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导读: 24个,关于”保护海洋生物的句子“的英语句子24个,句子主体:Protecting marine life。以下是关于保护海洋生物的句子的初一英语句子。


关于”保护海洋生物的句子“的英语句子24个,句子主体:Protecting marine life。以下是关于保护海洋生物的句子的初一英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Protecting marine life

1、Some refuges should be close to s, to protect coastal species; others must be large and offs, to shield oceanic fishes. 有些庇护所应靠近海岸,以保护沿岸物种;其馀的应要大范围且位于远海以保护海洋鱼类。

2、) Rubeus Hagrid(海格)教的课是Care of Magical Creatures(保护魔法生物?

3、And in each of those ocean biomes, thousands of sea creatures exist. 在每一个海洋生物群系,生存着成千上万的海洋生物。

4、Meanwhile, the Company carefully implements relative measures about the management of ballast water to protect the diversity of halobios. 同时认真履行有关压载水管理的有关措施,以保护海洋生物多样性的环境。

5、Discover an ocean-side paradise bordering a marine preserve that teems with colourful reef fish and protected species such as green sea turtles and spinner dolphins. 探索海洋端天堂接壤的海洋保护,与五颜六色的珊瑚礁鱼和受保护物种盛产如绿海龟和飞旋海豚。

6、The Marine Conservation Society, an advocacy group based in Britain, has a set of guidelines about which fish should or should not be eaten. 海洋保护协会,这个建立在英国的海洋保护的宣传队,有一份哪些鱼该吃或哪些不该吃的清单。

7、How to control pollution from ships is fatal to the mission of marine environment protection. 如何控制海运业对海洋环境造成的污染是海洋环境保护非常关键的一部分。

8、The museum is also responsible for managing and protecting Dragon King Temple, Naval Academy, Navy officers and men of the Northern 28 Northern Navy Memorial Hall site. 该博物馆还负责管理和保护龙王庙、水师学堂、北洋海军将士纪念馆等28处北洋海军旧址。

9、At the same time, we should build the ecological circle of dry land and maritime agriculture. 切实保护钦州生态环境,必须构建陆地和海洋农业生态圈。

10、The sanctuary covers 8, 570 square kilometres of marine environment that provides a habitat for threatened marine species in particular sharks. 马尔佩洛岛动植物保护区覆盖着8,570平方公里的海域,为生存受到威胁的海洋物种特别是鲨鱼提供了栖息地。

11、We must protect the ocean biomes and keep them clean. 我们必须保护海洋生态区并保持海洋的清洁。

12、Join Alexandra in her quest to save the oceans. 加入亚历山德拉来保护海洋。

13、But this week marine biologists received some glad tidings, which may help to preserve a few more such places. 但是本周海洋生物学家收到了一些喜讯,这有助于保护更多的类似于此的地方。

14、Its departments include biological oceanography, marine biogeochemistry and toxicology, marine chemistry and geology, marine ecology, and physical oceanography etc. 该所包括生物海洋学,海洋生物地化学与毒物学,海洋化学与地质学,海洋生态学和物理海洋学等部门。

15、Author. Research on the Legal Protection of Ocean Environment, Publishing House of Ocean University of China, 2005 edition, 2005, Dec . 《海洋环境的法律保护研究》,中国海洋大学出版社,xx年版,第一作者。

16、Created to protect and showcase marine life, the park is a popular destination for whale-watching and kayaking. 建造这个公园是为了保护和展示当地的海洋生物,它是一个观赏鲸鱼和划皮划艇的热门场地。

17、Marine biodiversity protection involves cross-border issues that require international cooperation to solve them. 海洋生物多样性保护涉及跨界问题,需要通过国际合作来加以解决。

18、Oceanographers work to develop the ocean as a resource and protect it from human impact. 海洋学家致力于将海洋发展成重要的资源并保护海洋免受人类活动的影响。

19、He says volunteers with his anti-whaling Sea Shepherd organization are prepared to risk their lives protecting whales. 反对捕鲸的海洋守护协会(Sea Shepherd Conservation Society)表示,该组织的义工准备冒着生命危险来保护在南冰洋的鲸鱼。

20、Birds, sea-life and the coastline all suffered grievously. 鸟类、海洋生物及沿海生物均受到严重影响。

21、Sea Shepherd environmentalists lobbed stink bombs and other objects at ships in early January. 在xx月初,海洋守护者协会的环保主义者像船上投掷臭气弹和其它物品。

22、That could make it harder for animals such as lobsters, crabs, shellfish, corals or plankton to build protective shells, and would have knock-on effects on other marine life. 这可能会使龙虾、螃蟹、贝类、珊瑚或浮游生物等生物更加难以制造保护壳,进而对其他海洋生物产生连锁反应。

23、Experts say coral reefs in the marine national monument, a conservation area, are in good shape. 有关专家研究表明,在海洋生物资源保护区内的珊瑚礁状态良好。

24、The record of Zhao Bing has proved that he was the former ocean god and a main character of Taizhou Ocean culture. 史籍赵炳身世及其灵异的记载,说明他是天妃以前的海洋保护神。也是台州海洋文化的重,点人物。

25、The pipelines protection plays an important role in oil and gas resource exploitation and ocean environment protection. 海管的安全保障工作对开采油气资源、保护海洋生态环境都具有重要意义。


26、The greatest impact would be on land and very-shallow water organisms unprotected by deep water. 受影响最大的当然是陆生的和那些没有厚层海洋水保护的浅海生物。

27、He said Indonesia's Fisheries Ministry wanted to increase the number of marine protected areas, currently covering only 11 per cent of the area around the peninsula. 他说印度尼西亚的渔政部长想要扩大海洋自然保护区的范围,到目前为止,海洋自然保护区仅覆盖了半岛沿岸的11%。

28、Bioinformational substances, physiological active substances, marine biotoxin and biofunctional materials were included in the marine active substances. 海洋活性物质主要包括生物信息物质,生理活性物质,海洋生物毒素及生物功能材料等。

29、Outside the reserve at Five Fingers Peninsula, a fur seal pup in Dusky Sound remains protected, as are all marine mammals in New Zealand's waters. 五指半岛不在保护区内,附近的达斯基海峡里有海豹出没,这里所有的海洋哺乳动物都是受到保护的。

30、Protected our oceans by taking action to end overfishing and conserve habitats. 通过制止过度捕捞和保护栖息地的行动保护了我们的海洋。

31、Compensation covers the cost of cleaning up, marine life protection and losses to businesses. 赔偿金包括清污费用,海洋物种保护金和商业损失。

32、He started the Cousteau Society to help protect life in the sea. 他创办了“库斯组织”来帮助保护海洋生命。

33、Oregon State University Marine Fisheries Genetics Lab is dedicated in conservational biology by using molecular genetic tools. 俄勒冈州立大学海洋渔业遗传学 实验室通过使用 分子遗传学工具致力于保护生物学研究。

34、Afterward, the seas became far more complex with mobile creatures such as snails, urchins and crabs. 此后,海洋生物逐渐丰富起来,海洋里生长着大量移游生物,比如腹足类、。

35、In the White Sea nature reserve for white whales one can swim with these wonderful creatures or even touch them. 在白鲸的白色海洋自然保护区,人们可以与这些奇妙的生物游泳甚至拥抱它们。

36、This degree program focuses on the biology and chemistry of sustainable marine life, as well as recent legislative attempts to protect the ocean's food supply. 此学位的旨在学次持海洋生物的生化条件,以及最近为保护海洋水产而出现的律法。

37、The marine sanctuary on Tria Island was established to protect certain marine mammals. Tria岛的海洋生物禁猎区是用来保护某些海洋哺乳动物的。

38、Islands can be protected - but not the wider ocean's ecology 岛屿可以被保护起来——而更广泛的海洋生态则无法同样施为

39、Software Description: About 3D Angel Fish, This screen saver has a variety of realistic multi-colored sea critters , plants and sound effects. 这个屏幕保护程序有各种各样的现实多种颜色的海洋生物,和声音效应。

40、According to the evidence of results, MPAs indeed can reap the benefit of our ecological at the same time , it also can maintain the effectiveness of MPAs . 根据实证模拟分析,得知海洋保护区确实带来生态上的效益,同时,面对不确定下,也能维持海洋保护区所带来的效益。

41、To see if this material protects the organisms that live on reefs, marine biologist Ruth Reef of the University of Queensland in Australia and colleagues studied sea anemones (Aiptasia pulchella). 为了搞清这种东西是否可以保护生活于珊瑚礁中的生物,澳大利亚昆士兰大学的海洋生物学家鲁思·里夫及同事研究了海葵。

42、A frozen repository will help ensure its incredible diversity and prevent future extinctions. SCBI的海洋生物学家Mary Hagedorn在一篇新闻稿中说,“冷冻保藏库可以帮助我们保护大堡礁那不可思议的多样性,并避免未来的灭绝。”

43、Bessudo, a marine biologist, has spent much of her career in Malpelo and fighting to preserve the unique marine environment there. 桑德拉作为一个海洋生物学家,投入了大量的时间在马尔佩洛岛并为保护该地区独一无二的海洋环境而斗争。

44、Saudi Prince Khaled bin Sultan, has launched the living oceans foundation and is funding a wide-scale by scientists to promote better coral reef and marine life preservation. 沙乌地亲王苏尔坦成立海洋生物基金会,他也资助科学家进行大规模的调查,以加强保护珊瑚礁和海洋生物。

45、To prevent these risks, the marine cargo insurance is provided to protect the exporter or importer from the financial loss. 海洋货物保险可以预防这些风险,保护出口商或进口商免受财产损失。

46、Australia has announced plans for the world's biggest marine park, intended to protect vast areas of the Coral Sea off the north-east coast and the site of naval battles during the second world war. 澳大利亚宣布计划建立世界最大的海洋生物保护区,来保护其东北部海岸珊瑚海的巨大区域,以及二战期间海战的遗址。

47、Staff members hold on-site scientific lectures about marine life and offer free cl about marine animals and conservation to schools and communities. 工作人员举行关于海洋生物的现场讲座,向学校和社区提供有关海洋动物和保护的免费课程。

48、These ravenous fish eat everything in their path, says Lad Akins, with the marine conservation group REEF. 海洋保护组织珊瑚礁环境教育基金会的洛德•埃金斯说,这些贪吃的鱼会吃掉途经的一切生物。

49、As part of the contribution to reef research and education, SeaQuest donates a proportion of every fare to Marine Parks. 洋之轮一部分工作致力于研究和教育,所得收入的一部分捐赠给海洋生物公园的保护。

50、by challenging wasteful and destructive fishing, and creating a global network of marine reserves. 海洋面临着大量倾废物,而且海产越来越少。创建一个全海洋保护网。


51、Several measures for achieving the marine economy sustainable development in the Bohai Sea area are proposed, and these measures include rational utilization of marine resources, protection of marin… 为了实现渤海海洋经济的可持续发展,提出了合理利用海洋资源、保护海洋生态环境、优化产业结构、科技兴海的几点措施,为海洋资源管理部门的决策提供依据。

52、The thousands of species of sealife and habitats that live hidden under our waters need just as much protection as those that we can see on land," said marine minister Richard Benyon. 那些隐藏在海水下的成千上万的海洋物种和它们的栖息地如同那些陆地生物一样,都需要我们的保护。” 海洋部部长Richard Benyon说。

53、At the same time, the ineffective management measures and inadequate capacity in marine and coastal biodiversity conservation have exacerbated by the deterioration of the resources. 同时,海洋及海岸生物多样性保护管理能力不足和措施不力,加剧了这种状况恶化的趋势。

54、That is bad because many marine creatures rely on shells made of calcium carbonate to protect themselves. 这是相当糟糕的,因为很多海洋生物生活在钙质碳酸盐的贝壳里以保护自己。

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