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关于”最基础的句型“的英语句子29个,句子主体:The most basic sentence pattern。以下是关于最基础的句型的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:The most basic sentence pattern

1、The image segmentation model is immunogenetic algorithm based on max. entropy and Otsu. 图像分割模型使用的是基于最大熵和最大类间方差的免疫遗传算法模型。

2、According to the irradiance lighting model, we propose a preprocess algorithm of illumination based on total variation model. 本文在对图像成像过程进行分析的基础上,根据辐照度光照模型,提出了基于全变分模型的光照预处理算法。

3、At the moment even the most basic infrastructure is lacking. 但现在这两个地方连最基本的基础设施还不具备。

4、Version 1.0 is RDF-based, but the most recent, version 2.0, is not. 版本 1.0 基于 RDF,但最新的 2.0 版本不以 RDF 为基础。

5、It is based on literature studies, that the stagnation of Gan– energy is the commonest diagnostic type of dispersion, and the abnormal dispersion of Gan is a basic pathogenesis of dispersion. 本实验在文献研究的基础上,提出肝气郁结证是抑郁症最常见的证型,肝失疏泄则是抑郁症发生的基本病机。

6、Finally, on this basis, the proper BCH-algebras of pure high-type quasi-commutativity are given. 最后在此基础上给出了纯高型拟可换的真BCH-代数。

7、The upper-level model embodied the principle of minimum summation of terminal investment, transportation and management cost. The lower-level model embodied the effects on traffic flux assignment … 选址的上层模型体现了运输费用和基地投资费用、管理费用最小的原则,下层模型体现了入选点的不同对交通流量分配的影响,下层模型是求解上层模型的基础。

8、The two top scores are your primary and secondary types. 分数最高的那两个分数就是你的基本和次级类型。

9、On this basis, in order to minimize the two objectives of the transport costs to model, to convert it into a network flow model with a stratified, with the minimum cost maximum flow algorithm. 在此基础上以运输成本最小化为二级目标建立模型,将其转化成带有分层的网络流模型,用最小费用最大流算法进行求解。

10、Basic performance parameters of the micro rotary engine were calculated through a three-zone quasi dimension model. 最后,通过三区准维模型计算得到了微型转子发动机的基本性能参数。

11、Finally, the graph primitives ' representation model of character is formed and character is recognized. 最后在字符识别的多元图基元表示模型基础上实现字符识别。

12、In building "a resource-saving and environment-friendly" society, is the most valuable land resources, the most fundamental basis of the material. 在建设“资源节约型、环境友好型”社会中,土地资源是最宝贵、最根本的物质基础。

13、The essentially theoretic elements and database sketch map of the model were provided. 给出了这一模型的基本理论基础和初步的数据库框架图。

14、Bucket foundation platform is an up to date platform used in the exploitation of mergence oil fields in the word. 桶形基础平台是世界上用于开发边际油田的一种最新型平台。

15、In other words, we have to figure out how to best assemble our applications to leverage the technical underpinnings. 换句话说,我们必须找出如何最好地汇集应用程序,以利用技术基础架构。

16、Finally, it tries to build up a customer-based tourists experience design model. 最后,在此基础上尝试构建了顾客化旅游体验设计模型。

17、In this article lectotype design for foundation of a project is discussed. 本文讨论的是某工程基础选型设计。

18、After summarizing a lot of garment design examples, a method of new pattern derived from the basic pattern is developed, and it′s given a name as derived basic pattern. 归纳大量的设计实例,在女装原始基型的基础上,进一步提出了二次基型的设计方法,并划分为合身基型、宽松基型和半合身基型予以介绍。

19、Finally, the phylogenetic relationship using 791 human HBV full genome sequences was reconstructed to verify the genotype classification. 最后,用HBV基因组全长序列构建了几种基因型的系统发育树验证我们的基因型分类。

20、I don't think it says anything yet about our basic concepts of planet formation. “我认为那些模型根本没能解释行星形成的基本概念。”文森最后说。

21、Both jackup drilling rig and bucket foundation platform belong to shallow foundation structures. 自升式钻井船和筒型基础都属于浅基础结构物。

22、"The latest computer application-based" is the latest computer applications written in the basis of training materials. 《最新计算机应用基础》是最新编写的计算机应用基础培训教材。

23、Conclusion:building up new teacher-student relationship in China must depend on China's national conditions. 最后得出结论:我国基础教育新型师生关系的构建,必须从我国的国情出发。

24、The mathematical model to determine optimum scheme of shaft construction mechanization matching is established. 在此基础上建立了确定立井施工机械化配套最优方案的教学模型。

25、Then the maximum corrosion depth of typicalstructures of a certain type aircraft was estimated. 在此基础上估算了某型飞机典型结构在给定服役时间所对应的最大腐蚀深度。


26、Finally, on the basis of testing, the mathematical model is established. 最后,在试验的基础上,建立了凝缩的数学模型。

27、The transportation of news and information is the primary function of reports on typical characters. 传递新闻信息是典型人物报道最基本的功能。

28、His words are vivid and easily understandable, which makes a firm base for the wide spread of his ideas and designs. 最后本文对大桥的设计施工加以总结归纳,得出一些有用的结论,为这种桥型在今后的推广打下基础。

29、On this basis, this thesis gives out the model of proportion of optimal reinsurance between the insurer and the reinsurer. 在此基础上,建立了保险公司与再保险公司的最优分保比例模型。

30、Then, the general variational method and its numerical algorithm are suggested to solve these optimal control problems of unsteady flows. 在此基础上,阐述了变分法求解这类偏微分方程最优化控制问题的基本原理及模型求解步骤。

31、Data is the most basic element in the TTCN-3 language. We defined data on the basic of data type. 测试活动的执行以数据为基础,数据是TTCN-3语言中最基本的构成元素,它定义在数据类型基础之上。

32、Rectangular closed diaphragm wall foundation is a new type of bridge foundation. 矩形闭合地下连续墙基础(简称闭合墙基础)是一种新型的桥梁基础。

33、The sketch is all plastic arts foundation. 素描是一切造型艺术的基础。

34、At last, based on above, the mine-exploiting model, which might made the recycling of titanium among vanadic titanomagnetite best, was figured out by using of optimum principle. 最后,在此基础上,利用最优化原理,建立了使钒钛磁铁矿中钛回收率达到最佳的矿山开采模型。

35、TOPMODEL is a topography-based half-distributed hydrological model for watershed, for which the topographic index is the core of it. OPMODEL是以地形为基础的半分布式流域水文模型,地形指数为该模型最为核心的内容之一。

36、This algorithm is obtained by introducing a dead zone into original least square estimation. 这种算法是在最小二乘型参数估计的基础上通过引入死区而得到的 ;

37、Based on this distribution pattern a suitable sampling number model and Kuno′s model of sequential sampling have been proposed. 在此基础上提出了最佳理论抽样数和序贯抽样模型。

38、Derived types must be completely substitutable for their base types. 派生类型必须是它们的基础类型完全可替换的。

39、Carbonyl compounds content in Maotai-flavor liquors is the highest and in Rice-flavor liquors the lowest. 羰基化合物含量最高的是酱香型酒,最低的是米香型酒。

40、Based on the model, we use the Branch-and-Bound algorithm to solve the max-cut problem. 在该模型的基础上,利用分枝定界算法求解最大割问题。

41、With generics, iterators and anonymous methods in C# 2.0, the groundwork was laid for what would eventually become LINQ. C# 2.0中的范型、迭代和匿名方法最终会成为LINQ的基础。

42、Finally, a dual genetic algorithm-based approach to evaluate the maximum allowable DG capacity is proposed. 最后,则提出以双基因演算法为基础之最大可并网分散型电源容量评估法。

43、A rocking composite lumped parameter model (CLPM) is developed based on the results obtained with state-of-the-art formulations of foundations oscillating on a elastic half-space. 根据基础振动弹性半空间理论的最新发展成果推导出一个计算基础摇摆振动的复合集总参数模型。

44、AA was the genotype with highest frequency in Jiulong and Maiwa yak populations but it was AB genotype in Bazhou yak. 九龙牦牛和麦洼牦牛的AA基因型频率最高,而巴州牦牛AB基因型频率最高;

45、The mean field variational method is a basic variational approximate inference method. 均值场变分方法是图模型最基本的变分近似推理方法。

46、The root foundation, a new type of foundation with variable cross-section, was introduced. 介绍了一种新型变截面基础形式-根式基础。

47、Testing is basically scripting, and many of the best scripting languages are dynamically typed. 测试基本上是脚本编程,许多最好的脚本语言都是动态类型化的。

48、The genetic model of SLE could be the major gene trait, and major gene mode was the best fitted one. SLE存在多主基因效应、主基因模型拟合最好,支持在多基因基础上符合孟德尔遗传的主基因效应。

49、The conclusion parameters are identified by the recursive least-square identification algorithm. 在此基础上利用递推最小二乘算法辨识出模型的结论参数。

50、Based on limit cycle walking which includes passive dynamic walking, the thesis investigates the theoretical models and robotic applications of dynamic bipedal walking. 首先,在最简动态行走模型基础上增加平脚结构,研究脚结构对最简动态行走模型稳定性的影响。


51、It perturbation the basic of NGN business model . 动摇了NGN业务模型的基础。

52、Outline based on the early loco type, with typical Shay features. 大纲的基础上早日买卖类型,谢伊的典型特征。

53、The foundation slab of Taipuhe pumping station is a typical huge foundation slab on soft foundation. 太浦河泵站泵房底板是典型的大型软土地基基础板。

54、Quality Luzhou-flavor blending liquor is the base for the production of top-grade "Xifeng-flavor & complex flavor" liquor. 江西的浓香型酒大多是在特型基酒的基础上,通过外购典型浓香型基酒进行勾调而成的。

55、It's researched that OTDR test method and the basic events type. 对OTDR的测试方法进行研究,并着重分析了最基本的几种事件类型。

56、The matter the substance the material basis of a regime concerns its citizen body. 本质,政体的物质基础,是其公民本体最关心的。

57、As you cast it into different types, the remoting infrastructure keeps track of the most used type to avoid loading the type unnecessarily. 当您将其强制转换为不同的类型时,远程处理基础结构跟踪最常用的类型,以防止不必要地加载该类型。

58、In terms of the essential principle of tax law, law-oriented taxation principle is the most basic core principle of all, and is guarantee and premise of other principles. 就税法基本原则而言,认为税收法定主义是所有税法基本原则中最基础、最核心的首要原则,是实现其他基本原则的前提和保证。

59、One based on the maximization of individual utility is social security charge rate model, to research the optimal charge rate; 一是利用微观经济学基础,从个人效用最大化角度出发的社会保险最优缴费率模型。

60、The individuals of all above genotypes marked by microsatellite were selected to make up foundational breeding stock based on the comprehensive selection index. 在采用综合选择指数选择种兔的基础上,具有以上微卫星标记基因型个体最终组成育种基础群。

61、Based on the engine mathematical model and engine control law, the optimal control for turbo shaft engine acceleration is investigated. 在了解原型发动机数学模型和控制规律的基础上,对涡轴发动机加速过程的最优控制问题进行了研究。

62、In the dojo.declare statement, the example changes the base widget value to cea.widget.ClickToCall. 在 dojo.declare 语句中,将基础小部件的值更改为 cea.widget.ClickToCall。

63、A new choice approach for embeddable position of audio watermarking scheme in the DCT domain based on research of IDCT maximum error modal is proposed. 本文在DCT最大误差模型研究的基础上提出了一种新的音频水印嵌入位置选择策略。

64、Based on the model experiments new friction pairs are selected and manufactured. 在室内模拟试验的基础上,选制出新型的铁基铜基摩擦副。

65、Social hierarchy in calf-cow groups is based on size and age, with the largest and oldest at the top and the smallest and youngest last. 大象的社会等级以体型和年龄为基础,最大最老的大象处于最高层,而最小最年轻的则处于最底层。

66、At last, the thesis makes some useful conclusions, in order to make a base for the spread of the bridge type. 最后本文对大桥的设计施工加以总结归纳,得出一些有用的结论,为这种桥型在今后的推广打下基础。

67、Batch processing is, therefore, a fundamental, mission-critical component of the business and its IT infrastructure. 因此,批处理是业务及其 IT 基础结构的基础型、任务关键型的组件。

68、In other words, coming back to the fundamentals of what a standards is, what matters is evidence that any independent third-party can create and distribute a fully-conforming implementation. 换句话说,回到最基础的层面上来,标准的本质就是要使任何第三方能够创建并且发布对用户友好的实现。

69、This model is based on the TMB 1300 of the latest development of the models of our factory. TMB1300A自动贴面机为我公司在1300型基础上最新开发的机型。

70、Then, an optimization model for the object of maximum net income per year is presented. 在此基础上,以年净收益最大为目标函数,建立了无功就地最优补偿的数学模型。

71、Finally, a numerical example is served for demonstrating the essential feature of the developed multi-round bilateral negotiating framework. 最后,用算例说明了所发展 模型的基本特征。

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