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导读: 57个,关于”四个单词的句子“的英语句子57个,句子主体:Four word sentence。以下是关于四个单词的句子的四年级英语句子。


关于”四个单词的句子“的英语句子57个,句子主体:Four word sentence。以下是关于四个单词的句子的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Four word sentence

1、Each data element name shall contain a sufficient number of modifiers and qualifiers to fully describe it (up to four modifiers per prime word and one modifier plus two qualifiers per class word). 每个数据元素名称应该包含数量足够的修饰词和限定词,以便充分描述它(每个基本单词最多有四个修饰词,每个类单词最多有一个修饰词和两个限定词)。

2、Although he is a child, he speaks fluent English. 虽然他是个孩子,但能讲流利的英语。(名词单数前不用不定冠词a)

3、Only one word is allowed. 只允许一个单词。

4、In order to prove it, Houdini left his wife a secret note with 10 randomly selected words that he would communicate to her after his death. 为了证明这个,霍迪尼留下了一张只有十个随意选择的单词的纸条,他将会用这些单词在他死后和他妻子交流。

5、Listing 12 is a basic example using our text1 file, which contains three lines each having two words.. 清单 12 是使用我们的 text1 文件的基础例子,它包含 3 个行,每行只有两个单词。

6、I counted the first unit not even a total of 55 words, ten units have how many words, a want and then know. 我数了一下,第一单元不算人名一共有55个单词,十个单元有多少个单词,一想便知。

7、The England children who only are three or four years old can speak English very well but they don't know many words at all. 英格兰的那些孩子,才xx岁或xx岁,很会说英语,但是单词量却根本不多。

8、Read both word-for-word and then judge which is easier to read. 阅读这两个单词的单词,然后判断哪一个更容易阅读。

9、I had four lines and my lone scene took just a few hours to shoot. 我只有四句台词,一次出境,这次拍摄才花了几个小时。

10、The most used four-letter word is "Love". Value it. 用得最多的四个字母的单词是:“爱”。珍惜它。

11、Merriam-Webster's is the third of four major "Word of the Year" selections. 《韦氏词典》选出的词是四大“年度词汇”中的第三个。

12、What part of speech is the word? 这个单词属于哪种词类?

13、"They have a lexicon, just a giant word list, and they find the word most similar to what the recognizer produces, " he says. 他们有一个词汇库,就是一个巨大的词汇单子,然后它们寻找与识别器提供的最接近的词。

14、Here you can see several words that have several possible expansions, and all the words look like words, or like morphemes. 在这里,您可以看到有一些单词有多个可能的扩展,而且所有单词看起来都像是单词或者词素。

15、其实就纹"family"这一个单词就ok了,分别用其中的每一个字母组成一个单词,意思是mother and father I love you

16、Sputnik"is an example of a Russian word which has been transliterated into Roman script." 便是用罗马字母拼写俄文单词的一个例子。

17、Once selected④, they are boiled in water and the threads can be separated in the unwinding stage⑤. 我们通常能想到的是采用单句来描述每一个步骤,然后把每个步骤用连接词衔接起来就算完成了。

18、They were also asked if they remembered in what color the word had originally been and in which of the four quadrants it had originally eared. 然后,问他们是否以前见过那些单词,以及单词的原来的颜色,原来出现在四格表的那(哪)个格中。

19、The most used four-letter word is Love", Value it." 用的最多的四个字母单词是“爱”,珍惜它。

20、Notice this word, it is a proper noun, so no article is needed. 注意这个单词是一个专有名词,不用冠词。

21、If you instead use GetString, same thing: blinking cursor, the function is just going to wait for the user to type a word, a sentence or whatever, and then hit Enter. 如果你用GetSring来代替它,同样的:闪烁光标,那个函数只是等待用户来,输入一个单词,一个句子什么的,然后敲回车。

22、The os- in the oyster word root is the same os- as in osteoporosis. 该单词词根中os-的前缀与单词osteoporosis中的os-前缀是同一个东西,有相同意思。

23、These are just a few examples. You can use your own ideas too. Play around with a few methods and find one that works well for you. 你也可列出一些能与某一单词搭配的单词,而不只是学一个单词。

24、Look at the common example of designing a vocabulary for international purchase orders. 现在看一个常用的例子,即为国际订单设计词汇表。

25、Recursively, a word is reducible if any of its children are reducible. As a base case, you can consider the empty string reducible. 只要一个单词的孩子还可以缩减,那这个单词本身就亏缩减。你可以认为空字符串是可以缩减的,这样来作为一个基准条件。


26、Through these four aspects of research, we must have the Tang Dynasty vocabulary understanding, so that we will recognize the developing path of the monosyllabic words and two-syllable word. 通过以上四个方面的研究,对唐代词汇有了一定的了解,对颜师古注释词语中单音词和双音词的发展演变轨迹有了初步的认识。

27、Fig4. Is the creative guy, who thought up the slogan“Technology liberates your communication”, telling a big white lie? 图四:老王:有句广告词叫“科技让交流更轻松”,写这个广告创意的家伙没撒谎吧?

28、When the first syllable is stressed, the word is either a noun or an adjective. 当第一个音节重读的话,这个单词可以是一个名词也可以是一个形容词。

29、The reason I chose the word queen was that I see from the Oxford English Dictionary’s online newsletter that this word was recently updated in their December 2007 quarterly release. 我选择了单词queen是因为我在《牛津英语词典》(文中简称《词典》)的在线新闻通讯里了解到,最近,这个单词在他们xx年xx月第四季度的发布中有了更新。

30、Given a single word, like BIKE, we can create four words with missing letters(.IKE, B.KE, BI.E and BIK.) that can be passed through the crossword helper to find possible matches. 给定一个单词,如 BIKE,我们可以创建缺少字母的四个单词(.IKE、B.KE、BI.E 和 BIK.) ,可以将这些单词传递给纵横字谜助手以查找可能的匹配。

31、With nine letter and four syllables, the tongue-twisting " phenomenon" has been named as the most misounced word in the English language. 由九个字母和四个音节组成的,发音饶舌的“现象”一词成为英语里面最难念的单词。

32、Each word you'll get one point. 要求每名学生必答两个单词,一词一分。

33、There is one sentence in teleplay : original exists forever. 电视剧《人间xx月天》里有句台词:最初的永远在。

34、Exercise 6-4. Write a program that prints the distinct words in its input sorted into decreasing order of frequency of occurrence. Precede each word by its count. 练习6-4 编写一个程序,根据单词的出现频率按降序打印输入的各个不同单词,并在每个单词的前面标上它的出现次数。

35、The postpositions in Tong Jin-pu dialect of Ci Li, Hunan can be divided into thematic postposition and auxiliary postposition from the syntax classification. 汉语后置词从句法类别上分为四类:题元后置词、辅助性后置词、连接性后置词、定语后置词。

36、Furthermore, if the word is a dictionary word of length 2 or higher, $factor is raised to the power of the word's length. 而且, 如果那个单词是一个长度为 2 或者更长的字典单词,那么 $factor 将增加 为单词长度的乘方。

37、The letters are grouped into three-letter "words" known as codons, meaning that there are 64 of them. 每3个这样的字母形成一个被称为密码子的“单词”,这意味着一共有64个密码子。

38、A blank tab on Sal's desk beeps, and displays the word "Joe" on it. Sal桌子上的一个空白标签发出蜂鸣声,其上显示“Joe”这个单词。

39、Spell the word… plee. 请拼读这个单词。

40、This occupies three bytes in UTF-8, whereas the English word "tree" comprises four letters and four bytes. 用 UTF-8 表示需要三个字节,而英文单词“tree”包含四个字母,需要四个字节。

41、"They have a lexicon, just a giant word list, and they find the word most similar to what the recognizer produces," he says. 他们有一个词汇库,就是一个巨大的词汇单子,然后它们寻找与识别器提供的最接近的词。

42、Write five new words in your Vocab-Builder. 在你的词汇积累库中写出五个新单词。

43、“The four most expensive words in the English language are, ‘This time it’s different.’” -Sir John Templeton 英文中最珍贵的四个单词是‘这一次不一样(This time it's different)’

44、Let's suppose the first word is boat and the second word is imgboat1.png. 让我们假设第一个单词是 boat,第二个单词是 imgboat1.png。

45、Grade 4A students have finished a small project which saw them create a brochure and use the keywords from unit six to do this. xx年级A班的同学用他们第六单元所学的词汇完成了他们小册子的制作。

46、When there are several consonants between the end of one word and the beginning of another, you're linking cered consonants in two separate words. 如果一个单词的词尾与下一个单词的词首之间有几个辅音的话,你就要把这些挤在一起的辅音连起来读。

47、The quantity of his English vocabulary has increased by 6000. 他的英语单词量已渐增到6000个外字词词了。

48、What part of speech does this word belong to ? 这个单词属于什么词类?

49、When users solve a CAPTCHA through reCAPTCHA, the software will give users two words: one with a known answer (the control word) and one where the OCR software wasn't quite sure what the word was. 当用户被要求输入验证码时,用户可以看到两个单词:一个是已知的单词(控制单词),另一个是OCR软件无法确认的单词。

50、Sputnik"is an example of a Russian word which has been transliterated into Roman script. " Sputnik" 便是用罗马字母拼写俄文单词的一个例子。


51、Anne wrote the word"G-L-A-S-S" into her left hand. 安妮在她的左手拼写“杯子”这个单词。

52、Can you identify the part of speech of this word? 能说出这个单词的词类吗?

53、The major research questions are the following:(1) The coverage rate of CET-4 words in MEE texts and in the four sub-corpora of MEE corpus. 大学英语四级词汇在轮机英语中的单篇覆盖率,在四个分语料库的单篇覆盖率以及总覆盖率。

54、She says she wanted a word for his son and not a name. 索萨蒙解释自己想给儿子的是个单词而非名字。

55、Eggplant alone can be prepared in at least forty different ways. 单个茄子至少可有四十种不同的烹制方式。

56、When you use a word-processing program, the individual data values are characters, which are then assembled into larger units such as words, sentences, and paragraphs. 当你运行一个文字处理程序,每个单独的数据值是字符,然后这些字符可以组成更大的单元,例如词、句或篇章。

57、Step 2: Ask the students to think of English words with four letters. 请求恳求学生尽量多地想出含四个字母的单词。相比看文典英语网。

58、My daughter learned the seven new words in lesson 141 this morning. 今天早上,我女儿学习了第一百四十一课的七个新单词。

59、Spell the word…, please. 请拼读这个单词。

60、You can search Wikipedia on a highlighted term by entering wiki this, or you can do the same with a new entry by hand (”w antonio gaudi”). 通过这个命令可以在Wikipedia中搜索你选择的单词或者句子。你也可以手动指定要搜索的内容,比如“w antonio gaudi”。

61、When you look up a thing in the dictionary-pay mindset of the first letter of the word. 当你在字典里查一个单词的时候,贯注这个单词的第一个字母。

62、给定一个单词,如 BIKE,我们可以创建缺少字母的四个单词(.IKE、B.KE、BI.E 和 BIK.) ,可以将这些单词传递给纵横字谜助手以查找可能的匹配。Given a single word, like BIKE, we can create four words with missing letters(.IKE, B.KE, BI.E and BIK.) that can be passed through the crossword helper to find possible matches.

63、The England children who only are three or four years old can speak English very well but they don't know many words. 英格兰的那些孩子,才xx岁或xx岁,很会说英语,但是单词量并不多。

64、Try your best to ounce every word as accurately as possible. 记住生词最好的办法就是把单词读准!尽最大努力把每个单词都发到位。

65、The only word in the English language that has 4 sets of double letters in a row is balloonneer. 英语中唯一有四队叠词的单词是热气飞行员。

66、"Bromance" is a portmanteau, a combination of the words "brother" and "romance". Bromance这个词是brother(兄弟)和romance(爱情)两个单词的合成词形式。

67、J. R. Firth:Each word when used in a new context is a new word. 弗斯:每个单词出现在不同的上下文中都是一个新的单词。

68、Each word when used in a new context is a new word. 则说,“每个单词出现在不同的上下文中都是一个不同的单词。

69、She couldn't remember one word and wrote another word wrong. 她没有记住一个单词,并且把另外一个单词写错了。

70、For minor errors, such as a misspelled word, use the “strike” HTML tag to visibly put a line through the errant material — like this—and then add the correct word or words. 对于小的问题,就像拼错单词,用HTML标签在错误的材料下面画一条显著的线——像这样——然后加入正确的词或是句子。

71、They learn the Latin root later, or side, and construct such English words as bilateral and quadrilateral. 他们又学了拉丁词根later(意思是“边”),并且组成了英语单词bilateral(双边的)和 quadrilateral(四边的)。

72、The number of rows entered for each word will be equal to the number of synonyms for that word. 为每个单词输入的行的数量将等于该单词的同义词的数量。

73、That's why students taking CET-4 will have to translate a passage of 140-160 words, and those taking band 6 a passage of 180-200 words. 这就是为何参加英语四级考试的考生需要翻译长度为140-160个单词的段落; 而参加英语六级考试的人则需要应付长度为180-200个单词的段落翻译。

74、Write five new words in your Vocab-builder. 在你的词汇库里写上五个新单词。

75、Intimacy is a four-syllable word for, "Here are my heart and soul." 亲密是一个四音节的单词,代表着:“这是我的情感与灵魂。

英文句子模板76:Four word sentence

76、One student comes to the board and writes a four-letter word under the four lines. 一个学生到黑板前,在横线上写下一个含四个字母的单词。

77、Pratice this sount. listen to each word and practice saying each word using the recording tool. 练习这种声音。听每个单词和使用录音工具练习说每个单词。

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