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导读: 58个,关于”适合写手帐的句子“的英语句子58个,句子主体:Sentences suitable for writing accounts。以下是关于适合写手帐的句子的小学英语句子。


关于”适合写手帐的句子“的英语句子58个,句子主体:Sentences suitable for writing accounts。以下是关于适合写手帐的句子的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentences suitable for writing accounts

1、All vouchers, receipts, accounting statiments and reports, accounting books shall be written in Chinese and English. 一切记帐凭证、单据、报表、帐薄,用中文书写。

2、In other words,a written demand ,or a check ,is all that's necessary to make a withdrawal from the account . 换句话说,要想从帐户中提取,只需填写一张用款需求单或一张支票就可以了。

3、Insulated containers in a good sate of repair are suitable for fumigation and do not require to be covered with gas tight sheets. 状态良好的保温集装箱适合于熏蒸,不需要用气密性帐幕苫盖。

4、A plastic surgeon has written a book called "My Beautiful Mommy" to help explain plastic surgery to kids in a positive, non-frightening, and age-appropriate manner. 一个整形医生曾经写了一本书,叫《我的漂亮妈妈》,这本书试图用一种积极的,不可怕的,适合孩子年龄的方式来向孩子们解释整形手术。

5、Make sure your message is appropriate for each individual. 确保你写给每个人的祝福语是合适的。

6、We want to integrate our EFT POS Terminal with your E-Voucher solution? 我们要结合您的E -券解决我们的电子转帐POS终端机?

7、In a sense, files are best used when viewed as read-only or write-only. 对于只读或只写的数据,适合使用文件。

8、First of all, you need the right JDK when programming JTA applications. 首先,在编写 JTA 应用程序时,您需要合适的 JDK。

9、This tablet, which is available in green or pink, has a built-in microphone, camera, video recorder and kid-size stylus for writing and drawing on its five-inch touch screen (a finger also works). 这款平板电脑有绿色和粉色两种颜色,装有内置麦克风、摄像头、摄录机和大小适合孩子使用的手写笔,用来在5英寸的触摸屏上写字和画画(用手指亦可)。

10、Goods Brief:Suitable for : Phlegm, cough, cold hands and feet and sinus. 适合调理 : 多痰,咳嗽,手脚冰冷。伤风,鼻子敏感。

11、For sewing suitcase, hand bag, sofa, tent, leather products, car seats, ss, etc. 本机适用于中厚料的缝制:箱包、手袋、沙发、帐篷、皮具、汽车坐垫、制鞋等产品缝制。

12、History is replete with accounts of expert tacticians choosing the proper moment to impact the battle. 历史充满帐目战专家选择适当时机,影响战斗。

13、Calligraphy notepads are the best option for primary students that want to practice their writing. 字帖儿最适合小学生用来模仿写字。

14、A ledger is a group of accounts. 总帐由一组帐目(科目)组成。

15、Continuous spectra are appropriate to the of cymbals. 连续谱适合于描写钹的碰撞声。

16、All vouches, account book, statistic statements and reports of the Company shall be written in Chinese. 一切记帐凭证、单据、报表、帐薄,用中文书写。

17、The written or electronic request for a sonogram should provide sufficient information to allow for appropriate performance and interpretation of the examination. 手写的或电子的超声检查申请应当提供充分的信息以规定检查的合适表现和解释。

18、If one cannot be readily identified, address your letter to the editor-in-chief. 如果不能找到合适的编辑,可将投稿信写给总编辑。

19、Nations match the camp company accountancy's account to also use to borrow open account method? 国际合营公司会计帐目也使用借贷记帐法吗?

20、Account book must be set up in sorting out and surveying land, and the aim of synthesized utilization of the account book be achieved. 国土整理测量必须建立土地台帐,并达到综合利用土地台帐的目的。

21、Because there were no scientific books Professor Oveges regarded suitable for his students, he wrote his own. 奥格弗斯认为适合他学生用的科学书籍太少,于是就自己动手编写。

22、For Sub-Account, please indicate "FBO your account name and sub-account number on the special instruction field." 汇至子帐户:请在附言处填上FBO您的帐户名称和子帐户号码。

23、The accounts were already prepared on a folding table, and with a nod Soames sat down to study them. 帐目早已准备好放在一张可以折起的桌子上,索米斯点一下头就坐下看帐。

24、C;Will you please go to the New Accounts counter to open your account while I fill out your receipt? 请您到新开帐户柜台去开立您的帐户,同时,我在这里为您填写收据,好吗?

25、The font could be a great fit for headlines and posters but is hardly usable for long body text. Oblik SerifBold非常适合大标题、海报但是不适合用于大段文字的书写。


26、Afternoon field: suitable for afternoon leisure, team parties, business meetings, reading and writing. 午场:适合午后休闲,团队聚会,商务洽谈,阅读写作。

27、His style best comports with comedy. 他的风格最适合写喜剧。

28、Everyone of you, who with literary talent, please write down your best words in the following actively. If proper, we can adopt it here with pleasure! 希望各位文思泉涌的你们,能在下面写下你们心中认为最合适的那一句!

29、The Safety Committee would appreciate written or oral suggestions for corrections, additions, or deletions to this manual for incorporation into future printings . 安全委员会将感激给改正,增加,或者删除在这手册适合结合进未来的印刷品的写或者口头的建议。

30、The various functions performed include the processing of accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger , and total integrated banking. 在履行各种职能,包括应收帐目处理,应付帐款,总帐,总的综合银行。

31、So I could write a book on Thailand, but I won’t bore you with every last detail. 我可以写一本关于泰国的书,但不会流水帐似地写下每一个细节。

32、All travellers should take appropriate precautions against mosquito bites (use of mosquito nets, insect repellents). 所有旅行者均应采取适当的措施,防止蚊子叮咬(如使用蚊帐、驱虫剂)。

33、The final line on a company's accounting statement that shows profit or loss that the company makes a… 原义指财务帐目表上最下面的一行或那一行上写的表示盈亏的数目。

34、All vouchers, receipts, accounting statements and reports, accounting books shall be written in Chinese and English. 一切记帐凭证、单据、报表、帐薄,用中文书写。

35、Reasonably pure rain water can be collected from the roofs of buildings or tents if they are clean and suitable. 如果屋顶或者帐篷顶干净并且合适的话,可以从那里收集到相当纯净的雨水。

36、a w And the amount of weight available, a w, for available weight. 合适的重量的个数是,也就是available,weight的简写。

37、That was too soft for a son of his — he would have preferred me to work on cars or do what he considered to be manly things. 写写画画对他的儿子来说太文弱了——他宁愿我鼓捣鼓捣汽车或做一些他认为适合男人干的事情。

38、In essence, the mixing of tags and code is just a convenience for the code -- which means you don't have to create a lot of write statements. 基本上,标签与代码的混合仅仅是为了方便编写代码——这意味着您不需要编写大量的写语句。

39、The plain, direct writing, devoid of metaphor, suits the genre well. 而平白直接的写法,缺乏隐喻同样适合这样的风格。

40、Strategy for 10K dollar account subscriptions. 策略适用10K美元帐户订阅。

41、Good writing justifies itself: no general rule applies in every case, as thoughtful writing engenders its most appropriate form. 优秀的写作其本身就证明:没有适用于任何情况的普遍规则,有见地的写作自然形成它最合适的形式。

42、In other words, the marketer has found the most-qualified group of prospects and motivated them to action. 换句话说,营销人员找到了最适合的目标群体,这促使他们付诸行动。

43、To write in letters of gold - take quicksilver , pour it into a suitable vase and add gold leaf. 用黄金写信-拿来水银,将水银倒入一个合适的瓶子里,加入金叶。

44、Registration of all the legal account books. 依据合法的记帐凭证登帐。

45、So the idea of writing a book was not one that was in my wheelhouse. 所以写书这个主意对我来说并不合适。

46、Accelerator is quite well suited for writing stencil-style data parallel programs. Accelerator非常适合编写 模板风格的数据并行处理程序。

47、Fill out the form and follow the instructions to activate your account. 按要求填写表格,并激活自己的帐号。

48、The infirmary tent was complete; now the medics and doctors had a decent place to treat soldiers. 做治疗室用的帐篷已经搭建完成;现在,医疗队和医生们总算有了为士兵治疗的合适场所。

49、One word of caution- this software should be used by those who know how to repair and is not intended for the beginner. 一句忠告——此软件应由那些知道如何修理的人来使用而且它不适合新手。

50、Established customs account, controlled the balance of customs contract, material account and the finance account. 建立海关帐。合同帐、物料帐、财务帐之平衡。


51、Add your MP3s and sort them into playlists. Set the mood for writing. 将你的MP3分类放进来,设定成适合你写作的播放模式。

52、What first and last name did you use when you created the account? 请写出你申请帐号时所使用的姓和名字。

53、Writing this thesis aims at exploring suitable way of forming junior middle school language accomplishment of writing and bring some inspiration to the Chinese teachers in language drills ? 本篇论文的撰写目的就在于探索一条适合初中语文写作语言素养形成之路,为一线的语文教师进行写作语言训练带去一点启示。

54、Fillin your login account and password and click the 'Registration' on. 填写帐号信息和密码,点击“登录”按钮。

55、Nagiko: I need writing. Don't ask why. Just take out your pen and write on my arm. 诺硒子牛:毙我需要写帐作。煮不要问为伊什么。就是摘把吗你的钢虐笔拿匆出拓来,写廓在佩我宣的胳膊上。

56、The results show that it is suitable to write azopolymer long-period optical fiber gratings using the polarization direct writing method and amplitude mask method. 结果表明:目前比较适合用于偶氮苯聚合物长周期光纤光栅刻写的方法有偏振直写法和振幅掩模法两种。

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