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关于”夏天的诗“的英语句子54个,句子主体:Summer Poetry。以下是关于夏天的诗的四年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Summer Poetry

1、SPELL】We had a long spell of hot weather last summer. 去年夏天有一段很长的热天。

2、And if you think the summer of 2009 looks bad, just wait until the much-hyped summer of 2010. 如果你认为09年的夏天看起来没什么前景,都在等待2010的夏天时。

3、Yes, it does, especially in summer. — 是的,特别是在夏天。

4、I like summer very much. 我非常喜欢夏天。

5、Ah yes, summer's out and autumn's in. 哦,好耶,夏天结束了,秋天来了。

6、Today is summer solstice so welcome to Nisha's summer camp! 今天是下夏至,所以啰,欢迎来到妮莎的夏令营!

7、Every summer I've worked as a camp counselor 每年夏天我都当夏令营指导员

8、Summer time is usually good for vacation. 夏天是度假的好时节。

9、Ahh, summer time. 哈哈,夏天来了。

10、The highest peaks are during summer, lowest during winter. 最高峰是夏天,最矮的是冬天。

11、You can buy many green vegetables in summer easily, because they are in season. 在夏天你很容易能买到绿色蔬菜,因为它们是(夏天的)时令蔬菜。

12、我无法忍受夏天的天气。------------------------------------------------------------------… I can't stand the weather in summer.

13、Summer's Tail Behind The … 阿杰小禄- 夏天的尾�…

14、Their music is very summery and refreshing. 很夏天、很清爽的音乐。

15、And summer is the worst, as you can imagine summer in a university library doesn't exactly buzz. 夏天是最难过的。你可以想象得到大学的书馆在夏天毫无生气。

16、Winter finds out what summer lays by. 冬天都找出夏天在干什么?

17、Tomorrow will be the Summer Solstice. 明天就交夏至了。

18、Lesson 2. What is Summer? 什么是夏天?

19、Penn Badgley is going to be a busy guy this summer. 今年夏天对于佩恩拜格里而言将会是忙碌的一夏。

20、The last of summer's haze... 夏天最后的阴霾...

21、Summer is hot and the days are long. 夏天很热,白天很长。

22、the last rose of summer   夏天最后一朵玫瑰

23、Watermelon, the wonderful fruit in summer. 西瓜,夏天里的圣果。

24、What about summer in Yangzhong? 引导学生说说扬中的夏天。

25、Sometimes the temperature goes up to 39 or 40 degrees. I don't like summer. 夏天总是很热,有时会达到39、40度,我不喜欢夏天。


26、The weather experts predicted a fine summer. 气象专家夏天天气会好。

27、In Jugoslavia, I like summer and winter. 我喜欢夏天和冬天的南斯拉夫。

28、Today is the Beginning of Summer. 今天是立夏节气。

29、夏天的, o sea, leave your footprints in my words。

30、The summer is warmer than the winter, but even in summer the average temperature is only 16C. 夏天比冬天还要暖和,但是即使在夏天,平均温度只有16℃。

31、Mr Oti: The next summer I'm captured… 接下来的夏天,我和…

32、Spring is usually the last stretch before summer kicks in, and waiting for it to get over can make one feel surprisingly low. 春天是夏天来临前的最后一役,而等待夏天到来的这种感觉往往会让人感到尤其低落。

33、In summer there were streetcars with open platforms. 夏天,露天站台上有多辆电车。

34、I'm excited for summer. 夏天让我很激奋。

35、This summer, I was supposed to go to my favorite camp. 今年夏天,我本来是要参加自己最喜爱的夏令营的。

36、"This summer was really nice, " said Childress, who spent his second consecutive summer with the program. “真是个不错的夏天,” 已经连续两个夏天参与这个活动的柴德尔斯乐此不疲。

37、The hottest days of summer begin after the summer solstice and come in three stages with each period lasting for about 10 days. 夏至后夏天最热的日子开始了,然后就进入三伏天了,每一阶段大约10天。

38、Summer has left you with greasy skin? 夏天您的皮肤油腻吗?

39、Pinellia Tuber is the dry tuber of Pinellia ternala( Thunb) Breit( a Araceae plant). 半夏为天南星科植物半夏的干燥块茎。

40、The summer solstice is the first official day of summer and the longest day of the year. Getty Images / Mario Tama 夏至是夏天正式开始的第一天,也是一年之中时间最长的一天。

41、Every summer we surf the beach of Hawaii. 每年夏天我们都到夏威夷的海滨去冲浪。

42、The third day. He said he'd be here. 它是我们的夏天假日的第三天。

43、Be the summer's wife! 嫁给夏天作妻!

44、I thin. k this is the hottest day this summer… 我想今天是今年夏天。最热的一天了…

45、The air tempreature in Summer is hot.夏天的气温很高。

46、Summer's breezy (and comfy! 夏天凉风习习(和舒适!

47、Not this summer. 但这个夏天没戏了。

48、The senate adjourned for the summer. 参议院夏天休会。

49、How’s the weather in Beijing in summer? 夏天北京天气怎样 ?

50、And grow garlic greens in summer. 夏天蒜苗成长。


51、I most like the season was the summer. 译文,夏天虽然说很热, but may hear “the insect sonata” in the eveningThe summer arrived,我喜欢在夏天吃冷饮:夏天到了, heartily the pleasure which feels Ningxia to bring, in the summer although said is very hot, I like in the summer eating the cold drink。

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