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关于”表示请求的句子“的英语句子35个,句子主体:Sentence indicating request。以下是关于表示请求的句子的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentence indicating request

1、This denotes the start of the list of businesses found that match the name in the request. 这表示从这里开始以下是所找到的与请求的名称相匹配的企业列表。

2、The orange line indicates total requests and the blue line indicates total rejected requests. 橘色线表示总请求,蓝色线表示总拒绝请求。

3、A "Would you" question is used to ask somebody else to do something. Would you”问句用来请求他人做某事。

4、Dispatcher: Handles registering and unregistering of request handlers. Dispatches resources from the demultiplexer to the associated request handler. 派发器:处理请求句柄的注册和注销。分离器派发资源给与之相关的请求句柄。

5、Requesting this URL generates a worksheet feed that contains information on the worksheets within the selected spreadsheet. 请求该 URL 将生成一个电子表格提要,其中包含指定的电子表格中的工作表的信息。

6、The AQW shows the average number of queues waiting per request to the I/O device. AQW 表示对 I/O 设备的每个请求的平均等待队列数量。

7、The example further turns off the Browsable feature, which tells Samba that the share should not be shown when clients ask for it. 这个示例还关闭了 Browsable 特性,这表示当客户端请求 IPC$ 共享时,Samba 不会显示它。

8、Example of a "one-shot" position request. “一次性”的位置请求示例。

9、The diamond-shaped markers at the bottom of the diagram indicate that one or more requests are completed at this point. 图表底部的菱形标记表示在该点完成了一个或多个请求。

10、Listing 1 shows how we specify the transaction context for an atomic request. 清单 1 展示了我们如何指定原子请求的事务上下文。

11、Night with YiHeng YiHeng tokugawa meet, tokugawa request on his back all adverse resolution, but YiHeng but a counterclaim tokugawa says collaboration sincerity. 晚上乙恒与德川见面,德川请求乙恒收回一切不利日自己的决议,但乙恒却反请求德川表示协作诚意。

12、The judge said the claims could be reinstated within a month if either side requested. 法官表示,如果任何一方提出请求,该索赔案在一个月内可以复议。

13、This message indicates that your NFSD program is available to answer requests. 此消息表示您的 NFSD 程序可响应请求。

14、Anything between 200-299 means the request was a success, 300-399 means the request was ok, but you need to do something else, 400-499 is an error and 500-599 is a really bad error. 200到299表示请求成功,300到399表示请求ok,但是你需要做一些额外的事情,400-499表示错误,500-599表示非常严重的错误。

15、I now call on the best man to make a speech. 我现在请男傧相讲几句话。(号召,要求)

16、Figure 15 shows a graphical representation of a primary bitmap for an example authorization request message. 图 15 显示了示例授权请求消息的主位图的图形表示。

17、I would like to ask Mr. Yang to go over the details of the EBP. 我想请杨先生就电子书(EBP)为我们做详细的表示。

18、为了开始显示,树查看器向根元素请求子元素并显示它们。To get started, it asks that root element for its children and displays them.

19、Pray for longevity. Pray to the gods for auspiciousness. 示求寿,向神明请求消灾赐福。

20、Finally, I send the request with form-encoded data as the body. 最后,我用表单编码的数据作为请求体发送请求。

21、The form requires that you confirm any delete request. 该表单要求您确认任何删除请求。

22、The assertions, and ways of expressing ideas such as requests and responses, have a uniform feel. 断言和表示想法的方式(例如请求和响应)都有统一的形式。

23、Providing required model data for the presentation layer by consolidating responses from request handlers. 通过加强来自请求处理程序的响应为表示层提供所需的模型数据。

24、Below are the sample request and response. 是示例请求和响应。

25、The Listing 1 request body shows the basicelement used for most requests to an STS. 清单 1 的请求主体显示了用于对 STS 的大多数请求的这个基本的元素。


26、A relocatable expression denotes a value that requires relocation at link time, while an absolute expression denotes a value that requires no such relocation. 可再定位的表达式表示的值在连接时间请求再定位,而一个绝对表达式表示的值不需要再定位。

27、Sir Thomas exerted himself so far as to speak a few words of calm approbation in reply to an eager appeal of Mr Yates, as to the happiness of the arrangement. 耶茨先生热切地请求参加他们合家的快乐聚会,托马斯爵士免为其难地冷冷说了几句表示同意。

28、Paul's request here is no mere formality. It expresses his conviction of the absolute necessity of prayer. 保罗并非循例提出这个请求,而是要表示他深信祷告是不可或缺的。

29、In court, Noriko Sakai said she wanted a divorce and to make a fresh start, studying nursing care for the elderly. 法庭上,酒井法子表示要同丈夫离婚,重新开始自己的人生,并学习护理术来帮助老年人。她的律师请求从轻判决。

30、The request is an HTTP POST with the URI /blogs/blog-name/categories, just as Table 4 described. 此请求是一个带 URI /blogs/blog-name/categories 的 HTTP POST,如 表 4 所示。

31、Listing 4 shows the results of an authorization request using the JAAS policy file shown in Listing 3. 清单 4 显示一个授权请求的结果,该请求使用清单 3 中显示的 JAAS 策略文件。

32、The buyer's representative sees this and calls for instructions. 买家代表看见了这一切, 向上级报告请求指示。

33、The Callout node (representing the request to Import1) is associated with the mediation component reference. Callout 节点(表示对 Import1 的请求)与中介组件引用关联。

34、Requesting completion and submission of this Claim Form is not construed as admission of liability on the part of the Company. 要求填写及递交此赔偿申请表并不表示本公司承担赔偿责任。

35、【书,恳求,请求[O2] I pray you to show mercy to the child. 我恳请你对这孩子仁慈一点。

36、Another similar frequent request is to allow non-constant expressions to appear as case labels of switch statements. 另一个类似的频繁请求是允许非常量表达式显示为 switch 语句的 case 标签。

37、Sample request: GET /webcontent/rest/introspection HTTP/1.1 示例请求:GET /webcontent/rest/introspection HTTP/1.1

38、Data retrieval and update requests are decomposed automatically into sub-requests, which are then executed in parallel among the applicable database partitions. 数据检索和更新请求被自动分解成一些子请求,然后这些子请求在相应的数据库分区中并行地执行。

39、RequestEvent, a subclass of JTCEvent, is used to represent a lightweight transaction or single-step service request. RequestEvent是 JTCEvent的子类,用来表示一个轻量级事务或单步服务请求。

40、To get started, it asks that root element for its children and displays them. 为了开始显示,树查看器向根元素请求子元素并显示它们。

41、(may的过去式)(表示请求或婉转的责备)请;应该 You might at least apologize. 你至少应该道歉一下。

42、Minister Lin Xiangru opposed the appointment. Zhao Kuo's mother also asked the king of Zhao not to charger her son with the mission. 大臣蔺相如表示反对,赵括的母亲也请求赵王不要派她儿子去。

43、The Lis turned down interview requests, saying they preferred to keep a low profile. 李锂夫妇拒绝了采访请求,表示他们更喜欢保持低调。

44、Tens of thousands of people have voiced their thoughts on the case, many expressing anger over Yao's atrocity and asking for justice. 几千个人在这件案子上表示,对药家鑫高的罪行表示愤怒,并要求公平。

45、To begin, add a handler for JSON requests to the routing table, as in Listing 21 首先,将 JSON 请求的处理程序添加到路由表,如 清单 21 所示

46、Bonasera began his request obliquely and cleverly. "You must excuse my daughter, your wife's goddaughter, for not doing your family the respect of coming today." 伯纳塞拉转弯抹角地说起他的请求来,“请你谅解我女儿,也就是你妻子的教女今天没有到这里来表示尊敬。

47、We asked teacher to explain the difficult sentences again. 我们请求老师把难句在讲解一次。

48、After he agreed, I flew back to Arkansas and asked Wal-Mart to help. 他表示同意之后,我飞回阿肯色州,请求沃尔玛公司的帮助。

49、Note that Figure 30, above, shows CLASS7 as a proxy requirement representing Class1 from your model. 注意上面的图 30,显示的 CLASS7 是代表您的模型中 Class1 的一个请求。

50、Starting with HTTP/1.1, web clients indicate support for compression with the Accept-Encoding header in the HTTP request. Web 客户端从 HTTP/1.1 开始表示支持 HTTP 请求中 Accept-Encoding 头压缩。


51、Now stop quarrelling and listen to me. 哎,别吵了,听我说(表示请求)。

52、This example shows the results of a search through open service requests, which you can now read and update. 此示例显示了搜索开放服务请求的结果,现在可以对这些请求进行读取和更新。

53、The log excerpt in Listing 1 shows that this example is is a WAP request. 列表 1中的这个日志表明这个例子是一个 WAP 请求。

54、A service request has been rejected due to the overflow of unhandled messages. 由于未处理消息溢出,服务请求遭到拒绝。(被动有时可以用“遭到”来表示)

55、symbol, in this case, is a request parameter representing the requested ticker symbol, and callback is the name of your callback function in your Web application. 在这种情况下,symbol 是表示请求 ticker symbol 的请求参数,而 callback 是 Web 应用程序的回调函数的名称。

56、This layer also handles the requests from the Presentation Layer and interacts with the DAL to retrieve the data from the back end and request the DAL to perform data persistence. 这个层还处理来自表示层的请求,并与 DAL 交互以便从后端检索数据并请求 DAL 执行数据持久性。

57、Denotation: the emergency group has discovered the real fire and asks for support. 表示: 紧急应变小组已经发现真实火灾,并请求支援。

58、Listing 4 shows the request for the userinfo. 清单 4 显示对 userinfo 的请求。

59、JiangYuHe again ask li guess help, and said that can have a condition. 姜宇赫再次请求李猜猜帮忙,并且表示可以有条件。

60、header-rewrite indicates that a request header will be rewritten. header-rewrite 表示一个请求报头将会被重写。

61、After the request is processed, it sends a JMS message to indicate that this request scope has ended. 在处理请求之后,它发送一个 JMS 消息,表示这个请求范围已经结束。

62、To implement this functionality, each change request is represented by a special document in the repository. 为实现这个功能,每个更改请求表示为资源库中的一个特殊文档。

63、To place your name on the e-mail list for updates, contact Stephen Atkins. 要将您的名字放入到请求更新的电子邮件列表中,请与 Stephen Atkins 联系。

64、After sending all instructions, the request cycle reaches its final state, which denotes the end of request processing, as shown in Figure 2 (to see a larger image, click here). 发出所有指令后,此请求周期即达到了其最后的状态,表明请求处理完毕,如图 2 所示(要看放大的图片,请单击 此处)。

65、E-mail form to request a print catalog 请求打印编目的电子邮件表单。

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