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导读: 34个,关于”表达愤怒的句子“的英语句子34个,句子主体:Angry sentences。以下是关于表达愤怒的句子的托福英语句子。


关于”表达愤怒的句子“的英语句子34个,句子主体:Angry sentences。以下是关于表达愤怒的句子的托福英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Angry sentences

1、[心术不正〕not have one's heart in the right place 他的心术不正,动不动就在别人的背后涌刀子。

2、Don't shake your fist at me. 愤怒之下,他抓住孩子狠命地摇。

3、Gitlin, Todd. The Sixties: Years of Hope, Days of Rage. 1987. 《xx年代: 希望年代、愤怒的日子》1987。

4、He stomped out of the room in high dudgeon. 他愤怒地噔噔走出了屋子。

5、It can help vent anger, or provoke it. 它有助于发泄愤怒,也会激起愤怒;

6、John glared at me when I mentioned his wife. 我提到他妻子时,约翰愤怒地瞪着我。

7、Wang was very angry. 王辉很愤怒。

8、don’t talk to me like that! 别那样跟我说话 !

9、[心怀叵测]have an ax to grind 她总是心怀叵测,对她说的话你得多留神。

10、He thumped the table angrily. 他愤怒地用拳捶击桌子。

11、Don't make Garg angry. 不要使它愤怒。

12、You feel angry. 你感到愤怒。

13、He stomped out of the room in high dudgeon . 他愤怒地噔噔走出了屋子。

14、The trapped lion emitted a roar of rase. 落入陷阱的狮子发出愤怒的吼叫。

15、i don’t want to see your face! 我不想见到你 !

16、Take this remark from Richard r and lame, Whate'er's begun in anger ends in shame. 莫忘穷理这句话——以愤怒而起的必要以羞辱而终。

17、But other people keep their anger inside, they can not or will not express it, this is called repressing anger. 然而也有些人把愤怒压在心底,不能或不愿发泄出来,这种愤怒叫做抑制性愤怒。

18、At the end he cracked his racket onthe ground in fury. 最终,他愤怒地把拍子摔到地上。

19、The Nujiang is called The Angry River. 怒江之名意为愤怒的河流。

20、Anxiety about separating from you heightens , and they may express anger. 焦虑脱离你,加剧了,他们可以表达愤怒。

21、Memories of traumatic or enraging events can also trigger angry feelings. 创痛的记忆,或使人愤怒的事件也会引发愤怒情绪。

22、Can you see the angry bunny? 看不看得到一只愤怒的兔子?

23、Feel my rath! 感受我的愤怒!

24、She demonstrated her anger by slamming a door. 她砰地关上门表示她的愤怒。

25、The young man rushed into that room, angry and wrathful. 那个年轻人极度愤怒地冲进了那屋子。


26、Stop beating about the bush. Just tell me what you want! “说话兜圈子”意指“说话拐弯抹角”或不能“直来直去”。

27、Much of his attention has centered on the anger that can consume boys during their high-school years. 她将注意力集中在“愤怒”上,愤怒可以在高中时期毁掉一个小伙子。

28、The reality is that a long time ago, we had the luxury of being able to get angry and blurt things out. 很久以前,产生愤怒和表达愤怒还是一件很奢侈的事情。

29、The angry lawyer smashed his fists against the desk. 愤怒的律师用拳头猛击桌子。

30、Deliver an angry, hour-long harangue against a person. 对某人发表愤怒、 长达一小时的喋喋不休的训斥。

31、She was struck by agust of anger and shouted. 她突然感到一阵子愤怒,于是喊起来。

32、To Mr. Barbera, this is an outrage, though somehow the word "outrage" doesn't quite capture the depth of his feelings. 对巴贝拉先生而言,这让他感到愤怒,虽然某种程度上“愤怒这个词”并不能很好地表达他内心深处的感受。

33、A child exhibiting constant anger should be approached with the intent to understand. 孩子常表现出愤怒当局应以意图理解。

34、Angry Birds does not appear angry at Window of the World, however, and may forge a profitable partnership instead. 不过,愤怒的小鸟并表现出对世界之窗的愤怒,相反可能会建立利益伙伴的关系。

35、In his anger he grasped the child and shook him violently. 愤怒之下,他抓住孩子狠命地摇。

36、who do you think you are? 你以为你是谁呀 ?

37、They bridled up at his remarks. 他们对他的话表示愤怒。

38、He boiled with anger-anger at his departed father, anger ab the hardships his mother faced, anger at all the wasted ives he saw around him. 他满腔愤怒-对死去的父亲愤怒,对母亲承受的艰辛愤愤怒,对自己所目睹的身边所有荒废的人生愤怒。

39、The lion lashed its tail angrily in the cage. 狮子在笼子里愤怒地甩着尾巴。

40、Sometimes people say "four-letter words" to express tempers or pain. 有时期人们会说「四字经」来表达愤怒和痛楚。

41、Anger is not different from me - I am anger, I am jealousy. 愤怒与我并无不同——我就是愤怒,我就是嫉妒。

42、Getting angry or raising your voice will create only an ugly, face-losing situation for all. 表现出愤怒和提高音量只会导致丢面子的结果。

43、Listen nonjudgmentally and without fear to others' anger _including that of children . 不带评价地倾听别人的愤怒,不必恐惧——包括孩子的愤怒。

44、Or I have been walking around with unexpressed anger for days. 或者我这几天在外散步没有把愤怒表达出来。

45、她砰地关上门表示她的愤怒。She demonstrated her anger by slamming a door.

46、Take this remark from Richard r and lame, What begins in anger ends in shame. 莫忘穷理查这句话——以愤怒而起的必以羞辱而终。

47、She crashed the gl angrily against the table. 她愤怒地把玻璃杯摔碎在桌子上。

48、Anger/aggravation. 愤怒/恼怒.

49、The furious behaviour of an angry man is more likely to exasperate us against himself than against his enemies. 一个生气的人愤怒之举会让我们对他感到的愤怒比对敌人感到的愤怒还要大。

50、He addressed a few angry words to her that betokened hostility. 他对她说了几句预示敌意的愤怒的话。


51、You can shout in anger, weep in anger, even smile in anger. 你可以愤怒地喊叫、愤怒地哭泣,甚至是带着愤怒微笑起来。

52、He banged his fists on the table in anger. 他愤怒地用拳头敲着桌子。

53、Since he could not express his anger, he became quite irritable and sensitive. 也由于无法表达心里的愤怒,他的性情变得非常暴燥易怒,而且相当敏感。

54、Another study found that expressing angercontributes to a sense of control and optimism that doesn't exist in people who respond in a fearful manner. 另一项研究发现表达愤怒使人有掌控感且乐观,而这些感觉在以可怕的方式回应愤怒的人身上找不到。

55、it’s none of your business. 不关你的事 !

56、She glared at the relief as if she expected some retort, but the eyes of Gith just glared back at her, their fury a mirror of her own. 她怒视着浮雕,好像在等着对方反驳,但吉斯之眼只是对她回视,它们的愤怒像镜子一样反映着她自己的愤怒。

57、Not so. Studies show that expressing anger aggressively only aggravates it; 研究表明,以一种带有攻击性的态度宣泄愤怒只会使愤怒感加重;

58、He dashed a cup down in a temper. 他愤怒地摔下杯子。

59、He who angers you controls you, there-fore you have no control over your anger . 他愤怒你们谁控制你,那儿突出你无法控制你的愤怒。

60、有人曾用not have a good heart译之,但不如用not have the heart in the right place的表示法更符合口语习惯。

61、The world needs anger . The world often continues to allow evil because it isn't angry enough. (Bede Jarrett) 世界需要愤怒。世界往往因为不够愤怒而继续允许罪恶存在。(伯达-杰瑞)

62、Anger is quick madness. 愤怒是短暂的猖。

63、What Lee did is only a display of anger. 李所做的只是愤怒的表现。

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