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关于”雪的诗“的英语句子27个,句子主体:Snow Poetry。以下是关于雪的诗的八级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Snow Poetry

1、Snow, a poem like paintings, even though it covered a real world, but it has a clean and pure to create a new world. 雪,如诗似画,尽管它遮住了一个真实的世界,但是,它却打造出了一个干净清纯的新世界。

2、Torchbearers will travel on foot, skis, snowmobiles, snowboards and snowss. 火炬手将徒步,滑雪,雪车,滑雪板和滑雪鞋行进。

3、Hinterland of the snowy plateau, the Brahmaputra side, as if the possession of rural school girls in purdah, poetic beauty, charming, like a dream. 在雪域高原腹地,雅鲁藏布江边,派乡犹如藏在深闺的少女,诗一般美丽、梦一样迷人。

4、We can build a snowman, throw snow, make footprints in the snow. 我们可以一起堆雪人、打雪仗、在雪地上踩脚印。

5、The snow turned to slush. 雪花变成了雪泥。

6、Idyllic scenes like this one of a snow-covered medieval castle are standard fare in the Bavarian city of Mittenwald. 德国图片画廊。田园诗的景色像这一片白雪覆盖中世纪的城堡是标准的经营在巴伐利亚的城市的瓦尔德。

7、Black currant, cigar box and cedar; 黑枣栗和雪松和雪茄香;

8、The snow had turned to slush . 雪已经变成了雪泥。

9、The chemical composition of Centella asiatica includes asiaticoside, madecassoside, asiatic acid, and madasiatic acid etc, and asiaticoside is the main active composition of it. 积雪草中的成分主要有积雪草苷、羟基积雪草苷、积雪草酸、羟基积雪草酸等,积雪草苷是其主要活性成分。

10、When skiing, you should wear the protecting equipments such as the snow clothing, gloves, kneecaps and masks. 滑雪者在滑雪时应穿滑雪服、佩戴滑雪手套、护脸、护膝等护具。

11、Can snowball fights, make a snowman. 又可以打雪仗、堆雪人。

12、Sports included in the Winter Olympics nowadays include bobsled, curling, ice hockey, luge , skating, skiing, ski jumping, and snowboarding. 现代冬奥会项目包括雪车、冰壶、冰球、雪橇、滑冰、滑雪、跳台滑雪和单板滑雪等。

13、I had begun to write poetry in imitation of Shelley and of Edmund Spenser, play after play for my father exalted dramatic poetry above all other kinds and I invented fantastic and incoherent plots. 我开始模仿雪莱和埃德蒙?斯宾塞的风格写诗,一部一部地写下去——因为戏剧诗正是父亲最为推崇的体裁。我还创作出一些荒诞怪异而又逻辑不清的情节。

14、In the snow, we are very happy to make a snowman 在雪地里,我们堆雪人很开心

15、Now these two forms brought together, synthesized as a single strophic form in Shelley, are coded in entirely different ways. 将这两种形式融合在一起,成为雪莱的单一诗节形式,而这两种形式则完全不同。

16、Skiers relax under cover in snow. 滑雪者在雪中休息。

17、It can be difficult to get a group of people to cohere. 你把一团雪捏紧,雪就黏合成雪球。

18、School children weren’t too unhappy about it though as they headed out to play in the snow, building snowmen, having snowball fights, sledging and some even snowboarding and skiing. 学校的学生却并没有因此而感到难过,因为他们可以出去玩雪、堆雪人、打雪仗、坐雪橇、甚至滑雪板和滑雪。

19、Snow calamity mainly consists of natural snow mantle, wind-drifting snow and avalanche. 积雪灾害主要指自然积雪、风吹雪、雪崩。

20、The snow cover is characterized by shallow snowpack, less snow density and high evaporation rate in the winter. 气温低、雪层薄、雪层内温度梯度大,积雪密度小,雪面蒸发强是其特征。

21、Nordic skiing includes cross country racing, ski jumping and the Nordic Combines. 滑雪三项全能包括越野滑雪赛、跳台滑雪和速度滑雪和跳跃滑雪混合项目。

22、Rita: Yes! I have gone sledding, snowboarding, and snowsing, too! 丽塔:有啊!我也有去坐雪橇、滑雪,还有穿雪鞋在雪中漫步!

23、Think high person because of snow, because flower think beauty, because wine think chivalrous person, because moon think departed friend, because mountains and rivers benefit poetic prose. 因雪想高士,因花想美人,因酒想侠客,因月想故友,因山水相得益诗文。

24、Also there's mountains to go snowboarding and skiing and that sort of thing. 而且还有山,可以做滑雪板滑雪或者滑雪这样的活动。

25、Ski tracks - Avalanche risk information - Avalanche flags. 滑雪道。雪崩危险信息。雪崩信号旗。


26、It may be that among them a more fervid Keats, a more ethereal Shelley has already published numbers the world will willingly remember. 他们当中可能有一位更炽情的济慈或者更一尘不染的雪莱,而且已经发表了世界将长久记忆的诗篇。

27、You will walk the winters of your old age together and she will recite Keats under her breath while you shake the snow off your boots. 年老的你们在冬日里散步,她会压低声音背诵济慈的诗,而你在抖靴子里的雪出来。

28、Shelley represents in this poetical drama there will always exist harmonious relationships between man and himself, man and society as well as man and nature in the future world. 这部诗剧体现了雪莱朴素的和谐思想,在雪莱所勾勒的未来理想世界里,人自身和谐发展,人与社会和谐共存,人与自然和谐相处。

29、Some in a snowman, they first good two big snowball snowman's body, and give the snowman on the eyes, mouth… The snowman is ready! 有的在堆雪人,他们先堆好两个大大的雪球做雪人的身子,再给雪人装上眼睛、嘴巴巴……雪人就做好了!

30、SHIRLEY GRIFFITH: That was the song "Discoverer. " Like many REMsongs, this one is poetic with a meaning that is not always clear. 雪丽葛里菲兹:这是歌曲“发现者。”像许多快速眼动歌曲,这个人是一个意义并不总是清晰的诗意。

31、Skiing includes of the alpine events, downhill and slalom, freestyle, cross-country and biathlon. 滑雪名手高山滑雪、高山滑降和高山回转、自由式滑雪、越野滑雪和现代冬季两项比赛。

32、We went sledging in the snow. 我们乘雪橇滑雪。

33、Make a snowman in the snow. 注:完全没有问题,希望帮助到您。

34、Pickle also known as "potherb mus, potherb mus, " Seven Star has a long history with pickled vegetables. 雪菜又名“雪里蕻、雪里红”,七星雪菜具有悠久的历史。

35、We can play snow and make snowman. 我们可以玩雪,堆雪人。

36、Snow is me, I am snow, no I no snow. 雪就是我,我就是雪,无我无雪。

37、The best lyric poems—think of Keats or Shelley, for example—are moments of epiphany , a sudden opening out onto magic cats. 最佳的抒情诗—开动开动脑筋,例如济慈或雪莱—是灵光乍现,是突如其来地叩开魔法的窗扉。

38、In the snow, we are very happy to make a snowman 再看看别人怎么说的。

39、I am snow for sledding. 我是滑雪橇所需的雪。

40、Enthusiasts can also choose other activities including motor skiing, sleigh skiing, shooting and hunting. 滑雪发烧友们还可以参与雪地摩托、雪橇滑雪、射击、打猎等运动项目。

41、It is the best in terms of snow quality, skiing trails and spectacular views. 该滑雪场拥有一流的雪质、雪道以及壮美风光。

42、C (singing): Edelweiss, edelweiss 上校(唱):雪绒花,雪绒花

43、Some people go dog sledding in Jackson Hole. They get on a sled and are pulled by a team of dogs through the snow. 有些人到杰克逊山洞去坐狗拉雪橇滑雪,狗拉雪橇滑雪就是游客坐在雪橇上,一群狗拉着雪橇在雪地上跑,这是众多享受传统山区景色方式的一种。

44、Like most romantic poets, Wordsworth and Shelley chant nature's beautiful landscape and eulogize it to express their deep love for it. 与大多数浪漫主义诗人一样,华兹华斯和雪莱都咏赞大自然,讴歌自然界的山水风景来表达对自然的挚爱。

45、Snow drift hazard is one of frequent hazards on highway of northern China. 风吹雪雪害是我国北方公路上频发的雪害之一。

46、As a sport, skiing comp downhill skiing, skiing touring, and cross-country ski racing. 作为一项运动,滑雪分为高山滑雪、越野滑雪和越野滑雪赛。

47、Video content includes ski and snowboard beginner tutorials, as well as powder and mogul tips, plus a history of skiing film, fitness tips and footage from ski and snowboard events. 视频内容包括滑雪和滑雪板运动初学者指南、雪粉和雪坡提示,还有滑雪电影史、健身提示以及滑雪和滑雪板活动的电影镜头。

48、This year's first snow is flurries. 今年的第一场雪是小雪。

49、When my family went skiing they often rented the equipment-skis, poles, and boots. 我们一家去滑雪时,通常租用滑雪设备--滑雪板、滑雪杆和滑雪靴。

50、Are the philosophers or are the poets you might say the true legislators for mankind ?! if you want to use Shelley's dictum? 是哲学家或是诗学家,或者你可以说,人类的真正立法者,如果你想要借用雪莱名言的话?


51、The snow had packed against the wall. 墙根的雪形成了雪团。

52、Dog sled racing is the most well known form of mushing - dogs pulling a sled on snow. 狗拉雪橇竞赛是雪橇旅行最著名的方式—以数只狗在雪上拉动雪橇。

53、Famed Chinese news anchor Bai Yansong, leads a list of 12 prominent television hosts who will take part in a poetry recital addressing the sae storms. 中国著名新闻节目主持人白岩松带领12名出色的电视节目主持人参加致无情暴风雪的诗朗诵。

54、The Season of Winter—Snow, Snowmen , Snow Games. 冬季——雪,雪人,打雪仗。

55、Shelley's body was identified by the volumes of Keats and Sophocles found in his pockets. 从一具尸体的衣服口袋里发现了济慈的诗集和索福克勒斯的集子,从而证实那就是雪莱。

56、Shasta Ski Resort ski area. 沙斯塔滑雪场滑雪区。

57、The sleigh jingled along the snowy road. 雪橇在积雪的路上丁当前进。

58、He looks out the window — and there is snow, on the ground and everywhere. 他朝窗外看去—是雪,地上是雪,到处都是雪。

59、Skiing racing includes following main events:alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, ski jumping , freestyle skiing, and Biathlon etc. 竞技滑雪包括以下几个主要项目:高山滑雪,北欧滑雪,跳台滑雪,自由式滑雪和现代冬季两项等。

60、Take some miniature marshmallows and put them in a little baggie. Attach a note to the bag that has a picture of a snow man and this poem. 弄一些小的药蜀葵,将它们放进小袋里。在小待上贴一张带有雪人图像和这首诗的纸条。

61、The one who came from hest to my lodge, through deepest snows and most dismal tempests, was a poet. 从离得最远的地方,穿过最深的积雪和最阴惨惨的风暴来到我家的是一位诗人。

62、Shake your head and say: “Michelle, Michelle, Michelle. 摇摇你的脑袋说:“蜜雪儿,蜜雪儿,蜜雪儿。

63、Citroen, Citroen, Citroen; what are we going to do with you? 雪铁龙,雪铁龙,雪铁龙,让我们拿你怎么办呢?

64、Flower snowy night, the story of the poet wind is that people often talked about, those legendary poets past to bring people to imagine the composition, but also bring a lot of emotional factors. 诗人风花雪夜的故事往往是人们津津乐道的,那些传奇性的诗人往事带上了人们想象的成分,也带上了诸多情感的因素。

65、Mei Jie, snow white, is a light to the extreme beauty, take a stroll in the meantime, also then enter into the poetic, picturesque scene. 梅的洁,雪的白,都是一种淡到极致的美,漫步其间,也便入了诗意,入了画境。

66、Trekking through the snow pulling a sledge. 拖着雪橇在雪地里跋涉的人。

67、Work without hope draws nectar in a sieve, And hope without an object can not live---Percy Bysshe Shelley, British poet. 没有希望的工作就像往筛子里泼洒甘露(喻徒劳无功),没有目标的希望不会实现---P.B。雪莱,英国诗人。

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