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导读: 23个,关于”主谓宾状结构的句子“的英语句子23个,句子主体:Sentences with subject predicate object structure。以下是关于主谓宾状结构的句子的高一英语句子。


关于”主谓宾状结构的句子“的英语句子23个,句子主体:Sentences with subject predicate object structure。以下是关于主谓宾状结构的句子的高一英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentences with subject predicate object structure

1、It is obvious that there is a disparity between the semantic (argument) structures and their syntactic representations. 非宾格动词的语义(论元)结构与其句法表达方式之间存在明显的不一致。

2、In Chinese language, question of nouns used as predicate is frequently studied. 汉语中体词做谓语研究较多。主要分析体词成分作谓语的语义、结构分类;

3、Adverbials usually come after the verb, or after the object if there is one. 状语通常置于谓语动词或宾语之后。

4、I heard Mary singing in the clroom. ▲“宾语+过去分词”。

5、Moreover, the SBV algorithm is compensated through considering some sentences which have verb-verb relation between subjective-verb relation and verb-object relation. 针对主谓关系和动宾关系之间存在连动关系的观点句,对SBV极性传递算法做了补充。

6、The introduction of CG (construction grammar) provides a new perspective to study the reversible sentences. 构式语法理论的引介为主宾可互易句的研究开拓了新的视野。

7、There are 41 example sentences for it, about 42.7% of the total. 主谓结构反覆出现最多,共有41个例句,约占全部的42.7%。

8、In the structure of relations, both Chinese and Korean compound nouns corresponding to the side, but also reflect the different characteristics. 我们发现,汉韩复合名词都可以通过偏正、并列、主谓、动宾、补充五种结构关系来构词。

9、如果是主谓结构,一般不省略,如I have longer hair than she has一般不省略she has的has。

10、The dimensional structure of composition means that the painting parts are distinguished and separated by lines, which shows some touch of structuralism. 所谓“结构感”是 他以有数的线条分割画面而形成的构成主义特征。

11、The teacher explained again and again to make himself understood. ▲ 形式宾语+形容词

12、The results show that diffluent sericin powder mainly offers random coil structure in its molecular conformation while high polymer amorphous structure of aggregating state. 研究结果表明,易溶性丝胶粉的分子构象以无规卷曲结构为主,高聚物的聚集态结构主要是无定形结构。

13、I think the picture on the left is better than the one on the right. ▲动词的不定式作定语时要后置

14、She sometimes helps her mother (to) do housework. ▲“宾语+现在分词”。

15、This petroleum, lying deep under the sea, contains very little sulphur. 这种石油深深埋在海底,故含硫量极小。)(主谓结构与原因)

16、In the part of special combination relationship, we discussed the double object construction language structure the word structure and the structure in "Yizhoushu". 特殊的结合关系讨论了《逸周书》中的双宾语结构、兼语结构、连动结构和所字结构。

17、Mike is having his breakfast. (Mike换很多人. Jimmy, Damon, Rendy, breakfast可以换午餐lunch或者晚餐supper等等)

18、with interest rates and property taxes being what they are这是一个有介词with加宾语加ing动词做宾语补足语的复合结构做状语的用法。

19、Tom is playing football. (football可以换别的球类, basketball, baseball, volleyball等等)

20、He likes to sleep in the open air. 动名词作宾语

21、The boss kept them working all day. 过去分词作宾补

22、However, in accordance with the conceptual structure of the DOC verbs, two objects in DOC show a different degree of salience. This difference is more a matter of semantics than syntax. 双宾语结构中的两个宾语的凸显度由双宾动词的语义框架决定,事实证明,两个宾语的凸显度具有强弱之分,而且这种强弱度是语义关系,而非句法关系。

23、The ore has the pelitic and microscale pelitic texture and the micro-bedded, tabular and dense mive structure. 矿石结构主要为泥质结构和显微鳞片泥质结构,构造主要为微层状、板状和致密块状;

24、The textures of the manganese-silver ore include aphanitic, colloform, micro-squama and arenaceous textures, and its structures are mainly the vein, colloform and disserminated structures. 矿石的主要结构是隐晶质结构、胶状结构、显微鳞片结构及砂质结构。

25、The cool water of the lake invited us to swim. B 要求不带to 的不定式 let, make, see, hear, watch等


26、They made Li Lei their monitor. ▲“宾语+形容词”。

27、The tall boy who is standing there is Peter. ▲ 在英语中,并不是所有的定语都放在被修饰词的前面,有的是放在被修饰词的后面,故称“后置定语”。

28、The main subunits of self_embling peptide nanotubes(SPNs), cyclic peptides' structures and backbones conformations directly influence the properties of SPNs. 环状多肽是构成多肽纳米管的主要子结构,它的结构形式和骨架分子构象直接影响多肽纳米管的特性。

29、The dispute concerning the criteria of subject is diversified up to date, yet sentence-initial subject of the subject-predicate structure attracts our attention with its special striking space. 尽管有关主语的论争颇多,尚无定论,但主谓结构中的句首主语以它特有的空间位置吸引着我们的注意力。

30、VNN-construction includes double-object construction and object-complement construction, which share the characteristics of "giving". VNN构块式包括双宾结构和宾—补结构,这两种结构都具有给予性特征。

31、Yesterday he got his leg broken. 在英语中,常见的“宾语+宾语补足语”的结构有:

32、He opened the door and found some of his friends in the rain. ▲“宾语+不定式”。

33、The boys in the room are in Cl Three, Grade One. 不定式作短语

34、I have no time to travel to China is in Autumn or in Spring. 注 动词不定式作主语时,to 后面的动词必须是及物动词或相当于及物动词的短语。

35、I can speak a little Eng'lish.我可以说一点英语。

36、I often hear him read English in his room. C 单词help 后可加 to 或不加 to

37、We found Li Ming out when we arrived. 介词短语作宾补

38、The cognate objects are in the form of objects but not in the form of the adverbial modifier because the form of objects has four functions: to keep the balance of the sentence structure and make it. 同源宾语以宾语的形式出现,起的却是状语的作用,可以用来表示谓语动词的行为方式、行为的目的、伴随状态、行为的结果,并对谓语动作的背景和条件进行补充说明。

39、According to the terminology of linguistic typology, Basque is a SOV (subject-object-verb) language, and Spanish or English are, on the other hand, SVO type. 根据语言标示学中的术语学,巴斯克语是SOV(主语-宾语-动词)结构的语言,而西班牙语或英语则是SVO(主语-动词-宾语)的结构。

40、I saw a girl go into the building. 带to的不定式作宾补

41、The contrast of subject and predicate structure in English and subject in Chinese; 文章运用转喻的域包孕理论解释英汉语主谓结构短语词汇化过程。

42、You should finish reading these books in two weeks. 2, I have received the letter from my penfreind of Australia. 主谓宾构造:1。你们必需在两周内看完这些书。2。本人收到了必有从澳大利亚寄来的信。

43、The study on the successive using of verbs in modern Chinese often focuses on verb-object and verb-complement structures, rarely on verb-adverbial structure. 现代汉语界对动词连用结构的考察主要集中在动宾、动补和连动等结构上,而对状中结构的研究比较少。

44、The boy ordered the dog to lie down. 现在分词作宾补

45、A cantilevered beam is ancd at only one end; a fractal is a shape that can be split into parts, each of which is a smaller, though sometimes not exact, copy of the larger structure. 这个悬臂结构只有一端固定;所谓分形,就是指能够分叉成多个部分的结构,每个子结构与母结构是大体近似的。

46、This article looks into the relationship between the action denoted by a psychological predicate-verb and the non-predicate verb that follows, and the argument denoted by the subject. 本文讨论谓宾心理动词和它后面的非谓动词所表示的动作与主语所表示的主体之间的关系。

47、I believe that they can finish the work in time. ▲直接宾语和间接宾语

48、The bike in the room is mine.房间里的自行车是我的。

49、The distinction between cognate object construction and non-cognate object construction has been a controversial topic in English grammar. 英语语法中,同源宾语结构和与其形式雷同的非同源宾语结构的区分一直是一个有争议的问题。

50、My job is to teach them English. 动名词作表语


51、This research aims to make a comparatively adequate explanation of Chinese DOC from a cognitive approach and supply a reference for the further study on DOC. 本研究将为汉语双宾语句的解释提供一种参考,进一步完善对双宾语结构的研究。

52、He never forgives others for their mistakes. 代词做宾语

53、What we need is food. 我们最需要的是食物.

54、There are juxtapositional structure, verb-object structure and adjective-noun structure in the structure. 在组织结构上都有并列结构、动宾结构和偏正结构;

55、A prepositional phrase is one where a preposition carries an object. 介词结构(也叫介宾词组)是由介词带着宾语构成。

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