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关于”100句让人受益的名言“的英语句子20个,句子主体:100 famous words that benefit people。以下是关于100句让人受益的名言的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:100 famous words that benefit people

1、On the other hand, New Zealand's happiness level is 76.7 out of 100 on the OECD list, but its 2009 GDP per capita is just $30,556. 另一方面,新西兰的幸福水平是76.7,排在经合组织名单的100名之外,但其2009年的人均国内生产总值是$30,556。

2、Finally wild City Noted Place the first batch of 100, 100 teacher, 100 munil entirely. 终于使雁城首批100家名店、100个名师、100道名菜名花有主。

3、This year’s Celebrity 100 was themed around celebrity entrepreneurs. 今年福布斯全球100名人榜的主旋律是名人企业家。

4、He made us, and we belong to him; we are his people" (Psalm 100:3 NCV). 他造了我们,我们是属于他的,我们都是他的(Psalm 100:3 NCV).

5、More than 100 people in the comment the sign as a souvenir or express feelings; 有 100 多人在留言本签字留念或者表达感想;

6、I sed the results of over 15 notable book polls, readers surveys and top 100’s. 我去掉了15个著名的书目调查表,读者调查和前100名书。

7、The media mogul is back on top of Forbes' annual "Celebrity 100 Power List". 这位脱口秀名嘴又一次登上福布斯年度“百位重量级名人排行榜”之首。

8、The spokesman said the Hercules C-130 plane was carrying more than 100 military personnel and their families, including at least 10 children. 发言人说这架“大力神”C-130 运输机载著军事人员及其傢属共100 多人,包括至少10 名儿童。

9、And in an unprecedented response, 100 percent of users 50-plus report benefiting from their online communities. 并且以一种前所未有的响应, 100 %的使用者的50余名报告受益于他们的网上社区。

10、UE has employed over 100 professional technicians and more than 700 well-trained workers. 公司拥有100多名专业技术人才和700多名训练有素的生产工人。

11、Construction included on-the-job skills training for over 100 residents. 建设为超过100名居民提供了在职技能培训。

12、She has placed around 100 ex-Shuttle workers out of the 1, 900 let go since last year. 她已经安置了大约100名前航天中心的工人,他们来自1900名去年来的失业人员。

13、Therefore, Marconi in the "history of the 100 most influential people" in the ranking is relatively high (Note: ranked 100 in the first 41). 因此,马可尼在“历史上最有影响的100人”中的名次是比较高的(注:排在100人中的第41位)。

14、New Sham, now sadly decayed, has barely 100 inhabitants. 如今已经衰落的新肖勒姆仅有100 名居民,很令人伤感。

15、But there are only 64.04 subscriptions per 100 people, ranking it 150th on the list above. 但每100人,只拥有64.04部手机,位列排名第150位。

16、More than 100 priests are facing allegations and 400 people have been identified as victims. 100余名牧师现面临指控,而已被确定的受害者已达400人。

17、Of Paramont’s 800 employees, 100 are Brazilian, and day-to-day business is conducted in English. 派拉蒙800名员工中,约有100名巴西人,日常工作都用英语。

18、The factory has laid off 40 of its 100 workers. 厂子因此从100名雇员中辞退了40名。

19、For instance, the enterprise who is entitled to domestically brand can be rewarded 1 billion RMB yuan, famous brand 100 thousand yuan and local brand 50 thousand yuan. 比方说创品牌,我们义乌的企业在小商品的制造方面,你争取评到全国的驰名商标,我们给予奖励100万(币),著名商标10万,当地市级商标,奖励5万。

20、Tat mayn helicopter is moving the entire town of 100 residents. 直升机正在转移康达迈恩镇的全部100名居民。

21、This year, members of the Celebrity 100 list counted a total of 89, 139, 429 followers on Twitter. 今年,福布斯100名人榜所有成员的Twitter粉丝数总计达到89,139,429个。

22、Eighty of the top 100 brands advertise on MySpace. 排名前100的品牌中有80个在MySpace投放广告。

23、A virtuous man must have said something of note; but someone who has said something of note is not necessarily a man of virtue. 有德者必有言,有言者不必有德。孔子说:“道德高尚的人一定会有有益的名言传世,但有名言传世的人不一定都是道德高尚的人。”

24、By some estimates, 100 surnames cover 85 percent of China’s citizens. 有人估算过,中国的前100个大姓占了公民人口的85%。

25、Debevoise employed about 100 lawyers and more than 100 support staff to direct the investigation. Deloitte used about 1,300 forensic accountants and support staff, Siemens added. 西门子说,Debevoise雇用了约100名律师和100多名辅助人员指导调查,德勤则动用了大约1,300名法律会计人员和辅助人员参与工作。


26、He said the group's fighters now number between 100-150 fighters. 侯赛因说,目前该组织已有100至150名战斗人员。

27、Forbes has ranked her among the 100 most powerful women in the world. 她曾入选《福布斯》全球最有影响力的100名女性榜单。

28、Recourse to the beneficiary in a negotiation; can the beneficiary and nominated bank agree to effect negotiation for a value less than 100 per cent of the drawing amount? 议付后对受益人的追索权;受益人和指定银行可以商定议付的金额少于100%的支款金额吗?

29、The test -- learning 100 face-name pairs and then matching them up -- was given at noon. 这些人接受的测试是:在中午,学习100个名字/容貌配对,然后进行这些东西的匹配。

30、There are 1163 people who are 100 years old or more in Hainan, which comes to 11.14 people above 100 years for every 100000 inhabitants. 海南每10万人中有11.14个百岁老人,成为了名副其实的"长寿岛"。

31、I am 100% behind the aims and ethics of International Language Academy of Prosen and am very honoured to have been appointed its Honorary Prinl. 我100%支持伯乐信国际语言学校的目标跟宗旨,同时,我十分荣幸被委任为伯乐信国际语言学校的名誉校长。

32、Professor Schwartz and other researchers studied more than 100 medical students. 史瓦兹教授和研究人员调查了100名医学院学生。

33、W:It's renminbi 827 yuan agianst US 100 dollars. 币827元兑换100美元。

34、That success helped Meyer earn $40 million this year, ranking her 59th on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list. 小说的热卖让迈耶今年赚了4000万美元,位列福布斯名人榜百强第59位。

35、It's a titillating thought but, considering the aphorism"ignorance is bliss, " one might wonder: Would it really be better tobe brainier? 这是一个令人心痒难耐的想法,但是,想起那句“无知便是福”的名言,某些人可能会想:变聪明真的更好吗?

36、The 100 positions represent less than one-quarter of Google's total in-house recruiters, spokesman Matthew Furman said. 公司发言人Matthew Furman称,即将削减的100个职位占谷歌内部招聘人员总数的四分之一不到.

37、Every day I had my students memorize a quotation from a great thinker. 我每天让学生记一条名人名言;

38、I would pay more attention to the personal care product which has celebrity endorser rather than the one has no celebrity endorser. 我较留意有名人代言人的个人护理产品多过没有名人代言人的个人护理产品。

39、Object:180 senior two students in 4 natural teaching cl in Chaozhou Baihuatai Vocational Middle School, 100 boy and 80 girl. 受试:潮州市百花台职业高级中学二年级4个自然教学班共180名学生,其中男生100人,女生80人。

40、The direct benefit of tax abolishment is 100 yuan per-person. 废除农业税每人直接受益100元。

41、Try the 97 out of 100 scientists that believe in man-made climate change. 看一看吧,100名科学家有97个都相信人为造成的气候变化。

42、The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved .(Victor Hugo , French novelist ) 生活中最大的幸福是坚信有人爱我们。( 名人名言:法国小说家 雨果.

43、Polish voters elect a two house parliament (National Assembly, Polish Zgromadzenie Narodowe), consisting of a 460 member lower house Sejm and a 100 member Senate (Senat). 波兰选民选举两院议会(国民大会,波兰Zgromadzenie Narodowe),由下院的460名议员和上院的100名议员组成。

44、Vary the size of shelters to accommodate people from the 100-500 range. 避难所的规模各不相同,可容纳人员从100名到500名不等。

45、Of the richest 100 billionaires in 2010, all but two made money in the past year, according to data from Forbes magazine. 据《福布斯》杂志的数据表明,2010年世界最富的前100名富豪中,只有两人在去年有真金白银进帐。

46、Ashford oversees about 100 maintenance personnel at three company facilities, including in Boise . 阿什福德监督大约100名维修人员在三个公司的设施,包括在博伊西。

47、Name of website 2: People.com.cn 网拥有管理笔名和留言的一切权力。

48、In another experiment 100 pedestrians were stopped and asked which of 50 company stocks they recognised. 在另外一个实验中,访问人员随机拦下100名行人,问他们认可50家公司股票中的哪几家。

49、Faux fur lining: 100% polyester. 人造毛皮衬里:100%涤纶。

50、The bicameral legislature comprises a 100-member Senate and a 342-member National Assembly. 组成的两院制立法机构的100名议员组成的参议院和一个342人组成的国民议会。


51、Barroso has taken to quoting the wisdom of another of the founding fathers of the EU, Jean Monnet: "People are ready to change when they understand there is no alternative. 巴罗佐引用了另一位欧盟奠基人让·莫奈的名言:“别无选择时就会接受改变。”

52、The Forbes Celebrity 100 List is out today, and two models– Gisele Bündchen and Kate Moss–cracked the top 100. 5月18日,福布斯发布全球100名人榜,两位超模吉赛尔·邦辰(Gisele Bündchen)和凯特·莫斯榜上有名。

53、We directly contacted 60 patients and they re-tweeted to over 100. 我们直接联系了60名患者,他们又转发给了100多人。

54、Each year there are more than 200 graduated students and more than 100 PHD candidates are enrolled in this Lab. 具备年招收硕士研究生200余名、博士研究生100余名的人才培养能力。

55、The factory has dropped below 100 workers this month. 本月这个厂的工人人数已减少到不足100名。

56、Only 36 of the 2, 380 delegates were black, down from more than 100 at the 2004 convention. 2380位代表中,只有36名是黑人。比2004年共和党大会的100名黑人代表少了很多。

57、Moldovan television said one woman died and some 100 people were injured in Tuesday's es. 摩尔多瓦电视台报道说,在周二的冲突中,有一名妇女死亡,大约100人受伤。

58、The Economist currently ranks just eight of them among the world's top 100. 《经济学人》目前评估的世界排名前100个商学院中,亚洲的只占8席。

59、Shadowform now gives the the periodic damage from your Shadow Word: Pain, Devouring Plague, and Vampiric Touch spells the ability to critically hit for 100% increased damage. 暗影形态现在让你真言术:痛、腐蚀瘟疫、吸血鬼之触可以造成100%致命一击。

60、More than 100 cities, with nearly 110 million residents, have signed up to the “Ten Essentials” – actions that will make communities safer from disasters. 已有100多个城市(居民人数共约1.1亿)签名参与了“十大要点”——即可加强社区在灾害中安全的若干项行动。

61、Radioactive particles spewed from a pipe at a nuclear reactor in Tricastin of southern France Wednesday, slightly contaminating 100 employees, said a spokeswoman for electric company EDF. 法国电力公司发言人说,23日法南部的一个核反应堆的管道发生泄露,造成该公司100名工作人员受轻微放射性物质染。

62、In a survey of 100 people between the ages of 100 and 104, 23 percent said faith rather than genes and good medical care were responsible for their long life. 在对100名年龄在100岁至104岁的老人的调查中发现,23%的人认为,信念比基因和医学疗养更有益于长寿。

63、The spokesman refused to clarify what charges the informants faced. 这名发言人拒绝透露是根据什么罪名将那些线民逮捕的。

64、But proverbs and sayings are different, the proverb is the working people's life experience, and the famous saying is the words of famous people. 但谚语和名言是不同的,谚语是劳动的生活实践经验,而名言是名人说的话。

65、Jinhongxing gate industry boasts more than 20 professional technological personnel, medium-grade more than 30 specialized personnel, there are over 100 industrial workers. 金鸿星门业拥有科研人才20多名,中级专业技术人员30余名,产业工人100余名。

66、I need someone to write me an ASP webmail program that will support all languages 100% of the time. 我需要有人给我写一个ASP网页邮件程序,将支持所有语言的100%的时间。

67、The subjects then rated how rare they thought their own names were, on a scale from 0 to 100. 然后让受试者评价自己名字的罕见等级,并要求他们在0-100分的分数段之间打分。

68、About a third of its 100 employees are immigrants. 在它的100名员工中,约有三分之一是移民。

69、At 6 pm, both groups memorized another set of 100 faces and names and were tested on their memory. 下午6点,两组人员都需对另外100张面孔和名字进行记忆并接受检测。

70、Li Yi is one of the famous poets of early Mid-Tang Dynasty. In many Poetic Style, he was expert at seven words quatrains. 李益是中唐前期著名的诗人,诸多诗体中,李益最擅长的七言绝句。

71、For $24.99 a month (for starters, which includes 100 text messages, voicemail and handwritten notes), you get to make up a story about how you met and pick out an image, name, age and interests. 99美金一个月(为新用户,包括100条短信,语音留言和手写留言),你能自编自导一个你们如何邂逅的故事,并选择头像,姓名,年龄和兴趣爱好。

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