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导读: 48个,关于”好句子“的英语句子48个,句子主体:Good sentence。以下是关于好句子的初二英语句子。


关于”好句子“的英语句子48个,句子主体:Good sentence。以下是关于好句子的初二英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Good sentence

1、But you know they've said that the best parachutes are those pack those own chutes. 但大家知道有一句话是,最好的伞兵都是自己收拾降落伞。

2、Happiness is like those palaces in fairy tales whose gates are guarded by dragons: we must fight in order to conquer it. 幸福就像是童话故事里有巨龙看守的大门;要想得到我们必须去战斗。(关于幸福的警句仲马有很多,这句尤其好)

3、After the two poems, "gracious thank leaves, good to go to the earth", the pen moves more euphemistic. 诗的后两句「殷勤谢红叶,好去到人间」,运笔更委婉含蓄。

4、A couple drove down a country road for several miles, not saying a word. 一对夫妇在一条乡间小路上开车行驶了好几里路,没有说一句话。

5、Gee, what a nice/ kind/ warm-hearted guy! 哇,他可真是个(好/好/热心的)小伙子。

6、Map design looks great, and it's fairly difficult not to lose the campaign. (in the double meaning of the word) 地图设计看上来很好,而且很难不输掉战役。(双关句)

7、It is a poem to be good, every one and one, the question is on the stone among the trees often, there are meddlers with recording it, 300 all Yu heads. 好为诗,每一篇一句,辄题于树间石上,有好事者随而录之,凡三百馀首。

8、In a word, I think high paid personalities will accelerate the development of a society in some degree. 最后的总结句好像有些偏题了,高收入加速社会的发展?

9、I have to go scream into a quilt. 我得用被子盖着头好好喊几声。

10、He always talks to the kids nicely , and occasionally he would talk to me. 这位先生跟宝贝们说话总是很友好,有时侯他也会跟猫搭两句。

11、It’s that “it’s too good to be true” feeling that tries to push us back into our old ways of thinking. 而那句“简直好到难以置信”感觉好像要把我们拉回我们之前那些老式的思考方式中。

12、I want to walk with you go on, but the way is so long. “我想陪着你走下去”可是这条路好漫长…这句话用英文怎么说。

13、When circulating a such words: Lei Feng travel in one thousand, good do a train. 当时流传着这样一句话:雷峰出差一千里,好事做了一火车。

14、These ss cost me an arm and a leg. 这些鞋子花了我好多好多钱。

15、What a wonderful life I've had! I only wish I'd realized it sooner. ~ Colette 我已拥有这么美好的生活了!我只希望——这句话能快点实现。柯莱特

16、Who says I do not know the words: If one of her mouth like a phlegm suction out. 不知谁说了一句:要是谁把她嘴里的痰吸出来就好了。

17、In 500 years, we will see no one like him. xx年内,我们再也不会见到像他一样的人。” (译者插一句,好像在说凤姐呢?

18、He looked out toward the horizon and said, through gritted teeth, that he wouldn't be around to see his kids into the next school year. He asked if I would look after them. 他望着远处,从牙缝里硬挤出几句话来,他说他看不到他的儿子读下一个学期了,问我能不能照顾好他们。

19、Please enjoy the evening, and now let me ask Secretary Geithner to make a few remarks. 祝大家度过一个美好的晚上,现在请盖特纳部长讲几句话。

20、Syntax can damage your health, producing (in some cases) an allergic reaction leading to severe sceptcemia, and (in some rare cases) an addictive response leading to acute arboriphilia. 句法学可危害健康,有时会造成引发严重怀疑症的过敏性反应,有些稀有的例子还会引发极端「种树癖好」的狂热性反应。

21、It is important not to put multiple statements on a single line because you cannot step over or set line breakpoints on more than one statement on the same line. 最好不要将多条语句放在一行上,因为会无法单步执行,也不能为同一行上的多条语句设置行断点。

22、It has been an apothegm these five thousand years, that toil sweetens the bread it earns. “面包是亲手赚来的才好吃”,这句格言恐怕有五千年的历史了。

23、Marquardt is famous for saying there is no such thing as a "good divorce." But there is a chance that some of the difficulties of divorce can strengthen personality traits in a child. Marquardt说过的著名的一句话,不存在一件“好的离婚”这样的事,但是经历离婚的遭遇能够增强孩子的人格特质。

24、Or in other words, unless you know what you're doing, you'd want to stay away from really weird looking fonts—e.g. something that looks very futuristic. 换句话说,除非你确定知道你的需求,否则最好还是不要使用那些样子奇怪的字体——比方说一些看起来具有未来派的字体。

25、The gold feels cool. 金子摸上去好凉。


26、Knowing how to construct sentences is not enough to write good essays/articles or books, right? 对写好文章/随笔或书来说,知道如何造句是不够的,对吗?

27、Has been has been photon depilated or laser depilated? 光子脱毛好还是激光脱毛好。

28、No matter how high the mountain is, one can always ascend to its top. 无论山有多高,我们都能登到顶峰。有人点评:后半句翻译得非常好。

29、In another word, they have to be a good influencer and communicator. 换句话说,他们必须在变革过程中变成一个好的影响者和沟通者。

30、"Is blowing just nice. "Madam holds up a tea, on the noodles smile don't smile tunnel 1. “打起来才好呢。”柳夫人捧起茶盏,面上似笑非笑地道了一句。

31、“Okay,” relied the crab. “By the way, the meteor also caused some worms to lose their homes. “好吧,”蟹说道,“顺便问一句,流星坠地还使一些蚯蚓流离失所。

32、The handle is made of textured G-10 for good grip even in wet conditions. 句柄是作出良好的抓地力的质感的G - 10,即使在潮湿环境中。

33、There is a popular saying that when we cannot change the environment, we can change ourselves. 有一句话说得好:当我们不能改变环境时,我们可以改变自己。

34、As the saying goes "fingers connected with your hearts, to keep you holding hands forever." 象征着白头偕老的良好祝愿。如那句老话,“十指连心,相伴永远”。

35、In other words it took me 4-5 years to build a healthy relationship with myself (and I still am working on getting better at it). 换句话说,我花了xx年和自己建立了良好的关系(现在我仍处理得更好)。

36、So you might have chosen a different sentence or whatnot, but that's fine. 所以你们可能选择了一个不同的语句,或其它的东西,但是那挺好的。

37、And there's an added bonus: You can write in full sentences instead of fragments or bullet points. 还有一个好处:你可以写出整句,而非只言片语或者要点。

38、Good sentence (1), a rainbow appeared in the sky, like a hanging bridge over the color. 好句(1)天空中出现了一道彩虹,宛如一座彩桥悬在上空。

39、The children behave well. 孩子们行为良好。

40、In other words, there is no correlation between higher expenses and better performance," said O'Reilly. 换句话说,高费用和好绩效之间是没什么关系的,”欧.赖利说。

41、There are several students in our cl who are still not sure about the use of attributive cles. 我们班上还有好多学生对定语从句的用法仍没有把握。

42、As it turned out, she barely said good morning, let alone "Happy Birthday." I thought... 事实呢,她仅仅是说了句早上好,更不用说什么“生日快乐”了。

43、The key is that the SQL statement in the prepared statement references the current position of the cursor, so you can execute it multiple times and update different rows. 关键是准备好的语句中的 SQL 语句会引用游标的当前位置,所以您可以多次执行它,并更新不同的行。

44、His key word is: "Everything is permitted, " with the appropriate shade of melancholy. 他的警言是:“一切皆是允许的。” 这句话带着一丝恰到好处的忧郁。

45、If the speeches are not going well, ask Paula to speak; she can always raise a laugh. 如果发言气氛不太好的话,就让宝拉说两句;她总是能。

46、Ripe peaches pick easily. 桃子熟了好摘。

47、When Jake Sully is ready to choose a woman, Neytiri tells him about the women in the tribe, starting with "Ninat is a great singer". 当Jake Sully准备好挑选女人时,Neytiri向他介绍起部落里的女人,第一句话是“Ninat是个好歌手”。

48、There's a good day of multi-functional snack car. 旗下有好好日子多功能小吃车。

49、World is fine and worth fighting for. I agree with the second part. 海明威说:“这世界是美好的,值得我们为之奋斗。”我只同意后半句。

50、There is a good saying that “when you do not fear death, what else do you fear? 有一句话说得好:“当你连死都不怕时,你还怕什么?”


51、Notwithstanding all this furniture, there was still room to turn around in. 尽管有这么些家具用品,倒还有转身余地。-- 来源 -- 英汉- 辞典例句 好评…

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