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导读: 42个,关于”交通的句子“的英语句子42个,句子主体:Traffic sentence。以下是关于交通的句子的六级英语句子。


关于”交通的句子“的英语句子42个,句子主体:Traffic sentence。以下是关于交通的句子的六级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Traffic sentence

1、The sedan chair was one of the traditional vehicles in ancient Beijing. 轿子也是老北京的传统交通工具之一。

2、A child with speech problems can communicate using augmentative and alternative communications. 语言障碍的孩子可以利用扩大交替的通讯系统进行交流。

3、In the course of e-business , both sides in trading understand each other's situation and send the data to complete the transaction via the Internet. 电子商务过程中,交易双方都是通过互联网络各自了解对方的情况,并通过数据的发送来完成交易。

4、The SQL statements and commands submitted in a pass-through session do not go through the federated query compiler. 在 pass-through 会话中提交的 SQL 语句和命令不会通过联邦查询编译器。

5、It looks at transport and how that's grown. 它展示了交通和交通的发展过程。

6、The car corkscrewed through the traffic jam. 那部车子蜿蜒挤过交通阻塞的道路。

7、Coastal; Small town; Transportation Planning; Traffic survey methods; The four-step method; Green traffic; Development pattern. 沿海; 小城镇; 交通规划; 交通调查方法; 四阶段法; 绿色交通; 发展模式。

8、In a crosswalk, pedestrians have the right of way. 在过街人行道上,行人有先行权。

9、They never actually spoke to each other; all their communication was by e-mail or text message. 他们从未真正相互交谈过,所有的沟通交流都是通过电子邮件或手机短信进行的。

10、wait a minute ,do not catch a second.宁等一分,不抢一秒

11、In other words, my value was once ensured by submitting myself to the traditional authorities. Now it is quoted in the stock exchange. 换句话说,这曾经通过将自己提交给传统权威而确保了的自我价值现在却被投诸于股票交易所,任人估量。

12、She said, the traffic is more convenient. Her sons drive cars to work. 她说,现在通了桥之后交通方便多了。她的儿子都出去汕头市区、。

13、Apophasis Allusion to something by denying that it will be mentioned, as in I will not bring up my opponent's questionable financial dealings. 阳否阴述通过否认某事物将被提到来加以暗示,如在句子我不想提及竞争对手其令人置疑的财政交易。

14、Fuyang traffic advantage in fuyang location, convenient traffic. 阜阳交通优势阜阳区位交通便捷。

15、The service level of traffic communication should be improved and the modernization of traffic transportation will be promoted if the data special network is built and used. 交通通讯专网的建设、使用,有利于提高交通通讯的服务水平,促进交通运输业的现代化。

16、Hongqiao Integrated Transportation Hub is one of the biggest hubs in Shanghai transportation and city infrastructure. 虹桥综合交通枢纽是上海城市交通的重大枢纽,属于城市大型交通基础设施。

17、August 3 is expected to be the busiest day with around 800, 000 people using public transport. 预计xx月xx日将是交通最繁忙的日子,那天将有约80万人使用公共交通工具。

18、The wheels refer to the traffic conditions. When the traffic conditions of an area become smooth, the house prices will rise. 这里的轮子指的就是交通,当一个地方的交通条件变得通畅无阻时,房价就会随之上涨。

19、HanShan inform cuckoo, she will give cuckoo and children a replacement. 韩珊通知杜鹃,她会给杜鹃和孩子一个交代。

20、You always have to stop at a stop sign. 在停车标志前,你永远要停。

21、Traffic accident and traffic accident crime, traffic accident and fled after the hit and run traffic deaths caused by the relevant judicial interpretations. 交通肇事及交通肇事罪、交通肇事后逃逸及交通肇事逃逸致人死亡的相关司法解释。

22、The traffic accident buckled the wheel of his bicycle. 他的自行车轮子在交通事故中弄弯了。

23、FIX protocol is licable for real-time securities, finance, electronic transactions, and data communications standards. 金融信息交换协议FIX是适用于实时证券、金融电子交易的数据通信标准。

24、Convenient traffic, the number of lines to direct traffic. 交通便捷,多条交通线路可直达。

25、In other words, the Braess paradox holds only for a specific range of demand. 换句话来说,就是布雷斯悖论仅仅适用于特定的交通需求量下。


26、Radio Data System-Traffic Message Channel (RDS-TMC) is a large-scale and cheap traffic information dissemination technology to moderate traffic congestion and enhance traffic service. 基于广播数据系统的交通信息频道或称交通信息广播频道(RDS-TMC),是一种广域、廉价的交通信息发布技术,是缓解交通拥堵,改善交通信息服务的有效途径之一。

27、Traffic sign is a kind of road safety urtenances. Rational layout of the sign is beneficial to road safety. 交通标志是交通安全设施的一种,合理地设置标志有利于交通安全。

28、Effectively managed mobile, bicycle and pedestrians mixed traffic flow at signalized intersection is a key to traffic management in China. 在我国城市交通管理中,对城市信号交叉口处机动车、自行车和行人的混合交通流的有效组织是交通通畅运行的关键。

29、Urban transportation network is a mixed traffic network, composed of cars, taxies, buses and so on. 城市交通网络是由自驾车、出租车和公交车等交通模式组成的混合交通网络。

30、First of all, we should classify the traffic factors of the street intersections in Shanghai to traffic capacity, drainage and intersection shape. 首先对上海市街道交叉口的交通要素进行分类,交通要素主要涉及通行能力、渠化和交叉口形状;

31、The quark-quark interaction mediated by one-gluon exchange is attractive in color antitriplet channel. 通过(?) 通道的单胶子交换,夸克和夸克间将产生吸引作用。

32、It's, a rickshaw is a three-wheeled, a little three-wheeled vehicle. 人力车就是一种有三个轮子的交通工具。

33、A General Introduction on Non-Speech Communication in the Service Work in Library; 人们一般通过书面交流、言语交流、非言语交流来达到沟通的目的。

34、Deionization removes ionizable minerals from tap water by passing the water through ion-exchange beds. 去离子是使自来水通过离子交换柱除去可离子的矿物质。

35、give her a space to cut in. Ohterwise, you would be the trouble maker. 写完了,鼓掌

36、Information is exchanged when sub-groups are reorganized. 通过子群重组实现子群间的信息交换。

37、Delays in the town sub-strategic location, convenient transportation and smooth. 耽子镇地理位置优越,交通便利顺畅。

38、every sort of communication, e-mail, person to person, 各种交流沟通,电子邮件,面谈,

39、Therefore, it is necessary to decentralize traffic flow. 治理交通拥堵需要分散交通流。

40、B. Sci. in Engineering, School of Electronic Information, University of Shanghai Jiaotong. 年,上海交通大学电子信息学院,工学学士。

41、E-marketplace is an electronic exchange marketplace where companies register as sellers or buyers to communicate and conduct business over the Internet. 电子交易市场是一个电子交易市场,公司作为卖方或买房通过互联网上的沟通来开展业务。

42、Submitted by e-mail by 5 p.m. 东部标准时间下午五点前通过电子邮件提交。

43、Transportation: Singapore's land transport is very developed, including the subway, bus, taxi, etc. student travel cost about SGD 80 per month. 交通:新加坡的陆路交通非常发达,包括地铁、公交车、出租车等等,学生的交通费用大约每月八十新币。

44、Abstract: With China's transportation technology increasingly update, the traffic tools also constantly improve, the country's fast train is harmonious, stark example. 摘要:随着我国交通技术的日益更新,各项交通工具也不断完善,我国的和谐号快速列车就是鲜明的例子。

45、Ltd. is willing to work with you build a smooth road. 安基交通电子科技有限公司愿与您共建畅通大道。

46、Traffic sign is a kind of road safety urtenances . Rational layout of the sign is beneficial to mad safety. 交通标志是交通安全设施的一种,合理地设置标志有利于交通安全。

47、The disabled vehicles obstructed traffic until removed by a tow truck. 抛锚的车子直到被拖车拖走后才不阻碍交通。

48、Many workers are seduced by rosy illusions of life as a telecommuter. 许多工作者被电子交通之美好幻想所迷惑。

49、Electronics, composite materials for automotives & general transportation. 电子,为汽车摩托车及一般交通复合材料。

50、In order to decrease the cost of perfluorinated proton-exchange membrane, non-fluorinated proton-exchange membrane with low cost and excellent properties were prepared; 针对全氟磺酸质子交换膜成本过高的问题,主要通过制备低成本、高性能的无氟质子交换膜来解决;


51、To the extent that electronic commerce enables people to telecommute , everyone benefits from the reduction in commute caused traffic and pollution. 在一定的程度上电子商务能使人们远程交流,每个人都能从造成交通拥堵和染的交流减少中获利。

52、Bianchi traffic Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd. for many years engaged in the research and development of transport facilities. 安基交通电子科技有限公司多年从事交通设施的研制开发。

53、Construing the traffic state reasonablely is an important basis for collaboration of Traffic Control and Route Guidance System. 合理分析道路的交通状态,是交通控制系统与交通流诱导系统协同的重要依据。

54、Analysis of the poisoned ion exchange resin proves that the pollution of ion exchange resin by iron compound is the main reason leading to exchanging ability reduction. 通过对中毒离子交换树脂的分析,证实离子交换树脂被铁化物染是导致离子交换树脂交换能力有所下降主要原因。

55、Many workers are seduced by rosy illusions of life as a telecommuter. 许多工作者被电子交通的美好幻想所迷惑。

56、can i stop over the way? 我能中途下车么?

57、Properties of the PEMs, such as proton conductivity, methanol permeation, can be controlled by changing the content of PAMPS and cross-linking agent. 质子交换膜的各种性能,如质子传导率,甲醇渗透率等,可以通过PAMPS含量及交联剂的含量来进行控制。

58、E-business transactions often involve several interactive steps. 电子商务的交易通常涉及几个互动的步骤。

59、In the dissertation, two types of traffic incidents are classified. The effects of recurring incident and non-recurring incident on traffic flow are studied. 本文通过对交通事件特征的分析,将高速公路交通事件划分为常发性与偶发性两类,分别描述这两类交通事件对交通流的影响。

60、In the city traffic network, the traffic information's effect on the traffic flow is a very complex and dynamic progress. 城市交通网络外,交通信做闭于交通流的影响非一个非常庞纯的动态入程。

61、When the electrolytes pass the membrane, anions and cations can flow in parallel through their respective exchange elements. 当电解质通过荷电镶嵌膜时,阴、阳离子分别通过其对应的交换单元。

62、In the course of communicating with them we can cultivate their basic communicative ability by activating the language they have acquired by various means. 在与孩子的交流中,激活孩子通过各种途径习得的语言,能培养其基本交际能力。

63、Instruct your child to be attentive to the traffic and standing safely on the sidewalk. 告诉你的孩子注意交通安全,要走横道线。

64、You can also start the SQL editor with option -a to automatically commit all SQL statements. 也可以通过 -a 选项启动 SQL 编辑器,以自动提交所有 SQL 语句。

65、To paraphrase “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” you will elevate the discussion from small talk to medium talk. 换句话说“抑制下你的热情”,你反而可以把沟通从“闲聊”的程度提升到“适度交流”。

66、To file a counter notification with us, you must provide a written communication (by fax or regular mail -- not by email, except by prior agreement. 请您务必以书面(传真或邮寄信件)的通讯方式向我们提交“反通知”(除非有事先经百度同意,请勿使用电子邮件方式提交通知)。

67、After this, the clients interact directly with the partitions and even keep this routing table up to date through subchannel interactions during the normal transaction process. 然后,客户机与分区直接交互,并通过普通事务过程中的子通道交互及时更新这个路由表。

68、Examples include outdoor perimeters, traffic monitoring, tunnels, and car parks. 例子像户外围墙; 交通监视; 隧道和停车场。

69、Teleworking has many benefits. With fewer cars on the road, traffic and air quality improve. 电子通勤有许多好处。路上的汽车会变少,交通和空气品质都会改善。

70、Services, which have already been invoked and committed, are "undone" with the compensation handler. 那些已经被调用和提交的服务通过使用补偿句柄来 “撤销”。

71、For students in high schools, they can get assignments online and email them in via. 对于高校的学生,他们可以通过网络得到作业,通过电子邮件交作业。

72、The survey includes questions about commuting time, time spent in traffic, the price of gas, stress, anger and how traffic affects work. 调查问题包括通勤时间、交通耗时、油价、通勤压力、交通状况导致的愤怒情绪、交通状况对工作的影响等。

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