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导读: 59个,关于”圣诞的句子“的英语句子59个,句子主体:Christmas sentence。以下是关于圣诞的句子的小升初英语句子。


关于”圣诞的句子“的英语句子59个,句子主体:Christmas sentence。以下是关于圣诞的句子的小升初英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Christmas sentence

1、But there is no evidence that the Christmas tree is a direct descendent of the Yule tree. 但是,没有证据表明圣诞树是一种直接后裔的圣诞节树。

2、To decorate the Christmas tree together, have a Christmas dinner, pull some Christmas crackers, and maybe Father Christmas will come and join in the fun! 一起布置圣诞树,吃圣诞大餐,玩玩圣诞拉炮,说不定还有圣诞老公公一起来热闹热闹。

3、Let's never spend our Christmas apart.让我们永不独享圣诞节。

4、Christm tree is not complete without snow, and the design of these two Christmas Handbags is inspired from this wonderful combination. 圣诞树和雪花是圣诞节最经典的组合,用一锤一斩、一针一线,亲手为自己或家人做一份心爱的圣诞礼物。

5、The kids are all wearing their little red Santa hats that were given to them by the Chinese-speaking Santa that greeted them at the school's front door. 孩子们都戴着小小的红色圣诞帽,这些圣诞帽是学校前门说汉语的“圣诞老人” 向他们祝贺节日时送给他们的。

6、This modernist take on a Christmas tree was displayed at a Snow Festival in Sapporo, Japan. 呈现出现代气息的圣诞树是在日本札幌雪节上展列的圣诞树。

7、Who Is Stealing the 12 Days of Christmas? 谁偷了圣诞节的12天?

8、Every Christmas the giant tree in Rockefeller Center sparkles with thousands of lights. 每个圣诞节,洛克菲勒中心的圣诞巨树都会闪烁着几千个灯泡。

9、165. Do you still remember that Christmas? 你仍记得那个圣诞节吗?

10、Christmas is coming and you must hurry up and get the Christmas lights up. 圣诞节来临了()所以你必须赶快获得这款圣诞版的光线游戏。

11、During the Christmas season, they also exchange gifts and decorate their homes with holly, mistletoe, and Christmas trees. 在圣诞期间,他们互相交换礼物用神圣的圣诞花圣诞树装饰自己的屋子。

12、Every Christmas, gifts are exchanged among loved ones, especially children. The story of Santa Claus also comes from this tradition. 每年圣诞节,亲朋好友尤其是孩子们都会互赠礼物,圣诞老人的的故事也源自这个传统。

13、let's never spend our christmas apart. 让我们永不独享圣诞节。

14、Best wishes on this holiday season. 致以圣诞节最诚挚的祝福。

15、May you have the best Christmas ever. 愿您有个最棒的圣诞节。

16、May you have the best Christmas ever. 愿你过个最愉快圣诞节。

17、Christmas tree is the most typical Christmas decoration, people will decorate the tree with gifts and lights. 圣诞节里最典型的装饰是圣诞树,人们会在树上挂满礼物和彩灯。

18、The measure is advancing toward a final vote late Thursday, Christmas Eve. 这项议案将于圣诞节的除夕夜星期四表决。

19、Do you still remember that Christmas? 你仍记得那个圣诞节吗?

20、Christmas quiche is a perfect make-ahead breakfast that's easy to re-heat while the kids open their Christmas presents. 圣诞节蛋卷是一个完美的化妆提前早餐,很容易重新热而孩子们打开他们的圣诞礼物。

21、stockings with presents derives from the USA. 圣诞节最兴奋的要属孩子了,他们在壁炉边或者床角挂起袜子(一只旧袜子,或者贪心点,一个枕头),来装圣诞老人的礼物。

22、my arms are wide open for you this christmas. 圣诞老奶奶祝福圣诞老爷爷!

23、   In the west, it is a Christmas custom to dress as Santa Claus。圣诞花是不是圣诞红?

24、A Christmas institution, the 10-minute broadcast is televised at 3:00 pm in Britain as many families are recovering from their traditional turkey lunch. 这个10分钟的圣诞祝辞已成了英国的圣诞习俗,会在每年圣诞节的下午3点通过电视台向英国民众播放,此时大多数家庭已经吃完传统的圣诞火鸡午餐了。

25、According to the Web.orange.co.uk on December 22, a Wiltshire man famous for celebrating Christmas every day is now planning to marry his Christmas tree。据英国"橘子网"xx月xx日报道,英国威尔特郡一名男子每天都要庆祝圣诞节,现在,他决定要跟他的圣诞树“结为连理”。


26、Christmas is barely over, but the toy industry is already planning for next December. 圣诞节才刚刚过去,但是玩具业已经在为下一个圣诞作准备。

27、We celebrate christmas in Luga . 我们在卢加庆祝了圣诞节。

28、This gift was my friend send me for Christmas, then just re-gift to you , Happy Christmas! 这是我朋友送我的圣诞节礼物,现在借花献佛送给你,祝你圣诞愉快!

29、Generally a bearded old man in fur costume who appears in Yuletide and gives presents. 圣诞老人通常一身皮衣,白须飘飘,在圣诞时节为人们派送礼物。

30、On November 22, Santa Claus from Somerset, UK join specifically developed training courses for the upcoming Christmas season. xx月xx日,在英国的萨莫塞特,来自全国的圣诞老人一起参加专给圣诞老人制定的训练课程,为即将到来的圣诞节做好充分准备。

31、Not for the day or even the month, but for the spirit of the season! 不仅仅是为了圣诞节这天或这一个月,更为了圣诞精神!

32、Much joy to you in the Christmas. 愿您在圣诞节充满快乐。

33、Software Description: About Skating Santa, Santa Claus ice skates before delivering Christmas gifts in this screen saver. 在这个屏幕保护程序中圣诞老人在给予圣诞节之前的溜冰鞋礼物。

34、best wishes on this holiday season. 致以圣诞节最诚挚的祝福。

35、Every Christmas, gifts are exchanged among loved ones, especially children. The story of Santa Claus also comes from this tradition. 每年圣诞节,亲朋好友尤其是孩子们都会互赠礼物,圣诞老人的故事也源自这个传统。

36、The Christmas tree and a large variety of natural pine and cypress trees, but also man-made Christmas trees and a white Christmas tree. 圣诞树的种类繁多,有天然松柏圣诞树、也有人造圣诞树及白色圣诞树。

37、Gala Christmas in the Brach candy berries. 圣诞节的Brach的糖果树莓。

38、So Christmas 1925 to New Year's 1926, what did you do for your Christmas vacation? 所以从从xx年得圣诞到xx年的新年,你在圣诞节假期做了什么呢?

39、They believe that -- on the night before Christmas -- he travels through the air in a sleigh pulled by reindeer. He enters each house from the top by sliding down the hole in the fireplace. 小孩子们相信:在圣诞节的前一夜,圣诞老人乘坐驯鹿拉的雪橇从空中而来,他从壁炉的烟囱进入到每家每户,他把给孩子们的圣诞礼物放在圣诞树下。

40、Some local affiliates provide the Yule Log, a block of time on Christmas morning showing footage of a fireplace, coupled with popular Christmas music. 一些地方会员还提供了圣诞园木,一根在圣诞节早晨竖立在壁炉跟前的木头,再加上通俗的圣诞音乐。

41、So popular is Kentucky Fried Chicken over the festive season that the fast-food chain's Christmas Party Barrels can be ordered up to two months in advance in Japan. 在日本,圣诞节时吃肯德基风行异常。因此,肯德基的圣诞圣诞假日桶要提前两个月定才行。

42、Business is always brisk before Christmas. 圣诞节前生意总是很兴隆。

43、Obviously ody works on Christmas Day, 很明显没人在圣诞节工作,

44、Let's never spend our Christmas apart. 让我们永不独享圣诞节。

45、May you have the best Christmas ever. 愿您有个最棒的圣诞节。

46、Vacations would have to wait until Christmas. 要放假,就得等到圣诞节。

47、We'll be here after the Christmas. 圣诞节过后,我们会再回来。

48、Much joy to you in the Christmas. 愿您在圣诞节充满快乐。

49、In shops or at children's parties, someone will dress up as Father Christmas and give small presents to children, or ask them what gifts they want for Christmas. 在商店里或孩子们的聚会上,有人会装扮成圣诞老人分发小礼物给孩子们,或者文他们要什么样的圣诞礼物。圣诞节对孩子们来说,是一个神奇而兴奋的日子。

50、Christmas tree; evergreen or artificial tree decorATed with lights, tinsel, etc AT Christmas. 圣诞树(圣诞节时摆设的常绿树或人造树,装饰有灯、闪光的金属丝、片等)。


51、Very famous events are the Christmas Markets that take place throughout Germany. These Markets are little traditional houses lined up selling Christmas ornaments, candy, handmade jewelry, and so on. 其中一个德国著名的圣诞节活动是圣诞市场, 这种圣诞市场由传统房舍排成一列组合而成, 通常贩售一些圣诞饰品、糖果、手工珠宝等等。

52、We offer Christmas blessings to you。我们向您献上圣诞节的祝福

53、She caught scarlet fever before Christmas. 圣诞节前她得了猩红热病。

54、We reconnected over Christmas. 我们是在圣诞节的时候联系上的。

55、The eve of Christmas is coming.圣诞节平安夜=The eve of Christmas

56、For example, Christmas is coming. Many big international brand toys and clothes are made in China. 举个例子,圣诞节就要到了,大家都会选购圣诞礼品,很多国际大品牌的玩具、服装都是中国制造的。

57、Let's never spend our Christmas apart. 让我们永不独享圣诞节。

58、The Christmas comes. The Santa Claus wears the gas mask with the guns and bullets inside his gift bag. 又是一个圣诞节,圣诞老人头戴防毒面具,持枪荷弹。

59、Christmas is on its way. We all know about Santa, but what about Babushka , Saint Nicholas and Black Peter? 圣诞节就要到了。我们都知道圣诞老人,但老婆婆、圣尼古拉斯和黑彼得呢?

60、Have you ever wondered about the real origin of the star that shines atop many a Christmas tree? 当我们提起圣诞节,我们往往会想到装饰品、闪亮的灯饰、瑞雪、礼物和圣诞树。然而,你知道圣诞树上挂的星星的由来吗?

61、Best wishes on this holiday season. 致以圣诞节最诚挚的祝福。

62、Christmas began in the heart of God. It is complete only when it reaches the heart of man. 圣诞节发源于上帝的心,但只有在它触及人的心灵时,圣诞节的意义才达完全。

63、Merry Christmas to my dear daughter! 祝我亲爱的女儿圣诞节快乐!

64、Shops are very overcrowded before Christmas. 商店在圣诞节前非常拥挤。

65、Merry Christmas and best wishes for happy new year! 快乐圣诞,什么是圣诞快乐?

66、Children in countries around the world await a visit from a mysterious bringer of gifts at Christmas time. He is Santa Claus. 在圣诞节期间, 世界各地的孩子们都会期盼一位神秘送礼者的到来,他就是圣诞老人。

67、A Christmas greeting and good wishes to you who is thought about all the 始终思念你,捎来圣诞佳节最美好的祝福,祝圣诞吉祥,新年如意。

68、The best thing about Christmas is having the whole family together! Happy Holidays from our family to yours! 阖家团圆是圣诞节最大的快乐,我们全家祝你们全家圣诞快乐!

69、United Kingdom: British is to eat attach importance to most on Christmas Day , includes fever pig , turkey , Christmas pudding , broken meat pie of the birthday of Jesus Christ etc. in food. 英国:英国人在圣诞节是最注重吃的,食品中包括烧猪、 火鸡、 圣诞布丁、圣诞碎肉饼等。

70、We'll be here after the Christmas. 圣诞节过后,我们会再回来。

71、For a special treat at Christmastime, use eggnog. 圣诞节时可以用蛋酒。

72、New Years comes after Christmas. 新年是紧接在圣诞节之后。

73、The home is usually decorated with statues of Father Christmas, holly wreaths ... etc. at the windows. 除了圣诞树外,人们还会用圣诞老人、圣诞花环等饰品装饰屋子的窗户。

74、Merry Christmas to the math teacher 祝数学老师圣诞节快乐

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