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关于”激励的句子“的英语句子38个,句子主体:Motivational sentences。以下是关于激励的句子的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Motivational sentences

1、So you can have incentives. You can adjust the tax rate. 所以你可以有激励机制。你可以调整税率。

2、In the knowledge economy times, how to design encouragement mechanism to prompt intellectual model of staff has urgently been a question to study. 在知识经济时代,如何设计好更好地激励知识型员工的激励机制,已成为亟须研究的课题。

3、A vortex-induced in-line vibration model is formulated for the calculation of nonlinear dynamic response of submerged floating tunnel (SFT) tethers due to wave and current effects. 建立了水中悬浮隧道的锚索在波流场中顺流向涡激振动的数学模型,并考虑了波浪作用下,悬浮隧道的运动引起的强迫激励和参数激励对锚索顺流向涡激振动的影响。

4、It will be valuable to improve the motivation mechanism of Chongqing Dencare. 对重庆登康公司改善激励机制有重要的参考价值。

5、The effects of stochastic excitation on the period-doubling bifurcation and chaotic motions of the softening Duffing oscillator, are discussed in detail. 讨论了有 界噪声激励对软弹簧杜芬振子的倍周期 分岔至混沌运动的影响。

6、Due to the magnetic field circuit and armature circuit of the different links, can be divided into series-excited motor, sub-excited motor, complex motor excitation; 因磁场电路与电枢电路连结之方式不同,又可分为串激电动机、分激电动机、复激电动机;

7、Production of electrical tools, such as electric drills impact, angle angle grinder… 曲线锯例句生产各类电动工具,如冲击电钻,角向磨光机、电钻和曲线锯等。

8、I hope that it serves as both a point of pride for all Rotarians and a motivating force for our activities in the coming year. 我希望以这个主题来表达全体扶轮社员的荣耀,并作为一股激励力量来激励我们来年的各项活动。

9、For example, the progam often focuses on material incentives only and even exaggerates the importance of this direction, while the values of spiritual incentives are neglected. 激励方式、手段单一,物质激励作用被严重夸大,从而忽视了精神激励的存在必要等。

10、Furthermore, I lived with the reality that I don't always have to be the peppiest and wittiest component of a conversation. 反正我活在现实里,现实不需要我每一句对话都神情激动并且充满睿智。

11、"Fanny will feel quite as grateful as the occasion requires, " was Edmund's only reply, and the subject dropt. “范妮需要感激的时候自然会感激的,”埃德蒙只回答了这么一句,这件事便撇下不提了。

12、Under our hearts the fountain surges, to toss us forth. 在心底,泉流在涌动,激励着我们前行。

13、The incentive mechanism is adjusted by the family according to how much they trust in the manager, and different mechanism results in different governance patterns of clannish enterprises. 家族根据对经理人的信任水平来调整相应的激励机制。不同的激励机制反映为不同的家族企业治理模式。

14、Model actions or language, and Motivate the child to engage with motions. 提供动作或语言示范并激发孩子参与(的动机)。

15、He inspired Chinese scholars with his writings and reform movements. 他的文章和变法运动激励著一代代中国学者。

16、Now while much attention has focused on professional manager incentive mechanism in state-owned-enterprise, there is little attention on family business. 而目前人们在关注职业经理人激励机制时,一般都是结合国企来讨论,很少有系统研究家族企业的职业经理人激励机制。

17、Analyze the feedback laser grid-driving power to our feedback channel influence, the laser best operating point and the laser grid-driving power assignment. 分析回传激光器的激励功率对回传通道的影响、激光器的最佳工作点及激光器的激励功率的分配。

18、In the end, the Motivation Mechanism of Tianjin Binhai International Airport is designed and some suggestions are proposed about how to optimize and improve motivation mechanism of talented person . 最后对天津滨海国际激励机制进行了设计,就如何优化和改进人才激励机制提出了建议和措施。

19、I'd like to take this opportunity to say a few words. 我想趁这个机会讲几句话。

20、Phrase 5 menas that you can now go to get onto this flight. 此句提醒您的班机已经开放搭机处理了。

21、It's a capability that just tells the computer what to do. 语句能告诉计算机做什么。

22、An asymmetric beat frequency kinematic excitation was adopted, i. e. , only the positive part of a modulated signal excited the mass M2. 使用一种非对称的拍频运动激励,即只用调制波正值部分激励质块M2。

23、On the basis of this model the radius kinetic parameters are calculated, including the stimulating electric field and the metastable state copper density. 在此基础上对大口径铜蒸气激光器的径向动力学参量进行了计算,包括激励电场和亚稳态铜粒子密度等动力学参量的径向分布。

24、The seismic responses of structure of Nanjing Station are numerically simulated under the uniform excitation and the traveling-wave excitation. 以南京火车站的站房结构为模型,使用一致激励和多点激励计算了结构在不同激励状况下的结构响应。

25、Emphasize that company"s budget tests and ses and stimulates machine-made union." 强调公司的预算考评和激励机制的结合。


26、Orange increases oxygen supply to the brain, produces an invigorating effect, and stimulates mental activity. 橙色能提高脑部供氧、产生激励效应并激发心理活动。

27、The field windings may be separately excited from an external DC source, or they may be self-excited; i. e. , the machine may supply its own excitation. 励磁绕组可以由外部直流电源单独激磁,或者也可自励,即电机提供自身的励磁。

28、One big problem is that it replaces intrinsic motivation with extrinsic motivation. 这种方式的最大问题在于它用外在的激励代替了内在的激励。

29、Motivates and communicates. 激励与沟通。

30、Its inspiring function was the key way to realize economic value, so during the course of strengthen corporation culture buildin. 企业文化的激励功能是实现经济价值的重要途径,因此在加强企业文化建设中要设定合理的激励模式和机制。

31、In other words, you can’t do anything with your phone because it never starts back up right. 换句话说,你对你的手机将无可奈何,因为它决对没有启动正确。

32、我想趁这个机会讲几句话。I'd like to take this opportunity to say a few words.

33、The external incentive of the official is invalid because the condition of the offical's incentive is deficient, therefore, perfecting the official's intrinsic incentive is extremely important. 官员激励条件欠缺也造成外在激励的有效性缺乏,由此也突出了官员的内在激励的重要性。

34、Stock-based incentive mechanism involves the principle of interest distribution as well as the distribution results. 股权激励(尤其是对经营管理层的股权激励)机制涉及到利益分配原则与分配结果等相关问题。

35、But I cited because I tell you he really motivated me. 我引用这个例子因为他确实激励了我。

36、Among various encouragements, the objective encouragement is one of the most often used. 其中目标激励是使用频率较高的激励方法之一。

37、He is good at make full use of text, seize one change makes all change sentences, words, and even some punctuation, put questions to stimulate interest, inducing exploration, development thinking. 他擅长于充分利用文本,抓住牵一发而动全身的句子、词语甚至是某个标点,设疑激趣,诱导探究,发展思维。

38、Perhaps your goal is to inspire your audience to take action. 也许你的目标就是要激励你的听众们行动起来。

39、If two people have nothing in common, exchanging a few words can be difficult. 话不投机半句多。

40、It expounds the inspiring and binding role of MBO. It points out that MBO is a long - term inspiring and binding mechanism for listed companies. 进而阐述了MBO对经理层的激励约束作用,指出MBO是上市公司的一种有效长期激励约束机制。

41、A particularly fine spring came round, and the stir of germination was almost audible in the buds; it moved her, as it moved the wild animals, and made her passionate to go. 一个特别明媚的春天来到了,几乎听得见苞芽里生命的萌动;春天就像激励野外的动物一样激励了她,使她要急切离开这里。

42、What matters is having the right costs and high motivation. 重要的是有适当的成本和高度激励机制。

43、The situations listed in the previous paragraph show how different incentives affect those with a similar culture. 前面几段举的几个例子说明在同一文化下,不同的激励机制会产生不同的结果。

44、In a magnetic measurement approach, different magnetic excitation fields may be used to excite magnetic target particles differently inthe first and second zone(Z2). 在磁测量方法中,可以使用不同的磁激励场以差别化地激励在所述第一区和第二区(Z2)中的磁靶粒子。

45、Then do a review on our formation of public-sector incentives, and noted that since the founding of new China we have made great achievements in public sector incentives building. 在此基础上,分析了我国公共部门激励机制存在的激励理念落后、绩效评估形式化、薪酬制度滞后化、晋升制度官僚化、缺乏负激励等问题。

46、Active and semi-active controls for the parametrically excited instability of an inclined cable under support-motion excitations are studied in this thesis. 本文研究斜拉索在支座运动激励下参激不稳定性的主动与半主动控制。

47、The phenomenon of stochastic resonance of an over-damped linear oscillator stimulated by an amplitude-modulation signal and a random telegraph noise is investigated. 该文研究了调幅信号激励下受随机电报噪声扰动的过阻尼线性振荡器的随机共振现象。

48、Prediction of the dynamic response of highrise nonlinear engineering structure to random wind-excitation is of obvious practical signficance. 高层的非线性工程结构对随机风激励的动力响应的是当前工程界十分关心的问题。

49、Establish a stock-equity incentive binding mechanism of the manager of township collective enterprises. 建立乡镇集体企业经营者激励机制和约束机制的实现途径。

50、I might even become inanimate—dead, in other words, what’s the incentive for me to go in there? 我甚至可能变成无生命的—换句话说,死了。我进入那里的动机是什么?


51、The initiative includes incentives to encourage farmers to adopt conservation practices, such as contour farming, strip cropping and, increasingly, minimum-till or no-till farming. 该行动包括鼓励农民采取等高耕种、等高条植以及进一步减少耕犁次数或 免耕等保护措施在内的激励机制。

52、So what inspires you? What provokes you into a warm feeling or creative activity? What action, people, works of art, nature, book or blog stimulates you? 那么,是什么激励了你?是什么引发了你的兴奋感,激发了你的创造力?是什么举动,人物,美术作品,大自然,书籍抑或是博客激励了你?

53、Problem solving should start from institutional factors and the design of incentive policies. 解决问题要从制度和激励机制上找出路。

54、In other words this CD player plays CDs. 换句话说,这个CD唱机能够播放CD碟。

55、Proactive, positive thinking, self motivated, team work spirit. 积极主动,勤于思考,能自我激励,具团队合作精神;

56、The effects of stochastic excitation on the period-doubling bifurcation and chaotic motions of the softening Duffing oscillator, are discussed in detail. 讨论了有界噪声激励对软弹簧杜芬振子的倍周期分岔至混沌运动的影响。

57、With the incessant elevation of the water head and the Single Dynamo Capacity, the influence of hydraulic excitation on the dynamic chara. 随着水轮机的适用水头和单机容量的不断提高,转轮内的水流激励对水轮发电机组主轴系统动态特性的影响越发显得重要。

58、In other words, its display conjures adjectives not usually associated with the motions of a robot. 换句话说,它的表演得到了通常和机器人的动作毫无关系的形容词。

59、In this article, I’ve gathered 9 famous quotes that will not only supercharge your day and make you wise, but also inspire you to go after your wildest dreams and aspirations. 而,我搜集的这9句名言,不仅能启发你的智慧,改变你的生活,而且会激励你去实现你最狂野的梦想和愿望。

60、We can always add a sentence we did not say. 我们总有机会补充一句没说的话。

61、The challenge is to do away with our current incentives and create new and better ones. 现在的挑战在于我们抛弃现有的激励机制,创造更合理的新机制。

62、According to the pseudo excitation method, the pseudo road excitations in automotive front wheel and rear wheel are constructed by the statistical characteristics of road excitation. 根据路面激励的统计特征,应用虚拟激励法建立了汽车前轮和后轮的虚拟路面激励。

63、On these bases, the author also gives some suggestions of the incentive mode by grades and classification and how to establish long-term incentive mechanism by stock option. 最后探讨了通过股票期权激励来建立国有商业银行的长期激励机制。

64、Based on discrete random vibration theory, recurrence formulas are developed to calculate the dynamic response of structures under white noise excitations. 基于随机振动的离散分析理论,推导出白噪声激励下结构动力响应的递推公式。

65、Based on the pseudo excitation algorithm for nonstationary random resPOnses, a number of high-precision quadratures are developed corresPOnding to various evolutionary random excitations. 演变随机激励的调制函数取各种不同形式时,相应的虚拟激励对应精细时程积分的不同形式。

66、Usage: suitable for semi-automatic wire winding of auto and motorcycle motor, series motor, permanent magnetism motor rotors. 用途:适用汽摩电机、串激电机、永磁电机转子的半自动绕线。

67、How we can build effective encouraging-binding mechanism based on the facts? 如何从我国实际出发,建立起有效的激励约束机制。

68、The target of both pursuit is discrepant, the motive of behavior and incentive method are skimble-scamble also. 两者追求的目标是有差异的,行为的动机和激励手段也不统一。

69、Highly self-motivated, committed and resourceful at work. 高度自我激励,踏实地工作并能随机应变。

70、One hundred words, as well as an action. 百句空言,不如一个行动。

71、Simulation results indicate that the principle of the method is correct and the actuated signal models of engine ECU can realize to simulate the actual working conditions. 结果表明,该方法原理正确,发动机ECU激励信号模型能够实现对发动机实际运行工况的模拟。

72、A typical low-level wind shear of thunderstorm activates long periodic oscillation of an aircraft, causing tracking deviation of the aircraft. 典型尺度的雷暴低空风切变以长周期振动频率激励飞机,使其偏离预计下滑航迹。

73、We suggest that the bi-level program be adopted to encourage producers to join the mechanism recycling waste electrical and electronic equipment. 采用二层规划研究激励生产商参与回收废弃家电及电子产品的机制。

74、A new technique of studying on the thermal characteristics of machine with heat excitation on several points is presented. 本文提出了研究机械热特性的多点热激励技术,并介绍新研制的、研究机械热特性的便携式多点热激励测控仪。

75、Assist in maintaining a highly motivated and well-trained staff. 协助执行员工激励机制和员工培训。

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