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导读: 56个,关于”中秋的句子“的英语句子56个,句子主体:Mid Autumn Festival sentence。以下是关于中秋的句子的高二英语句子。


关于”中秋的句子“的英语句子56个,句子主体:Mid Autumn Festival sentence。以下是关于中秋的句子的高二英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Mid Autumn Festival sentence

1、Mid-most read, most read in a dream! 中秋人最念,最念在梦中!

2、So no Mid-Autumn can eat moon cakes, and no moon cakes are not, therefore, Mid-Autumn festival and Mid-Autumn moon cakes are closely linked. 所以无中秋可以吃月饼,而无月饼则不成中秋,因此中秋与月饼是紧密相连不可或缺的。

3、Autumn is the best season here. 秋天是这里最好的季节。

4、The day after tomorrow is the Mid-Autumn Festival. Therefore, 22, 23, 24, warehouse holiday, during which they do not work. 后天是中秋节。所以xx日,xx日,xx日仓库放假,在这期间他们不上班。

5、I wish a happy MidAutumn Festival! 祝中秋愉快!

6、Chinese markets will be shut between Oct. 2 and Oct. 8 for National Day and Autumn Festival celebrations. CN-HOLIDAYS 中国市场将于xx月2-xx日因国庆和中秋节假期休市.

7、Through the air on the flying tze, his mind hummed. 他脑子里又响起了,“在空中飞扬的秋千上,在空中飘荡……”。

8、Tso chuan was named Chun Ch'iu and Zuoshi Chun Ch'iu, thus being a kind of Chun Ch'iu work, in pre-Qin dynasty. 《左传》初名《春秋》,又名《左氏春秋》,是先秦诸多春秋学著作中的一种。

9、②Autumn, the sweet scented osmanthus trees, each leaf in gently.   秋风中, 桂花 树上的每一片叶子都在摇曳着。

10、Drizzly rain heavy, rustling autumn wind appearing in the coolness. 潇潇的秋雨深重,瑟瑟的秋风中透着丝丝凉意。

11、--晏殊《中秋月》 When will the moon be clear and bright?

12、Golden fall is harvest-time. 金色的秋天是收获的时节。

13、Today people will enjoy the full moon and eat moon cakes on that day. 如今人们在中秋节那天都会赏月并吃月饼。

14、On the night of Mid-Autumn Day, a bright moon and shining stars bring my best wishes to you. . 中秋的夜晚我将明月和星星排成最美的祝福:中秋快乐!

15、I am with my Papa and Mama in the Mid Autum Day. 中秋对中国人来说是个仅次于阴历新年的日子。

16、Kindly note that during the period of Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese National Day, India Visa Application Centre remains normal working days from Monday to Friday, CLOSED in WEEKENDS. 此外,中秋节及国庆黄金周期间,中心的工作日仍然是周一至周五;周xx日休息。

17、Autumn truly is what summer pretends to be: the best of all seasons. 夏天佯装自己是xx年中最好的季节,其实秋日才是最美。

18、The MidAutumn Festival, dating back to ancient China, pays homage to the moon and good harvest. “中秋节”的说法首次出现在一本2000多年撰写的书籍——《周礼》中。

19、I like autumn, like the Mengmeng drizzle, like Autumn Rainfall in the campus. 我喜欢秋天,喜欢那朦朦细雨,更喜欢秋雨中校园。

20、My mother set off to see Comrade Wang one morning on a mild autumn day, the best time of year in Jinzhou. 在一个凉爽宜人的秋日早晨,我母亲去见王愚同志,而秋天正是锦州xx年之中最好的季节。

21、Confucius was a great thinker and educationist in late Spring and Autun Period. 孔子是中国春秋末期的大思想家和教育家。

22、Autumn, fallen leaves in autumn in a rotation, unwittingly ushered in the winter grandfather. 秋天,一片片落叶在秋风中旋转,不知不觉中迎来了冬爷爷。

23、With autumn winds breezing softly, Changsha came into the year's most beautiful season. 在一道道秋风的轻拂下,长沙进入了xx年中最美的季节。

24、Unlike most other Chines festivals, the Mid-Autumn Festiv is a low-kei holiday, character by peac and elegance. 不同于大多数其他中国节日,中秋节是一个低调假期,其特点是和平与优雅。

25、Althoug Mid-Autum Festival falls on this week, there isn't any atmosphere of festival at all. 虽然这礼拜是中秋节假期,但是一点气氛都没有。


26、Vivipary was observed in the seeds of' Autumn mango'. 在“秋芒”种子中直接观察到胎萌现象。

27、Autumn is golden, full of cool weather and beautiful scenes, the so-called "Golden Week" holiday in autumn offers many unique choices for entertainment. 金秋时节,秋高气爽,风景怡人。秋日黄金周给大家提供了休闲的好机会。

28、As the day draws near, mooncakes become the most popular food and a gift given to mark the occasion. 随着中秋节一天天的临近,月饼成为这一时期的抢手货和礼品。

29、I gave her mooncakes on Mid-Autumn Festivals, presents during Chinese New Year. 中秋节我送她月饼,农历新年我送她贺年礼物。

30、On the Mid-autumn Day, each family get together and have a big dinner. 在中秋节,各家各户都团聚在一起,吃一顿丰盛的晚饭。

31、But the loathful typhoon Senlake, chooses in Mid-Autumn Festival small long vacation period umes an awe-inspiring pose. 但让人讨厌的台风“森拉克”,偏偏选择在中秋节小长假期间“发威”。

32、The mid-autumn holiday and National Day holiday come together this year, and netizens have called them the most troublesome holidays of 2010, the Legal Evening News reported. 据《法制晚报》报道,今年中秋节和国庆假期"撞车",被网友称为"最折腾假期"。

33、In this I did not fall on the land, the hot weather but always cannot stop the heart inside that autumn, it is heart of a knot. 生活在这片没有秋季的土地上,炎热的天气却总是无法阻挡心中揣着的那份秋凉,那是心中的千秋结啊。

34、With regard to the judicial timing idea of execution of sentence in autumn and winter, its exact written record can be traced back to the Spring and Autumn Period. “刑以秋冬”的司法时令思想有确切文字记载的是春秋时期,但这一思想的起源还应早于此。

35、SOD activity in 'Xiangyun' is higher than that in 'Tangyujinqiu' in all determined stage, for instance, 24.1 % higher at mid-flower stage. 从绿蕾期到末花期“祥云”的SOD活性始终高于“唐宇金秋”,中花期“祥云”叶片中SOD活性较“唐宇金秋”高24.1%;

36、He volunteered to stay on night shifts during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. 中秋假期期间,他自愿留在单位值夜班。

37、How do Chinese people celebrate the Spring Festival Spring Festival is a time for celebrating with family and friends. 若何做止您群众庆贺秋节 秋节是取家人战伴侣庆贺地时候。

38、Autumn in September, sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance, is a good time to see the full moon, but also the start of the season to eat crabs. 金秋xx月,桂花飘香,是个赏月看秋景的好时期,也是吃螃蟹季节的开始。

39、In mid-autumn festival, the local have a ceremonious celebration: Fire dragon dance. 每年的中秋节,当地会一个举行隆重的庆祝活动― 舞火龙。

40、Period was a golden age of Chinese ideology. 春秋战国时期是中国思想史的黄金时代。

41、Spring Festival has a long history and it originated in the shells period. 秋节的汗青长久,它来源于殷商期间。

42、Addressing the media, before heading home, Liu said he is looking forward to spending China's Mid-Autumn Festival with his family. 在回家之前对媒体的讲话中,刘翔表示他期望与家人一起过中秋节。

43、On midautumn festival, we eat moon cakes.There is full of the moon and people have a reunion. 月圆人团圆 压韵脚yuan

44、Chapter one teaches us that the process of the Mid-Autumn Festival"s development and evolvement." 第一章论述了中秋节的孕育、形成与发展过程。

45、Friends: Mid-Autumn happier! 朋友:中秋快乐!

46、HAN MEI:On Midautumn Day we usually eat a big dinner and mooncakes. 韩梅:中秋节这天我们通常要吃一顿丰盛的晚餐,还吃月饼。

47、This was known as autumn reward. Since the 15'" month of the 8th month is the time when rice paddies are harvested, some people believe that the Mid Autumn Festival came from the autumn reward ritual. 到了秋天,人们会再次祭祀土地之神,感谢他给予人们丰收,这就是著名的秋日祭祀,因为阴历xx月xx日是水稻成熟之时,所以有些人认为中秋节是从秋日祭祀仪式演变而来的。

48、A large number of the historic facts on the war were retained in Chun Qiu Zuo Zhuan during the period of the Spring and Autumn. 《春秋左传》中比较完备地保留了春秋时期的大量战争史实。

49、China and Japan have mid-autumn festivals, when people admire the moon and in China, enjoy mooncakes. 中国和日本都有中秋节, 这时人们会赏月。在中国, 人们还品尝月饼。

50、The Confucianism is the backbone of Chinese ideology and culture, which was created by Confucius 2000 years ago. 儒学是中国两千多年思想文化的主干,为春秋时期的孔子所创。


51、②Autumn, the sweet scented osmanthus trees, each leaf in gently.   秋风中, 桂花 树上的每一片叶子都在摇曳着。

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