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导读: 20个,关于”诗“的英语句子20个,句子主体:poetry。以下是关于诗的七年级英语句子。




1、The Muse does not inspire all poets equally. 诗神并不一视同仁地赐予所有诗人以灵感。

2、By writing, you are doing the legwork in understanding other poets. 通过写诗,你就可以更好的理解其他的诗人。

3、The ritual has its origin in poem and its spirit is represented by poetics. 礼的本体是诗,其精神方式是诗学。

4、Poet of Yuanjia Style made in exploration, in order to later provide a writing experience of the poet and art reference. 元嘉诗人在诗体方面作出的探索,为后来的诗人提供了写作经验和艺术借鉴。

5、There are two aspects that Chan permeates through poetry: fusing Chan into poetry and explaining poetry with the doctrine of Buddhism Chan. 禅对于诗的渗透,其切入点有以禅入诗、以禅喻诗两个方面。

6、The landscape poetry written by Xie Lingyun can be classified into manor landscape poetry and expedition landscape poetry. 谢灵运的山水诗可分为庄园山水诗和远游山水诗两大类型。

7、In contrast to the pre-Qin poetics, the poetics of the Mao school showed a clear transition in theoretical vision. 和先秦诗学相比,毛诗派诗学表现出明显的理论视野上的转换。

8、The major themes into modern poetry, and published in the first time, it is the poet poetry art test. 而以现代重大题材入诗,且要在第一时间发表,正是对诗人诗艺的考验。

9、Poems of fairyland excursion is emerged as an important type of Chinese classical poetry as far as Six Dynasty period , which stood among the most important types: pastoral poems and landscape poems. 游仙诗早在六朝就已成为堪与山水诗、田园诗鼎足而三的一个诗歌品种,但它却远未获得与后两者同等的重视,尤其是对唐前游仙诗,一直缺乏系统与深入的研究。

10、That poem! 又是那首诗。

11、So Milton is explaining to Charles Diodati that if you're going to become an epic poet, you have to start acting like one. 弥尔顿在这里像查尔斯,迪奥达蒂解释到,如果你想成为一名史诗诗人,你必须开始像一个史诗诗人那样做。

12、Shen Zengzhi has made some explicit explanations on this insight in the aspects of poetic origins, poetic history and poem-creating. 此一识见,无论是诗学渊源、诗史评说,还是诗境创造,沈氏都有精微的阐说。

13、The core of Bao Shi-chen's poetics is poetic principle of Confucianism. 包世臣诗论的核心,是儒家的诗教原则。

14、And the poetry that he stands for the fisherman stands for like all of Yeats's poetry is a poetry again of symbols. 这首诗代表了,渔夫代表了,和叶芝所有的诗一样,这是关于象征的诗。

15、Zhang Wentao has no particular work for poetic theory, yet his understanding and interpretation of poetry are manifested in his considerable poetic works. 清人张问陶虽没有专门的诗学著作,其诗学见解却广见于他的诗作中。

16、Both were great admirers of poetry, and began to try their hands in little pieces. 两个人都欢喜作诗,每以小诗示人。

17、Chapter three:The origin of Yuexiang Shu's poems and his poetry ideas. 第三章:舒岳祥的诗学渊源及其诗学主张。

18、In this sense, "Confucian Poetics" is consistent with "The Preface". 而《孔子诗论》的这个思想,也是 与传世《诗序》一致的。

19、Hair Q: "Please" give a full epic story "of" the Philippine Bidasari? 诗问:请您给予充分的史诗故事Bidasari菲律宾文?

20、This is the vocation of poetry in this pastoral lexicon. 在田园诗范畴内诗的职业就是牧羊。

21、Her poems have been published in Qingdao Literature and many others. 诗作散见于《青岛文学》《中国诗人报》等报刊。

22、On Dichtung it indicates: Dichtung is the nature of all art; 其诗论认为;诗是一切艺术的本质;

23、Since many illusive poems prevailed in the poetic circle in early Qing Dynasty, the Ming loyalists promoted "genuine poetry" again. 针对墐钱木偶盛行的诗坛现状,清初遗民诗人接续前人的求索精神,重提“真诗”。

24、He also wrote a number of poems that ilrated truthful ideas and history. 另外他还有一些理趣诗、咏史诗等。

25、But poetry! 但是诗!


26、Comparing the selects of KongZi' s Remarks on Poem of ShangHai museum with Mao' s Poetic Preface and exploring the deferences between their explanations can give us aid to study the dev… 把上博《孔子诗论》简与《毛诗序》进行比较,探讨它们《诗》学阐释的差异,可以为我们研究《诗》在秦汉之际的衍变提供帮助。

27、Placing Liang's poetics in the context of the modern poetics in China, and applying the influence study, we explain the sources of his poetics and his contribution to modern poetics in China. 将梁宗岱诗论置于中国近现代诗学语境下,运用影响研究阐述其诗学主张的来源及对中国现代诗学的贡献;

28、In the "Shi Seng" dignity, also between the poet and the monk, Wenxiang wrote his own poems. 在“诗僧”这一独特身份下,在诗人与僧人之间,文珦创作了属于他自己的诗篇。

29、Dave: Hmm… Poetry eh? You mean like limericks and funny jokes? 嗯…诗啊?你是指打油诗和滑稽的笑话吗?

30、As a distinctive thought of the poet, " transience means eternity" in this poem represents his poetic wisdom as well as his life wisdom. “瞬间即永恒”的思想内蕴于中,此诗恰彰显了诗人独特的诗学与人生智慧。

31、Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is a apeaking picture. (Simonides, ancient Greek writer) 画是无言之诗,诗是有声之画。

32、Secondly, "Earth poems" as concept of poetic art. 二是作为诗学艺术观的“大地之诗”(第二章)。

33、It's a poem on which this very young poet is cutting his teeth. 这首诗让这个年轻的诗人变得成熟。

34、Poetry volume. 诗一卷。

35、The explanatory pattern of Hanshiwaizhuan comes from Confucius as the primary means of Poetry teaching. 《韩诗外传》断章取义的解诗模式是先秦儒家孔、孟、荀通经致用、弘扬诗教的正脉。

36、The Poetics Culturology is the theory of Culturology in Poetics. 诗学文化学是「诗学」中体现的文化学理论。

37、Keats' reputation as a great poet rests largely upon the odes and the later sonnets. 作为一个伟大的诗人,济慈的声誉大部分建立在他写的长诗和后期的十四行诗上。

38、The poet could carry all his effusions about in his pockets. 我这个“小诗人”把所有的诗作都揣在口袋里。

39、People caught material just lost form, grasps the poetry but neglect poetics, remember the "poetic" art, but "the poetic" life forgotten what they have learned. 人们抓住了质料却丢掉了形式,掌握了诗艺却忽略了诗学,铭记了“诗性”的艺术,却将“非诗性”的生命遗忘得一干二净。

40、This is a poem Tsai Chsiang wrote to Emperor Ren of Sung Dynasty. 此帖,是蔡襄作诗上呈宋仁宗之作。在诗前是蔡襄向仁说进呈这首诗的原因。

41、His poetics is an ecological poetics, laying emphasis on the unity. 他的诗学是强调整体论的生态诗学。

42、And the poem? 那么诗呢?

43、These monk poets had enormous effect on his outlook on life and world, his creation and theory in poems. 杭州诗僧对苏轼的人生观、世界观、诗文创作和诗文理论都产生了很大的影响;

44、In the chapter of poem, studying the content of topic, and the feature of art; 新诗一章,探究隐地诗作的主题内容、艺术特色,探寻其诗作所体现的文化内涵及人生智慧。

45、"Siming Poetry" is an outstanding poem in the Ming Dynasty of the study. 《四溟诗话》是明代一部卓越的诗学论著。

46、His theory "poem" the core is Confucianism's poem teaches the principle. 包世臣论“诗”的核心是儒家的诗教原则。

47、It points out that his poetics has an original theoretical sense, for he blends Chinese traditional poetics and Western modern poetics with his own experience of creation. 指出由于融化了中国传统诗学、西方现代诗学和诗人自己的创作经验,其诗论颇具匠心独得的理论意义;

48、In composing such poems, Laurence follows the basic principles of imagism. 在意象诗的创作中,他遵循了意象诗的原则。

49、Do you agree that the poet had seldom written anything but doggerel? 你不认为那个诗人写的只是打油诗吗。

50、Zhen Yan"s advocacy of "school of Song poetry" is related to his argument of "learn poetry from others" poems". 而陈衍对“宋诗派”的推崇,则与他所持“学人之诗”的论诗主张有关。


51、For his, a few feminine poets in Baiyangdian poetry tribe has irreplaceable value in the development of new poetry. 基于此,白洋淀诗群中的几位女性诗人就具有不可替代的新诗史价值。

52、He published his first volume of poetry called, Tamerlane and Other Poems. 之后发表了第一首诗,名为《帖木儿及其他诗》。

53、Dumb vision (from left) hazy representative poet. Chinese poets and GuoXueGu. 哑默(左起一)朦胧派代表诗人。中国诗人、国学家。

54、And the more modern "poet" unilaterally the poetic Word. 而当代“诗人”多把诗意片面地理解成文字美。

55、In recent years, more and more monks and their poetry favored by scholars, researchers and works on monks and poetry on constantly emerging, so that research in this area continues to develop. 近年来,诗僧和僧诗越来越受到学者的青睐,研究僧诗和诗僧的论著不断涌现,使这一领域的研究不断深入。

56、His treatise on poems emphasizes the unevilness of expressing emotions and meanings and application of cultivating moral character and dealing with affairs. 孔子的“诗论”可以从学诗与作诗的兼容性方面去理解,孔子的“诗论”注重抒情与表意的“无邪”性和修身与处事的应用性。

57、The article discusses the poems of the Singapore poet Han Chuan. 文章探讨分析了新加坡诗人寒川的诗作。

58、By preserving history in poetry, the Collected Works of Cangshange truly embodied the epic spirit. 《藏山阁集》“以诗存史”,体现了诗史精神。

59、His "Chinese literary epic" by the rules of the form, poetic flavour ground emersion the development course of Chinese literature. 他的《中国文学史诗》采用格律诗的形式,诗意地再现了中国文学的发展历程。

60、The past record of New Poetry in China's modern era has never witnessed any but Modern Poetry Club's passion and efforts in promoting vehemently Concrete Poetry theoretically and practically. 在中国现代新诗史上,还没有一个诗社像现代诗社这样大张旗鼓地在理论和实践上都注重符号诗创作。

61、In our opinions, it is mostly because of the real self-image in Tao's pastoral poetry. 即其诗作是诗人在躬耕自资的过程中完成的,其中贯注了诗人对田园最真实的感受。

62、Unlike free verse , they are traditional metrical verses and semi-metrical verses. 不同于新诗,它们是旧体或变体的格律诗。

63、The new definition of Xuan Xue Poems includes not only the doctrines of Buddha but also the category as philosophical poems. 玄言诗的新定义承认了佛理内容,也将玄言诗置于说理诗范围做出标定。

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