑轮。

38、The loadMetaPhones subroutine is straightforward code that creates two hashes of metaphone keys and values. loadMetaPhones 子例程是创建变音位关键字和值的两个散列的简单代码。

39、A version more polished and simplified. 新版本更加优美和简单。

40、Or maybe simply, Egypt were just the better side. 或许再简单点说,埃及队才更出色。

41、It's easy to oversimplify the issues involved. 很容易把涉及的问题看得太简单。

42、With easy access to screens through hinged doors on both ends, screen changes and inspections are easier than ever. 两端都配有铰链门,筛选简单。钢屏交换和检测也更加简单化。

43、CONCLUSION: Compatibility of traditional Chinese medicine doesn't mean adding single herb simply. 结论:中药配伍并非是单味药的简单加和。

44、Simple Tools: Wikis, and Wiki-based Specification Frameworks 采用简单的工具:Wiki,以及基于Wiki的规范框架

45、It's split across Listing 6, Listing 7, and Listing 8 to more easily describe the process. 这些代码被放在清单 6、清单 7 和清单 8 中,以使描述更简单。

46、We describe simply the single-beam Z-scan technique and method. 我们首先对单光束Z扫描技术及其原理进行了简单的介绍。

47、You and I are practically alone. 你和我简直就落单了。

48、Simply cut the tomato in half and squeeze the halves to extract the seeds and the juice; remove any remaining seeds by hand . 将蕃茄简单地切一半并压紧另一半提取和汁液,用手去除任何一颗残馀的。

49、It would be hard to come up with a single generalization that covers so many people in such a variety of mini-cultures that make up today's modern nation. 很难简单地用几句话来概括解释这个具有多元文化和众多人口建设成的今天的现代的中国。

50、The load capacity of the inorganic antibacterial ions can be regulated and controlled by simply changing ion exchange concentration, time, temperature and other conditions. 无机抗菌离子的负载量可通过简单地改变离子交换浓度、时间和温度等条件调控。


51、Said simply, since birth rational and pathological. 简单说,有生理性的和病理性的。

52、Even though EJBs and container-managed-whatever make difficult programming much easier, people think they are still not easy enough. 即使 EJB 及容器管理的任何内容能使复杂的编程工作变得更简单,人们仍旧认为它们不够简单。

53、Here's a short gnuplot example that ilrates 3-D function plotting with contours and hidden line removal. 下面是一个简单的 gnuplot 例子,它给出了一个具有等高线和隐线消除的 3-D 图形。

54、The principle, functions, and validation test results of a simplified heat-exchanger model have been briefly described. 简要介绍了简单换热器模型的原理、功能以及验证试验结果。

55、Simplicity and complexity need each other. 简单和复杂相辅相成。

56、Then, as simply as one snuffs a candle, both father and son crumpled into a heap. 这时,就像一口气吹灭了蜡烛一样简单,父亲和儿子倒在了一起。

57、Eating and moving becomes intuitive, easy and fun. 吃和动变的主动、简单和有趣。

58、Youcan’t just say, ‘We want to do what Egypt’s doing.’ 你不能简单的说‘埃及怎么做,我们也怎么做’。

59、The simplicity of using a single DNA molecule reportedly makes the nanomotor easier to manufacture and develop. 这种单分子马达据称能令马达的研究和制造更为简化。

60、Simply machine or hand stitch the rectangular shape leaving a small opening to fill with the linseeds and aroma. 简单地用机器或者手工缝纫成一个矩形的形状并开一个小口子用来填充亚麻子和香料。

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