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导读: 28个,关于”建议的句子“的英语句子28个,句子主体:Suggested sentence。以下是关于建议的句子的八年级英语句子。


关于”建议的句子“的英语句子28个,句子主体:Suggested sentence。以下是关于建议的句子的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Suggested sentence

1、You can email your questions and comments to vcebuild@us.ibm. 可以将您的问题和建议通过电子邮件发送至 vcebuild@us.ibm。

2、Just a suggestion. Now, atoms need not be neutral. 只是个建议,现在,原子不一定是中性的。

3、CICETE shall not take the responsibility for any costs or expenses incurred to the qualified Offerors for Proposal preparation and delivery. 交流中心不承担项目建议人因准备建议书和递送建议书产生的任何费用。

4、He recommends rock-climbing with close supervision. 他的建议是让孩子在严密监督下攀岩。

5、Could you give me some advice on how to bring up my son properly? 您能给我些建议如何才能教子有方呢?

6、"Why not serve a piece of each?" she suggested. “何不两条鱼各上一块呢?”他妻子建议道。

7、I've bought and sold 13 houses in my life. Why won't you ask for my advice? 我这辈子买卖了13所房子,你咋不来问问我的建议呢?

8、And if you have suggestions, feel free to email me. 如果你有什么建议,随时给我发电子邮件。

9、Recommendation: building accessible towns. 建议:建无障碍城镇。

10、We advice parents to setup a separate user account for the children. 建议父母为孩子设置单独的用户账号。

11、The environmental protection industry base of photoelectron and micro-electrons basic material for the mutual circulating… 提出了建立原料废料可相互循环利用的光电子、微电子基础材料的环保工业基地的建议。

12、And thanks for the advice about the house. 也谢你关于房子的建议。

13、In particular this Recommendation details the enterprise viewpoint for Subnetwork Connection Management. 特别是本建议细化了子网连接管理的企业观点。

14、First, she suggests, create two e-mail accounts, and use them only to write to each other. 首先,她是这么建议的:创建2个只用来给对方写信的电子邮件账号。

15、Some suggestions for improvement of e-procurement in Chinese arel enterprises are given. 提出了改进中国服装企业电子采购的若干建议。

16、Your suggestion, to strike while the iron is hot, seemed a good idea. 你建议趁热打铁,这个建议很好。

17、In fact, experts say you're better off getting out of your car and flattening yourself out in a ditch or any low -lying area that gives you some cover. 建议: 离子,专家建议你最好离子,找条水沟或低洼地方当作掩护趴下。

18、The revision of this Recommendation is made to harmonize with new Recommendation G. 766. 本建议的修改是用来和新的建议G.766协调。

19、'What about sending a message via email?' suggested Mr. Tompkins. “如果是发送一条电子邮件消息呢?”汤普金斯建议。

20、Remember you can use sentences beginning with If . . . / If . . . to give advice, eg If I was you, I would try the shops in Wangfujing / If I was you, I would try the shops in Wangfujing. 如果. . .开头的句子来提出建议,例如:If I was you, I would try the shops in Wangfujing /如果我是你,我就到王府井的那些店看看。

21、To talk about cooking and cheng, suggest to spend the weekend in a resort together. 达子和成斌讨论做饭的事,达子建议一起去度假村过周末。

22、What are your best tips for remembering to water plants? For keeping bugs off them? Do you grow herbs? I can use all the advice I can get. 你有什么记住浇花的好建议吗?让虫子远离它们?你养香草吗?我会采纳所有我能得到的建议。

23、While I was writing that proposal, I got news of winning a previous proposal I wrote (I mentioned it in my last post). 当我在写这份建议时,我得到消息我先前写的那份建议被采用了(在上一篇帖子时我提过了)。

24、We do suggest that neuropsych testing be repeated. 我们建议重复(给孩子做)神经心理测试。

25、" Still, she advises parents to urge their sons to "cuddle a doll. 她还是建议父母们督促自己的儿子们“抱抱洋娃娃”。


26、Protocol (DAP), which is used to build X. 500 directories. 它是目录访问协议(DAP)的一个子集,DAP用于建立X.500目录。

27、So, I suggest that you and your kids get involved with robotics. 所以,我建议您和您的孩子都要了解机器人技术。

28、I highly recommend that you try out the examples. 强烈建议尝试一下文中的例子。

29、Connect over yard advice or repairs that need cooperation. 对院子的布置和修葺等需要合作精神的工作提出建议。

30、Touching the case, I suggest that we should go to ask the litigant. 关于这个案子,我建议我们去问问当事人。

31、Finally, some countermeasures concerning construction of E-Govemment and its lications are proposed. 最后,提出当前我国电子政务建设及应用的对策和建议。

32、I recommend 2-3" diameter wheel for your first robot. 我建议你的第一个机器人应该使用直径是2-3"的轮子。

33、Luo said he was shocked by the tactlessness of the suggestion. 罗刚说,妻子家人的建议让他意外。

34、The construction of a facility for measuring mesons is strongly suggested. 建议建造一个测量介子的实验装置,以开展该领域的研究。

35、Victor Weisskopf's suggestion resulted in an explanation of how electrons travel through semiconductors. Victor Weisskopf的建议解释了通过半导体电子的运动。

36、Some examples, the advisors, for example, J & J and Tylenol, the advisors give the CEO bad advice, while in other cases, the advisors give good advice. 比如说,在一些例子中,比如强生公司的Tylenol,CEO给的建议就不好,但在其他例子中,给的建议却很受用。

37、It’s good advice, but how can you ly it if you know only one basket? 这是一个好建议,但是如果你只知道一个篮子,如何能把这一建议付诸实施呢?

38、This advice pleased the lion. 狮子对这个建议很欣赏。

39、As well as several proposing shortcuts through extra dimensions (arxiv.org/abs/1109.6354 and arxiv.org/abs/1109.6282) 同几个建议通过额外维度的捷径(arxiv.org/abs/1109.6354和arxiv.org/abs/1109.6282)相类似,在中微子公布后不久,就人建议。

40、Conference-key establishment is the precondition to hold secure electronic conference via insecure channel. 在电子会议应用中,会议密钥的安全建立是会议安全高效进行的先决条件。

41、I recommend ... 我建议......。

42、Confucius's suggestion didn't relieve Robber Zhi's fury. 盗跖的气头并没有因为孔子这番建议而稍微缓和。

43、She advises keeping small talk finely tuned and topical. 她建议闲聊时要定好调子选好话题。

44、It was suggested that we vacated the old building. 有人建议我们搬出老房子。

45、Describe a time when you acted on someones suggestion. 描绘你按别人的建议行事的例子。

46、If it is artificial feeding baby feeding recommendations Bifidobacterium factor containing milk formula. 如果是人工喂养的孩子建议喂食含双歧因子的配方奶粉。

47、But what I can do is to give other kids the advice I wish someone had doled out1) to me and my friends. 但我却可以给其他孩子们一些建议;我多么希望曾经有人给过我和我的朋友们这样的建议啊。

48、Advice on howto save for retirement or your kids' college is plentiful. 有关如何为退休和孩子上大学攒钱有很多的建议。

49、With respect to your children, listen attentively to them without offering advice. 关于你的孩子,认真的听他们,不要提供建议。

50、He proposed another meeting. 他建议另开一次会议。


51、There are some people suggesting that e-books should be popularized in our country. 有的人建议,电子教科书在我国应该受到欢迎。

52、CMC does recommend using a Halyard Clamp for easy installation. CMC确实建议给容易的安装使用升降索夹子。

53、I highly recommend that you try out the examples in this tutorial. 强烈建议您试验本教程中给出的例子。

54、She advised them to talk with their son in person. 她建议他们亲自和他们的孩子谈谈心。

55、It was the best advice that my wife and I got regarding child-rearing. 这是妻子和我,得到的关于抚育孩子的最好建议。

56、What tips and ideas do you have for limiting on-the-job stress? 关于减少工作压力你有什么点子或建议?

57、Later, the hotel closed, Xiaoding recommendations to make snack stalls. 晚了,饭店也关门了,小丁建议去小摊子上弄小吃。

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