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1、That’s from Zhan Zaozao, 29, the screenwriter of Play to Grow Up, a 40-minute short movie. 这句话出自40分钟微电影《玩大的》的编剧,29岁的詹早早之口。

2、Dreaming life is shopping in the Jiuguang Mall which is next to the Jingan Temple at night. The woman sitting on your opposite, asked you with a Shanghai dialect:where will we go for next? 美好的生活是在夜晚静安寺的久光里,坐在对面的红唇高跟伴着糯糯的一句今早雅到白相撒?

3、Rowling: Oh, you know what the first sentence is. 罗琳:哦,你早已知道第一句话了。

4、Good morning, Andy. Come and take a seat by yourself. 早上好,安迪!

5、Has long been used in folk An Xi Tie Guan Yin treatment of diarrhea and stomach pain practice. 在安溪民间早有采用铁观音治疗痢疾和肚子痛的做法。

6、Good morning, Jamie. 早安,杰米。

7、If you can not meet tomorrow , so good morning, good afternoon, good night. 如果明天不能见面,那么早安,午安,晚安。

8、Good morning, Jamie. What time is it now? 早安,杰米。现在几点了?

9、The valley piano that early waits this sentence, fast prepare the person arrange. 早等着这句话的谷琴,急忙安排下人去准备。

10、He got up early so that he might catch the first bus. 他早早起床,以便赶上头班公共汽车。(目的状语从句)

11、It's a good morning for a walk. 这是个适合散步的早晨。

12、Some say the phrase goes back to a practice of early apprenticeships. 有人说这句话可以追溯到早期学徒的实践。

13、Okay. Good night. See you at breakfast. 好的。晚安。明天吃早饭时见。

14、He said good night and then went out.  他说了句晚安,然后出去了。

15、Morning, I'm a colorful flower. 早安,我是彩虹色的花。

16、Maybe destiny has it all planned. 或许命运早有安排。

17、Good morning [afternoon ,evening ],John . 早安(午安,晚安),约翰。

18、"All roads in the world lead to Waseda." This is a well-known saying in Waseda University. “世界的道路通向早稻田”,这是早稻田大学的一句名言。

19、In Katine, for instance, farmers are already receiving early-maturing and drought-resistant seeds to fight food insecurity. 例如,在卡廷,农民们已经收到早熟抗旱的来确保粮食安全。

20、(现在孩子们喜欢早起) (children love early now) (现在孩子们喜欢早起) (children love early now)

21、Michael: Good morning, Wendy! It looks like you've already been here a while. 迈可:早安,温蒂!看起来妳好像已经在这儿待了好一阵子了吧。

22、Don't say "Top of the morning to you": "I don't know how this phrase became associated with Irish people, perhaps it was used in the distant past. 不要说“给您问早安”。“ 我不知道这句话跟爱尔兰人有什么渊源,可能是老早以前的用法吧。

23、In case I don't see you, Good morning, Good afternoon, Good night! 如果以后都见不到,那么祝你早安、午安、晚安!

24、Morning! We're going to visit the KPMG today. 早安!今天我们一起去安侯会计师事务所。

25、This morning we took a cable car up Mount Tianzi — it was quite safe! 今天早晨我们乘坐缆车上了天子山――相当安全!


26、Morning, Hammy. I gotta go wee-wee! 早安,哈米我要去尿尿!

27、Good morning [afternoon , evening ], John . 早安(午安,晚安),约翰。

28、Not until 1585, were she bore their first child, Anna .Who was followed by another daughter named Ursula and a son named Andrew, both died still on their tender years. 直到1585年,她产下了他们第一个孩子,安娜,随后是另一个女儿乌苏拉和儿子安德鲁,他们都早夭了。

29、But first come and say good morning. 你先过来,说声早安。

30、I said "Good morning" to my English at the gate of the school this morning. 今天早晨在学校门口,我向我的英语老师问好了。

31、Good morning, Guangming Trading Company. 早安,光明贸易公司。

32、Yet, God had his will on her; 不过上帝早有安排;

33、A few sentences regarding preignition and detonation may be helpful. 再说几句有关早燃和爆燃的问题,或许是有益处的。

34、Underwood threatened to pay him back sooner or later. 他欺骗了安德伍德,安德伍德扬言迟早要报复。

35、In the early two thousand years ago, China's famous thinker Mencius said a word:" be born at hardship, died of happiness", as the saying goes" no pressure no power" is the truth. 早在两千多年前,我国著名的思想家孟子说过一句话:“生于忧患,死于安乐”,俗话说“没有压力就没有动力”也就是这个道理。

36、Early raw big Pan Xiaozi ah. 早早的生个大胖小子啊。

37、If an infant is born alive ...or "premature baby," not "fetus." "prematurely"是副词,意思是"未成熟地,太早地,早熟地"。本句应译为:如果一个婴儿早产并存活,那么合适的称呼应该是早产婴或者早产宝宝,而非胎儿。

38、晚安或早安我所有的朋友们 Good night or good morning to all my friends

39、She writes in longhand, and while she doesn’t have a formal schedule, she says she prefers to write in the morning, before breakfast. 她喜欢跟我们一样平常的手写。她说,在没有正式安排的日子里,她更喜欢在早晨,特别是早餐之前写东西。

40、'It is early to be astir this Sabbath morn! ' he said cheerfully. “安息日早晨你还起这样早啊!”他高兴地说。

41、Not until 1585, were she bore their first child, Anna . Who was followed by another daughter named Ursula and a son named Andrew, both died still on their tender years. 直到1585年,她产下了他们第一个孩子,安娜,随后是另一个女儿乌苏拉和儿子安德鲁,他们都早夭了。

42、The little girl bid her grannie good morning as she gets up in the morning. 小女孩一早起来就向外祖母道早安。

43、Good morning, my buddies. I'm Juliet. I'm so glad to meet you through network. 大家早上好,我是juliet。

44、Gets a security key identifier clause that references this security token when this security token is not included in the SOAP message in which it is referenced. 获取当此安全令牌未包含在引用它的 SOAP 消息内时引用此安全令牌的安全密钥标识符子句。

45、In other words, long after the "thief" was there. 换句话说,那儿早已经有“贼”了。

46、Tina: Good morning, Ann. 早上好啊,安。

47、Ann:The early bird gets the worm?. 安:早起的鸟才会有虫吃。

48、Some Chinese fans are disturbed by Sakai's arrest (she has been released on bail and appeared in court earlier this month; 一些中国粉丝对酒井法子的被捕感到不安(酒井法子已经获得保释,本月早些时候出庭;

49、Storyteller: Annie, Mary and Sally are close neighbours. On summer vacation, they're going to have a picnic. One morning, Annie wakes up early. 安妮,玛丽和萨丽是近邻。暑假里,他们要去野餐。一个早晨,安妮早早地醒了。

50、Hypothesis, someone see you in the morning to your mom, mom to ask good morning! 假设,有人早上见到您的妈妈,对您的妈妈问一声早安!


51、And it's probably a question that you've used many times before. 你可能早就用过这个问句了。

52、After she eat breakfast. I need to send her to work safely. 等她饱饱的吃完早餐后,要安安全全的送她去上班。

53、She writes in longhand, and while she doesn't have a formal schedule, she says she prefers to write in the morning, before breakfast. 她说,在没有正式安排的日子里,她更喜欢在早晨,特别是早餐之前写东西。

54、Kevin: Good morning, Helen. 凯文: 早安, 海伦。

55、Anny eats egg, orange and banana for breakfast. 安妮早餐吃鸡蛋,橘子…和香蕉。

56、Good morning, sleepyhead. You want some breakfast? 早安 瞌睡虫 你想来点早餐吗?

57、Good morning. Wenjing Trading Company. 早安!这是文京贸易公司。

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