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导读: 36个,关于”阳光的诗“的英语句子36个,句子主体:Poetry of sunshine。以下是关于阳光的诗的七年级英语句子。


关于”阳光的诗“的英语句子36个,句子主体:Poetry of sunshine。以下是关于阳光的诗的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Poetry of sunshine

1、Its light glared on the ice. 阳光在冰面上闪光。

2、My design detects the position of the sunlight with two photo resistances in order to keep the spotlight of solar energy collector facing the sun. 太阳能供暖系统的实验研究设计在太阳能集热器方面利用两个光敏电阻检测太阳光的位置,使太阳能集热器的聚光面始终面向太阳。

3、Like sunshine, it imparts hiness, hope, and optimism. 像阳光一样,它给人一种幸福阳光和乐观向上的感觉。

4、That day I knew that those who brought sunshine to others, could also keep it for themselves. 那天,我明白了:“给他人带来阳光的人,自己也会沐浴在阳光之中。”

5、Red represents the Sun and sunrays. 红色是代表太阳和太阳的光辉。

6、Place oneself in suffering and sunshine people between. 置身于苦难与阳光之间的人。

7、A setting sun shop in water, half red Jiang Jiang whistle and a half. 一道残阳铺水中,半江瑟瑟半江红。

8、Because the body is in the sunshine environment, warm like the sun bath, also called Zongdsy sunshine Ceiling Hearting. 由于身在阳光环境中,温暖如阳光沐浴,又称安得赛阳光天暖。

9、It's brighter than the sun, sun, shine. 比阳光更灿烂, 阳光, 灿烂。

10、Used to the sun, will the sunshine! 习惯阳光,便会阳光!

11、You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. 你是我的阳光,我唯一的阳光。

12、Sunshine always after rain. And you should hold the sunshine tightly. 阳光总在风雨后。可风雨之后的阳光、彩虹你须得好好把握。

13、The weather was glorious and the rural French landscape was idyllic as I cycled along the banks of the River Meuse. 我沿着默兹河岸(River Meuse)骑车,阳光灿烂,法国乡村风景如田园诗般美丽。

14、When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on so long in the first place. 每当你想要放弃的时候,就想想是为了什么才一路坚持到现在。

15、Everythingthe light touches is our kingdom. 阳光普照之处皆是我们的国土。

16、Nanostructures help solar panels absorb light, increasing their power output by 30 percent or more (TR10: Light-Tring Photovoltaics and Solar Cells Use Nanoparticles to Capture More Sunlight). 纳米结构能帮助太阳能电池板吸收光线,提高发电量达百分之三十以上(参见「TR10:光捕捉的太阳光电」和「太阳能电池运用纳米颗粒捕捉更多的阳光」)。

17、Flaming Red sunrise, spring, such as bluegreen river. 日出江花红胜火,春来江水绿如蓝。

18、Sometimes it's sunny sunshine, sometimes very dark, this is the life. 有时候阳光非常好,有时候阳光非常暗,这就是生话。

19、Straight Solitary desert, river down the yen. 大漠孤烟直,长河落日圆。

20、Ain't No Sunshine when you're gone. 你离开之后连阳光都不再。

21、The sea sparkled in the sunlight. 阳光下,年夜海波光粼粼。

22、Nice balcony with plenty of sunshine for you, it would be so wonderful to enjoy the sun there. 阳台的阳光充足,可以在那里做阳光浴,也可以在那里享用餐食。

23、Sunlight is an excellent source of blue light. 太阳光是极佳的蓝光光源。

24、Straight Solitary desert, river down the yen. 大漠孤烟直,长河落日圆。

25、My sunshine, my health, I am Sunshine Boy! 我阳光、我健康、我就是阳光男孩!


26、The sunshine is dazzling. 阳光耀眼。

27、Sunshine sown in his possession, he would chase after the brilliant sunshine plate. 阳光播撒在他的身上,他便如雨后的的阳光板灿烂。

28、MILANELLO – Milanello was alight with sunshine, smiles and good times this afternoon. 米兰内洛被阳光,微笑和午后的阳光所点亮。

29、Sunset is magnificent, but near dusk. 夕阳无限好,只是近黄昏。

30、Sometimes it is sunny and sometimes overcast. This is life. 有时候阳光很好,有时候阳光很暗,这就是生活。

31、The snow sparkles in the sunlight. 雪在阳光下闪闪发光。

32、Climing up the tree and over the house, the sun's rays become radiant. 大阳的树和房子,阳光变得光芒四射。

33、Zhang: The sun presents its seven-colored flames to our soul, hence so many brilliant poems welling up from poets' soul. 张:太阳把七彩的光焰赠予我们的心灵,于是,诗人们创作出了发自心灵深处的光彩夺目的诗篇。

34、The Sun of Truth is also shining, giving light and warmth to the souls … 真是风和日丽的一天啊!阳光照耀着大地,带给所有的生物光和热。太阳之神也…

35、However petty or distant, the Sun[1]-worshipper gets a share of the 不论距离多么遥远,自身多么渺小,太阳①的崇拜者都能分得一份阳光。您是世界的诗人,但是对我来说您却似乎是我自己的诗人!

36、“Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves.” 「将阳光带进别人生命里的人,无法将阳光隔绝在自己生命之外。

37、Blood gushing out of light, the first wisp of sunshine. 血光喷薄之后,露出清晨第一缕阳光。

38、One meter sunshine, can you sniff the smell of sunshine? 一米阳光,嗅到阳光的味道了吗?

39、This poem remembers that time, but in an impressionistic way. I wanted to convey the stillness, the waiting, the about-to-hen feeling of summer light going. 这首诗记忆了那段时光,但印象深刻的是,我想表达一种静止,等待,表达夏日阳光流泻那种灵动的感觉。

40、Like some sunshine in the window reading, reads the flavour of sunshine. 喜欢在有些许阳光的窗前读书,品读阳光的味道。

41、His family, and the lazy, idyllic days under a tropical sun, were gone forever. 他的家人,以及热带阳光下田园诗般的惬意生活就这样一去不返了。

42、Please don't take my sunshine away. 你是我的阳光,我唯一的阳光

43、The afternoon sun bickered through the leaves. 午后的阳光闪烁于树叶之间。

44、Hats are equally important in protecting your face from the sun. 遮阳帽则让太阳的强光,在你细嫩面部之外显示刚烈。

45、Midnight sunlight At present the Shenyang most fire enlightens, should not be on the non-midnight sunlight. 午夜阳光目前沈阳最火的迪吧,应该就非午夜阳光莫属了。

46、You ' re going to california ? - yep . the sunshine state. 你要去加州? -对,阳光之州。

47、Morning glory in the sun. 早晨的阳光放光芒。

48、sunny girls Open, kind, just a sort of sunny girl.开朗,善良,是个阳光女孩。

49、A setting sun shop in water, half red Jiang Jiang whistle and a half. 一道残阳铺水中,半江瑟瑟半江红。

50、Just switch on the environmentally friendly votive, leave it in direct sunlight and -- like those solar yard spike-lights -- it continually does its thing. 只要把开关打向环境采光,将之置于阳光直射处(就像那些院子里的太阳能灯一样),它就能一直收集太阳光。


51、Sunny , sunny , I can feel the sun. 阳光,阳光,我能感觉到太阳。

52、When sunlight casts on water, it vapors some water too. 当阳光照射在水面上,阳光也将蒸发掉一些水分。

53、Parasols are used as a protection against the sun. 阳伞 是用来遮挡阳光的。

54、The sunshine is fresh soft in the morning, and hot dry at noon. The afterglow disears rapidly in the dusk though it is dazzlingly beautiful. 早上的阳光清凉柔和,中午的阳光又热又干,傍晚的阳光艳丽却会很快消失。

55、There is a big glass house inside the yard. On sunny day, it is a good place for you to enjoy the sunshine. 在庭院里有一特大的玻璃阳光房,有阳光的日子,心情也会格外的好,这是享受阳光的绝佳之地。

56、Sunset is magnificent, but near dusk. 夕阳无限好,只是近黄昏。

57、Flaming Red sunrise, spring, such as bluegreen river. 日出江花红胜火,春来江水绿如蓝。

58、Additionally, guests can soak up the sun on the rooftop terrace solarium. 此外,客人可以享受阳光的阳台日光浴。

59、Life brings sunshine to others, oneself also can enjoy the sunshine. 缪给别人的生命带来阳光的人,自己也会享有阳光。

60、Sunlight filtered through the curtains. Chants from the Book of Songs filled the café. 阳光透过窗帘照进来。咖啡厅里萦绕着《诗经》的吟诵声。

61、The sea shimmered in the sunlight. 阳光下海水闪烁着微光。

62、You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. Please don't, take my sunshine away. 你是我的阳光,我唯一的阳光。请不要,带走我的阳光。

63、Reach for the light 伸向阳光 Love never dies. 爱情永不死 Keep walking in sunshine 走在阳光里

64、His ring was glinting in the sunlight . 他的在阳光下闪闪发光。

65、It was nicknamed the Sunshine State because of its warm sunny weather. Florida is famous for oranges and the Everglades. 该州因其阳光普照的温暖天气而被暱称为「阳光之州」。

66、In the pines, pines, sun, sun. 在松树林,树林,阳光,阳光。

67、Sunshine wages and salaries of non-sun treatment was significantly different between PE teachers. 阳光工资和非阳光工资体育教师之间待遇差别明显。

68、The bay glittered in the sunshine. 海湾在阳光下闪闪发光。

69、The gold glinted in the sunlight. 金子在阳光下闪闪发光。

70、You are my su hine , my only su hine . 你使我的阳光,惟一的阳光。

71、The sun sparkled wet grass. 阳光使湿草闪光。

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