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关于”古诗“的英语句子48个,句子主体:ancient poetry。以下是关于古诗的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:ancient poetry

1、Many ancient poems and legends have linked attractiveness with a thin waist. 很多古典诗歌和传说每每将魅力与纤腰联系起来。

2、Under the new round of curriculum reform, the teaching of Ancient Poetry requires more skills. 新一轮的课程改革,对古诗文教学提出了更高的要求。

3、His appreciative comments, well welcomed and applauded, have exerted great influence on later generations. 唐汝询的古诗鉴赏得到后人的肯定与称赞。

4、In some of his caricatures, he uses the artistic conception of ancient poetry to manifest the modern life, as well as the thoughts and feelings of modern people; 他的漫画有的借用古诗词的意境表现现代生活,反映现代人的思想感情;

5、Guo Moruo "Yong-marble" Poetry: Ko Ko Jin three towers, to think of Zhenguan years. 郭沫若有《咏大理石》诗:三塔矜高古,回思贞观年。

6、It contains five poems inspired by Gnosticism and Gnostics writings, e. g. Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi documents. 它包含五个诗词诺斯替主义和诺斯替教派的著作的启发,如死海古卷和拿格哈马蒂文件。

7、The moon is a typical imagery and eternal topic in literature, and it is one of the most-used imageries in Chinese classic poetry. 是典型的文学意象和永恒的主题,也是我国古典诗词中用得最多的意象之一。

8、During process ancient poetic prose education should play a significant role. 在实现这一目标的过程中,古诗文教学应该起到非常重要作用。

9、The height people will reach is usually a mountain or a tower. Ancient literary figures have left many poems depicting the activity. 所谓登高,人们通常会登上高山或者高塔,古代的诗人也为此做了许多流传至今的诗句。

10、Fennessy focus on the highly decorative classical sound development and production. 梵尼诗专注于极具装饰性的古典音响开发和生产。

11、In the Life of Saint Guthlac, written around 740, Guthlac is beset by demons, whereupon he "sang the first verse of the sixty-seventh psalm as if prophetically, 'Let God arise, ' etc." 在740年前后写就的《圣。古瑟拉克的一生》一书中,古瑟拉克被恶魔所困扰,于是他“仿佛像预言般吟唱第六十七条赞美诗的第一段‘让上帝显灵吧’等等词句。

12、Hope that it will help you find the ancient poetry of learning fun. 希望它能帮助你找到古诗学习的乐趣。

13、So, when unscrambling dreamland in classical poems, we not only mouse out the inner sensibility world, but also revert those unique times. 这一点,从古典诗词梦境的具体营构方式和相应的情感抒发模式上可以分明见出。

14、The subject of the statue is from the "Aeneid" by Virgil, the most famous poet of ancient Rome. 这座雕像的主题取自古罗马最著名的诗人维吉尔写的叙事诗《埃涅伊德》。

15、If you want your name to be immortal, a good short poem will do. 倘想流芳千古,一首不朽的小诗足矣。

16、The poetry theory of Wang Chuanshan is a ripe form in Chinese classical aesthetics. 王船山的诗学思想是中国古典美学的成熟形态。

17、Being developed for thousands of years, the Chinese ancient poetry and the Chinese flower and bird painting heavily influence and even merge each other. 数千年的发展,中国古典诗词与花鸟画早已绾结在一起,它们互相借鉴,相得益彰。

18、This study, grounded on the framework of RT, makes a comment on classic Chinese verse translation by comparative study and cross-disciplinary transplantation approaches. 本文以关联理论为基本框架,采用跨学科移植的方法来比较评析古汉语诗词翻译。

19、It will be possible to enchant weapons and armor with runes. 工匠可以在武器和防具上附加上古诗歌或者文字的魔法属性。

20、It is one of the effective means for students to read ancient poems. 诵读古诗文是学生学习语文的一条重要途径。

21、In ancient times cuckoo was regarded as a bird easy to feel grieved by disappointing love affairs, which is, in fact, the reflection of the pessimistic attitude of the poet himself. 古代文人把杜鹃定为悲情之鸟,是古诗人自身的悲观心理在起作用。

22、The allegorical poems by Bai Juyi were the most typical and therefore the most conscious ones in the ancient time of our country. 白居易的讽谕诗是我国古代最自觉最典型的因而也是最具有代表性的讽谕诗。

23、This article attempts to grip in the classical poetry teaching and seek the effective mind prescription in the edge of life. 本文试图扎进古典诗词教学中,为日益边缘化的中职生,寻求一剂心灵抚慰的良方。

24、To learn ancient prose is to accept the influence and teaching of traditional culture. 学习古诗文就是在接受传统文化的熏陶与教化。

25、Homer's ancient Greek epic describing the Greeks and Troy where the people fighting. 古希腊荷马史诗中述希腊人与特洛伊人交战所在。


26、His poetry often deals with antiquity: old men, old buildings, lineage , children confronted with the ancient mystery of death. 他在诗中写的是古色古香的事物;老人、旧建筑物、血统、面对秘不可解的死亡的儿童。

27、Nothing is beautiful from every point of view---Quintus Horatius Flaccus Horace. 每个角度都要看,没有东西是美的---古希腊诗人,Q.H.F。贺拉斯。

28、The article mainly ilrates the translator' s necessity from the characteristics of poetry, including the fuzziness, culture and the sound. 由于古诗词的模糊性,文化性和音象性等特点,译者在英译过程中就必然发挥其主体性作用。

29、At last, the Northern Song official travel ci-poem is not only the turning point of the Official Travel Literature, but also expanded the description content of it. 最后,北宋宦游词不仅与盛唐宦游诗一样是中国古代宦游文学最重要的组成部分,而且更是中国古代宦游文学主体精神转折的开端。

30、In the meantime, artistic and imaged philosophy conception of the poem is also the precious resources that can edify student's thoughts and moral character. 同时,古诗中诗情画意的意境以及形象化的哲理,也是熏陶小学生思想品德的宝贵资源。

31、Some people say that in ancient times happiness is talking poetry and painting with friends; 有人说在古代,幸福就是与知己谈诗论画,琴瑟和鸣;

32、At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet---Plato, Greek philosopher. 爱的触摸下,谁都是诗人---柏拉图,古希腊哲学家。

33、The princess had paid a visit to the Gucci store in Milan with Prince Ranier. 诗琳通公主曾访问了米兰的古琦店王子。

34、"Poems for the Jiao Zhongqing wife as" goes: "life, such as Nanshan stone, four-body health and straight. 《古诗为焦仲卿妻作》云:“命如南山石,四体康且直。”

35、In the Life of Saint Guthlac, written around 740, Guthlac is beset by demons, whereupon he "sang the first verse of the sixty-seventh psalm as if prophetically, 'Let God arise,' etc. 在740年前后写就的《圣.古瑟拉克的一生》一书中,古瑟拉克被恶魔所困扰,于是他“仿佛像预言般吟唱第六十七条赞美诗的第一段‘让上帝显灵吧’等等词句。

36、Chinese language: vocabulary, daily dictions , speaking & listening, reading & writing, Chinese ancient poems, usage of Chinese dictionary and other reference books. 汉语课程包括汉语词汇、生活用语、口语听力训练、阅读和写作、中国古诗文、学习使用汉语工具书等。

37、Classical Literature home, poets, writers, particularly known for Dream of Red Mansions on the world. 古典文学研究家, 诗人,作家,尤以红学研究而著称于世。

38、If he desires to be remembered forever, a short enduring poem is enough to help. 倘想留芳千古,一首不朽的小诗足矣。

39、The first chapter newly defines the connotations and denotations of the old discipline: "the poetics". 第一章重新界定了“诗学”这一古老学科的内涵与外延。

40、As an essential part of Chinese culture, bird is integrated into ancient poetry by means of its rich cultural connotations. 作为中国文化中不可或缺的一部分,鸟儿以其承载的丰富文化含义与古诗词曲融为一体。

41、The change from classic poetic language to modern instrumental language synchronizes with the change from classis humanistic education to modern utilitarian education. 古典诗性语言向现代工具语言的转变与古典人文教育向现代功利教育的转变同步。

42、The image "clothing", which appears frequently in Chinese classical poems , is a symbol of expression to which we pay our main attention in the relm of literature. “衣”在中国古典诗词中出现频率极高,它是一个传达情感的意象符号。

43、What is dignity without honesty?---Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman poet&orator. 没有诚实何谈尊严?---M.T。西塞罗,古罗马诗人和演说家。

44、The study proceeds in three aspects: never believing old ideas blindly, never constraining by sectarian bias and never limiting by his own ideas. 从戴震治《诗》的三种著述及其治《诗》的单篇文章两个方面,从不盲目信古、不设立门户、不囿于己见三个角度来对其治《诗》思想进行研究。

45、The Chinese people often cite a line of an old Chinese poem to convey how precious friendship is. It goes “Long distance separates no bosom friends.” 中国人常常援引一句古诗词来抒发友情的可贵,那就是“海内存知己,天涯若比邻”。

46、Since ancient times, the praise poetry of orchids, and many others, formed a kind of orchid tours, products of the true meaning of the Lan-lan culture. 自古以来,歌颂兰花的诗词歌赋,不胜枚举,形成了一种赏兰、品兰之真谛的兰文化。

47、For instance, my dad doesn't like new-styled peoms, which significantly affected by Western peoms, although he's written thousands of ancient-styled peoms. 比如,尽管我爸写过数千首古体诗,但他对受西方影响严重的新体诗不屑。

48、She was known in antiquity as a great poet: Plato called her "the tenth Muse" and her likeness appeared on coins. 人们只知道她是上古时代的一位伟大的诗人:柏拉图曾誉之为“第十位缪斯”,诗人的肖像曾上过硬币。

49、"Poems for the Jiao Zhongqing wife as": "I never ordered today, the soul to the corpse will stay. 《古诗为焦仲卿妻作》:“我命绝今日,魂去尸长留。”

50、On the other hand, from Wangji's poems, we can find some characteristics on the relation between the poetry and wine, and describe the venation of the development of the relation. 另一方面,他的饮酒诗在某些方面反映了中国古代诗酒关系的特点,由此也可以揭示中国诗酒传统发展的部分脉络。


51、It is not just the Babbitts who think there's something odd about people who read poetry. 不仅是市侩之流认为读诗的人有点古怪。

52、Sappho was considered the most important lyric poet of ancient Greece. 古希腊抒情诗人中,萨福和品达至今仍被人们广泛赞赏。

53、A small imperishable poem is enough if you want to leave a good name to posterity. 倘想流芳千古,一首不朽的小诗足矣。

54、Embedding Chinese medicine name into poem, phrase and other writings is a kind of language expression which people love to see and hear since time immemorial. 在诗、词、文中嵌入中药药名,是古往今来为大众所喜闻乐见的一种语言表达形式。

55、The Roman poets liked to speak of Italy as "oenotria tell us, " the land of wine; Oenotria, in fact, was the old Greek name for southeast Italy. 古罗马时代的诗人喜欢称意大利为“欧诺特利亚之地”,即葡萄酒之乡;实际上,欧诺特利亚是古希腊语中的一个名词,意指意大利东南部。

56、Take the peony as the theme myth fable, the poems and songs, the eternity will be on everybody's lips ceaselessly, will may be called in the flowered culture. 以牡丹为题材的神话传说,诗词歌赋,千古传诵不辍,堪称花文化中之最。

57、So appreciating the Chinese Classic Garden needs appreciating the cultural of poems and paintings at first. 欣赏古典园林,应先欣赏其意境美和诗画文化。

58、We hear, across the distances, murmurs of ancient hunter and see the visions of poets and lovers of long ago. 我们跨越时间的距离,听着古代猎人的喃喃细语,觉悟古时候诗人和恋人们的洞察力。

59、The combination of language teaching and aesthetics, in particular the ancient poetry teaching and aesthetics, has become a new trend. 而且语文教学与美学结合,特别是古诗词教学与美学的结合,已成为一种新的发展趋势。

60、To use archaisms, as in prose, to suggest the past. 用古词,用古语:使用古语,如在散文中,使人回想起过去。

61、It engages the ancient art of pastoral poetry initiated and made famous by the great Greek poet Theocritus, which was later imitated by Moscus and then finally by the Roman poet Virgil in his celebrated pastoral eclogues. 它沿用了古老的田园诗艺术,田园文学是由希腊伟大诗人忒奥克里托斯创始并发扬开来的,后来为摩斯科斯所模仿,最终,罗马诗人维吉尔的著名田园诗也是模仿的此诗体。

62、Guo Moruo has "ChantsMarble" the poem: "Three towers are high ancient, along thinksLoyalView year. 郭沫若有《咏大理石》诗:“三塔矜高古,顺思贞观年。

63、The classic Sanskrit literature flourished on the basis of the Vedic and Epic literature. 梵语古典文学是在吠陀和史诗的基础上发展起来的。

64、Process of appreciate is appreciate and thou poem thought collision of process. 鉴赏的过程是鉴赏者和古诗思想碰撞的过程。

65、Charmaine Sheh and Kevin Cheng 1st film co-costume drama, full of praise for his costume style, hope that he will shoot more costume… 佘诗曼第1次和郑嘉颖合作拍古装戏,对他的古装造型赞不绝口,希望他以后多拍古装戏。

66、Eg:It is this poetic attitude, achievements of the legendary Li Po decent life, ages birth to poems sung one song after another. 例句:正是这份诗意的态度,成就了李白不俗的人生传奇,孕育了一首首传唱千古的诗篇。

67、The alankara theory is the essential part of classic Indian literary theory, which closely associated with ancient Indian linguistics. 梵语诗学庄严论是印度古典文论的重要组成部分。它的产生与丰富发达的印度古代语言学有关。

68、In the ancient academic circle, "boudoir-plaint poetry" and "lovesick woman poetry" were often seen, but there were misuse of these two concepts. 在古代文学学术界,“闺怨诗”和“思妇诗”这两个概念经常出现,很多学者出现了错用、滥用现象。

69、An online contest challenged people to work "Myfather is Li Gang" into classical poetry. 一个帖子号召人们把“我爸是李刚”组合进古诗中。

70、He is an ancient Greek poet of excursion poems, a philosopher and an educationalist. 他是古希腊游吟诗人、哲学家和教育家。

71、These poems became active fruits of the pre-seven-poem-school's restoration movement of old literature. 这些诗歌成为前七子复古运动的积极成果。

72、Ku Yen-wu in the "Daily Understanding" Volume 21 wrote: "The ancients of the poems, there is poetry and then there are problems; 顾炎武在《日知录》卷二十一里写道:「古人之诗,有诗而后有题;

73、In different note books on ancient poems and texts, there are some sentences and words on which famous experts don't hold identical views and the notes are inconsistent. 在古诗文诸多不同注本中,有些句、词,名家们也都看法有别,解释不一。

74、Ancient poetry is to resort to the soul, inner spiritual world of the literary form, Is the crystallization of human emotional experience wonderful. 古诗词是诉诸心灵的、内心精神世界的文学形式,是人类美好情感体验的结晶。

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