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导读: 28个,关于”包含26个字母的句子“的英语句子28个,句子主体:。以下是关于包含26个字母的句子的初一英语句子。




1、Put you in my heart . 把 你 放 在 心 底。

2、Your new pword must be at least six characters and may contain numbers, upper and lowercase letters, and standard symbols . 新密码必须至少包含六个字符,并且可以包括数字、大小写字母和标准符号。

3、When reading books,start from the easy to the difficult,and then from the redundant to the concise. 读书要从薄到厚,再从厚到薄.

4、The node name structure consists of alphanumeric characters only. 节点名结构中只包含字母数字字符。

5、A strong pword contains a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, along with at least one symbol. 一个强健的密码包含大小写字母以及至少一个符号。

6、The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. 译文:那只敏捷的棕毛狐狸跃过那只懒狗

7、Returns a string created by joining a number of substrings contained in an array. 返回通过连接一个数组中包含的若干子字符串创建的字符串。

8、To be or not to be,that is the question. 生存还是毁灭,这是一个值得思考的问题.(莎士比亚名剧主人公的独白)

9、Methods containing the Pausable throws clause are processed at runtime by a scheduler, which is part of the Kilim library. 包含 Pausable throws 字句的方法在运行时由一个调度程序处理,该调度程序包含在 Kilim 库中。

10、People generally quarrel because they cannot argue. 人们通常因为不能辩论而争吵.

11、Notice that the generated JSP includes the ID field selected, as shown in Figure 26. 请注意生成的 JSP 中包含了选中的 ID 字段,如图 26 所示。

12、That will result in a valid SQL statement with either one or more fields in the selected fields list. 这将在选定字段列表中产生一个包含一个或多个字段的有效 SQL 语句。

13、Each crontab entry contains six fields 每个 crontab 条目包含六个字段

14、The first input line contains the string. It's guaranteed, that the string is non-empty, consists of lower-case Latin letters, and its length doesn't exceed 100. 第一行输入包含一个字符串。它一定一个非空,只含小写字母,且长度不超过100 的串。

15、The negative space in-between the houses formed a letter. 房子包围起来的空间组成了一个字母。

16、Pword length minimum: 7. Non-alphanumeric characters required: 1. 密码最短长度为7,其中必须包含以下非字母数字字符: 1。

17、Some are numeric and others contain letters. 有的是数字,有的则包含字母。

18、Making sure your pword is of a certain length (eight or more characters) and contains uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters -- like ! 确保您的密码具有某一长度(八个或更多字符),并包含大写字母、数字和特定的字符,如 !

19、She had borne two children but they were born deaf. 她生了两个孩子,但他们生来就聋.

20、For example, the Metaphone algorithm includes an explicit rule that drops the letter b where it occurs after the letter m at the end of a word. 例如, Metaphone 算法包含一个明确的规则:在字母 b在单词末尾出现在字母 m后面时,就删除它。

21、Anger and irritation bring about early aging. [谚]不要气,不要恼,气气恼恼人快老.

22、One will contain the possible selections, and the other will contain the detailed output. 一个字符串包含可能的选择,另一个字符串包含详细的输出。

23、Require pwords to include letters, numbers and punctuation. 请求包含字母、数字和标点符号的密码

24、Messages must be no longer than 160 alphanumeric characters and contain no images or graphics. 消息不得超过 160 个字母数字字符且不包含图像或图形。

25、Doesn't mind you shout at me . 不 介 意 你 对 我 大 喊 大 叫。


26、' or '…', nor can they contain any non-alphanumeric characters. 项目名称不能包含任何非字母数字字符(包括“。

27、Two special units focusing on initial and final consonant cers. 包含两个特别的单元,提供字首与字尾子音群的练习。

28、Projects cannot be named '. ' or '…', nor can they contain any non-alphanumeric characters. 项目名称不能包含任何非字母数字字符(包括“。

29、Names can contain letters, numbers, and other characters. 元素的名字可以包含子母,数字和其他字符。

30、This string consists of the characters shown between the quotation marks, including the letters, the comma, and the space. 这个字符串由双引号中的字符组成,包含了字母、逗号还有空格。

31、A literal is a character, a number, or a date that is included in the SELECT statement. 原义字符是在查询语句中包含的一个字符,数字或者是时间数据。

32、This occupies three bytes in UTF-8, whereas the English word "tree" comprises four letters and four bytes. 用 UTF-8 表示需要三个字节,而英文单词“tree”包含四个字母,需要四个字节。

33、Must only contain Unicode letters, underscore characters, and Unicode digits. 必须只包含 Unicode 字母、下划线和 Unicode 数字。

34、Some font faces thus include a table containing kerning distances for a set of given glyph pairs for text layout. 有的字体外观包含一个表,它包含文本布局所需的指定字形对的字距距离。

35、abcdefg=all boys can do everything for girls 所有男孩能为女孩做一切

36、Alter the TCPIPSERVICEdefinition (TSB) to contain SSL(CLIENTAUTH), using the command in Listing 26. 使用清单 26 中的命令修改 TCPIPSERVICE 定义(TSB),使其包含 SSL(CLIENTAUTH)。

37、I struggled for quite some time with this mysterious message, containing one hundred thirty-two letters. 我同这段包含了一百三十二个字母的神秘信息斗争了很长时间。

38、Make sure that the profile name contains alphanumeric characters only and does not exceed 128 characters. 确保概要文件名只包含字母数字式字符串,并且长度没有超过 128 个字符。

39、The new £250 bag consists of a 26-litre case and a lean-and-steer s. 这种新型的250磅袋子包括26个小箱子和一个精干和引导踏板车。

40、In other words, the type parameter is a string consisting of casting, trolling, or other. 换句话说,type 参数是包含 casting、trolling 或 other 的字符串。

41、The short form string should include each valid option letter, followed by a colon (:) to indicate that the command line option should be followed by a value. 短形式字符串应该包含每个有效的选项字母,每个字母后面是一个冒号 (:),这表示命令行选项后面应该是一个值。

42、For example, a VARCHAR column contains the small Greek letter alpha, a, (UTF-8=0xCEB1). 例如,一个 VARCHAR 列包含小写希腊字母 alpha(UTF-8=0xCEB1)。

43、Envisions the whole of you . 期 待 你 总 是 尽 全 力。

44、Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs. 将五打酒瓶装在我的箱子里。

45、Generate a single, secure pword with no ambiguous, or easily confused, characters and at least one non-alphanumeric character 生成一个安全的密码,其中不包含含糊(即容易混淆的)字符,至少包含一个非字母数字字符

46、The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog. (快速的棕色狐狸跳过一条懒狗。

47、A valid name can contain only lowercase letters, numbers, periods, underscores, and dashes. 有效的名称只能包含小写字母、数字、点号、下划线和连字符。

48、These rules specify what a pword can consist of, such as whether a pword should consist of only alphabets or alphanumeric characters. The following rules are supported 这些规则指定密码可以包含哪些内容,例如,密码是否应当只包含字母或字母数字字符。

49、If you omit it, your regex would match any string that begins with a letter, contains two to nine alphanumeric characters, and any number of any other characters. 如果忽略掉它,regex 将匹配开头为字母、包含 2 至 9 个字母数字字符以及任意数目的任何其他字符的所有字符串。

50、The translatable strings contained in localization packs can contain variables -- for example, the variable XXX in the sentence "The account number XXX doesn't exist." 本地化包中包含的可翻译字符串可以包含变量 - 例如,“The account number XXXdoesn't exist”一句中的变量 XXX。


51、The first subtag must consist of only ASCII letters. 第一个子标记只能包含 ASCII 字母。

52、Scala allows function names to include non-alphanumeric characters. Scala 允许函数名字包含非字母数字的字符。

53、He never saw a saw saw a saw. (他从没见过一把锯子锯锯子。

54、Generals arise from the rank and file. 将军起于行伍.

55、Row 1 has a multi-byte UTF character containing 3 logical characters containing 3 bytes each (superscript denotes the storage of a single letter). 行 1 有一个包含 3 个逻辑字符的多字节 UTF 字符,其中每个字符包含 3 个字节(上标表示一个字母的存储)。

56、Given a non-empty string containing an out-of-order English representation of digits 0-9, output the digits in ascending order. 给定一个非空字符串,包含一组乱序的英文字母表示的数字0-9,按递增序输出这些数字。

57、A unique machine-readable name. Can only contain lowercase letters, numbers, and underscores. 一个唯一的机器可读名字。仅能包含小写字母、数字和下划线。

58、The five boxing wizards jump quickly. 五个打拳的男巫快速跳动。

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