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导读: 56个,关于”提建议的句型“的英语句子56个,句子主体:Suggested sentence pattern。以下是关于提建议的句型的专业英语句子。


关于”提建议的句型“的英语句子56个,句子主体:Suggested sentence pattern。以下是关于提建议的句型的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Suggested sentence pattern

1、John Mann, Labour MP for Bassetlaw, tabled a parliamentary motion calling for a big cut in MPs' expenses on second homes. Bassetlaw的工党议员约翰·曼向议会提交了一份建议大刀削减议员第二居所补贴的提案。

2、Would you like to suggest a topic? 你愿意提出一些题目建议吗?

3、Dickerson and co make one suggestion. 迪克森和合作者提出一个建议。

4、On balance, Timothy 's suggestion is more acceptable. 总的说来,提摩西的建议更可取。

5、INSIDER TIP: Keep styling products to a minimal, this style should seem organic. 专业建议:少用点定型产品。爆炸头看上去自然一点比较好。

6、This is an entirely feasible proposal. I suggest we adopt it. 这是一项完全可行的提议。我建议予以釆纳。

7、He suggested/ proposed/ demanded/ advised that they (should) read the rules carefully. 他建议 / 提议 / 要求 / 劝告他们要仔细阅读这些规则。

8、If you're going to create an LDM then I highly suggest you only capture information in those models which provide immediate benefit to your team. 如果您将创建 LDM,那么我强烈建议您只获取向您的团队提供立即收益的那些模型中的信息。

9、Anny: Finally, do you have any fashion advice or styling tips you could give to our readers? Anny:最后,你有什么时尚造型的建议可以给我们的读者?

10、He valued his lawyers' advice very much. 他非常重视律师所提的建议。

11、Your suggestion, to strike while the iron is hot, seemed a good idea. 你建议趁热打铁,这个建议很好。

12、Typeless programming is not usually recommended, because it can lead to subtle execution errors involving data types. 通常建议不要使用无类型编程,因为它可能导致涉及数据类型的细微执行错误。

13、Based on judgment result it points out how to give adoptable suggestions for banks to their different customers in adherence of this model. Meanwhile it proposes an improved judgment-tree method. 第四章:对建立的判定树模型进行评价和解释,根据模型结果就银行如何对不同客户进行差别管理提出建议,同时提出一种改进的判定树的方法。

14、Sorry, could I just make a point? 对不起,我能提点建议吗?

15、Then give the advice-giver a sincere thank you, even if the ideas are less than helpful. 真诚的感谢那些向你提供建议的同事,即便他们的建议并不那么靠谱。

16、Two proposals made via the Staff Suggestion Scheme have been recently implemented to improve our performance for key clients. 机电工程署最近实施两项透过员工建议书计划提出的建议,大大提高对主要客户的服务质素。

17、The Design Advisor now provides advice on MQTs, MDCs, and DPF partitioning keys in addition to indexes. 除了关于索引的建议以外,Design Advisor 现在还可以提供关于 MQT、MDC 和 DPF 分区键的建议。

18、But he proposed it, all the same. 但他还是提出了这个建议。

19、I'm unable to improve on his suggestion. 我提不出比他的建议更好的了。

20、What did you suggest to the manager? 你向经理提了什麽建议?

21、The plan by Mideast mediators, known as the Quartet, calls for a peace deal in a year and asks both sides to produce comprehensive proposals on territory and security within three months. 这份由中东协调员提出的“中东问题有关四方的建议”(以下简称“四方建议”)呼吁巴以xx年后达成永久和平协议,并要求双方在三个月内提出领土及安全问题的全面建议。

22、For the capacity and ultimate bearing capacity of the K-type hollow concrete joint, has made a proposed formula. 对于K型钢管混凝土节点的承载力计算和极限承载力确定,提出了建议公式。

23、Following Gil's advice will help improve the mileage in any car, not just in hybrids. 跟着吉尔的建议也会提高任何一辆车的燃油经济性,而不仅仅是混合动力车型。

24、Timothy 's suggestion is more acceptable. 总的说来,提摩西的建议更可取。

25、In this context, I have the following proposals. 在此,我提出以下五点建议。


26、Nassim Nicholas Taleb: I recommend two things. 塔勒布:我提两条建议。

27、Gary Pollice, et. al., in the aptly titled book Software Development for Small Teams, offers some great advice for the manager of small projects Gary Pollice 等几位作者在《小型团队的软件开发》一书中为小型项目的管理者提出了一些有价值的建议

28、We also propose a self-organizing developing model of Chinese travel route network. The simulation results based on the model… 提出了一个中国旅游线路网的自组织演化建议模型,由此模型所得到的模拟结果与实证结果比较好地相符合。

29、The actualities of plastic profiles and correlative additives are summarized and some proposals are put forward. 总结了我国塑料门窗型材行业及相关助剂行业的现状,并提出改进建议和看法。

30、It is the latest in a series of colossal building projects instigated by the all-powerful president that seem to defy the country's environment. 尼亚佐夫,这位拥有至高权力的总统似乎在挑战本国的自然环境,他提议建设一系列大型建筑项目,其中包括最近提出的修建“冰宫”的计划。

31、However, the changes needed in medical training may be more fundamental than recommendation 3.1.4 currently suggests. 但是,医学培训方面所需的变革可能比建议3.1.4目前所提建议更加彻底。

32、What did you suggest to the manger? 你向经理提了什么建议?

33、I recommend ... 我建议......。

34、Simulate the passenger situation of platykurtic and peak hour. Put forward advice through contrast of present and improved situation. 对模型中改进前后客流状况分析比较后,对换乘站设施提出相应的建议。

35、Integrating SSAW pipe forming technology development with production practice, it give suggestion for forming stability and former design from process side. 结合螺旋埋弧焊管成型技术的发展变化和生产实际,从工艺角度对成型稳定性和成型器设计提出了看法和建议。

36、Recommendation: building accessible towns. 建议:建无障碍城镇。

37、It is suggested that acne skin care products as special cosmetics should be monitored. 建议祛痘类产品应作为特殊类型化妆品加强监控。

38、The notation, however, is advisory and has no effect on actual types and values. 但是该符号是建议性的,对实际类型和值没有任何影响。

39、The Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Committee was set up in 1996 to identify issues affecting SMEs and suggest measures to promote their development. 中小型企业委员会在xx年成立,目的在于探讨影响中小型企业发展的事宜,并就促进中小型企业发展的措施提供建议。

40、Toward the end, the article gives some advice to further improve the quality and effectiveness of this roach. 文章通过调查和分析,就如何进一步提高实践型教学的质量和有效性提出一些有益的建议。

41、The development and relevant requirements of SLI batteries abroad and measures to deal with all those requirements were summarized. 本文综述了国外起动型铅蓄电池的发展及要求,提出了相应的对策和建议。

42、She stood up and put in a demurrer once the proposal announced. 这项建议在会上一宣布,她就站起来提出异议。

43、Build the value provider to supply suggestions for the auto-complete control 构建值提供者来为自动完成控件提供建议

44、Large, complex enterprises may often have good reasons for deviating from some of the recommendations. 大型的复杂企业可能通常有背离这些建议的充分理由。

45、But before something of that kind shall be advanced in Contradiction to my Scheme, and offering a better, I desire the Author, or Authors will be pleased maturely to consider two points. 但我希望在提出某些与我的方案相冲突的内容和提出更好的建议之前,这个建议者或这些建议者能够成熟地考虑我两点意见。

46、Open the oysters — he suggests two dozen Kushi, but the quantity and type is up to you. 打开牡蛎,他建议半打,质量和类型取决于你自己。

47、Time-based message derivation is presented, which can be used to deduce the knowledge of prinls, and then a generic model of the protocol run is proposed. 提出了基于时序关系的消息推理,把实体的知识与协议的符号迹分析结合起来,构建了协议运行的一般模型。

48、We make this recommendation for two reasons. 我们提出此建议有两个原因。

49、Eg. What did you suggest to the manager? 你向经理提了什么建议?

50、Specially, the folk custom exhibition of Beijing may be considered to carry forward the traditional culture and commented on it. 特别建议应建设北京民俗博物馆以继承传统文化,并对这种博物馆的形式提出了建议。


51、Finally some opinions on landscape evalution and plannings were p… 进而提出了有关聚落建筑景观评价和规划的建议。

52、The problem is that heavyweight roaches say you should do all but the most trivial design tasks up front. 问题是重量型方法建议您做的不过是提前完成大部分琐碎的设计任务。

53、I suggest changing this verse to "In dealing with employees, standards and directions must be clear." 我提议把这句改为“待雇员,规令明”。

54、She made the proposal, and I readily consented to . 她提出建议,我欣然同意。

55、In this study, recommendations are as follows:First, the domestic educators should pay attention to the model-teaching and the researches related to it; 本研究提出的建议如下:一、国内教育工作者应重视模型教学及其研究;

56、I will submit that proposal to Congress for a vote –and we will push to get it passed. 我将会把这一建议提交给国会进行投票,我们将会推动这一建议的通过。

57、I welcome any suggestions for naming mine. 欢迎大家为我提供命名建议。

58、The next section offers some suggestions. 下一段将会提供一些建议。

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