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导读: 52个,关于”基础的句子“的英语句子52个,句子主体:Basic sentences。以下是关于基础的句子的专业英语句子。


关于”基础的句子“的英语句子52个,句子主体:Basic sentences。以下是关于基础的句子的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Basic sentences

1、In other words, after acquiring a solid base in English and returning to China, they have done little or nothing to build on that base. 换句话说,在打好了扎实的英语基础回到中国后,对于如何加强这一基础,他们没有做什么,或干脆什么也没做。

2、E-commerce is a new economy form based on science and technology, which can determine their own economic characteristics, thus affecting e-commerce law. 电子商务是一种以科技基础为先导的新经济形式,其科技基础可以决定自身的经济特性,进而影响到电子商务法律的目的。

3、Automatically tagging relative in the complete sentences is the basal researchful problem, It is the base of tagging level, machine translation. 复句关系词的自动标注是自然语言理解领域的基础性研究课题,是层次关系标注和机器翻译等问题的研究基础。

4、In this field, the students should have a good grasp of the technological foundational theory including: Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrotechnics, Electronics etc… 比较系统地掌握本专业必须的技术基础理论,主要是力学理论、机械学理论、电工电子学基础理论;

5、Basic Class is for beginners. This class is designed for young beginners to learn basic basketball skills and teamwork. 根据不同水准分为基础班和提高班,基础班侧重培养孩子的篮兴趣和基本篮技巧。

6、After that, the author discusses the legal foundation of discretion on sentence which includes value foundation, practical foundation and humanizes foundation. 其次讨论了酌定量刑情节的法理基础,包括价值基础、实证基础和人性基础。

7、Rectangular closed diaphragm wall foundation is a new type of bridge foundation. 矩形闭合地下连续墙基础(简称闭合墙基础)是一种新型的桥梁基础。

8、It will take two weeks to complete this developing (found). 这房子(基础)必要两周时间才调完成。

9、The third part point out the advantage of risk-based auditing compared with procedures driven auditing. 第三部分提出了与账项基础审计及制度基础审计相比风险基础审计的优越性;

10、Genetic and Molecular Basis of Rice Yield. 邢永忠,水稻产量的基因分子基础,综述。

11、Commissariat is the foundation of national economy base. 粮食是国民经济基础的基础。

12、Multigene abnormality is the molecular basis of bladder cancer. 多基因异常可能是膀胱肿瘤易复发的分子基础。

13、The second was memes - the basis of cultural evolution. 第二复制因子是指模因(meme)——文化进化的基础。

14、Semiconductor silicon is the fundamental material for the microelectronic industry. 半导体硅材料是微电子产业的基础材料。

15、But even lions and lambs find common ground. 但是即令狮子和羔羊也能找到共同的基础。

16、Optimal signal subspace is the foundation for our adaptive modulation algorithms in SC-FDE. Another new concept is introduced called sequenced optimal signal subspaces. 最优信号子空间的思想是SC-FDE中设计自适应调制算法的根本基础,在此基础上又提出了序列最优信号子空间的概念。

17、Based on this , the authors suggest that the research of inorganic should be diverted healthfully along with the orientation from molecule to polymer, from ferric ion and aluminium ion to other cati… 在此基础上,作者认为无机絮凝剂的研究方向应沿着低分子向高分子、铁铝离子向其它阳离子并适当考虑阴离子的影响、加强基础研究的方向健康发展。

18、Akhal-Tekes are registered on the basis of parentage only. 阿哈尔,特克斯注册的亲子关系仅的基础上。

19、Semiconductor silicon is the most fundamental material for the microelectronic industry. 半导体硅材料是微电子产业的基础材料。

20、The basis of columns is called a plinth … 柱子的基础就叫柱基这是…

21、There is solid basis of science, psychology, pedagogy, and post-modern outlook of knowledge in its claoom implementation. 在教学中进行知识发生过程教学具有坚实的科学基础、心理学基础、教育学基础以及后现代主义知识观基础。

22、Si-based light-emitting materials are fundamental in optoelectronic integration. 硅基发光材料是光电子集成的基础材料。

23、Methods for suppressing secondary electrons in neutron tubes are discussed. 二次电子是扫描电子显微镜中最为基础和常用的信号。

24、"Molecular Foundations of Neuropharmacology . " Chap. 3 in The Biochemical Basis of Neuropharmacology . 7th ed. 《神经药理学之生化基础》第三章〈神经药理学之分子基础。〉。第七版。

25、In the dojo.declare statement, the example changes the base widget value to cea.widget.ClickToCall. 在 dojo.declare 语句中,将基础小部件的值更改为 cea.widget.ClickToCall。


26、It is used as the basis for the next example. 接下来的例子将以这个例子为基础。

27、Without a solid foundation of that, there is no long-term and stable hiness. 物质是一切的基础,没有基础,地动山摇,因此物质基础要打牢。

28、The environmental protection industry base of photoelectron and micro-electrons basic material for the mutual circulating… 提出了建立原料废料可相互循环利用的光电子、微电子基础材料的环保工业基地的建议。

29、Based on the Winkler foundation beam theory, the effect of foundation width on the foundation beam rigidity and, in consequence, further on the load distribution in grillage foundation are discussed. 以文克尔地基梁的计算理论为基础 ,讨论了基础底板宽度对基础梁刚度的影响以及基础梁刚度对正交十字交叉基础荷载分配的影响。

30、The construction of a genomic library is essential to research on genome structure and function. 基因组文库是进行分子克隆和基因组结构与功能研究的基础。

31、The foundation of microelectronics is modern solid state physics . 微电子学的基础是近代固体物理。

32、We should go beyond anti-foundationalism and advance a comprehensive value framework on the base of the available components of foundationalism and anti-foundationalism. 笔者由此主张超越反基础主义,在吸收传统基础主义与反基础主义合理成分的基础上,提出一种综合性价值框架。

33、The sentence-accomplishment study is a basic issue which has great study value. 完句问题是一项具有较高研究价值的基础性课题。

34、Particle physicists define elementary particles or fundamental particles as the smallest building blocks in the universe. 粒子物理学家将基本粒子或者称为基础粒子定义为构筑世界的最小的单元。

35、The polyether-based PUU shows the better phase separation than polyester-based with the same molecular weight of soft segment. 在软链段分子量相同时,聚醚为基础的PUU的相分离程度较聚酯为基础的PUU高。

36、The first replicator was the gene - the basis of biological evolution. 第一复制因子是指基因——生物进化的基础。

37、Siemens has positioned USFilter as the cornerstone for the new Siemens Water Technologies global business. 西门子将它定位为新的西门子水技术全业务的基础。

38、Endly based on single factors experiment, the optimum based cultures of L. diacetylactis was determined as 10% skim milk. 通过单因素试验选定10%脱脂乳作为基础培养基,在此基础上通过正交试验筛选碳氮源、增殖因子,优化最佳培养基。

39、However, the cellular and molecular basis of asymmetric morpho- genesis remains largely unknown. 然而,不对称形态发生的细胞和分子基础基本上仍然是不清楚的。

40、Molecular phylogenetics is on the basis of experiment and computation. 分子系统学建立在实验和计算的基础之上。

41、Step-in boots have convenient mechanisms that lock your footing onto the snowboard. 步的靴子方便的机制,锁定您的基础上滑雪。

42、AIM: To determine the ionic basis of antiarrhythmic action of artemisinin. 目的:探讨青蒿素抗心律失常的离子电流基础。

43、The time of sealing piles selected in reason could control the load share ratio between pile and siol. 封桩后基础总体刚度大幅度提高,基桩不但参与基础受力而且控制基础沉降;

44、Infrastructure projects -- and a lot of them. 基础设施项目——而且是大量的基础设施建设项目。

45、The technology of Micro-Electronic is the base of Modem High-tech Industries, and the semiconductor is the basic Function Materials. 微电子技术是现代高新技术产业发展的基础,而半导体材料又是支撑电子技术的基础功能材料。

46、Basic industries and infrastrcture continu to develop. 基础工业和基础设施继续发展。

47、Secondly, Zhuang-zi's theory of experiencing Tao established social and mental foundation for Lao-zi's apotheosis. 《庄子》的体道理论为神化老子奠定了社会心理基础;

48、Quantum theory underlies much of macroscopic physics. 量子理论构成大部分宏观物理学的基础。

49、Near isogenic lines were important base for the construction of molecular genetic maps, QTLs location and molecular markers-assisted breeding. 近等基因系是分子遗传图谱构建、数量性状基因定位及分子标记辅助育种的重要基础。

50、The book works the readers through the ideas of quantum information theory, explaining qbits, quantum superpositions and computation based on atoms. 这本书通过向读者介绍量子学的基本理论,解释量子位的概念和在原子基础上的量子叠加和计算。


51、Infrastructure and basic industries developed steadily. 基础设施和基础产业稳定发展。

52、NOR-based flash was the basis of early flash-based removable media; 以也不为基础的闪光是早以闪光为基础的可移去的媒体基础;

53、Confucius, Mencius in on the basis of "force" the role of development. 孟子在孔子的基础上对“武”的作用进行了发展。

54、Children can be enrolled in primary schools where they access education-learn the basics of writing, counting and reading, why are many not in schools? 孩子在小学接受基础的教育学习,包括基础写作,算术,和阅读,但为什么许多孩子仍然没有进入学校呢?

55、It is built on a very powerful ane: ATG, an e-commerce solution used by the world's top brands. 它以强大的基础设施为基础:ATG,世界知名品牌运用的电子商务解决办法。

56、Geotechnical situation determined to use post-type shallow foundations under columns and strip foundations under the walls. 土地性质决定了柱子下面采用浅的柱式基础,而墙下则采用条形基础。

57、This viewpoint reflects a unity of the CPCs class base and mass base. 巩固党的执政基础包括巩固党的阶级基础与扩大党的群众基础两方面。

58、Communities have implemented a significant number of infrastructure subprojects. 各个社区也实施了大量基础设施子项目。

59、Chapter one regards the literary reference in Yuan-zaju as "quotations of ancient stories as well as words and expressions with origins", based on combing the literary reference definition. 本文第一章在梳理典故定义的基础上,将元杂剧典故界定为“引用的古代故事和有来历出处的词语及句子”。

60、It is shown that any SQL- like nested query can be decomposed into four basic nested types. 在分析基础上,提出了将SQL类查询语句转换成关系代数表达式的算法。

61、I you she he it we you they am is are This is a/an。That's a/an 时间不够了哪天再写吧.

62、That precept is the basis for my 11th Personal Commandment: No calculation. 这句箴言是我第11条个人戒律的基础:不要仅仅计较。

63、Locating and cloning the plant nematode resistance gene provides the basis for genetic engineering of resistance crops and controlling these pests. 抗线虫基因的分子标记定位与克隆是抗线虫基因工程的基础。

64、Papanoida's family members are based on Lucas' children. 帕帕诺依达家人的设计基础则是卢卡斯的子女们。

65、Said another way, you must base your argument on the city you studied in Assignment 2. 换句话说,你必须以作业2所研究的城市做申论基础。

66、Specific ion channel mutations underline the congenital long QT syndrome (LQTS). 特定离子通道的基因突变是产生遗传性长QT综合征的基础。

67、Thus, I have chosen it as the base for my examples. 因而,我选择了它作为本文例子的基础。

68、Fundamental nursing is the basis of various of specialized nursing. 《基础护理学》是各专科护理的基础。

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