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关于”适合的外国诗歌“的英语句子58个,句子主体:Suitable foreign poetry。以下是关于适合的外国诗歌的高二英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Suitable foreign poetry

1、I have kept the shape of the poem, opened out its sense more clearly, and tried - as Lowell rightly insists one must try - to get the tone. 我保留了诗歌的外形,更为清楚地展现出诗的意念。

2、We brought technology from overseas to China; on the other side, we are designing products tailor-made for the Chinese market. 一方面,妥思中国把国外最先进的技术引进到中国,另外一方面,专门设计适合中国市场本土需求的产品。

3、Two main problems in body part, namely, foreign language teaching poetry investigation and high school foreign language teaching methods of poetry. 正文包括两部分内容,第一部分是有关高中语文外国诗歌教学现状调查。

4、Quite a few female verses dissociate from the literary history. 好象女性诗歌是游离于文学史之外的另类。

5、Chinese Literature Brings you contemporary Chinese novels, stories, plays, and reportage. 《中国文学》向读者介绍当代中国的小说、故事、戏剧、诗歌和报告文学。

6、He is currently member of China Writers' Association, Vice-Chairman of Guangdong Prose Poetry Society, and Editor-in-Chief of "Soldiers' Literature". 现为中国作家协会会员、中国诗歌学会会员、广东散文诗学会副会长、《战士文艺》主编。

7、In addition, Costa will be increasing its investment in the region by replacing Costa Allegra with the larger Costa Romantica in 2010. 此外,歌诗达计划于2010年进一步加大对于中国市场的投资力度,将载客量更大的“浪漫号”邮轮代替“爱兰歌娜号”邮轮。

8、The technology or equipment contributed by any foreign party as investment shall be truly advanced and appropriate to Chinas needs. 外国合营者作为投资的技术和设备,必须确实是适合我国需要的先进技术和设备。

9、She is now the member of Writers Community of China, the director of Poem Academy of China and of International Chinese Poet Community. 现为中国作家协会会员、中国诗歌学会理事、国际华文诗人笔会理事。

10、Canadian summers offer comfortable weather and many outdoor activities. 加拿大的夏天非常舒适,适合户外活动;

11、The company has a variety of products suitable for export trade , welcome to call us or write letters to discuss cooperation. 本公司有多种产品适合出口贸易供国外客户使用,欢迎各位外贸商来电来信洽谈合作!

12、EnglishCanadian poetry during the period of its inception managed to cast off the limitation of British literary tradition, and opened the door for the native English poetry of Canada; 加拿大“启门时代”的英语诗歌努力摆脱英国文学传统的束缚,开启了加拿大本土英语诗歌之门;

13、A lot of domestic and foreign researchers have made an exhaustive study of his poems, prose, and theories of literature and art. 目前,已有众多的国内外研究人员对作为诗人、散文家、文艺理论家的何其芳及其诗歌、散文、文艺理论研究成果作了详尽的研究。

14、Therefore, when we either study the development of 20~(th) century Chinese poetry or discuss the achievements of Chinese poetry translation, Mu Dan is a figure that we could never bypass. 因此,不管是研究20世纪中国诗歌的发展历程,还是考察中国诗歌的翻译成就,穆旦都是无法忽视的重要作家。

15、Standards:The instrument is in conformity with the foreign and domestic normal standars. 适用标准:仪器符合国内外常用测试标准。

16、Therefore the study of modern Chinese poetry needs the understanding of foreign languages, a theory of translation etc. 所以研究中国现代诗歌需要外语和翻译理论等等。

17、The imago of God in MU Dan's poems was his fulcrum and balm, which was "outside the body" of the poet. 穆旦诗歌里的“上帝”意象是诗人“人身以外”的一个支点与一份安慰。

18、Early Chinese singing films, based on Hollywood musical films, bring traditional Chinese mentality and spirit in itself. Thus, they are on speaking terms with Chinese culture. 中国早期的歌唱片不仅借鉴了好莱坞歌舞片的类型风格,而且融合了中国传统艺术形式和人文思想,与中国本土文化相适应。

19、The second part introduces the translator Witter Bynner and his collaborator Jiang-Kanghu and the process of their translating work. 第二部分,介绍了译者宾纳的创作生平和其合作者江亢虎,以及他们翻译中国诗歌的进程。

20、He was my favorite foreign poet. 兰波是我最喜欢的外国诗人!

21、The technology and equipment contributed by a foreign joint venture as its investment must be really advanced technology and equipment that suit China's needs. 外国合营者作为投资的技术和设备,必须确实是适合我国需要的先进技术和设备。

22、Asymmetrical lacing design for extra pizazz and a snug fit. 额外的潇洒和舒适适合不对称的鞋带设计。

23、By discussing two opposite strategies of cultural translation, namely, domestication and foreignization, it further explores the fusing of the two: hybridization strategy, a result of paradigm shift. 本文就是通过中国古典诗歌中意象的英译,来探讨杂合翻译策略对中国经典文化输出的积极作用。

24、His poems, essays song wordings and ballads were granted prizes in the Army and in the country. 等多种书籍;创作的诗歌、散文、歌词和曲艺作品,多次在全国全军获奖。

25、In fact, it has great influence on the poetry all over the country, and it has quite a number of members. 实则湖湘诗派作为影响及于全国的诗歌流派,成员是比较多的。


26、More and more people are interested to read modern poetry in English. 㹇越来越多的人们对读英国的现代诗歌感兴趣。

27、This implies that I will temporarily cease the writing of long poem "Divine prophecy", turn to think over something beside poetry. 这意味着,我将暂时停止写作长诗《神谕》,转而思考一些诗歌之外的东西。

28、Objective To explore whether is overseas Laboratory Information Management System(LIMS) suited to China's actual needs. 目的探讨国外实验室管理系统(LIMS)产品是否适合我国实际需要。

29、Besides, we also use our extant network of international trade to offers production consultation for our clients to find their suitable traders. 此外我们还将利用我们自己现有的国内外贸易网络为国内外客户提供相应的产品咨询,为客户提供合适的买卖方。

30、An activist, writer and poet Julia shot to fame with her famous Civil War song, "Battle Hymn of the Republic". 活动家,作家和诗人朱莉娅和她的成名作内战著名歌曲“共和国战歌”。

31、I wonder is there any middle schools for foreign children in New North Zone? 想请问在北部新区有适合外国孩子上学的中学吗?

32、Over three years he stayed in Gemany, he wrote a lot of essays and poems. 在德国三年期间写了大量的随笔和诗歌。

33、Moreover, the translatability of lyric will be discussed based on the theories and arguments about poem translation. 此外,文章在现有诗歌翻译理论和观点的基础上,讨论了歌词的可译性。

34、Shenzhen's labor watchdog joined with a domestic poetry magazine Wednesday to launch a poetry competition among migrant workers nationwide. 深圳市劳动和社会保障局联手国内一家诗刊社于13日向全国农民工发起诗歌征文大赛邀请。

35、Philip Larkin is the most representative poet of the English Movement. 菲利浦·拉金是英国“运动派”诗歌的杰出代表。

36、The poetry creation of Hunan Period of QuYuan starts a brand-new era in the Chinese poem history, radiating the brilliant spender in the literature long corridors of China and world. 屈原湖湘时期的诗歌创作,开创了中国诗歌史上的一个全新时代,在中国和世界的文学长廊中放射出熠熠光辉。

37、In Chinese people’s thinking, a traditional poet should be of the capability of painting, calligraphy, poem and music. 在中国的头脑里,传统的诗人应该具有绘画、书法、诗歌和音乐的能力。

38、Thank you so much for your entertainment.(外国人很少会将热情这个词翻译进去,一般这样说就合适了)

39、Third, the school will be through the country, domestic and foreign teachers of foreign teachers intermediary companies to choose a suitable foreign teachers. 第三,学校会通过全国各地,国内国外的外教老师中介公司来有目的地筛选适合自己的外教。

40、Tang Poetry is the golden age of the development of China's poetry . 我们都知道唐代时我国诗歌发展的黄金时代。

41、There are many differences between Hakka folk songs and foreign folk so… 客家山歌与外国民歌相比,存在很大的差异。

42、However, Chinese and overseas translators do not shrink back from the difficulties, instead, they endeavor to translate Chinese classical poems. 然而中外翻译家并没有知难而退,而是不遗余力地致力于中国古典诗歌的翻译。

43、To my surprise, the manager tried to talk about the Chinese poesy with me. 让我吃惊的是,那个经理竟然和我讨论中国诗歌。

44、Secondly, the author makes a comparative study on different translation versions of poem "Night Mooring by Maple Bridge" for the purpose of exploring the translation of classical Chinese poetry. 其次,通过对诗歌名篇《枫桥夜泊》五个不同译本的分析与对比性研究,探讨如何翻译中国古典诗歌。

45、Attaching importance to the skill craft of writing poem is the main cause to French modern poem achieved a positive development. 对诗的艺术性的重视是法国现代诗歌得以健康发展的主要原因。

46、He is interested in the translation and study on chinese modern poems. 他的最大志趣是中国现代诗歌的翻译与研究。

47、For the gods have withheld from the barbarians the light of discretion, as that their poetry is not, like ours, full of choice apophthegms and useful maxims, but is all of love and war. 因为神灵没有赐给外邦人谨慎小心之光,他们的诗歌不像我们的诗歌那样充满精美的箴言和有用的格言,却全是讴歌爱情和战争的。

48、Moreover, there were also certain philosophic roots in the poets' ideals. 此外,他们诗歌中的理想还具有一定的哲学根源。

49、A first tenant farmer imaged in the idyllic poem of Fan Chengda, which has the groundbreaking significance. 他的田园诗中还出现了中国诗歌史上第一个佃农形象,具有开创性的意义。

50、This is the national anthem, the raising of the flag. 合:这就是奏国歌、升国旗时的情景。


51、Jieming's task: absorb advanced technology from China and overseas and develop advanced water treatment equipment for Chinese market. 洁明的任务:吸收国内外先进技术,开发适合中国国情的先进水处理设备;

52、There are a lot of poems concerning diet in The Book of Songs which objectively and truely reflect the dietary concept and cooking culture of the Chinese people. 我国的第一部诗歌总集《诗经》包含大量有关饮食的诗篇,客观而真实地反映了中国人的饮食观念和饮食文化。

53、Its "Yan Ge Xing" is China's existing seven-character poem earlier scholars; 其《燕歌行》是中国现存较早的文人七言诗;

54、There are a variety of products suitable for foreign customers to use, welcome to call us or write letters to discuss cooperation. 有多种产品适合出口贸易供国外客户使用,欢迎各位外贸商来电来信洽谈合作。

55、He advocated that poems should have forceful horizontal momentum, and pursued the implicit beauty of "the refinement out of rhyme, and the spirit out of taste". 他主张诗要有雄浑横放、纵横脱略的气势,追求诗歌“韵外之致”、“味外之旨”的“含蓄”之美。

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