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导读: 57个,关于”自然的诗“的英语句子57个,句子主体:Natural Poetry。以下是关于自然的诗的八年级英语句子。


关于”自然的诗“的英语句子57个,句子主体:Natural Poetry。以下是关于自然的诗的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Natural Poetry

1、Its idea of integration into the nature forms the peaceful poetic context; 委运自然的思想形成了诗境的平和淡远;

2、Natural themes are very obvious in W ·S · Merwin's poetry. 自然主题在W·S·默温的诗歌中非常显明。

3、Natural beauty is the result of personified nature, and the art of landscape painting and poem is the subjective materialized form of natural beauty through the sensation of personal experience. 自然美是人化自然的结果,山水诗画艺术是主体自然美感经验的物化形态。

4、His life instinct of insistence and nature is revealed invariably in his poetry. 在他的诗文中,无处不表露出他任真自然的本性。

5、Poetic metaphysics, which is constructed by Coleridge, finishes poetic trend of philosophy. 柯尔律治建构的“自然”的诗性形而上学,实现了哲学的诗化。

6、And I feel above me the dayblind stars 我感到白昼般耀眼的星星 waiting for their light. For a time 正在等待着它们的光明。

7、Develop circulating economy,advance harmonious between man and nature 发展循环经济 促进人与自然和谐相处

8、We should live in harmony with nature 保护大自然使我们每个人的责任

9、of grief. I come into the presence of still water. 我面对宁静的湖面。

10、Water injects natural life and poesy into a noisy city. 水给喧闹的城市注入自然的生机与诗意。

11、He sees the other side of nature----the black and cold side. 但是,诗人也看到了大自然黑暗冷酷的一面。

12、The personified description of natural scenery characterizes Sanskrit Poems of both natural scenery beauty and humanistic beauty, and tell poets' pursuit of harmonious relation between man and nature. 同时,人情化的自然景色的描绘使梵语诗歌的自然景色、自然美和人情美兼而有之,情景交融中自然流露出诗人们对人与自然和谐关系的追求。

13、The very mention of Saint Peter naturally violates the clical, pastoral fiction of the poem. 对圣彼得的提及自然而然触犯了,这首诗的田园古典的基调。

14、In the poem, a person or maybe the poet himself, contemplated life and nature in the garden with flowers, trees and fountains. 在这首诗里,一个人,也许是诗人自己,在一座有花木林泉之胜的园林里沉思着人与自然的问题。

15、Like most romantic poets, Wordsworth and Shelley chant nature's beautiful landscape and eulogize it to express their deep love for it. 与大多数浪漫主义诗人一样,华兹华斯和雪莱都咏赞大自然,讴歌自然界的山水风景来表达对自然的挚爱。

16、By writing these works, Zhang Wei wants to revive nature, rebuild the poetic relationship between man and nature, and strike a balance between naturality and humanity. 从中反映出张炜意欲复活自然,重建人与自然的诗性关系,在自然性和人性之间找到一个平衡点的思想追求。

17、Hu Shi's theory of "natural syllables"was the basic theory for modern poems in the early stage. It laid the foundation for the form of moderm poems in terms of natural tempo, intonation and rhyme. 胡适的“自然音节”论是新诗形式初创期的基本理论,它在自然的节奏和自然的声调、韵两个方面为新诗形式奠定了基础。

18、Their life is a natrual harmony. 他们的生活自然、和谐。

19、I think his poems are very beauty, naturalness , and wisdom. 我想他的诗美妙绝伦而又自然睿智。

20、Harmonious Development Between Harmonious Society and Advanced Education 和谐社会与高等教育的和谐发展

21、The poetry theory of Liu Bannong advocated to express emotion with the natural sound rhythm, "Essence"is the core of his poetics; 刘半农的新诗理论,主张率意言情,用自然音响节奏表达情思,“真”,是其诗论的核心;

22、Thirdly, "Nature's words" as poetic theory of language. 三是作为诗学语言观的“自然之言”(第三章)。

23、I rest in the grace of the world, and am free. 这时,我安息于世界的恩典之中,我自由了。

24、"true meanings" are the contents of the poems; and "true interest" is the natural demonstration of his poems' expression. “真意”是就其诗之内容而言,“真趣”是其诗之神态上的自然表现。

25、It is the idea of a supernatural-natural revelation that comes to such eloquent expression in the Old Testament, and particularly in the Psalms. 这个超自然同时又是自然的启示,就是旧约《圣经》-尤其是诗篇-所要精心表达的内容。


26、Dufu is a poet who loved nature deeply and paid much attention to ecology. 杜甫是一位特别钟爱自然、关注生态的诗人。

27、Nevertheless, it is the right unity of images and feelings of each poem that creates its perfect poetic context of its own. 然而,正是由于两诗各自在情趣与意象上的契合,才创造出了各自完美的诗境。

28、Only if we care for nature, we can better protect our living environment 自然的力量是强大的,会给我们带来幸福,也会带来灾难

29、We naturally thought that it was the poet John Milton who was speaking the first 185 lines of the poem. 我们自然会认为是诗人弥尔顿自己,在言说着前185行诗。

30、Wang Wei is a water and mountain poet, who not only gathered many other factions' characters, but also opened his own special styles. 王维是一位集大成的山水诗人,又是一位开风气之先的诗宗。他的山水诗清新自然,声色融合,意境空灵。

31、The poetics of architecture in calatrava ' s mind contains : pantheism of architecture, naturalism, and poesy in structure. 卡拉特拉瓦的建筑诗学主体结构包括:建筑泛神论,自然主义,结构诗。

32、At home, he hopes to create a “harmonious society”. 在国内,他希望创造一个“和谐的社会”。

33、He searched in himself, in Nature, in the message of poets and thinkers. 他搜寻上帝于自己身上,于自然界中,于诗人及思想家之笔端。

34、However, natural view of Chinese scholars shows an "empty mountain" consciousness, and the"see-through" character in its poetry can even more signify the essence … 中国文人的自然观却有一种“空山”意识,词性中的“看透”更能表征中国文人自然观的实质,这在魏晋诗人以及陶渊明、王维、李白的诗境中可以看出。

35、Based on the theory of "Spiral Structure of the Third Nature", Lo Men uses the "City-Poem" and "Nature-Poem" as the subject in the modern poem. 在「第三自然螺旋型架构」理论的基础下,罗门以「都市诗」和「自然诗」作为现代诗的创作主题。

36、Furthermore, TAO's poems were for self-entertainment while XIE's were secular. 由此看出,陶诗已达到了人与自然的和谐统一;

37、Yonghu-poetry expressed the feelings of happy and pleased with oneself and attitude towards life. 浥湖诗表达出诗人怡然自得的生活情趣和超然旷达的人生态度。

38、Compared to Wang Wei, at the angel of observing nature, Meng's poems are mainly dynamic recording travel, Wang's poems are mainly static sketch. 同王维山水田园诗相比,在观照自然角度上,孟诗多为动态纪游,王诗多为静观写生;

39、In Zheng zhen's poems, natural landscape as poetic imagery makes up a very great proportion and mountainous imagery falls into this kind. 在郑珍的诗歌中,自然景观作为诗的意象的比例特别大,山意象就属于这一类。

40、The country is very green in spring 春天的时候,乡村一片青葱碧绿。

41、As the poet Tennyson putit, nature really is “red in tooth and claw.” 正如诗人坦尼森所描述的,大自然本是“腥牙血爪。”

42、namely human and nature keep in harmony. 现代园林环境设计理念强调回归自然、以人为本,即人与自然的和谐相处。

43、Besides, the changes in Wordsworth's attitudes towards nature and his ideas of pantheism reflected in this poem is explored as well. 同时探讨华兹华斯在该诗中所反映的自然观的变化以及他的自然即上帝这一泛神论思想。

44、The aesthetic landscape poetry were fresh and natural which were full of humor and wit. 其纯审美性的山水诗清新自然,妙趣横生;

45、In the poet and in his work nature grows intelligible. 诗人和其作品使自然可触。

46、Then ilrate in Tang Dynasty poetry what is watched certainly and depicted and the nature charm is how to present by means of the bodies of poets. 接着具体分析感官系统下的自然性相,即全唐诗中的自然是怎样被观察和描述的,自然的魅力是如何通过诗人的身体呈现的。

47、And "Hongtashan", "Ashima" are Kat a few, they will naturally than "Yuxi" strong. 而“红塔山”、“阿诗玛”都是吉数,自然就会比“玉溪”强。

48、The style of Tao Yuanming poems is natural, and the natural style is based on his belief in nature. 陶渊明诗风的本色是自然,而其自然的诗风是由他崇尚自然的人生态度决定的。

49、The varied views and the vivid figures of speech in the poem fully show the poet's intense love for nature and at the same time reveal the great harmony between man and nature. 这生动的语言充分显示了诗人对大自然强烈的爱,全诗表达了倡导人与自然相和谐的主题。

50、Many poets and artists have drawn their inspiration from nature. 许多诗人和艺术家从大自然中获得灵感。


51、to build a harmonious society 建立和谐社会

52、Pose Zhong Rong's doctrine of "Natural Virtue"to expound the natural beauty of poetry from the modern academic vision; 以现代的学术视野提出钟嵘的“自然英旨”说以论述诗歌自然之美;

53、Oh, I'm a bard that kind of stuff comes naturally. 哦,我是个吟游诗人,这种话很自然地就冒出来了。

54、Zhang: Well, let's enjoy some excellent poems of praise to nature and life, bathed in the seven-colored sunshine. 张:让我们在七彩的太阳照耀下,透过一页页诗篇,去体味诗人们对自然和生命的赞誉吧。

55、Heidegger said that people should live poetically in nature. 海德格尔说过,人应该诗意地栖居在自然中。

56、Frost's poems take the rural lives and natural scenery of the New England area as backgrounds, fresh and natural; 弗罗斯特的诗歌以新英格兰地区的田园生活和自然风光为背景,清新自然;

57、The forces of nature is powerful and will bring us happiness, and also disaster 我们要认识到自然的双面性,维护自然环境

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