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导读: 27个,关于”天气的句子“的英语句子27个,句子主体:。以下是关于天气的句子的初中英语句子。




1、The sentence itself contains a non sequitur - firstly discussing the severe winters of the past several years, and then accusing Mr. Durant of waste and neglect. 该句子本身包含了一个不根据前提的推理——首先讨论过去几年中气候严酷的冬天,紧接着责怪Durant先生的浪费与疏忽。

2、A:I think when it’s too hot, we say it’s too hot. A:我认为当天气热的时候,我们说,啊,天气太热了,当天气冷的时候我们说,唉,这天也太冷了。

3、Today's cold, cotton-padded clothes to wear a lot. Tears filling the small sub. 今天的天气冷,棉衣穿了不少。小泪子加油。

4、If you air your quilt on such a wet day, it'll soak up the moisture. 如果在这么潮湿的天晒被子,被子就会把湿气都吸去。

5、It is a lovely day to go to Bamboo Lake to pick calla lilies. 今天的天气很好,可以去竹子湖采海芋。

6、Old-timer : This is a weather gauge, my son. 老者说:孩子,这个绳子是用来观测天气的。

7、The weather prognosticator saw his this morning, forecasting six more weeks of winter. 这位天气预报专家今天早上看到了自己的影子,这预计了冬天还将持续六周。

8、The sky a ears blue to us on a clear day, because the atoms of nitrogen and oxygen in the atmo here separate the su white light into its many colors, and ter them throughout the atmo here. 晴天,我们看天空是蓝色的,因为大气中氮原子和氧原子将mbsky 蓝色天空太阳的白光分解成许多种颜色,分散在大气层中。

9、When Frank and I talked about the weather, Tess threw in a remark. 弗兰克和我在谈论天气时,苔斯插了一句话。

10、I have a thing about wearing hats, even when it's cold. 我很讨厌戴帽子,甚至天气冷也不戴。

11、On sunny days, that did not fool the pigeons. 在一个天气晴朗的日子,这并不会影响家鸽。

12、Still, in the coldest, windiest weather, choose mittens. 然而,在很冷的日子里,风大的天气里,请选择连指手套。

13、Mother reminded him to air the quilt when it is fine. 母亲提醒他天气好时晒晒被子。

14、no weather 's ill, if the wind is still. 风平天气好。

15、’s going to be fine tomorrow.明天将是个晴天.

16、If Phil casts no because the sky is overcast, the prognosis is for mild weather and an early spring. 如果是阴天,菲尔没有投下影子,就预示着天气温煦,春天早到。

17、And, after all, dear What is idle prattle for? 而且,亲爱的,整天说些孩子气的话有什么用。

18、A person, especially a child, who is free of evil or sin. 孩子般的;孩子气的;天真的;无邪的。

19、Across from me was a tall, large man, middle-aged, with whom I exchanged a few words about the weather and our plans for the following day. 我的对面站着一个高大的中年男人,我跟他寒暄了几句天气话题和我们下一天的计划。

20、The weather is clear with blue clouds. There are some swallows flying. 气候晴朗,天上的云很蓝,有一些燕子在飞。

21、Have noses that run50 and feet that smell51? 鼻子会跑(流鼻涕),双脚有味道(臭气冲天)?

22、例如天气播报员会说"Warm weather will stick around for a while." 这就是说热天气还会持续好一阵子。

23、The children rarely venture into a trailer in the forest that's used as a shelter in extreme weather. 即便天气不好,也很少有孩子躲到森林里的拖车里去,那是用来作为极端天气的庇护所的。

24、Liquified natural gas is favorable for transportation and recovery of the natural gas in remote area, as well as for reducing gas storage cost. 将天然气液化有利于天然气的运输、有利于边远天然气的回收并能降低天然气的储存成本。

25、There are a group of people playing beach volleyball on the beach. 孩子们能在这么热的天气里玩。


26、s going to be fine tomorrow.明天将是个晴天.

27、It was so hot a noon that the leaves had to gasp for breath. 那天中午,天气热得连树上的叶子也在喘气。

28、The car I bought yesterday already has a flat tire today. 昨天才买的车子, 今天轮胎就没气了。

29、The cold weather has turned the leaves red. 寒冷的天气使叶子变红了。

30、'How warm 'tis to-day! ' she said, almost inaudibly. “今天天气真热呀!”苔丝说,声音小得像蚊子叫似的。

31、As the day went on, the weather got worse. 日子一天天,天气越变越坏。

32、He detested the weather (his first words when he got off the plane were "Bloody hell, it's cold here!"). 他讨厌那里的天气(他刚下飞机的第一句话就是“奶奶的,这里贼冷!”)

33、Last Sunday the weather was not so wet as it is today. 上个星期天的天气不如今天的天气潮湿。

34、Linzi is very angry today, no cause and no reason. 今天林子很生气,谁也不知道为什么。

35、The volume of gas in a reservoir before production. OGIP is the abbreviation of original gas-in-place. 开采以前天然气气藏里的天然气容量。OGIP是原始天然气地质储量的缩写。

36、The weather changed from cold to warm without warning. 天气说变就变,一下子从冷变暖了。

37、It is a bright, sunny day. 那是一个天高气爽、阳光明媚的日子。

38、the stormy weather gave way a period of sunshine. 暴雨天气变成了晴朗的天气。

39、Summer, the hot weather mosquitoes, hide in poison hangings like reading in a steamer basket; 夏天,天气热蚊子毒,躲在帐子里看书就像是在一个蒸笼里;

40、According to the weather report, it will be sunny today. 根据气象报告,今天将会是一个晴朗的日子。

41、Natural gas hydrate is ice-like crystal compound formed by water and natural gas molecules under certain temperature and pressure. 天然气水合物是由水分子和天然气分子在一定温度和压力下形成的具有笼状结构的似冰雪状结晶化合物。

42、Today you look so very happy and high-spirited. 看你今天的样子春风满面、喜气洋洋。

43、This retort angered Carrie. She had had a dreary day of it herself. 这句回答惹恼了嘉莉。她自己已经为此生了一天的闷气。

44、天气转凉,请注意保暖_ 译 The weather turns cool, please be sure to keep warm

45、The weatherman says we’ll have a cold spell before the end of this week. 天气预报员说,在这个周末之前,会有一阵子的冷天气。

46、There is possibility ( that ) we'll go to Australia; it all depends on the weather. 我们可能会去澳大利亚,但这要看天气而定。(同位语从句)

47、Bs the day went on, the weather got worse. 日子一天天过去,气候越变越坏。

48、inches of snow and sleet last week. 上个星期下了三英寸的雪和冰雹.

49、The anticyclone weather situations are more favorable than the cyclonic ones. 反气旋天气情况比气旋天气情况更有利些。

50、After some small talk about the weather, Mr. Guard got down to serious business. 在稍微谈了几句天气之后,盖德先生开始认真地谈到了严肃的话题。


51、The weather became dramatically cold and the temperature dropped below to 10 degree today. 今天天气骤冷,气温一下子降至10度以下。

52、Gas hydrate is a ice-like crystalline compound, formed by water molecules and natural gas molecules under certain temperature and pressure conditions, also called clathrate hydrate or "fire ice". 天然气水合物是由水分子和天然气分子在一定温度和压力下形成的似冰雪状结晶化合物,又称笼形水合物或“可燃冰”。由于形成天然气水合物的气体主要为甲烷,因而也常被称为甲烷水合物。

53、THE WEATHER - The average summer temperature is 41 degrees. You don't play in that. 天气——夏天的平均气温在41度。你不会愿意在那样的天气下踢足球的。

54、What's the weather like?It's chilly today. 天气如何? 今天天气凉凉的。

55、The same physical process causes Earth's daytime sky to appear blue, although the terers in Earth's atmosphere are molecules of nitrogen and oxygen. 同样的物理原理也造成了地球天空在白天看上去是蓝色的,只不过地球大气中的散射源是氮气及氧气分子。

56、最近天气转凉,请注意保暖 the weather is getting cold recently, please keep warm.

57、Are you used to the room that does not have heat in winter ? 你住惯了冬天没有暖气的房子吗。

58、Big jumpers and for the winter are a must - it gets cold! 冬天大衣和厚袜子是必须的,天气会变的奇冷!

59、Wow! It's getting sunny today. All the housewives put their quilts outside in the sun. 哦,今天天气很好啊,所有的家庭主妇们都把被子晒了出来。

60、If the weather is fine, his jokily compliments make it seem finer , and if it is raining, the merry way in which he speaks of it is as good as a rainbow. 在阳光灿烂的日子,他那令人欢快的问候声会使天气愈加明媚;换做是雨天的话,他提到天气时的乐观语气则如同彩虹一样美丽。

61、The weather report says it will clear up. 天气预报说今天的天气会转晴。

62、I am not stupid enough to rent an unheated flat in Edinburgh in midwinter. It had heating. 我还没笨到大冬天在爱丁堡租没暖气的房子,公寓里是有暖气的。

63、Sleeves and trouser legs can be removed in hot weather. 袖子和裤腿在天气炎热时可以取下。

64、It is very wet. It is very damp outside today. There's a lot of moisture in the air. 天气非常潮湿。今天外面天气非常潮湿。空气中湿气很重。

65、That's a good idea. It's nice and sunny. Today's a good day for a trip. 好主意。今天天气晴好。今天是出门游玩的好日子。

66、The thunderstorm terrified the child. 雷暴天气使孩子受到了惊吓。

67、The fine weather allures the children into the park. 晴好的天气,把孩子们都吸引到了公园里。

68、The stormy weather gave way a period of sunshine. 暴雨天气变成了晴朗的天气。

69、Zhang Hong and the two sons ofthe restaurant business was slow, seeing every day to the money, the couple all day long sigh. 张红和二子的小 饭馆生意消条,眼看一天天往里贴钱,两口子整天哀声叹气的。

70、She soon conditioned the children to the cold weather. 她很快就使孩子们适应了寒冷的天气。

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