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导读: 59个,关于”雪的短句“的英语句子59个,句子主体:Short sentence of snow。以下是关于雪的短句的小升初英语句子。


关于”雪的短句“的英语句子59个,句子主体:Short sentence of snow。以下是关于雪的短句的小升初英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Short sentence of snow

1、The Season of Winter—Snow, Snowmen , Snow Games. 冬季——雪,雪人,打雪仗。

2、Snow melts, will become a spring) 雪,冷到极致才温暖(Snow, extreme cold to warm until

3、New England's long and snowy winters might be cut short to as little as two weeks. 新英格兰漫长而多雪的冬季将会缩短至两个星期。

4、He was pulled out of the Cedar River a short time later. 经过了很短的时间,他被从雪河桥上拉了下来。

5、After: The 400 yard stretch of road was cleared in just over an hour, creating a safe route for residents 扫雪之后:400码长的路段上的冰雪已在短短一个多小时里清除掉了,为居民们扫开了安全行走的路面

6、The Winter Universiade consists of compulsory sports Alpine skiing, nordic skiing composed of jump, cross country & com-bined, ice hockey, short track, speed skating, figure skating, biathlon. 冬季运动会比赛的规定项目有高山滑雪、跳台滑雪、越野滑雪、北欧两项、冰球、短道速滑、速度滑冰、花样滑冰和冬季两项。

7、Simulate the avalanche circuit in series with PSPICE module, design the high voltage short plus generation circuit by avalanche transistor in series for the sweep deflection circuit of streak camera. 运用PSPICE模型对串联雪崩电路进行了仿真,设计出了用雪崩三极管串联的高压短脉冲产生电路,该电路可以用于条纹相机中的扫描电路。

8、She was transitoriness just like snow. 她就像雪一样,是短暂的。

9、Huang Wanping into snow arashi left to pick up again, talk is also very hard, being of snow to a few other words, a sorry and went away. 黄婉萍到雪岚的店里左挑又捡,说话也很难听,被雪岚给几句话说的不好意思就走了。

10、Tuck a hot-water bottle between your feet or wear a pair of ski to bed. 在两脚间塞一个装热水的瓶子,或者穿双滑雪短袜。

11、Thee snow is really short, if only stay for a while. 这场雪真短暂,要是多停留一会就好了。

12、Snow calamity mainly consists of natural snow mantle, wind-drifting snow and avalanche. 积雪灾害主要指自然积雪、风吹雪、雪崩。

13、His tail was ticking back and forth. It is cropped so that it is about the size and shape of a half-smoked stogie . 他的尾巴来回摇摆,尾巴曾被剪短过所以看起来像廉价的细长雪茄烟一样的大小。

14、The Snows of Kilimanjaro" is a short story rich in symbolism." 《乞力马扎罗的雪》是一部象征意义丰富的短篇小说。

15、Swam: Celebi! Can your time travel ability transport us just the short distance into the Passage of Time ? 雪拉比!你能用你的短程时间旅行带我们到时之长廊去么?

16、雪,冷到极致才温暖(Snow, extreme cold to warm until

17、A setting moon , as bright as snow , hanging high in the sky , and no one laughs it's lack. 我记得有一句:月虽残,亮如雪,高挂天空谁笑缺。

18、If your dog will wear booties, by all means, use them when walking the day after a snowstorm or in extremely cold temperatures. 如果您的狗将穿短靴,采取一切手段,行走时使用后的第二天暴风雪或在极低的温度下。

19、Women's or girls'overcoats, car-coats, capes, cloaks, anoraks (including ski-jackets), wind- cheaters, wind-jackets and similar articles, knitted or crocheted, other than those of heading No. 61.04 针织或钩编的女式大衣、短大衣、斗篷、短斗篷、带风帽的防寒短上衣(包括滑雪短上衣)、防风衣、防风短上衣及类似品,但税目61.04的货品除外。

20、Dia Mirza in a short, fetching dress exposing her alabaster legs at a hair oil launch. 直径米尔扎在很短的,提取穿着暴露在发油推出她雪花腿。

21、Sao Paulo, 8th April - Felipe Massa came back to Brazil for a short holiday between the races at Sepang and in Shanghai. 费利佩-马萨回到巴西圣保罗去度过雪邦与中国站之间的一个短暂假期。

22、The corms could form earlier when cultured in the low temperature (13℃); 低温(13℃)可以大大缩短香雪兰试管球茎的诱导时间;

23、Commentary: Beijing Dragon and Pnix Ski Resort is the fitness of a ski resort earlier, various facilities were perfect, service is not bad. 短评:龙凤山滑雪场是北京市健身比较早的一个滑雪场,各种设施比较完善,服务也不错。

24、Max Fleischer's studio produced an animated short version of Snow White featuring Betty Boop, who is of course the fairest in the land. 麦科斯·费雪(Max Fleischer)工作室制作的动画短片《白雪公主》由卡通明星贝蒂娃娃(Betty Boop)主演,她当然是全世界最美的女人。

25、Pickle also known as "potherb mus, potherb mus, " Seven Star has a long history with pickled vegetables. 雪菜又名“雪里蕻、雪里红”,七星雪菜具有悠久的历史。


26、"We're trying to offer a combination of new products, but smaller cigars are more important than in the past because there are fewer places to smoke and less time," said Lopez. “我们想推出一种新产品组合,但小雪茄比传统雪茄更重要,因为可以吸烟的地方越来越少,时间也越来越短。” 洛佩兹说。

27、Torchbearers will travel on foot, skis, snowmobiles, snowboards and snowss. 火炬手将徒步,滑雪,雪车,滑雪板和滑雪鞋行进。

28、Where the mother let He Ping go home after a good talk with Feng Xue, where father Feng Xue and other daughter-in-law is not the same, he asked where the mother personally do not. 何母让何平回家后好好和冯雪说话,何父知道冯雪和其他儿媳妇不一样,他让何母当面不要揭短。

29、雪的白,让我想起了血的红(Snow white and reminds me of the red blood)

30、Men's or boys'overcoats, car-coats, capes, cloaks, anoraks (including ski-jackets), wind- cheaters, wind-jackets and similar articles, knitted or crocheted, other than those of heading No. 61.03 针织或钩编的男式大衣、短大衣、斗篷、短斗篷、带风帽的防寒短上衣(包括滑雪短上衣)、防风衣、防风短上衣及类似品,但税目61.03的货品除外。

31、As the saying goes, "Snow Mega Year" is a good year next year. 今天早晨我起床后,看见窗外一片银白色,呀!

32、Expected, Harbin, Qiqihar, Jiamusi, Mudanjiang Airport there is a small short-term snow. 预计,哈尔滨、齐齐哈尔、佳木斯、牡丹江短时有小阵雪。

33、Lived her, hug her into bosom, 1 word was a to resolutely say:"Snow son is the daughter of cloud Feng!" 住了她,将她抱进怀里,一字一句斩钉截铁地说道:“雪儿是云峰的女儿!

34、The small fox and Long Xue listens to the down stairs a per, that savor in heart be really ……can not remember clearly a direction not clear, ambiguously take an silk fidgety. 小狐和龙雪听着楼下一句一句,心中那滋味真是……说不清道不明,隐约的带着一丝烦躁。

35、Men's or boys'overcoats, car-coats, capes, cloaks, anoraks (including ski-jackets), wind- cheaters, wind-jackets and similar articles, other than those of heading No. 62.03 男式大衣、短大衣、斗篷、短斗篷、带风帽的防寒短上衣(包括滑雪短上衣)、防风衣、防风短上衣及类似品,但税号62.03的货品除外。

36、Sunshine, rain, snow and ice, Xingyue, concentrated into just a few days, see hurried deducing of thousands of years of repeated fairy tale. 阳光、风雨、冰雪、星月,都浓缩成短短的昼夜,看匆匆忙忙演绎着千百年重复的童话。

37、Chevrolet 1990 mobile transport. 1965 Chevrolet step side short bed truck … 1998 Chevrolet Z71 model forum. xx年雪佛兰卡车传输。“ xx年雪佛兰短床侧步车 ” … xx年雪佛兰 z71论坛模式。

38、A wakeboard looks like a snowboard, only shorter and wider. 尾波滑水板看起来像是滑雪板,但是它比较短,也更宽一些。

39、However, one can’t help but burst into laughter at the sight of these black and white bowling pins shuffling side to side across the ice on their impossibly short legs. 然而,当看到这些黑白相间的“保龄球瓶”拖着短得不能再短的腿,摇摇摆摆地在冰天雪地里穿梭时,任何人都会忍不住发出爆笑。

40、Snow cover duration was also at a record minimum, going back to since record-keeping began in 1966. 积雪覆盖的持续时间也是自xx年开始记录以来最短的。

41、That was the message Blizzard's chief operating officer Paul Sams sent to Microsoft yesterday. 这是暴雪公司首席执行官保罗.山姆昨天发表的给微软公司的一封信中提到的一句话。

42、Nordic skiing includes cross country racing, ski jumping and the Nordic Combines. 滑雪三项全能包括越野滑雪赛、跳台滑雪和速度滑雪和跳跃滑雪混合项目。

43、Water repellent windbreaker with taped seams, fold-in hood ant two inside pockets. 防风防水短风衣,采用压条拼缝,可折叠风雪帽以及两只侧袋。

44、When my family went skiing they often rented the equipment-skis, poles, and boots. 我们一家去滑雪时,通常租用滑雪设备--滑雪板、滑雪杆和滑雪靴。

45、He sent her to the first message of the time, it's snowing outside. 他给她发来第一条短信的时候,外面下着雪。

46、Radial velocity products of Doppler weather radar are the important basis for short-term forecast. 多普勒天气雷达的径向速度产品是制作“雷打雪”天气短时临近预报的重要依据。

47、By the way, it requires that you already have Snow Leopard. 顺便提一句,它要求你已事先安装了“雪豹”系统。

48、Many animals are short of food there, their life becomes more and more miserable on the land where there is nothing but ice and snow, many lives died out in the terrible trail. 由于环境改变而带来的食品短缺,让这里冰天雪地的生活变得雪上加霜,很多生命在这一改变中殒灭。

49、LOEB signed a contract with Citroën in 2002, and after a short time of adjustment, he started his journey of creating a legend. xx年勒布签约雪铁龙,在经历短暂的磨合之后,车神勒布开始书写传奇。

50、Shake your head and say: “Michelle, Michelle, Michelle. 摇摇你的脑袋说:“蜜雪儿,蜜雪儿,蜜雪儿。


51、European orchid having shorter racemes of strongly spiraling snow-white flowers. 欧洲兰花,花色雪白,总状花序较短、呈螺旋状。-- 来源 -- 汉英 - 翻译…

52、Shortages of meat and vegetable in the snow-hit areas caused prices to soar. 雪灾地区的肉类和蔬菜的短缺迫使物价飙升。

53、I received a well, you say, the faster the flow time I wait for you turn to the snow. 我收到你说的一句安好,光阴愈流愈快,转至我等你第一场雪。

54、Starting from the block of snow round of the general, the longest, but the shoulder, the shortest not less than ribs. 一般由拦雪轮起算,最长不过肩,最短不低于肋下。

55、'Also, don't bother wearing shorts if you have lily-white legs or some other abnormality showing. 当然,如果你的大腿雪白,或者是其他不太正常的特征,那就干脆不要穿短裤了。

56、雪对于我们来说,是转瞬而逝的存在(Snow for us, is the existence of a flash dies)

57、An uncle kua I can learn to ski in such a short time, that's really something! 一位叔叔夸我能在这么短的时间里学会滑雪,真了不起!

58、Thus there are times during a snowstorm when the temperature will suddenly drop and the snow will change to sleet and hail. 这样,在暴风雪期间,有时气温会突然下降,雪会变成冻雨和冰雹。(介词短语作时间状语。)

59、In short winter storms are likely to become stronger and more frequent, with stronger winds. 短暂的冬季里,裹挟着大风的暴雪会更加强烈和频繁。

60、However, one can't help but burst into laughter at the sight of these black and white bowling pins shuffling side to side across the ice on their impossibly short legs. 然而,当看到这些黑白相间的“保龄球瓶”拖着短得不能再短的腿,摇摇摆摆地在冰天雪地里穿梭时,任何人都会忍不住发出爆笑。

61、Snow cover is a very important physical factor in short-term climate prediction. It has great significance to strengthen research in this area for improving short-term climate forecasting accuracy. 积雪被视为我国短期气候预测的一个重要物理因子,继续加强该领域的研究对于提高我国短期气候预测的准确率将有重要意义。

62、Sepang Goldcoast is a mere 30-minute drive from the airport and just over an hour from the capital. 雪邦黄金海岸仅仅是从开出30分钟的车程,和从首都驱车短短一个多小时的车程。

63、The chemical composition of Centella asiatica includes asiaticoside, madecassoside, asiatic acid, and madasiatic acid etc, and asiaticoside is the main active composition of it. 积雪草中的成分主要有积雪草苷、羟基积雪草苷、积雪草酸、羟基积雪草酸等,积雪草苷是其主要活性成分。

64、Giant Schnauzer and a cat check each other out in the eastern German city of Leipzig on August 18, 2010. xx月xx日,德国莱比锡的宠物展销会上,雪纳瑞狗与短毛猫对视,似乎在友好地交流。

65、Autumn is short, in the fingertips not yet been thoroughly warm in winter and snow crystal on the wanted children to my window lattice edges. 秋是短暂的,在指尖还没被暖透,冬就想把晶莹的雪花儿送到我的窗棂边。

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