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关于”伤感的句子“的英语句子52个,句子主体:Sad sentences。以下是关于伤感的句子的高二英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sad sentences

1、Dry sorrow drinks our blood . 枯涸的悲伤吸干了我们的鲜血。

2、Night is rather sad when stricken. 夜,是叫人悲伤欲绝的时候。

3、Are all covered with grief, injury LiBiao being carried back. 正在大家被悲伤覆盖时,重伤的李彪被人抬了回来。

4、I certainly do not want fellow home unable to extricate themselves immersed in grief, but in this day, I still want to have to sing a dirge for them, and that quiet and sad song. 我当然不想家乡的父老乡亲沉浸于悲伤中不能自拔,但是在这样的日子里,我还是希望有能够为他们唱一首哀歌,那首歌安静而又悲伤。

5、Music box melody is so sad. 八音盒的旋律是如此悲伤。

6、You know him?” Lincoln says no, and hangs his head, sad and confused. Lincoln说不认识,然后垂下了头,感到悲伤和困惑。

7、It is believed that Shah Jahan was inconsolable to the point of contemplating abdication in favour of his sons. 据说,沙。贾汗极为悲伤,甚至打算退位,将王位让给他的儿子们。

8、When the wind rages and the rain pours, even the birds seem sorrowful; 急风暴雨会使走兽都感到哀婉悲伤;

9、Youth is a narrow boat, carrying their parents deep hope, which is helpless and sad moments. 青春是一条窄窄的小船,载着父母深深的希望,是无奈与悲伤的日子。

10、Sears says that some children were too young at the time of their loss to comprehend it, while others felt they needed to stay strong for the surviving parent and repressed their grief. 西尔斯说,事件发生之时,有些孩子太小还不懂,而其他孩子感觉他们为了活着的人需要保持坚强,压抑他们的悲伤。

11、A burnt child dreads the fire. 烧伤的孩子最怕火。

12、'Poor Ellen,' Jim whispers sadly. '可怜的艾伦,'吉姆悲伤地细语。

13、") I never felt winded, but still got that great "workout sore feeling" the next day. 我从未感应喘不外气来,但仍取得好”锻炼痛苦悲伤的感觉“的第二天。

14、Mother doctored us for colds and stomachaches. 她为她的孩子治疗伤风和肚子痛。

15、Does your noes hurt? 你的鼻子受伤了吗?

16、She cricked her neck. 她扭伤了脖子。

17、And what will happen is as a result, I experience sadness, because that is what I am thinking about, and sadness-- a painful emotion, not a positive emotion-- leads to further narrow and constrict. 结果就是,我感觉悲伤,因为我一心只想那个,悲伤-,是一种痛苦的情绪,一种消极情绪-,导致进一步的收窄缩紧。

18、Ai, the kid of general player harms not heave injure not mushroom! 诶,普通玩家的孩子你伤不起啊伤不起!

19、EMFS have also been shown to affect the brain, suppressing production of melatonin, the hormone controlling whether we feel happy or sad. 电子烟雾也能影响大脑,抑制褪黑色素的分泌,而它是一种能控制我们感觉欢乐或悲伤的荷尔蒙。

20、The Third Man appeared to him during one of the worst struggles in his life, Geiger says: over grief. 第三名男子出现,他在一次最严重的斗争,在他的生活,盖格说:过去的悲伤。

21、Chronic pelvic pain occurs below your belly on and lasts at least 6 months. 慢性骨盆痛苦悲伤是指发生在脐部以下至少连续6个月的骨盆内部空腔痛苦悲伤。

22、Can we withdraw malicious words or fist or whatever that brought sorrow? 一句出口的恶言,一记挥出的拳头,一切造成的伤痛,能收回吗?

23、He became sadder each day. He was not a young, merry prince as he used to be. 他一天比一天更加悲伤,已经不再像是从前那位年轻、快乐的王子了。

24、The peaches bruise easily. 桃子容易碰伤。

25、I felt grief, pain and remorse, Why had I not been there for him? 我感到悲伤,心痛,懊悔。为什么我不在他的身边?


26、Goods Brief:Suitable for : Phlegm, cough, cold hands and feet and sinus. 适合调理 : 多痰,咳嗽,手脚冰冷。伤风,鼻子敏感。

27、Strangely, a part of me does not want the grief to stop, because the grief itself is a connection to Kelly. 奇怪的是,我的一部分不想悲伤停止,因为悲伤本身就是与凯利的一种联系。

28、He had a bad cold and his nose was all bunged up. 她因伤风感冒很厉害,鼻子不透气。

29、He sorrowed over the lost money. 他因为丢钱而悲伤。

30、She said Tesla was saddened to learn of the death of Mr. 乔治森表示,得知高雅宁的死讯,特斯拉感到悲伤。

31、The style conveys a distinct mixture of sadness, pain, nostalgia, happiness and love. 这种形式明显表现出悲伤,痛苦,怀旧,幸福感和爱的混合。

32、If the injury, it makes a Candle's tears will be sad to burn; 若伤,便作一枝流泪的红烛,将悲伤付之一炬;

33、Then wake up to weep. 待梦醒来再哭泣悲伤。

34、Dad used to say that David's plaintive wailing over his rebellious son Absalom—"O my son Absa-lom!" 父亲常常说,大卫对他叛逆的儿子押沙龙悲伤地呼叫:「我儿押沙龙啊!

35、Of course, every time Cara cried, the children felt awful and a dreadful sense of sadness filled the house, leaving her feeling like a bad mother who had no control over her kids. 当然,卡拉每每落泪,孩子们都感觉非常糟糕,一种令人窒息的悲伤充满整座房子,让她觉得自己是个连自个儿孩子都管不了的糟糕母亲。

36、Everything around him was full of her presence, continually reopening the wound. 他身边的一切都是母亲的影子不断勾起他的伤感。

37、The good news that her son had been admitted into Qinghua University cheered the sad woman up. 她儿子已被清华大学录取的好消息使这位悲伤的妇女大为振奋。

38、The child's ankle twisted. 那孩子的足踝扭伤了。

39、Happiness, sadness, all vividly. 快乐,悲伤,全都历历在目。

40、Describe the elongated of dreams, my pen, juvenile, stopped at the end of the road, sorrow gently flow. 描摹夕阳拉长的影子,梦里,我笔尖的少年,停在路的那端,将悲伤轻轻流转。

41、Never be sad for what is over, just be glad that it was once yours. 别为已经离去了的人感到悲伤,要为他曾是你的而感到快乐。

42、Li said he was deeply saddened by the super earthquake. 李成云说,他为这次强地震造成的伤亡感到深切悲痛。

43、HARE pounced upon by an eagle sobbed very much and uttered cries like a child. 一只野兔被老鹰抓住了,他十分悲伤和痛苦,他的哭叫声如同孩子哭一般。

44、Shallow singing sad, sad silent reading. 浅 唱 凄 凉 、 默 读 悲 伤。

45、I can smell her perfume, and I can feel her sadness when I feel sad. 我能嗅到她的味道,在我难过的时候感受到他也在悲伤。

46、Huaying learned that later find son, but estimates position apathy, huaying vibration sees sad tears. 华英得知后来找儿子,但佑振立场冷淡,华英见状悲伤地流泪。

47、The music, the soul of man, and only know music talent understand life. 音乐是我疗伤最好的药,没有谁能陪我走过悲伤的海。

48、She was numb with grief. 她因悲伤而茫然失措。

49、The grief-stricken parents flew to San Francisco and were taken to the city morgue to identify the body of their son. 极度悲伤的父母飞往旧金山来到市太平间辨认他们的儿子。

50、Sad people wandering the streets. 悲伤德人们满街游走。


51、Famine will return, and death, and citizens will grieve for their townships. 饥荒和死亡会重现,居民会为他们的镇区而感到悲伤。

52、Sorrow surrounds the poor family. 悲伤包围了容容一家。

53、Strike while the iron is hot.趁热打铁 悲伤篇SADNESS

54、The feeble man feels an ache on his heels and knees when he kneels on the steel steering wheel. 当衰弱男子跪在钢舵轮上时他的脚跟和双膝觉得痛苦悲伤。

55、I was aed to admit it, but mingled with my terror and grief. 我很羞愧地承认这一点,同时感到恐惧和悲伤。

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