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关于”孤独伤感的句子“的英语句子35个,句子主体:Lonely and sad sentences。以下是关于孤独伤感的句子的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Lonely and sad sentences

1、With the loneliness that tragedy had become her fate. 孤独、寞中,她的命运仿佛是一场悲剧。

2、As the years pass, through famine and rebellion, they reflect upon their arranged marriages, loneliness, and the joys and tragedies of motherhood. 随着岁月的流逝,经历过饥荒和反叛,她们回忆着她们的包办婚姻、孤独和作为母亲的喜悦和悲伤。

3、Many of these patients had previously exhibited spontaneous and abrupt feelings of anger, fear, sadness, loneliness, hyper-vigilance and even co-dependent enablement. 许多病人以前表现出许多自发及突兀的情感,包括愤怒、害怕、悲伤、孤独、高度警觉甚至是共同依赖的实现。

4、Non-autistic people see autism as a great tragedy, and parents experience continuing disappointment and grief at all stages of the child's and family's life cycle. 孤独症在非孤独症人们的眼中无疑是一个人生悲剧。在孩子的成长过程中,在日复一日的家庭生活中,父母们无时无刻不在经受着失望和悲痛的煎熬。

5、"Some mothers think only-children suffer from loneliness and can become spoiled, " the minister was quoted as saying. 江帆说,“一些母亲认为独生子女会感到孤独并且娇生惯养。”

6、Small building with the brothel during the war, married women Juxian, Dieyi feel lonely. 抗战期间小楼与青楼女子菊仙结婚,蝶衣倍感孤独。

7、Some people go shopping when they are sad, worried, upset or lonely and they want to feel better. 有些人在感到悲伤、担心、苦恼或者孤独时想散散心,便去采购。

8、Too the noisy crowd, sad and lonely is very warm words. 比起喧闹的人群来, 翚悲伤和孤独也是很温暖的词。

9、We can experience cold, hunger, pain, sadness, abandonment, loneliness, fear, joy, etc. with the same intensity humans do. 我们可以感知寒冷,饥饿,痛苦,悲伤,遗弃,孤独,恐惧,欢乐等,感受之深与人类毫无二致。

10、A rainy Christmas eve. It just made me feel sadder and lonelier. 一个下雨的圣诞前夜,这只能让我感到更悲伤、更孤单。

11、And when you feel that you are dying of loneliness, despair, or love, all that you have not experienced joins in this endlessly sorrowful procession. 当你感到,你正因为孤独而死,绝望而死,爱情而死,因为你没有体验到,加入到这种无休止的,悲伤的程序中的一切。

12、When I'm lonely be my friend, when I'm sad be my joy, when I'm hurt be my mender and my fixer, when I'm wrong straiten me out and be my righteousness. 主啊! 请做我孤独时的朋友,悲伤时的喜乐; 受伤害时的修复者,将我从错误中拯救出来,成为我的公义。

13、They have two children, one of them autistic. 他们有两个孩子,其中一个是孤独症患者。

14、To the noisy crowd, sad and lonely is very warm words. 比起喧闹的人群来,悲伤和孤独也是很温暖的词语。

15、Do they know our joys and our griefs, our little celebrations of life and the desperation we can feel alone in the dead of the night? 他们会知道我们的快乐和悲伤,我们对生命的颂扬及我们在深夜里感到孤独时感动的绝望。

16、Method To survey the sense of the Loneliness among the 533 undergraduates with the Emotional-Social Loneliness Inventory(ESLI). 方法采用情绪—社交孤独问卷(ESLI)对大学生的孤独感状况进行调查分析。

17、Lonely was seeing his son only once a month since the divorce. 离婚后,他每月只能看儿子一次。这使他感到孤独。

18、And this is actually the helplessness, sadness, and solitude of his entire generation. 而这其实是他那一代人的无奈、伤感与百年孤独。

19、She felt a warmth in her lonely heart. 她孤独的心感到了一阵暖意。

20、Scare alone and dolorous, but scare much more to poghter. 害怕孤独与忧伤,但更害怕与别人叠加。

21、She feels very cold and lonely. 她感觉很冷也很孤独。

22、Then New Wave evolved into Goth Music which portrays sadness, loneliness and Death. 新浪潮接着演变成代表着悲伤、孤独和死亡的歌特音乐。

23、With Tom away, I always feel lonely. (adv. 汤姆不在,我一直感觉孤独。

24、To the noisy crowd, sad and lonely is very warm words.比起喧闹的人群来,悲伤和孤独也是很温暖的词语。

25、In this study, we explored the relationship between loneliness, coping strategies and temperament in 453 college students with questionnaire. 采用问卷法以453名大学生为被试研究了孤独感、孤独感应对策略与气质类型的关系。


26、The tree was again lonely and sad. 树又感到了孤独和难过。

27、The peak of the ruins. The middle of nowhere. Freedom, sadness, solitude, finding your own feelings. 废墟上的最高点,杳无人烟的地方。自由、悲伤、孤独,寻找属于你的感受。

28、You don't have to be farfetched to say you love me, and I won't be brave to you anymore. 孤独就是,你宁愿自己舔伤,也不愿和别人多吐。

29、So the Star-woman lived alone and unhappy upon the earth because she had disobeyed. 因为她犯了天规,星妈只能忧伤而孤独活在大地上。

30、Landscape carries Ma Dai's parting pain, drifting depression and lonely feeling. It is clearly branded on the sentimental stamp of the late Tang Dynasty. 山水承载了他的离别之痛、羁旅之愁、孤独之感,鲜明地烙上了晚唐时代感伤的印迹。

31、Tragedy of Destiny and Tragedy of Society--"Thunderstorm" Tragedy Analysis; 孤独、寞中,她的命运仿佛是一场悲剧。

32、Here, it reveals your personality or your color and true man. kekekeke… I love to sing songs that are kinda sad and lonely, not fast numbers though. 这表示你是个真男人。呵呵呵…我喜欢唱那种带点悲伤或者孤独感觉的歌,不喜欢唱快歌。

33、Facing the lamp alone, he was in deep sorrow. 他独对孤灯,悲伤不已。

34、A dolphin can die of loneliness, of a broken heart, of separation anxiety. 布兰诺解释道,“一条海豚可能因孤独、伤心或分离所致的焦虑感而死亡。”

35、People with autism often have sensory issues. 有孤独症的人常常存在感觉问题。

36、Silly woman, happiness ran out, don't throw away, leaving only the sad and lonely. 笨女人,幸福跑了出来,不要扔掉,只剩下了悲伤和孤独。

37、The tree was glad to see him happy but the man never came back since then. The tree was again lonely and sad. 树当然很高兴的看到男孩走了,但是自从那以后男孩再没有重新回来过,树又一次的孤独和悲伤。

38、没有杯子咖啡是寂寞的没有你我是孤独的 Coffee is lonely without cups. I am lonely without you。

39、With Tom away , I always feel lonely . 汤母不在,我一直感觉孤独。

40、With a gentle heart in hand, to find the most precious love, forget the drift of loneliness and sadness ends of the earth. 带着手心里的温柔,去寻觅最为珍贵的爱,忘却漂泊天涯海角的孤独与悲伤。

41、In your lonely sad day you quietly recite my name. And said: I miss someone in the world I live in a person's heart. 在你孤独悲伤的日子里请你悄悄地念一念我的名字。并且说:有人在怀念我在世上我活在一个人的心里。

42、He talked with the people who came to his shop, but after business hours he remained alone with his grief. 他仍会和来店里的人交谈,但关门后,他就与孤独和悲伤为伴。

43、 Coffee is lonely without cups. I am lonely without you. 没有杯子咖啡是寂寞的没有你我是孤独的。

44、These are my lonely up blood occult injury. 这些,是我孤独血液里隐匿起来的暗伤。

45、Solitary redoubles griefs, and cuts joys in halves. 孤独使忧伤加倍,使欢乐减半。

46、The overwhelming feelings of disgust, hatred, self-loathing, sadness, anger and loneliness have become too much. 你早已受够了被厌恶、痛恨、自我厌恶、哀伤、愤怒和孤独包围的感觉。

47、Even deliberately seeking a touch of sadness, to express the feelings of loneliness sad. 甚至刻意追求一种淡淡的哀愁,抒发孤独伤感的情怀。

48、According to Arakawa, “When I was married, I felt isolated and alone. 在荒川看来,“我结婚的时候,我感到孤立和孤独。

49、The only single people who claim to be lonely are those who choose to be lonely. 那些说自己感到孤独的光棍,只可能是那些自己选择孤独的人。

50、Will I feel sad when I continue my journey alone? 让我孓然孤独地前行,我会悲伤吗?


51、People of the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures to people escaped the silence, lonely and sad. 人的七情六欲注定着人是逃不过沉默、孤独与悲伤。

52、I feel so unloved and alone. 我感觉不到有人爱我,很是孤独。

53、I will stand ready to be with you in your grief and loneliness but I will not take it away from you. 我会时刻准备好,在你悲伤和孤独时站到你身边,但我不会把你的悲伤和孤独带走。

54、It is sad that there is no prince in this lonely world, ody can help. 可悲的是,没有白马王子在这个孤独世界上,谁也没办法。

55、The old man's wife died a year ago. He lives alone now, but he never feels lonely. 这位老人的妻子一年前去世了,他独自生活,但从不感到孤独。

56、But if some sorrow comes to you, utter my name with sighs, and tell the silence: "Memory is true - there beats a heart wherein I dwell." 但是你在孤独、悲伤的日子, 请你悄悄地念一念我的名字, 并且说:有人在怀念我, 在世上我活在一个人的心里。

57、I added that the resort guests had avoided Cappy ever since, leaving poor Cappy very sad and lonely. 我又说,度假村的客人一直躲着卡比,让它感到非常伤心和孤独。

58、Carson McCuller' s representative work The Ballad of the Sad Cafe embodies typical theme of loneliness, and the loneliness is to a large extent modernist. 卡森·勒斯的代表作《伤心咖啡馆之歌》表达了孤独的主题,这种孤独在很大程度上是现代主义的。

59、Loneliness factors in the year a significant difference, second-year study of loneliness were significantly higher than the other two grades; 孤独感在年级因素上的差异显著,研二年级的孤独感显著高于其他两个年级;

60、These include anger, anxiety, sadness, isolation, and fear. 这包括愤怒、焦虑、悲伤、孤立和恐惧。

61、Men are so often silent, solitary mourners who immerse themselves in activity and private, symbolic rituals. 男人是如此的时常沈默,埋首于活动和二等兵, 代号仪式的孤独悲伤者。

62、It is tragic that many people marry to stop being lonely, but soon find themselves lonelier than they were as singles. 然而可悲的是,许多人为了脱离孤独而结婚,却在婚后发现他们比单身时更加孤独。

63、As an old spinster, she is lonely, sensitive and easily hurt. 她是个老姑娘,孤独、敏感,很容易受得伤害。

64、Tell your child you understand about feeling lonely -- or bored. 告诉孩子你理解孤独或百无聊赖的感受。

65、Before you they peopled the solitude that you occupy, and they are more used to my sadness than you are. 它们先于你居住于你所占据的孤独,它们比你更习惯于我的悲伤。

66、In every life there is pain, loss, illness, loneliness and death. 生活中都会遇到伤痛,失去,疾病,孤独和死亡。

67、Sadness is a common theme in popular music, and it may be that individuals with depression turn to these messages to make themselves feel less alone in their sadness. 悲伤是流行音乐的共同主题,可能压抑的青少年把注意力转向这些信息使自己在悲伤中不觉得那么孤独。

68、Sometimes, Angela might still feel sad, missing her parents, feeling lonely, hating her dumbness or something. 有时,安琪拉可能仍然失踪感到悲伤的时候,她的父母,觉得孤独,那恨他的沉默或什么的。

69、The tree was lonely and sad. 老树很孤独很伤心。

70、The erfly, he said, is “miserable, isolating, painful.” 蝶泳,他说,是“可悲,孤独,痛苦的。”

71、Loneliness is not sad, because I saw the end of the road full of flowers. Floating. 孤独却不再忧伤,因为我看到路的尽头飘满花香。

72、His heart is a deep, hidden sadness, loneliness and untold difficulties. 他的内心,是一口深井,隐藏着伤心、孤独和难言的苦衷。

73、There are strong negative relations between secure internal working model, fearful IWM interpersonal relation harassment, and loneliness. 恐惧型、专注型和人际关系总分、孤独感均两两正相关,疏忽型内部工作模式与孤独感的相关不显明。

74、Although I travelled solo, I was never alone. 虽然我独自出行,但从未感到过孤独。

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