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关于”时尚潮流的句子“的英语句子54个,句子主体:Fashionable sentences。以下是关于时尚潮流的句子的小升初英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Fashionable sentences

1、On the Second floor our mall deals mainly in lady's fashion apparel, bag, advanced accessory to express you outstanding fashion field. 二楼主要经营时尚女装、箱包、高级饰品,为您诠释卓尔不群的风尚潮流领地。

2、NÜYOU brings to you the latest and best in fashion and beauty, from trend reports, shopping ideas, to styling how-tos. 《女友》带给你最潮最好的时尚与美容资讯,包括第一手潮流汇报、购物好去处、造型好主意。

3、Rooted in the Internet, the global fashion trend, the international line-quality, civilian price. 根植互联网,全球时尚潮流,国际一线品质,平民价位。

4、Fashion changes dramatically, but the animal craze apparently is still not going away. 尽管时尚潮流总是风云突变,但是动物风潮的热度显然还未退去。

5、Being a trendsetter. From fashion to electronics, being on the leading edge is both expensive and unnecessary. 勿做潮流达人:从时尚到电子产品,可谓站在了昂贵和不实用的前沿。

6、We set Shing Corporation has been a working motto is: lead the fashion trend of development of industry standards! 我们集盛总公司一直有一句工作格言,就是:引领时尚潮流,制定行业标准!

7、Fashion titanium gold ornament piece, both sides silica gel skid prevention pad, sympathizes fine. 时尚钛金饰片,引领时尚潮流两侧硅胶防滑垫,精致体贴。

8、Such as: 1 Lee Lang casual wear men's fashion trend guide. 如:1 利郎休闲装引导男装时尚潮流。

9、We always adhere to the "integrity-based, and lead trendy " purposes. 我们始终坚持“诚信为本,引领时尚潮流”的宗旨。

10、Pnix lifestyle magazine post the fastest trend information to readers, displaying the latest trend products, so that readers can grade to fashion to lead the life habits. 《凤凰周刊•生活》为读者发布最快的潮流资讯,展示最新的潮流产品,使读者可以品位到时尚潮流,引领生活风尚。

11、Hip-Hop Style, Fashion Trendsetter, Street Style; 嘻哈风格,潮流指标,街头风尚。

12、They are varied in style, taste and presentation. 在风格、品味和样式上都是不同的。

13、Moreover, fads and fashions come and go. 而且,时尚和潮流总是来来去去,变化不定。

14、Fine sand shinning silver flame, light lake blue upholstery, modern, trend and elegant. 细砂纹闪银色机架,配以淡湖兰色座垫,潮流时尚,更具人性化;

15、And how many of us actually follow the trends we see? 我们又有所少人真的在跟随者我们看到的时尚潮流。

16、Ribbon Ornament penetrate all areas of popular front, perform a personality, unique style drifted. 织带饰品渗透 时尚网潮流前沿的各个领域,演绎出个性,独特的飘然风采。

17、The sneaker is becoming extremely popular with trend spotters, artists, designers, and retro fans around the world. 在全世界的潮流达人、艺术家、设计师以及崇尚复古时尚的粉丝中,回力牌运动鞋变得极为流行起来。

18、Newest fashion Goods under shop front style serving as contrast, magnificent prominent, each tidal current Daren please come at once JTYS&TYC the fashionable shop, feels fashion. 最新的时尚单品在店面风格的衬托下,华丽突出,各位潮流达人请速来JTYS&TYC的时尚店面感受潮流风暴的冲击。

19、Thanks to the success of the movie, chokers became a fashion trend overnight in the 1990s. 正因这部电影的大卖,颈链在90年代一夜间就成为了时尚潮流。

20、Popular colors keep pace with international fad. Build fashionable makeup effect everyday. 流行色彩组合,紧贴国际潮流,打造每日幻彩时尚妆容。

21、That's another ritzy fashion term for swapping your clothes with your mates. 和你的同伴交换衣服是另外一种时尚潮流。

22、Against shopping centers located in Frankfurt environment, trend, fashion, high-grade commercial center is the theme. 针对商场的定位于周遍环境、潮流、时尚、高品位是商业中心的主题。

23、Away from sports, Beckham has cultivated an image as a style icon and has never been shy to try on any outfit in the name of fashion. 远离足坛,贝克汉姆还成为了时尚界的潮流标签。以时尚的名义,他总是敢于尝试新造型。

24、"Trends are the new trend, " Reinier Evers, founder of the Dutch company TrendWatching, told The Times. 在接受《时代》采访时,荷兰公司“潮流观察”的创始人Reinier Evers说:“最新潮流就是潮流。”

25、Today the richness of beadwork varies with fashion. 现今珠饰品工艺随着时尚潮流而千变万化。


26、Neil: Well, thank you! I thought I'd get on the beard bandwagon, you know. Beards are all the rage at the moment - that means very fashionable. 好吧,谢谢你!我想我是赶上了蓄胡子的潮流。现在留胡子很时髦,相当时尚。

27、We have had different types of fashion in China, such as Cheongsam, Chinese tunic suit and so on. 在不同时期中国有不同的时尚潮流,例如旗袍,中山装等等。

28、Are there any fashion icons or celebrities whose style you admire? 你有追崇抹些明星的时尚或者是任何其他潮流指引吗。

29、This could be more about fashion as we have had two decades where the trouser suit has not had a significant role to play in fashion. 这可能会带起新的时尚潮流,因为在过去二十几年里裤装在时尚里一直没有一个举足轻重的角色。

30、Flagship brand fashion shops are the pilgrim place to those new elites coming for enjoyment; 时尚潮流的品牌旗舰店,成就新贵精英品味朝圣地;

31、Fashion life style, new messages and collocations about dress&finery Let's promote the development of Chinese fashion industry together. 时尚的生活方式,服饰方面的潮流资讯和服装搭配的技巧,让我们共同推动中国时尚行业的发展!

32、He is a handsome and fashionable singer! 他是时尚帅气的“潮男歌手”!

33、For a population obsessed with becoming ultra-thin, sensors seem to be reflecting the fashion trend. 对于痴迷成为超薄人口,传感器似乎反映时尚潮流。

34、Leading the fashion, renew your vision and feel, it'll be your first choice of beauty product. 引领时尚潮流,更新视觉感观,美丽首选,时尚之尊的国际品牌。

35、Pursue the fashion, sample , the high-quality life of having intension is the world trends. 追求时尚的,品味的,有内涵的高品质生活是世界潮流。

36、Candice : Something that can tell me how to make myself look fashionable, young and trendy. 坎迪斯:一些教我如何打扮时尚、年轻和符合潮流的。

37、Our continuously innovated products will lead the tide of mosaic. 产品不断创新前路无止,引领马赛克发展时尚潮流。

38、Luxury fashion companies are known for setting trends when it comes to their products, but their media preferences are surprisingly dated. 时尚奢侈品公司以善于以它们的产品引导时尚潮流著称,但是它们的媒体偏好却令人吃惊地落伍。

39、Providing the definitive coverage of men's style and culture and shaping the future of China's fashion is our way of life in the 2010s. 参与中国时尚变化,改变中国时尚潮流,是我们在2010年代的生存法则。

40、To pursue the fashion trace, MeiTuWang is your best choice. 追求时尚潮流,美兔皇是您明智的选择。

41、From there, Coco pioneered many fashion trends of the 20th century and founded her world-renowned fashion brand, Chanel. 从这间店,可可开始引领许多20世纪的时尚潮流,并创立世界闻名的时尚品牌─香奈儿。

42、“No, ” I said, “this has nothing to do with my mother. It’s about style and fashion. 不,这不关我母亲的事,我只是说一下关于时尚潮流的事。

43、Even their fun and quirky eyewear craze has caught on in Singapore. So nail these trends with Phyllis Quek in Fashion Asia. 这一集的《亚洲时尚风》郭妃丽带你到首尔发掘星味十足的时尚潮流,包括新奇好玩的时髦眼镜和流行饰物,一起向韩国偶像们偷师。

44、And continue to develop new products and enhancing the trend of fashion jewelry trend of development. 并不断开发新产品, 增强潮流时尚饰品的发展趋势。

45、For others, it's the bag. But for more and more fashion followers, nails are the hottest place to show off the latest fashion trends. 而对于另一些人,时尚则是包,但是对于越来越多时尚的女孩子们,指甲则是最热门的表现时尚潮流趋向的地方。

46、"The tide ?Flow" led lifestyle and cultural consumption. “潮?流”版引导时尚生活,文化消费。

47、Clothing has always been subject to change based on the dictates of fashion and whims. 衣着往往随着时尚潮流的趋势和心血来潮而发生变化。

48、Zhao pays attention to trends not only in fashion but also in business. 尚品CEO赵世诚不仅着眼于时尚潮流,也关注商业趋势。

49、THE HOST: Next middle-aged men driving the fashion market in an unexpected direction. 主持人:下一条,中年男士正将时尚的潮流引往一个意想不到的方向。

50、The leading fashion and trend info on the web. 网罗最新、最快时尚潮流资讯。


51、Cold shoulder dresses and tops were worn last year. This year the trend seems to keep on going on. 去年,露肩的连衣裙和上衣占领了时尚潮流,今年这个潮流应该会继续下去。

52、We are fashion vanguards. We are the protagonist of fashion. Do not say we are innocent. 我们是时尚的尖兵,走在属于我们自己的时尚前沿

53、Trendsetters and fashion fanatics can find their way east toward the Alphabet City (named for avenues A, B, C, and D). 潮流先锋和时尚狂热分子可以在东部方向找到“字母城”(得名于以A、B、C和D来命名的街道)。

54、We Bring you the latest fashion trend, let you find out your own personality… 红蚂蚁时尚服装。我们带你走在时尚潮流的最前端, 展现出您个人的自我风格…

55、Magic is new and fashionable to a lot of young people. 对于很多年轻人来说,魔术就是一种时尚新潮流。

56、'I feel like I look very chic in my harem pants,' says Ms. Betts, 34 years old, of one of this fall's hottest fashion trends. 34岁的贝茨说,我觉得自己穿着灯笼裤非常时尚。这是今年秋季最热的时尚潮流之一。

57、B fashion icon, most stylish man (woman), is a person who has a good sense and taste of style, holds sway in fashion knowledge over ordinary people, and displays this knowledge over time. 时尚教主,也称“最好型男(女)”,是指那些走在潮流前端、引导时尚走向的人。他们品位轶群,对大众的潮流有影响力,经患上起时间的磨练。

58、She's a true trendsetter to whom stylists and editors look for direction. 她是真正的潮流引领者,许多造型师与编辑都从她身上寻找时尚潮流走向。

59、The rapid pace of contemporary fashion trends found in hot, cool fashion, and timely information. 用当代流行迅猛的速度发现潮流热点、炫酷时尚、及时资讯。

60、Trends come and go, fashion changes, but love never goes out of style. 潮流来去匆匆,时尚也总在变化,但爱永不过时。

61、It didn't take very long for the latest fashion trend to catch on. 这个最新的时尚潮流没多久就蔚为一股风潮。

62、BALENO CLASSIC Leather goods must be a new power leading to lead the fashion and tide. BALENO CLASSIC(宾奴)皮具必将成为引领行业时尚潮流的新力。

63、Twice a year, Trmph unveils a new novelty bra in Japan to highlight social trends. 在日本,黛安芬会每年两次推出新颖奇特的内衣,为时尚潮流增彩。

64、Dingshang Silverware leads the trend of fashion and is popular with the modern people for its individual but beautiful design styles . 鼎尚银饰以极具个性而不张扬的设计风格,引领时尚潮流而深受广大客户的青睐。

65、Celebrities may have hordes of stylists and minions to ensure they're always snapped in the latest trends, but even they can't get it right every time。名流们身边通常都会跟随一群设计师和助理,来确保他们可以玩儿转时尚潮流,但就算是名人也有对时尚把握不对的时候。

66、Firms also use fancy job titles to signal that they are au fait with the latest fashion. 各家公司用花哨的职位来表示他们紧跟时尚潮流。

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