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导读: 42个,关于”诗的单词“的英语句子42个,句子主体:Poetic words。以下是关于诗的单词的专业英语句子。


关于”诗的单词“的英语句子42个,句子主体:Poetic words。以下是关于诗的单词的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Poetic words

1、Use "deep" processing of information. When you're trying to learn a word list, for instance, you should not just look at the words, or even think about how they sound. 例如,在学习单词表时你不应当只关心单词本身,甚至还要考虑单词的发音。

2、Word building reinforces the pre-reading concept that letters (and their sounds) make words, and that words have real meaning…and power. 单词的认识能增强阅读的概念,字母和他们的发音形成了单词,单词都有其真实的意思和影响。

3、Do you know word formation in English words? 你知道英语单词的构词法吗?

4、The word "four" begins to appear and at exactly 4 o'clock the word "four" is clearly visible. 单词“三”开始消失的瞬间也就是单词“四”开始出现的瞬间,到了四点整,单词“四”就会清晰滴显示出来。

5、One day 1000 words memorize English words with the professional method! 一天记牢1000个英语单词 用专业的记忆方法记单词!

6、Once a certain number of users have solved the suspicious word with the same result, it becomes a control word itself and the OCR software can learn this word. 一旦有一些用户都答对同一个模糊单词时,这个单词就会转化为控制单词,OCR软件就会记住这个单词。

7、When you're trying to learn a word list, for instance, you should not just look at the words, or even think about how they sound. 例如,在学习单词表时你不应当只关心单词本身,甚至还要考虑单词的发音。

8、You can see the word candle there inside the word incandescent and etymologically it fits. 我们可以看到,单词incandescent中含有单词candle, 而且两者的词源也一致。

9、I have no brothers or sisters.六个单词 =I don't have any brothers or sisters.七个单词 祝你开心如意!

10、For more granular searches, you can also perform a NEAR search to look for words near other words and adjacent (ADJ), which looks for words near others, but only in the specified order. 对于更为细化的搜索,还可执行一个 NEAR 搜索来查找靠近和邻近(ADJ)其他单词的单词,不过它查找的是靠近其他单词的单词,但只能按指定的顺序。

11、Here you can see several words that have several possible expansions, and all the words look like words, or like morphemes. 在这里,您可以看到有一些单词有多个可能的扩展,而且所有单词看起来都像是单词或者词素。

12、It refers to the formation of new words by adding affixes to other words or morphemes. 将词缀加入其他单词或词素以构成新词的方法。

13、What's the meaning of this word? 这个单词的词意是什么。

14、Can you identify the part of speech of this word? 能说出这个单词的词类吗?

15、Many English words have Latin roots. 很多英语单词都有拉丁词根。

16、Each word when used in a new context is a new word. 则说,“每个单词出现在不同的上下文中都是一个不同的单词。

17、In fact the word he is trying to introduce is clyming an invented pseudo-Greek word describing a poetic technique the builds the force of the idea being expressed. 事实上,作者想要介绍的是一个伪造的希腊单词clyming,这个单词用来描述如何表达思想的诗歌技巧。

18、The os- in the oyster word root is the same os- as in osteoporosis. 该单词词根中os-的前缀与单词osteoporosis中的os-前缀是同一个东西,有相同意思。

19、惊喜的英语是 pleasant surprise 名词 pleasantly surprised 形容词 仅一个单词 surprise 是 惊,吃惊, 不是 惊喜

20、What part of speech is the word? 这个单词属于哪种词类?

21、On receiving a request for synonyms of a given word, search the map using the given word as the key. 在收到对给定单词的同义词的请求后,使用给定单词作为键来搜索映射。

22、Well brunch is a portmanteau word which is when two words and their meanings are combined together to form a new word. 是一个合成词,也就是由两个单词组成一个新的单词。

23、These are just a few examples. You can use your own ideas too. Play around with a few methods and find one that works well for you. 你也可列出一些能与某一单词搭配的单词,而不只是学一个单词。

24、J. R. Firth:Each word when used in a new context is a new word. 弗斯:每个单词出现在不同的上下文中都是一个新的单词。

25、京剧脸谱Beijing Opera Facial Masks 或Peking Opera Mask 脸谱用一个单词说就是mask 两个单词就是 Facial Mask


26、And the algorithm increases the efficiency by incorporating the multi-word units translation of the single-word with the multi-word units translation of the multi- word units. 该算法还合并了单词译成多词单元和多词单元互译两部分词典的提取,提高了工作效率。

27、Major headings and terms in bold and italics: Words in major heading tags and words in bold and italics will also influence your ranking. 主要标题以及粗体和斜体的单词:主要标题标记中的单词以及粗体和斜体的单词也会影响排名。

28、And sound effects, and Japanese words). 还有音效词,以及日语单词)。

29、The second chapter of monosyllabic words, monosyllabic words of the profile and distribution of parts of speech. 第二章是单音词研究,分析单音词的概况及词类分布。

30、She couldn't remember one word and wrote another word wrong. 她没有记住一个单词,并且把另外一个单词写错了。

31、Term searches use standard-language words, usually in combination, to locate and rank cataloged information. 词汇搜索使用标准语言的单词(通常是多个单词的组合)来定位分类信息并对它们排名。

32、Try jumbling the letters of your vocabulary words up, then unscrambling them to form the word again. 试着把你的词汇表中的单词混在一起,梳理之后再形成单词。

33、This table will hold a word and the number of times that word has occurred. 这张表将保存单词及单词已经出现的次数。

34、Singular count nouns always take a determiner. 可数名词单数前需用限定词。

35、Languages such as Thai that require internal dictionaries to recognize words because there are no breaks between them. 像泰语这样的语言需要内部词典识别单词,因为这些单词之间不断字。

36、Look for obscure word lists, sign up for word-a-day emails and never hesitate to look up a definition if you encounter an unfamiliar word. 寻找含糊的单词组,收发“每天一单词”的邮件,或当你发现不熟悉的单词时毫不犹豫地查出定义。

37、Best guess: If no suggestions have been found, add all dictionary words that have the same phonetic code as the misspelled word and with the smallest edit distance from the misspelled word. 最佳猜测:如果没有找到建议,就加入字典中所有与拼写错误的单词的语音代码相同的单词, 以及与拼写错误的单词编辑距离最小的单词。

38、Poesy is a poem so you can tell right away that the author is keen on the power of words, symbolism and metaphor. Poesy的意思是诗歌,所以你可以很容易发现作者对于文中单词,符号和隐喻的偏好。

39、Allow them to miss words, skip words, and misounce words. 允许他们漏掉单词,跳脱单词,甚至读错单词。

40、Learn new words. 学新单词。

41、Furthermore, if the word is a dictionary word of length 2 or higher, $factor is raised to the power of the word's length. 而且, 如果那个单词是一个长度为 2 或者更长的字典单词,那么 $factor 将增加 为单词长度的乘方。

42、Try your best to ounce every word as accurately as possible. 记住生词最好的办法就是把单词读准!尽最大努力把每个单词都发到位。

43、When users solve a CAPTCHA through reCAPTCHA, the software will give users two words: one with a known answer (the control word) and one where the OCR software wasn't quite sure what the word was. 当用户被要求输入验证码时,用户可以看到两个单词:一个是已知的单词(控制单词),另一个是OCR软件无法确认的单词。

44、What part of speech does this word belong to ? 这个单词属于什么词类?

45、Write five new words in your Vocab-builder. 在你的词汇库里写上五个新单词。

46、Welcome to WordWorld, the first preschool series where words are truly the stars of the show! 欢迎来到单词世界,这是第一个学龄前认识单词的系列,在这里,单词都是真正的演出中的明星!

47、The know LEDge records the word; Cognition word; Word group; High frequency words; High frequency glossary; Spider web chart. 识记单词;认知单词;词群;高频词;高频词汇;蛛网图。

48、Read both word-for-word and then judge which is easier to read. 阅读这两个单词的单词,然后判断哪一个更容易阅读。

49、The number of rows entered for each word will be equal to the number of synonyms for that word. 为每个单词输入的行的数量将等于该单词的同义词的数量。

50、The quantity of his English vocabulary has increased by 6000. 他的英语单词量已渐增到6000个外字词词了。


51、Learn to remember that the individual word reinforces outside reading in reading, the emersion improving an individual word leads, memory consolidating an individual word. 学会在阅读中记忆单词加强课外阅读,提高单词的复现率,巩固单词的记忆。

52、Practice the plural of words. 练习单词的单复数形式。

53、To begin I’ll take a bite into the word bitter because the word bite is related. 首先,我还是对单词bitter来 咬 文嚼字一番(a bite),因为这个词与单词bite 是相关联的。

54、Replace the word stalwart with the word you'd like to define. 把单词 stalwart 替换为您要查找的单词。

55、For these codes, add all dictionary words that have the same phonetic code as the misspelled word and whose edit distance from the misspelled word is less than a given threshold. 对于这些代码,加入字典中所有与拼写错误单词语音编码相同的单词, 以及 与拼写错误单词的编辑距离小于指定阈值的单词。

56、Singular nouns are used only in the singular, always with a determiner. 单数名词只有单数形式,总是与限定词连用。

57、What is a commonly used word that ends in T, contains the letters VEN and starts with IN? 一个常用的单词,最后的字母是“T”,包括单词“ven”并且以“in”开始,这个单词是什么呢?

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