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关于”适合婚礼的句子“的英语句子48个,句子主体:Wedding sentence。以下是关于适合婚礼的句子的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Wedding sentence

1、Her T$50, 000 ($5, 675) wedding comes after online publicity that has netted 1, 800 largely sympathetic comments. 她的婚礼计划在网上曝光后吸引了1800条评论,大多是表达同情和支持的。婚礼花费了5万新台币(合5675美元)。

2、I've been waiting to acknowledge that whole wedding ditch thing and that seemed to fit in there. 我一直在等着机会去提那逃婚事件,而那句对白似乎也适合在那场戏里说出来。

3、Provide photography service for wedding, pre-weddings, events, children portrait, family portraits, art & design and architectural photography in Malaysia. Based in Penang Island. 槟城婚纱摄影,婚礼摄影师。提供婚礼摄影服务,预婚礼,活动,全家福,艺术及设计与建筑摄影。

4、"More and more couples are looking for an extraordinary wedding: under water, during parachute jumping, on the football ground -- creativity knows no bounds ," said the airline. 该公司称:“现在越来越多的新人希望办一个与众不同的婚礼,如水下婚礼、跳伞婚礼和足球场婚礼等等,可谓创意无限。”

5、passing away, you’re smiling but lookerson are crying. 15.男人在结婚前觉得适合自己的女人很少,结婚后觉得适合自己的女人很多

6、This Agreement shall take effect only upon the lawful solemnization of the marriage between the parties. 这项协定生效后的唯一合法的婚姻双方婚礼。

7、Determine the appropriate wedding company, and wedding planning at the first interview is very important, because it is judged the wedding planner and whether you are attuned to the important basis. 确定合适的婚庆公司后,与婚庆策划时的第一次面谈非常重要,因为这是判断婚礼策划师与你是否合拍的重要依据。

8、Popular topics of discussion include Kate Middleton’s long-awaited dress design, the guest list and the possibility of Prince Harry, William’s best man, forgetting or dropping the ring. 最受欢迎的相关讨论包括:凯特·米德尔顿的期待已久的婚礼礼服设计,客人的名单和哈里王子是伴郎的可能性,在婚礼上忘记或丢失婚戒的可能性等。

9、The ater-style wedding is now a new style of wedding ceremony. 剧院式婚礼是当下一种新兴的时尚婚礼仪式。

10、Wedding image consulting:to choose the best wedding gown for you and the most beautiful hairstyle and make-up. 提供婚礼形象咨询,为您选择最适合的婚纱礼服,打造最漂亮的发型和妆面;

11、John Smith, do you take this woman, Mary White, to be your lawful wedded wife, to live together in the estate of matrimony ? 婚礼上牧师的证言:约翰·史密斯,你愿意娶玛莉·怀特为合法的妻子,共同过婚姻生活吗?

12、A wedding strikes him as the appropriate way to solemnise a 25-year relationship-and besides, it is about time his straight friends gave him some presents. 斯特恩认为用一场婚礼来庆祝和纪念他们长达25年的伴侣关系是再合适不过,而且也该轮到他的异性恋朋友们给他送结婚贺礼了。

13、Before weddings, warriors and beaded girls prepare by applying makeup of red ocher and sheep fat. 婚礼之前,部落勇士和姑娘们用褐土混合羊脂制造的珠子饰物装扮得美轮美奂。

14、Ready for marriage; of a marriageable age or condition. Used of young women. 适合结婚的准备结婚的;具备结婚年龄或条件的。用于年轻女子。

15、If you go to the wedding in this dress, you'll make a fool of yourself. 你要是穿这身去参加婚礼,你会出丑的。(每日一句11-21)

16、ABSTRACT: This guide will teach you what wines work best for your wedding and how much wine to have on hand. 摘要: 如何将我们的婚礼办得体体面面风风光光呢? 本文将从婚宴用酒的角度给您支招,帮您选出适合自己的婚宴用酒。

17、They were married by a Baptist minister, the first divine they found convenient. 他们结婚了,由一位浸礼会牧师主婚,这是他们所能找到的第一个合适的神职人员。

18、These articles are appropriate for Christmas gifts. 这些物品适合做圣诞礼品。

19、Go to a supermarket rambling however, you seldom discover however can one pair is in aptly spousal the appropriate and bridal s in the sky. 然而去超市逛逛,你却极少发现能有一双适宜在结婚仪式上空的合适婚礼鞋。

20、rince Charles and Diana Spencer, 1981 查尔斯王子与戴安娜·斯潘塞(Diana Spencer)的世纪婚礼,1981

21、It will be very like Jenna and Henry. 这场婚礼很合詹娜和亨利的口味。

22、He had no reason to have brought a fork along to this event, a wedding that he could have been reasonably sure would be providing its own silverware. 他没理由从家里带把叉子到婚礼上,婚礼上有银器,他早就知道的。

23、As George introduced Peter and Sarah it is only fit (and proper) that he should be best man at their wedding. 因是乔治介绍彼得与萨拉相识的,由他来作他们婚礼的男傧相是最合适的。

24、This is a sample of the chinaware made for the Prince's wedding. 这是为王子婚礼制作的瓷器样品。

25、A bridal bra/corset mold and shape the upper body into a desired shape to fit the wedding dress. 新娘式乳罩束腹的模式和形状,是因为设计上需要适合上身的婚礼服。


26、Man might think that few women fit him before his marriage, and contrarily when they get married. 男人在结婚前觉得适合自己的女人很少,结婚后觉得适合自己的女人很多。

27、My brother got pickled at his sister-in-law's wedding. 我哥在他小姨子的婚礼上喝多了。

28、Below are some of products that are made from recycled products and are great to give as a gift during weddings 接下来我们就一起来看看适合送给新婚夫妇的可再生材制的创意礼品。

29、Be fit to move machinery in the gift, award, electron product, carve on spare and accessory parts. 适合在礼品、奖品、电子产品、运动机械、零配件上雕刻。

30、This is "Fairy Annie's `Wedding"--a bonny tune--it goes to a dance.' 这是,安妮仙子的婚礼,——一个快乐的调子

31、"It's the thought that counts. " That's what we say when someone gives us a gift that we don't want or that doesn't suit us. “礼轻情意重”,这是我们收到不想要或者不适合的礼物时常说的一句话。

32、If your parents are unable to contribute very much towards the cost of your wedding, it would be most ladylike and gracious to lower your sights and have a modest wedding as befits both your incomes. 如果你的父母不能掏很多钱为你筹办婚礼,你最好还是贤淑一些,把眼光放低,办一场更适合你俩收入的婚礼。

33、Would a camera be an appropriate present for a ten-year-old child? 送十岁的孩子照相机作礼物合不合适?

34、Please trust a man who looked at choosing the perfect bridal gown before hand. 请相信一个人看着选择合适的婚纱礼服占便宜。

35、"Divorce is a very personal matter and not really suitable for the idea of gift vouchers which are presents from other people," he said. 他说:“离婚是一件非常私人的事,将这种优惠券作为礼物赠送他人的想法很不合适。”

36、In the Northern Dynasty, various nations were related through marriage frequently and the wedding custom are integrated with each other. 北朝时期,各民族间的通婚频繁,婚礼习俗彼此融合。

37、Unique one-stop wedding service, professional wedding planning team, allowing you to easily enjoy the sweet and romantic wedding! 特有一站式婚礼服务、专业的婚礼策划团队,让您轻松享受婚礼的甜蜜与浪漫!

38、SaiLin constantly to jamie said wedding kiss is the wrong that sentence, too much to heart. 赛琳不断对杰米说婚礼上的吻是个错误的那句话,耿耿于怀。

39、High class induction heater, gift package, suit for Chinese new year. 高档电磁炉,礼品包装,适合过年送礼。

40、Widely use in the garments, Christmas' gifts, packaging, decoration of hotels and so on. 适合于 服装服饰、圣诞 礼品、礼盒包装、酒店装饰、婚庆装饰、鲜花干花装饰等。

41、Man might think that few women fit him before his marriage, and contrarily whenthey get married. 男人在结婚前觉得适合自己的女人很少,结婚后觉得适合自己的女人很多。

42、Flowers and fruits are always fit presents. 花及水果总是合适的礼品。

43、Churches make you uncomfortable which is an absolute no-no on your wedding day. 教堂让你感到不自在,所以教堂婚礼对你而言完全不合适。

44、One of my Gemini friends convinced his fiance to elope with him, the day before their marriage. 我的一个双子朋友曾说服了他的未婚妻在婚礼之前私奔。

45、And it's virgins who get to sing the nuptial song at the wedding of the lamb that John also envisions. 只有处子才可以在约翰想象,的羔羊婚礼上唱这首婚礼之歌。

46、In fact, Castle Howard is nowt ranslating its wedding brochure to respond to enquiries from Asia. 实际上,为了解答来自亚洲的婚礼咨询,霍华德城堡特地将它们的婚礼小册子翻译成中文。

47、A small beaded bag is wonderful for weddings elegant attire. 精巧镶珠饰的包比较适合参加婚礼的优雅服饰。

48、The event is being billed as the first ever wedding presided over by a robot, a fitting marriage for the couple who met through the machines. 由于是第一场由机器人主持的婚礼,所以它被广泛关注,然而对于这对因机器而相识的夫妇来说,这样的婚礼真是再合适不过了。

49、Give yourself enough time to select the best wedding dress for your Montpelier wedding. 要让自己有充足的时间去选择最适合自己的结婚礼服。

50、He strengthened my faith, officiated my wedding and baptized my children. 他加深了我的信仰,主持了我的婚礼,为我的孩子行洗礼。


51、My wife always checks our wedding registry and gives the same as was given us. 我妻子经常翻看婚礼注册账,然后等额回礼。

52、John Smith, do you take this woman, Mary white, to be your lawful wedded wife, to live together in the estate of matrimony? 婚礼上牧师的证言:约翰使密斯,你愿意娶马丽怀特做你的合法妻子,共同过婚姻生活吗?

53、When I got married, can give me a flower, a blessing, I fear no courage you into the wedding hall. 我结婚的时候,能否献给我一枝花、一句祝福,我怕没有勇气走进你的婚礼殿堂。

54、The Grand Ballroom, which accommodates up to 400 people, is suitable for all kinds of grand events and meetings as well as weddings. 而最多可容纳400人的龙蟠宴会厅适合于各种大型活动和会议,也是婚礼的理想场地;

55、At the wedding, if we are single, we will always be seated next to the designated Eligible Male. 在婚礼上,如果我们单身,一定会被安排坐在指定的合适的男性旁边。

56、Other attendants may read Scripture, hold candles, pack the crowns in a special box after the ceremony. 别的出席婚礼的人则朗读《圣经》,手持蜡烛,并在婚礼后将花冠放置在一个特殊的盒子里。

57、Men might think that few women fit them before their marriage, and contrarily when they get married. 男人在结婚前觉得适合自己的女人很少,结婚后觉得适合自己的女人很多。

58、Malcolm: Would you like to buy my wife's wedding dress? 你想买我妻子的婚礼服吗?

59、Maternity wedding dresses are so much nicer than they were in the past, and now you can find beautiful gowns to choose from for your wedding. 现在的孕妇婚纱与过去相比要好看得多,你一定可以从中挑选出适合你的婚礼的婚纱。

60、The Associated Press reported the wedding cost $130,000. 据联合通讯社报道,整个婚礼的在130,000美元。

61、Emery, R. (1999). Marriage, Divorce, and Children's Adjustment, 2nd Edition. 婚姻,离婚,孩子适应第二版

62、Sports clothes are not appropriate for a formal wedding. 运动衣不适合正式婚礼。

63、As George introduced Peter to Sarah it is only fit and proper that he should be best man at their wedding. 因为是乔治介绍彼得认识萨拉的,所以乔治当他俩婚礼的 男 傧相就再合适不过了。

64、The case appears to fit a pattern of divorced fathers using their children to take revenge against their ex-wives. 本案似乎合适这样的情形,即已经离婚的父亲用子女的婚姻来对前妻进行报复。

65、Superiority:One-stop serve, save time labour saving. 优势:时尚个性,适合主题类婚礼。

66、A man before marriage that very few women for their own marriage, I felt a lot for your woman 男人在结婚前觉得适合自己的女人很少,结婚后觉得适合自己的女人很多

67、"More and more couples are looking for an extraordinary wedding: under water, during parachute jumping, on the football ground -- creativity knows no bounds," said the airline. 该公司称:“现在越来越多的新人希望办一个与众不同的婚礼,如水下婚礼、跳伞婚礼和足球场婚礼等等,可谓创意无限。”

68、Wedding guests, literally left empty-handed, had no recourse but to find a suitable substitute for the costly wheat cakes. 婚礼上的客人,一般是空手离开,人们没有找到另一种合适的东西代替昂贵的小麦蛋糕送给客人。

69、But when you're dressing for a wedding, you'll want to look just as beautiful and be just as appropriately-dressed as the other wedding guests. 但是当你打扮的婚礼,你要看起来也只是美丽的适当,与其他穿着婚礼的宾客。

70、I'm thinking of getting a new pantsuit to wear to Jame's wedding. M:I just hope that my old suit still fits. 本人正思索买套新套装在詹姆斯的婚礼上穿 M: 本人希望本人的旧套装可以合适你。

71、It would be like if I was getting married and I had a child -- of course my child would be in the wedding! 就像我带着孩子结婚----当然我的“孩子”要出席婚礼了。

72、The wedding will take place in the spring or summer of 2011, in London. Further details about the wedding day will be announced in due course. 婚礼将于2011年的春季或夏季在伦敦举行,更多关于婚礼的细节将会适时公布。

73、A formal gown befits the diplomatic reception. 一套礼服适合外事招待会。

74、Cloud 9 is the most appropriate pub for chatting and dating use. Still, two foreigners have rented here for their graduation ceremony. 上海最适合聊天、约会的酒吧,还有两个老外将这里包下来,进行他们的婚礼。

75、He wanted to give his daughter a proper wedding, including new jewelry for the bride, gifts for every relative and a large reception. 他想办一个合乎体统的婚礼,包括为新娘准备的新珠宝、为每位亲友和一个婚礼大接待处准备礼物等。

英文句子模板76:Wedding sentence

76、The problem with this wedding is that everyone with a brain remembers the last wedding of a royal heir, Charles Windsor and Diana Spencer back in 1981. 伴随这场婚礼的问题是每个有脑子的人都还记得王室继承人最后一次婚礼还是要追溯到1981年的查尔斯与黛安娜斯宾塞温莎的婚礼。

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