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关于”特别温柔的句子“的英语句子42个,句子主体:A particularly gentle sentence。以下是关于特别温柔的句子的考研英语句子。

英文句子模板1:A particularly gentle sentence

1、because i miss you every moment 因为你的温柔体贴

2、The utility model relates to a vacuum flexible heat insulating lining which is characterized in that flexible heat insulating materials in vacuum state are filled and sealed in a high-barrier bag. 本实用新型涉及一种真空柔性保温衬。其特征在于:高阻隔密封袋内 封装有真空状态下的柔性保温材料。

3、Grief makes us so much more tender to other people's suffering. 悲伤让我们对于别人的遭遇会更抱持着温柔的态度。

4、In the caressing wind of June, let us go watching the clouds. 六月的风特别的轻柔,让我们看云去。

5、Art thou weary, tender heart? 温柔的心,你是否倦了?

6、Out of the blue, grab them and gently bite their neck. 出乎意料地,抓住她/他然后温柔地咬她/他的脖子。

7、The prose style of ZHU Ziqing is gentle and soft, honest and sincere, which is influenced by Chinese traditional culture, especially confucian culture. 朱自清温柔敦厚的散文风格受中国传统文化特别是儒家文化的影响最深。

8、"Hello," he said softly. "你好,"他温柔地说道。"

9、In the building, the wild child hurt his mild chin on the china. 在大楼�,那个粗野的孩子在瓷器上弄伤了温柔的下巴。

10、Ralph . W. Sockman said Nothing is so strong as gentleness, and nothing is so gentle as real strength. 没有什么比温柔更坚强,而也没有什么比真正的坚强更温柔。

11、My dieing point is gentle. 我的死穴就是温柔。

12、Speak tenderly to them. 温柔地对他们说。

13、Tenderness is the most long-lasting beautiful, gentle like white stretch and style million. 温柔是最长久的美丽,温柔如白云舒展而风情万种。

14、Two main techniques have been used for training elephants, which we may respectively the tough and the gentle. 驯象有两种主要的方法,我们分别称之为强硬法和温柔法。

15、Sensodyne Gentle Whitening has a specially designed low-abrasion formula to gently, yet effectively remove stains from teeth to restore their natural whiteness. 舒适达美白柔润有一个特别设计的低磨损配方温和,但有效地去除牙齿渍,恢复其自然白度。

16、High temperatures and humidity stress the body's ability to cool it, and heat illness becomes a special concern during hot weather. 高温高湿影响人体的体温调节能力,特别是在炎热夏季特别值得注意。

17、Jiangnan long is a gentle stretching, alleged: the gentle rural, hero. 江南久来都是温柔绵延,正所谓:温柔乡,英雄冢。

18、"你好,"他温柔地说道。" "Hello," he said softly.

19、Maybe the hairs of my head were numbered,” she went on with sudden serious sweetness, “but ody could ever count my love for you. 也许我的头发数得清,”突然她特别温柔地接下去,“可谁也数不清我对你的恩爱啊。

20、Blandness is women's special weapon . 温柔是女人特有的武器。

21、Gently run your nose and lips over her shoulders and neck smelling her. Say "Mmmmm… you smell good." 温柔地让你的鼻子和嘴唇滑过她的肩膀和脖子。

22、And the singing of her youngest son is soft, graceful and restrained. 小儿子歌声温柔婉约,她一下就知道是孜力巴亚。

23、Maybe the hairs of my head were numbered, " she went on with sudden serious sweetness, "but ody could ever count my love for you. 也许我的头发数得清,”突然她特别温柔地接下去,“可谁也数不清我对你的恩爱啊。

24、"Look at you, " she said. "Naked as a baby. " “瞧你,”她温柔地说道,“光着身子象个婴儿似的。”

25、Quietly watching his wife, kept trained on soft hands, silent. 妻子温柔静静注视着那双手,默默不语。


26、Soft, especially bend and mobile, resistance, steady not twist. 特别柔软,尤耐弯折,往返移动,平稳不扭。

27、But we were gentle among you, even as a nurse cherisheth her children 只在你们中间存心温柔,如同母亲乳养自己的孩子。

28、因为你的温柔体贴 because of your gentleness and considerate

29、Keeps his skin moisturized and soft especially during the cold dry weather. 使得他的皮肤柔软、滋润,特别是在干冷的冬天。

30、"Calm down, Severus!" the soft voice of Dumbledore said. “别紧张,西弗勒斯!” 邓布利多温柔的声音说道。

31、A dramatic full moon rose over Winterberg, Germany. 德国, 温特伯格: 一轮特别大的满月挂在上空。

32、The tenderest moments in a marriage can be strange and incongruous. 婚姻中最温柔的时刻是奇特的,亦可能是不协调的那些瞬间。

33、But the eyes of the gentle, hill water is difficult to hide! 但是眸子里的那份温柔,翠山碧水却难以遮掩!

34、According to the corresponding eigenvectors, the 3 prinl components were explained as the anthropogenic factor, the temperature factor, and the precipitation factor. 根据3个主成分各自对应的特征向量特点,分别解释为人为因子、温度因子和降水因子并进行回归分析。

35、You're a sweet guy, Kev. 你是个温柔的男人,凯。

36、Super soft micro-fleece fabric is soft on the face. 特别柔软的超细纤维绒布料贴在脸上很柔和。

37、On the other hand, the former inherited from the latter heavy consciousness of male chauvinism, especially the element of paternal culture of pudicity and gentleness. 另一方面,前者因袭了后者较浓的传统男权性别意识,特别是“贞”与“柔”等父系文化因子。

38、Sid snuffled a bit and Mary went off crying with all her heart. 温柔。希德有点抽鼻子,玛丽却是大哭着走的。

39、Why do you like Chinese girl so much? Is it because they are virtuous and lovable? 为什么那么喜欢中国女孩子呢?因为她们温柔贤良、小鸟依人,还是什么别的原因?

40、He smiled a gentle smile and said, “My child , they’re all here with me. 他温柔的笑着说:“我的孩子,它们都在我这儿呢。”

41、Two main techniques have been used for training elephants, which we may call respectively the tough and the gentle. 驯象有两种主要的方法,我们分别称之为强硬法和温柔法。

42、Tyrone later asked me, gently, "What difference does it make?" 后来,泰龙很温柔地对我说:“这有什么区别吗?”

43、When the soul is soft, pure, and even bring some light sentimental, as lovers' witness before the flower tender lips lingering of kiss. 此时的心灵是柔软的、纯净的,甚至带些淡淡的感伤,仿佛恋人依依惜别前唇边那朵温柔的缠绵的吻。

44、Because of your gentleness and consideration. 因为的温柔体贴。

45、The tender women are ugly. 温柔的女人不美。

46、Aunt Polly was tender far beyond her wont, in her good-night to Sid and Mary. 波莉姨妈在与希德和玛丽道别时,一反惯例,显得万分温柔。

47、Small Oscillating Head with Extra Soft Bristles: Cleans teeth and gently sweeps away plaque. 小小的振动刷头特别超软的刷毛:有效温柔的清除牙菌斑。

48、Leaves hair ultra-soft, fresh-smelling and clean. 洗后头发特别柔顺,气味清新,清洁。

49、Blessed are the meek. 温柔的人有福了。

50、He is distinguished by his soft, silky, gently waving coat of warm wheaten color and his particularly steady disposition. 他显著的特点就在于其柔软、丝状、稍有波浪的被毛,柔和的小麦色,以及他特有的温和气质。


51、A soft stone mountain noticed letters have peculiar taste, that is the Guangxi meters Persian saffron, soft stone think the shop has this big jasmine, immediately to baozi inn. 石柔察觉一山的信件有股特别味道,米桂指出是波斯的番红花,石柔想起大莉店内有此物,立即往包子店。

52、She has an unamiable disposition. 她的性情不温柔。

53、The days are dry, a soft, gentle wind is blowing. 天气是干的,柔软的,温柔的风扑面而来。

54、Zoe and Burt are looking for a new house. 柔依和伯特正在找新房子。

55、Ellen kissed her younger brother good-bye and hugged Sally gently. 埃伦吻别了弟弟,并温柔地拥抱了萨莉。

56、Being gentle, thoughtful, friendly, and generous is characteristic of her. 她温柔体贴,为人友好,慷慨大方,这是她的特性。

57、The product is of mild nature, the chamomile extract it is added specially can clean skin dirt gently. 性质温和,特别添加洋苷菊萃取精华,能柔和地清洁肌肤垢。

58、Doctrine of the Confucianists of Later ages included sign of intension of Xun-zi. 后世儒家怨而不怒、温柔软厚的诗教中就有荀子学说的影子。

59、An interesting example of a reaction formation is one displayed by men who are afraid of any sign of softness, which they equate with feminity , in their make-up. 一个饶有兴味的反向作用例子是,有的男子特别害怕具有任何温柔多情的表现,他们将这视为女性特征。

60、MACRO SHOT - The tendrils INTERTWINE with gentle undulations. (特写)触角交织在一起,伴随着着温柔的起伏

61、Mr. Mayo, whowas 46, was warm and affectionate, said his wife, Meryl. 梅奥先生去世那年46岁,妻子说他是个温柔善良的人。

62、Friendly and agreeable in disposition; 温柔的性情友好亲切的;

63、LaFleur is available in a high-quality chrome or champagne finish – a warm, bright gold colour that lends the washing area a particularly fine and gentle charm. 拉弗勒是提供高质量的铬或香槟完成-一个温暖,明亮的金色是借给洗涤领域,特别是罚款和柔和的魅力。

64、The color lavender, a soft shade of purple, is strongly feminine. 熏衣草的颜色是舒服的蓝紫调调,特别能体现女性温柔的气质。

65、Our cute and clever all-in-one grooming set complements any nursery! The bunny ears double as a useful brush and comb, each with a soft-grip handle sized perfectly for grown-ups' hands. 超可爱的宝宝梳妆套装,小兔子的两只耳朵分别为实用的头刷和梳子,各有软柄,其大小完全适合大宝宝的手,刷毛柔软,可温柔地呵护您宝宝的头皮;

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