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导读: 25个,关于”十二月的句子“的英语句子25个,句子主体:December sentence。以下是关于十二月的句子的六年级英语句子。


关于”xx月的句子“的英语句子25个,句子主体:December sentence。以下是关于xx月的句子的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:December sentence

1、Judging by the signs, could be late November, early December. 从现象来看,可能是xx月底,xx月初了吧。

2、It's February twenty-sixth. xx月xx日。

3、One-month HIBOR also rose to 6. 38 per cent on November 30 and further to 6.75 per cent on December 29. 一个月银行同业拆息也在xx月xx日升至6。38厘,并在xx月xx日再升至6.75厘。

4、And twenty-nine on each Leap Year. 每个闰年xx月有二十九天。

5、Ancient discipline to twelve month disposable December, the beginning of the dynasties of the time of the year was different. 古代纪月以十二支配xx月,各朝代xx年开端的时间定得不同。

6、Applicant: I was born on October 28, 1972. 申请人: 我出生于xx年xx月xx日。

7、October twenty-third. Seteven is too slow. xx月二十三号。史蒂文的进度太慢了。

8、This offer is available from 12 July 2010 to 11 October 2010, with both dates inclusive. 优惠期由二零一零年xx月xx日至xx月xx日止(包括首尾兩天)。

9、From INTELLIGENT LIFE magazine, November/December 2011 载自《智慧生活》杂志,xx年xx月、xx月刊

10、The expeditioner left on July 22. 远征队员于xx月xx日离开。

11、In the dark of December. 在xx月的黑夜里。

12、Do you know the rhyme "Thirty days has September, April, June, and November… "? It helps many people remember which months of the year have 30 days. 你知道"一三五七八十腊,三十一天准不差,其余月份三十天,只有xx月二十八"这首顺口溜帮助很多人记住了哪些月份有三十天。

13、This was how things stood three months after Marguerite' s return, that is, in November or December 1842. 这就是玛格丽特回到巴黎三个月以后,也就是xx年xx月或者xx月里的情况。

14、Parent-teacher conferences will be held this Saay, October 22. 家长教师恳亲会将于xx月xx日上午十一时举行。

15、On 13 December, Nishikaichi shot a villager three times: in the groin, stomach, and upper leg. xx月xx日,西开地向一名村民开了三枪,打中鼠蹊、肚子、大腿。

16、A mive, 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti near the capital of Port-au-Prince on Tuesday, January 12th. xx月十二号,星期二,海地首都太子港发生了一场巨大的7.0级地震。

17、The next day, May the twenty-fifth, was Mannia's wedding day. 第二天,xx月xx日,是曼娘出嫁的日子。

18、Twenty-and-a-half years old. xx岁零六个月。

19、December was also warmer than normal with a mean temperature of 18.9 degrees, the seventh-highest for the month. xx月的天气较正常温暖,平均气温为18.9度,是xx月份的第七最高纪录。

20、David will have a niece or nephew this December . 大卫xx月份将有一个小侄女或小侄子降生。

21、The autumn climbing season runs from September to November and the winter season from December to January. 秋登山季从xx月至xx月,而冬登山季则从xx月至次年的xx月。

22、China Monthly Statistics. Monthly. China: China Statistical Information and Consulting (Beijing) Co. , Ltd. Oct. - Dec. , 2008. 中国统计月报。月刊。中国:中国统计资料顾问公司。xx月至xx月。二零零xx年。

23、Easter Day is on a Sunday between March 22 and April 25 . 复活节是在xx月xx日至xx月xx日的任何一天。

24、ICANN will accept applications from January twelfth to April twelfth. ICANN将接受申请,从xx月第十二届到xx月第十二届。

25、In November 2004, he became a member of the Jiazi Society of Calligraphy. 二零零xx年xx月加入甲子书学会为会员。


26、Summer season runs from May to October, winter from December to February. 夏季从xx月开始到xx月,冬季从xx月到翌年xx月。

27、另外,也可写成"日、月、年",8th November, 2004即the eighth of November, 2004。

28、It's the twenty-sixth of October. 今天是xx月xx日。

29、The banu was conceived in March and born in December. 这孩子xx月份怀下了, xx月份出生。

30、This continued more or less the same through October, November, and into early December. 这种持续的或多或少相同的通过xx月,xx月,xx月初成。

31、December Boys Stills, December Boys Movie Pictures, December Boys … xx月男孩在线观看xx月男孩下载- 电影- 放放…

32、Church Picture Day – Sunday, December 11. xx月xx日将照教会团体照。

33、Available through Dec. 31, 2006. 可得的整 2006 年xx月 31 日。

34、A. He was born on February 22, 1732. 他出生于xx年xx月xx日。

35、The fire broke out on the morning of Dec. 23, 1991. 这次火灾发生于xx年xx月xx日的早晨。

36、The Geminids are predicted to peak on the night of December 13/14. 双子座流星雨的高峰期预计将在xx月13/14晚。

37、Chill December brings the sleet. 寒冷的xx月带来雨夹雪。

38、Applicant: I became a permanent resident on October 28, 2003. 申请人: 我在二零零xx年xx月二十八成为永久居民的。

39、February 6 Saay, December 23 Lunar New Year, is a small year. xx月xx日星期六,农历xx月二十三,是小年。

40、Song Hua was born on August 27th, 1982. He belongs to dog. 宋华xx年xx月xx日出生,属狗。

41、It may not occur exactly on December 21st, 2012. 有可能不会精准地发生在二○xx年xx月xx日。

42、December was also warmer than normal with a mean temperature of 18.9 degrees, the seventh-highest for the month. xx月的天气较正常温暖,平均气温为18.9度,是xx月份的第七。

43、In the north, polar night(6) reigns for much of December. xx月份的大多数日子,北部地区都处于极夜。

44、The second (north-south) line started in November 18th, 2006. 第二个(南北)线开始于二零零xx年xx月xx日。

45、Jupiter and Neptune, a lovely duo, will meet two more times in 2009: on July 10 and December 21. 木星和海王星,在xx年有另外两次的可爱的相遇:xx月xx日,和xx月xx日。

46、Home and family matters become a big theme: from October 4-31. Then, the new moon on October 28, operative until November 12, will bring you even more options. 家和家庭问题成为一个重大主题:从xx月xx日到xx日。那时候,xx月xx日的新月,直到xx月xx日的影响,会给你带来甚至更多的选择。

47、April 27 This is our affirmation for you: "My heart and mind are now filled with joy." xx月二十七 这是你的肯定句:「我的心灵现在满满的喜乐。

48、Promulgated by the Ministry of Information Industry on June 21 2002 and effective as of October 1 2002. 信息产业部于二零零xx年xx月xx日公布,自二零零xx年xx月xx日起施行。

49、The working days is less in this December due to several public holidays and clearing annual leaves. 今年的xx月遇上好几个公共假期,加上清年假,xx月的工作日变得特别少。

50、LINDA: October twenty-third. 琳达: xx月二十三号。


51、Today is Deceber twenty-seventh. 今天是xx月xx日。

52、December -- Turquoise or Blue Zircon xx月--绿松石或锆石

53、Here one can be exact: December 22, 1978. 这里日期明确:xx年xx月xx日。

54、The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that the Heat visits Cleveland on Dec. 2 and March 29, and the Cavaliers will come to Miami on Dec. 15 and Jan. 31. 克里夫兰发言人宣称热火将会分别在xx月二号,xx月二十九号客场对阵骑士。而骑士也会在xx月十五号和xx月三十一号造访迈阿密。

55、For sixty-two years and five months I had a beloved wife, and now, in my ninety-second year I am left alone. 我所爱的妻子和我同居xx年零五个月,在我xx岁这xx年,竟然离开我去了。

56、The solstices occur each year on June 20 or 21 and Dec. 21 or 22, and represent the official start of the summer and winter seasons. 二至点时间发生在每年xx月二十或者xx日以及xx月二十一或xx日,标志着夏天和冬天的正式开始。

57、He was indicted in December. xx月份,他被起诉。

58、Venus will begin to grace your fifth house of true love from October 18 to November 12. 金星从xx月xx日到xx月xx日,会闪耀在你的真爱之宫五宫。

59、The 12 posts around the middle circle represent the 12 months. 十二个金柱象征着十二个月,外层十二个檐柱象征着12个时辰。

60、Last month was December,wasn’t it ? 上个月是xx月,对不对?

61、November the twenty-sixth, two thousand and six. 二零零xx年xx月xx日。

62、The announcement was made at the second annual Summit of Information Specialists in Particle Physics and Astrophysics held at DESY on May 20th and 21st. 这一宣言是在第二届粒子物理和天体物理信息专家峰会——xx月二十、xx日于德国电子加速器中心召开——上作出的。

63、The date of the meeting was advanced from December 15 to December 10. 会议的日期从xx月xx日提前到xx月xx日。

64、People born on February 29th are often called "leaplings. " They celebrate their birthdays on February 28th or March 1st during non-leap years. 在xx月xx日出生的人都被称作“跳跃者”。他们在非闰年里会在xx月xx日或xx月xx日庆祝生日。

65、Thirty-two Fiscal year of ociation from Jan. 1, to Dec. 31, for every year. 第三十二条本会会计年度自每年xx月xx日起xx月xx日止。

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