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导读: 22个,关于”表建议的句型“的英语句子22个,句子主体:Table suggested sentence patterns。以下是关于表建议的句型的小升初英语句子。


关于”表建议的句型“的英语句子22个,句子主体:Table suggested sentence patterns。以下是关于表建议的句型的小升初英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Table suggested sentence patterns

1、They take the roach of denoting a license through a URI as advocated above. 他们采用上面建议的使用 URI 表示许可证的方法。

2、Rank releases a statement recommending shareholders reject the 150p-a-share Guoco offer. Rank发表声明,建议股东拒绝每股150磅的国浩收购价。

3、Thanks to Grace, one of the organizers, who suggested everyone to say something to Maria, so I knew it was the right time and right place to express my thanks to Maria. 格蕾丝建议每个人对玛丽亚说几句心里话,我知道这是最合适的时间和场合向玛丽亚表达我的感激之情。

4、The notation, however, is advisory and has no effect on actual types and values. 但是该符号是建议性的,对实际类型和值没有任何影响。

5、Comparing with the experimental results, computation formulas can meet accuracy requirements and provide theoretical basis for the design of BSRC beams. 与试验结果对比表明,建议的公式满足精度要求,可为箱形型钢混凝土梁的设计提供理论依据。

6、It is superficial to give advice that one does not follow oneself. 给他人建议,自己却不依从,是为表面。

7、O.K., now let's turn these suggestions into a list of possible improvements 好,现在让我们将这些建议转变成可能改进的列表

8、Could you give me some advice about how to fill in the form? 你能就如何填这张表格提点建议吗?

9、The inaugural 44Con was Britain's first major conference for the good guys of infosec. 44会议典礼的开幕代表着英国第一次大型的信息安全专家会议的诞生。

10、We look forward to further recommendations, at the next meetings, on voice and representation reforms on an accelerated timescale , to be agreed by the 2010 Spring Meetings; 我们希望在下一次会议上,即xx年春季会议上,将通过关于发言权和会议代表改革的加速时间表而得到更好的建议。

11、The building images are embodied in architectural style, architectural image, building outdoors' material and decoration, etc. 建筑形象主要表现在建筑风格、建筑造型、建筑户外材料及装饰等方面;

12、The model performance has been ilrated by comparing the model prediction results with the data of triaxial compression tests on rockfill material in the wide range of the confining-pressure. 用建议模型对某土石坝的石渣料进行了和比较,结果表明,模型能够合理地粒状材料的变形和强度特性。

13、The value provider supplies the suggestion list to the auto-complete control. 值提供者会为自动完成控件提供建议列表。

14、From the comparison sheet, you can tell we have 21,000 RMB more features than Magotan 1.8T standard, there is no MSRP difference, the Mondeo's value is 21,000RMB more than Magotan 1.8T standard. 从以上配置比较分析表中,您可看出蒙迪欧-致胜时尚型的配置比迈腾1.8T标准型多21,000元,厂家建议零售价一样,蒙迪欧-致胜时尚型比迈腾1.8T标准型超值21,000元。

15、In addition to meaning "otherwise", "yaoburan" can also be used to give a suggestion. 表示递进关系,通常用于给别人提建议的时候。

16、Execute the events.ddl DDL statements to create a database table (in events-service/setup) 执行 events.ddl DDL 语句以创建数据库表(在 events-service/setup 中)。

17、The President's attitude toward the proposals had been indicated in his New Year's address. 总统对那些建议的态度已在他的新年献词中表明。

18、Suggesting to hold exchange of performance of traditional musician between China and Europe. 建议中欧方各村里的传统音乐表演者进行交流表演。

19、Both Lumeng and Sheldon recommended trying to keep a consistent sleep schedule. Lumeng和Sheldon都建议尽量保证固定的睡眠时间表。

20、FDA officials have refrained from taking a position on the Enzi-Kennedy bill but say they are considering the Institute of Medicine suggestions, many of which are similar to ideas in the legislation. FDA的官员没有对Enzi-Kennedy的议案表态,但是说他们正在考虑医学研究所的建议,很多建议同法规的观念相似。

21、you have created Spring and LDM stereotyped models and the tables for the entities. 您已经创建了 Spring 与 LDM 构造型模型和实体的数据表。

22、Lai Temu said at the meeting, the Belgian "absolutely no" Germany's proposal. 莱特姆在会上表示,比利时“绝对不同意”德国的建议。

23、Double-clicking on the lightbulb will bring up a list of suggested fixes. 双击该灯泡状图标将调出建议的修复列表。

24、Large, complex enterprises may often have good reasons for deviating from some of the recommendations. 大型的复杂企业可能通常有背离这些建议的充分理由。

25、The Jina this question several representative proposals and views. 本文集纳了对此问题的几种代表性的建议和看法。


26、The author advised importing "colorful income statement", reporting comprehensive income. 第五,建议引入“彩色利润表”,报告全面收益。

27、Ming discovery can use glossaries to create better suggestions for possible mings. 映射发现可以使用术语表来为可能的映射建立更好的建议。

28、It was suggested that we(should) give a performance at the party. 人们建议我们在晚会上表演节目。

29、Frankly, establishing the parameters of consent among humans can be just as controversial. 坦白地说,在人类中建立表态参数是有争议的。

30、Therefore, it was proposed to construct ontology based on the existing thesauri. 因此,有人提议,以现有叙词表为基础构建本体。

31、She strongly refutes any suggestion that she behaved unprofessionally. 她强烈驳斥任何建议,她的表现违反职业道德标准。

32、The Working Group broadly endorsed all recommendations of the Volcker panel. 工作小组对沃尔克专家小组的所有建议表示广泛赞同。

33、The meeting room was built to be formal with a U-shaped table with chairs around them and snacks in the corner. 会议室构建得很正式,有一个 U 型会议桌,周围是座椅,角落里还有零食。

34、The list above represents the mainstream HA Manager-related recommendations and tuning options. 上面的列表代表与 HA Manager 相关的主流建议和调优选项。

35、Oper outside of the parameters specified in the Electricing Characteristics section is not implied. 建议不要事务在电特性表划定的参数界限以外。

36、Again, this notation is advisory, and those designations show intent only. 再次说明,该标记是建议性的,并且那些名称仅表明目的。

37、The authors said: 'Numerous popular books advise people not to display their affections too openly to a potential romantic partner and to instead ear choosy and selective.' 几位作者说:“很多畅销书都建议人们不要对一个潜在的恋爱对象过于明显地表露他们的情感,相反,这些书建议人们应该表现得更挑剔一些。”

38、This form includes some suggested queries to jumpstart the user. 该表单包含一些建议查询供用户参考。

39、The maximum size of such LDS VSAM datasets would depend indirectly upon the type of table space you create and the parameters you specify on the CREATE statement. 这种 LDS VSAM 数据集的最大尺寸将间接取决于您创建的表空间的类型和您在 CREATE 语句上指定的参数。

40、It was suggested that we (should) give a performance at the party. 人们建议在晚会上表演节目。

41、The amoebic shapes reear in the rest of the space as the columns that interpenetrates the stairs and rest of the building. 异形玻璃钢造型也出现在诸如圆柱造型的表面,以及楼梯和建筑物其他空间的造型表面。

42、Next the code dynamically creates the list of suggestions for the user to pick from and places the list inside the suggest div created in the HTML. 然后代码自动创建建议列表供用户选择,并把列表放入 HTML 的 suggest div 中。

43、In addition to creating a property sheet type, you can get a list of property sheet types by sending a GET request to the property sheet types URL. 除了创建属性表类型之外,您还可以通过向属性表类型 URL 发送一个 GET 请求来获取一个属性表类型列表。

44、I recommend creating a Command struct with fields and codes to represent commands and their arguments. 我建议用字段和代码创建一个命令结构来表示命令及其参数。

45、Men were ordered to be aloof on camera. 男性得到的建议则是在镜头前表现得冷漠。

46、There is typically a council of aristocrats; that is the outfit that counts. 只有典型的贵族议会,至少外表上是这样的

47、The following table briefly describes the OV products and suggests an order in which to create them. 的表格简要地说明了 OV 产品,并建议了一个创建这些产品的顺序。

48、But some advice: be grateful for your joy, every day. 但我可以给一些建议:对快乐表示感恩,天天如此。

49、I recommend creating a weekly reading schedule, writing it down, and posting it publicly. 我建议创建一个周阅 读计划表,把它写下来,并把它粘贴在大家都能看到的地方。

50、Could you suggest the best container/doubly-linked list for my scope? 你能建议最好的容器/双链接列表我的范围?


51、Built-in stencils for diagramming and prototyping 内建的图表和原型设计模板

52、While the m need a platform to express their opinions or suggestions. 而公众需要一个平台去表达他们的意见或建议。

53、One week after Clay first proposed the compromise, he rose in the Senate to speak in its defense. 在克莱提出这份妥协方案一周后,他在参议院发表演讲,为他自己的建议辩护。

54、Compared with genetic algorithm(GA), it was shown that EGSA was better than GA. 比较结果表明:本文建议的方法更有效和准确。

55、Its association with HCF-1 suggests an epigenetic mechanism of gene repression in pluripotent cells. HCF-1及其与建议的表观遗传机制的多能干细胞中的基因的表达。

56、She also pointed out that Changsha is being developed as a low-carbon city that is environment friendly and resource conserving. 谢建辉表示,长沙目前正在建设环境友好型、资源节约型的低碳城市。

57、"Hold on," I suggested. "Do we need a database table yet? “等一等,” 我建议他,“我们现在就需要数据库表么?

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