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导读: 55个,关于”疑问句的句型结构“的英语句子55个,句子主体:Sentence structure of interrogative sentences。以下是关于疑问句的句型结构的小学英语句子。


关于”疑问句的句型结构“的英语句子55个,句子主体:Sentence structure of interrogative sentences。以下是关于疑问句的句型结构的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentence structure of interrogative sentences

1、This is a narrative structure: words in a row meant for people to read. 这是一种叙述性结构:行中的词句是供人阅读的。

2、It proves adequate to explain the various discourse functions of D TQ both in English and Chinese with this generalization. 对英语和汉语的分析表明,论文的概括可以解释陈述附加疑问句的各种话语功能。

3、Few linguists, however, have addressed the questions emerging in sentences where adjuncts co-occur with the double object construction, especially at the end of sentences. 但是,很少有人涉及双宾语结构与附加语(特别是句末附加语)同时出现时所面临的问题。

4、Let me end today by questioning two clichés in particular. 在今天的最后,请允许我对两句陈辞滥调提出质疑。

5、Psychological verbs may be of attribute or non-attribute in the different structures. 在不同的句法结构中,心理动词的语义表现为属性义和非属性义。

6、It firstly discusses rules of semantic structure in transitional complex sentences. 首次讨论转折复句语义结构规则,并对其进行深入解释。

7、Archie, of course, can't stand this because for him it's perfectly clear that a rhetorical question is a rhetorical question. 阿齐当然无法忍受,因为对他来说,很明显修辞问句就是修辞问句。

8、In old English and Early Modern English, interrogatives are formed by raising finite verbs first from V (verb) to I and then from I (inflection) to C by two successive applications of head movement. 在古英语中,填充词直接由动词v从屈折语素I位经连续提升进入补语连词位来构成疑问句。

9、In other words, I look at a structure and I say it has a center. 换句话说,我看着一个结构然后我说她有一个中心。

10、Outside-part structure can simplify the complexity and distinguish the layers of inner relationship of the original material. 外位语结构可以理清原句内在层次关系,化繁为简。

11、The structure of the combined plan is nearly identical to that of the UPDATE statement alone. 这个组合的计划在结构上与单独的 UPDATE 语句几乎一样。

12、In the aspect of outer structure, it mainly includes complicated chapter structure, innovated sentence structure and sufficient allusion. 在“外结构”方面,主要有曲折的章法、创新的句法、博赡的典故。

13、At a high level, you see the familiar "update… set…. where…" syntax of an SQL UPDATE statement. SQL UPDATE 语句的总体结构仍然是大家熟悉的 “update… set…. where…” 语法。

14、Chapter two is a summary about the adjective clause in English and Korean, including its definition, criterion for clification and its structural features. 第二章为英朝形容词性分句概述,包括对英朝形容词性分句的界定、分类标准以及结构特征的论述。

15、Generative Grammar has taken explanatory adequacy as an ultimate goal of linguistic theories ever since the publication of Syntactic Structures. 自《句法结构》问世以来,生成语法就以解释充分性作为其追求的最高目标。

16、These three constructions exhibit different syntactic behaviors and different deep structures. 该三类动结式的句法表现不同,深层结构也各不相同。

17、"Songbirds have a spontaneous ability to process syntactic structures in their songs," he says. 他说,“鸣禽在歌唱时有加工句法结构的自然能力。”

18、Chapter One is an overview of the subject-object reversible sentence of which predicate is verb-complement structure. 第一章是对述语为动补结构的主宾可逆句式的概述。

19、In other words, the structure is the same with substitutions for different cl or variable names. 换句话说,结构相同,但是代入不同的类或变量名。

20、Do you doubt that you will be paidô seems to pose a rhetorical question (. 你怀疑人家会赖帐吗?似乎就成了一个反问句(。你当然相信人家不会赖帐了。

21、Another question, right? 这又是另一个修辞问句了,是吧?

22、Well, the repeated faulty wording is a wordiness of the sentence structure, which should be deleted. 语病重复是语句结构上的累赘,是应该删除的多余成分。

23、The key to using this structure is to reorganize the original material so as to turn it into outside-part structure. 英译汉时运用外位语结构的关键是对原句进行重新组合,使其转换为外位语结构。

24、In other words, for a desired resonant frequency, the IE-AMC structure cell size is only about 30-40% of conventional structure. 换句话说,设计具有同样谐振频率的AMC结构单元,使用这种结构的单元尺寸仅为普通结构的30~40%左右。

25、The addresser of the interrogative sentence asks the addressee about the information of when, where and how the action was done. 疑问句中发话人向听话人询问已然动作的时间、地点、方式等信息;


26、Chapter Two interprets English and Chinese wh-questions, wh-movement as well as the principles of Subjacency and the ECP; 第二章解释英语和汉语特殊疑问句、疑问词移动以及界限原则和空语类原则规律;

27、This produces the following SQL statement which is structurally complete but with invalid syntax. 这会产生以下 SQL 语句,它在结构上是完整的,但是语法是无效的。

28、Tag questions can also be added to statements to nudge agreement. 也可以在陈述句后添上附加疑问(如“你今天可以完成这些工作,你不能吗?”) ,这样有可能推动协议的达成。

29、The diversity of syntactic structures is an important feature of literary language . 文学语言的一个重要特点是句法结构的变化多样和丰富多彩。

30、On the other hand, all these questions were rhetorical. 同时,这些问题也都只是反问句。

31、Although the existence of interrogatives seems a universal property of natural languages, languages differ substantially in the strategies they employ for coding interrogatives. 尽管自然语言中普遍存在疑问结构,但各种语言表达疑问范畴的策略实不相 同。

32、So the structure of this poem is unquestionably Virgilian, but the sentiments that are voiced in this poem are unquestionably Miltonic, and we will recognize them. 因此这首诗的结构毫无疑问是维吉尔式的,但抒发的感情毫无疑问,是弥尔顿式的,这能看的出来。

33、He must have arrived in Shanghai yesterday , didn't he ? 他一定在昨天已经到达了上海, 是吗?(反意疑问句)

34、The conclusion is that: interrogative sentences do bring difficulties for simultaneous interpreting and influence the output of interpreting; 最后得出结论:疑问句确实会为同声传译带来困难,会影响到翻译质量;

35、In addition, in a specific context, the basic function of standard interrogative questions can be altered. 而且,在特定的语境中,标准疑问句的功能也会发生变化。

36、This thesis investigates the intonation of the interrogative sentence in Mandarin Chinese from acoustic and perceptive perspectives. 本文从声学特征和感知特征两个不同的角度研究了汉语普通话疑问语句的语调。

37、There's no question it has the architecture. 毫无疑问他拥有体系化的结构。

38、Pragmatic Functions and Textual Functions of Discourse Connectives in Terms of Relavance Theory; 语篇语用学从语篇语境的角度研究句法结构的选择与语篇功能。

39、It uses a free-form structure that lets the user develop SQL statements to suit his or her needs. 它使用自由格式的结构,该结构可以让用户开发 SQL 语句来适合他们的需要。

40、Sentence initial topic construction is also driven by feature-checking. 句前动宾话题结构也是受特征核查驱动的移位而生成。

41、Resizes a data handle based on the data structure of an argument that you p to the CIN. This function does not set the array dimension field. 我理解成调整数据句柄大小,该句柄是传递到CIN节点的指向数据结构体变量。不可设置数组维数。

42、Can I talk to Susan, please? 请问, 我和苏珊说句话行吗?

43、Syntax trees only represent the lexical and syntactic structure of the source code. 语法树只能够表现出源代码的词法和句法结构。

44、Yes, he (she) is. (No, he(she) isn't.) Is there a book on the desk? Yes, there is. (No, there isn't.) 三、特殊疑问句及其回答: 1. What's this(that) in English?

45、The second and the third parts of this thesis demonstrate that the SVCs are on a lower level in grammaticalization, which can be seen by the constraints of word order and clause integration. 第二、三两章分别从词序凝固化、小句整合两个方面,也就是从连动式的内部、外部证明连动式是句法化程度较低的句法结构。

46、Most studies on English locative inversion are confined to the field of syntax with little consideration of the constraints from discourse or pragmatics. 对英语方位倒装句结构的研究大部分仅从句法角度出发,忽视了来自篇章和语用方面的制约。

47、So the structure of this poem is unquestionably Virgilian, but the sentiments that are voiced in this poem are unquestionably Miltonic, and we will recognize them. 因此这首诗的结构毫无疑问是维吉尔式的,但抒发的感情毫无疑问,是弥尔顿式的,这能看的出来。

48、The narratable, in other words, must enter into a structure. 可叙述的,换句话说,必须有一个结构。

49、Chinese EFL learners' oral production of tag questions is characterized by the rare occurrence of TQs, which results in a low degree of interactivity and solidarity in their discourse. 中国EFL学习者附加疑问句口语产出具备如下特点:附加问句产出率低,未能起到有效促进会话的作用,降低了其中介语交流的交互性与包容性;

50、In other words, these platforms should have a standard accessibility architecture. 换句话说,这些平台应该拥有标准的易访问性体系结构。


51、It-extraposition construction has ever been a widely discussed and highly controversial issue in syntactic literature for recent decades. 外置结构一直都是句法学界颇有争议的一个热点问题。

52、Also, you could use "Would you" with a "like" right after to soften the question even further. 当然,你也可以在“Would you”后面加上一个“like”,因为你可以用这个疑问句使你提出的各种问题变得更温和。

53、In other words, the Intel-based architecture describes much more than just the CPU. 换句话说,以英代尔为主的结构描述比只是处理器多许多。

54、They are of similar word cl and grammatical form. But their non-interrogative usages differ because of syntactic constraints. 而非疑问用法由于受到不同的句式制约,产生了不同的表达方式。

55、Furthermore, some other aspects related to the Theme of interrogatives are also worth our further study. 另外,疑问句主位的其他相关问题也值得我们进一步探究。

56、The author believes that cognitive linguistics, and especially grammaticalization theory, constitutes an optimum theoretical framework to account for th… 作者认为认知语言学尤其是语法化理论是阐释反意疑问句的最佳理论框架。

57、The intending author, in other words, is outside, whereas we can argue that the intentional structure is inside. 作者,换句话说,是外在的,而意向性结构是内在的。

58、The degree of markedness of a sentence reflects its complexity in structure. 句式的标记程度反映它在结构上复杂性。

59、Boolean logic is especially useful for formulating clear conditional statements. 布尔逻辑对你规划条件语句的结构特别有用。

60、Sian: Exactly, this term is a combination of 'cyber' — relating to computers — and hypochondriac. 希安: 没错,这个词是与电脑有关的“网络”和“疑病症患者”这两个词的结合。我们来听几个例句。

61、Verbal constructions in series as a syntactic phenomenon exist in both Thai and Chinese. However, these two languages display differences in this respect. 连动结构是泰语和汉语都存在的句法现象,但是它们在内部结构形式上存在一定的差异。

62、Who is it. Suspect is a practical joke, she gives a reply. “你是谁?”疑是恶作剧,她淡淡地回了一句。

63、Actually the counter- righteousness questionsentence has gone to school in the junior middle school, but can usethe Chinese students are not many. 其实反义疑问句在初中就学过了,但是会用的中国学生不多。

64、Frame every so-called disaster with these words ''In five years, will this matter?". 所谓的灾难往往是用“在xx年内,将这个问题……?” 这样的词句构建的。

65、Their rational knowledge will provide the structure, their empirical knowledge the content. 他们的理论知识将提供语句的结构,经验知识则提供内容。

66、HANDLE. h HANDLE. c-console, using the nested structure and handle, to achieve information hiding small procedures. 控制台下,利用结构嵌套和句柄,来实现信息隐藏的小程序。

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