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导读: 52个,关于”描写环境的句子“的英语句子52个,句子主体:Sentences describing the environment。以下是关于描写环境的句子的四年级英语句子。


关于”描写环境的句子“的英语句子52个,句子主体:Sentences describing the environment。以下是关于描写环境的句子的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentences describing the environment

1、Obviously, whatever for environment's description or for characterization, both Zhang Ailing and Xiao Hong shows ingenuity on constructing profound imagery. 显而易见,无论是对环境的描写,还是对人物的塑造,张爱玲、 萧红都独巨匠心的经营了意蕴深厚的意象。

2、The night came quietly, with the heat and light and coolness and silence of the night. (夜,静悄悄地来了,带炎热与光明与清凉与万籁俱寂的夜晚。

3、Q escribe an environment that is ineffective for you. 描述一个对你来说是没有效率的工作环境。

4、Children with dyslexia have a difficult time learning to read and write in a typical claoom setting. 诵读困难的孩子无法在传统的教室环境中学习读和写。

5、The types of environmental description of the Chinese contemporary mini-stories roughly fall into three categories: the environment of concentration, indication and generalization. 当代中国微篇小说环境描写的类型,大致可以概括为三种:浓缩之境、暗示之境和泛化之境。

6、The work environment of automobile electronic device includes mainly the air physical environment, the machine physical environment and the electron magnetism physical environment. 汽车电子装置的工作环境主要是大气物理环境、机械物理环境和电磁物理环境。

7、When negative seeds manifest, the conditions we face will be unfavorable. 恶的现前时,所面对的环境都是不好的环境;

8、The environmental description on the Grand View Garden knits tightly together with the characteristics, emotions. 这些建筑的环境描写与人物的性格、情感及其命运的遭际、结局紧紧地统一融合在一起。

9、Environmental capacity is a natural science nomenclature to describe the pollution capacity that accommodated by the environmental stuffs. 环境容量是描述环境要素纳污能力的自然科学表述。

10、This section describes the environment configurations and considerations for running DB2 CLI applications under this environment with trusted context. 本节描述环境的配置和在含受信任上下文的环境下运行 DB2 CLI 应用程序的一些考虑事项。

11、It will reduce the embarrassing of beep sound when scanning an environment. 它将减少尴尬的蜂鸣声时,扫描的环境。

12、The world of Mustafar has been a legendary component of Star Wars lore for decades, even though nothing was known of the planet save for the most basic descriptions of its environment. 穆斯塔法作为构成《星球大战》传奇的元素之一已有数xx年了,然而过去人们对这颗行星的了解仅限于那几句关于其地理环境的最基本的描写。

13、In other words, T surrounding dS has to be greater than zero, and of course temperature is always positive. 换句话说这就意味着,环境温度T乘以dS必须大于零,当然环境温度T是正的。

14、The hill adds to the beauty of the scene. 小山使风光更加秀丽。

15、The scene that red plum blossoms set off by the white snow was very beautiful. 白雪衬着红梅,景色十分美丽。

16、The beauties of the West Lake in spring were beyond his expectation. 西湖的春景要比他所预想的更加美丽。

17、The U shape EKC curve is often used to describe the relation between economic growth and environmental degradation. 经济增长与环境污染之间的关系常用U型环境库兹涅茨曲线来描述。

18、Please describe the environment you come from - for example, your family, community, or school - and how this environment has affected or influenced your plans for the future. 请描述你的成长环境,如家庭环境,社会环境,或者学校环境,这些环境是怎样影响你的未来计划。

19、He enjoyed the fair land scape of his hometown. 他喜欢家乡的美丽风光。

20、The gill microenvironment of carp was characterized using a two apartment apparatus, and pH, alkalinity, mucus (expressed as total organic carbon, TOC) were modeled based on measured results. 对鲤鱼鳃部微环境进行了定量测量,建立了鲤鱼鳃部微环境的定量模型,对鱼鳃微环境进行了定量描述;

21、Sampling the C language function definition is taked to as example to explain the usage of semantics description integration environment. 以抽取C语言函数定义为例子说明语义描述集成环境的使用。

22、The scene was one of indescribable beauty. 那真是无法描绘的绮丽风光。

23、Hangchow is famed for its scenic spots. 杭州以风景优美为名。

24、If we go on polluting water,the last drop of water will be our tears. 如果我们继续污染水,最后一滴水就是我们的眼泪。

25、But the description is mainly devoted to the static relations of the syntactic representation. 但“原则与参数”描写的是句法关系表征式的静态关系。


26、The garden will look very beautiful when all the plants are in flower. 等所有的植物都开花时,花园会显得非常漂亮。

27、In conclusion, the thesis predicts the possible direction of the history of modern Chinese fiction in contemporary condition. 结语部分联系中国当代的现实环境描述中国现代小说史可能的书写方向。

28、A build-time environment to write the source code of iWidgets 用于编写 iWidget 源代码的构建时环境

29、In the thesis, all the work and research result can be summarized as follows:1) By the result of researching VSIP, the architecture of COBOL 2002 for . NET framework is issued. NET集成开发环境VSIP的基础上,首先,提出了COBOL 2002集成开发环境的框架,该框架所描述的开发环境一方面具有与。

30、Though they were written a century or more ago, these words portray very accurately the situation or challenge in which we all find ourselves in these days. 虽然这段话是在一个世纪前写下的,这些话语却非常准确地描绘了我们在这些日子里所处的环境和面对的挑战。

31、This city is flanked on all sides by unspoiled country. 城市四面是乡村的天然风光。

32、Deficiency is the psychological description is overmuch, can be in action, rub depictions of some more, in addition, can also add environment description, this article will look more vivid. 不足之处是心理描写过多,可以在动作、场面上的描写多一些,另外,还可以加入环境描写,这样文章会显得更生动。

33、She was very mad about the fine view of the West Lake. 她非常迷恋西湖的优美风光。

34、In our environment, this table scan was I/O-bound. 在我们的环境中,这个表扫描是 I/O 绑定的。

35、There are lots of dream in NA Lan's works. 纳兰词中出现了大量的梦境描写。

36、Singer R. Kelly wrote this song in response to his own personal difficulties. 歌手凯利(Kelly)写了一首歌来描述自己面临的困境。

37、While Mr. Qian more depicted behaviors of lame duck intellectuals, Yang focused on the inner disorders and changes of literators under the press of external environment. 钱先生更多的描写的是身处困境中的士林世相,杨先生更注重表现在客观环境压力之下文人内心的游离变化…

38、A one-line loop to print all the environment variables in lowercase, with the first letter uppercase, and sorted 除首字母大写外、用小写字母打印并排序所有环境变量的单行循环

39、A multi-line loop to print all the environment variables in lowercase, with the first letter uppercase, and sorted 除首字母大写外、用小写字母打印并排序所有环境变量的多行循环

40、Scan non-production environments actively to identify and address potential problems. 扫描非生产环境,积极找出并解决潜在的问题。

41、A beautiful view greeted us. 美丽的景色呈现在我们面前。

42、Describe what would be an ideal working environment? 请描述一下立项的工作环境是怎样的?

43、Environmental descriptions of micra-novels, depend on descriptions of the sight and the sub- stance. 微型小说的环境描写,依托于具体的景与物的描写。

44、Environmental Kuznets Curve is at present popular in the field of environmental economics. 经济增长与环境污染之间的关系常用环境库兹涅茨曲线来描述。

45、To begin publishing personalization objects, you create an object in the authoring environment which describes the target endpoint, as shown in Figure 7. 要着手发布个性化对象,您需要在编写环境中创建一个描述目标端点的对象,如图 7 所示。

46、The biological components of this complex landscape of risk and protective factors remain largely uncharacterised. 这个由多种生物构成的复杂环境,充满风险和防护因子,仍然还无法具体描绘。

47、This part mainly describes the industry and outside environment that the company is facing. 这一部分主要描述厦门华联百货公司面临的行业环境及一般环境。

48、The authors introduce the establishment of a Managing System of the provincial digital raster map by combining MapInfo with VB. 针对机器人环境识别问题,研究其工作环境描述与实现过程,提出一种环境拓扑地图建立的新方法。

49、The writer mainly focuses on the man-made environment with little description of the natural scenery, which indicates the marginality of nature. 在该作品中,德里罗对人造环境浓墨重彩,对自然环境只作了极少的描写,反映了自然的边缘状态。

50、Shulman does a neat job of painting, in rapid brush strokes, a portrait of the thrilling era of innovation in which Bell lived and also of the interesting cirtances of his life. 舒尔曼笔触生动简练,他描绘了那个令人激动的革新时代,也对贝尔的生活和他生活的环境作了有趣的描写。


51、A dream is more romantic than scarlet pagodas by a silver sea. 梦中的风光比银白海洋旁边绯红的宝塔更加旖旎艳丽。

52、There was no view anywhere, nothing but the oppressive and silent scrub. 哪儿也没有好景致,只有令人压抑的寂静的矮树林。

53、Saving oer environment is everyone's duty. 节约环境是每个人的责任。

54、It was a most beautiful sight. 这是一个最美丽的景致。

55、Mood, an expression of state and sentimentalism reflected through images in art works, is essential to any touching art works. 意境,是艺术作品通过形象描写,表现出的境界和情调。

56、They learn and play together. It's a good penetrative environment for stud -ying . 为孩子 创设了环境渗透式的双语学习环境。

57、The description of inhabiting environment and architecture is very romantic and various. “楚辞”中对人居环境与建筑的描写宏富浪漫多彩。

58、环保的英文是Environmental Conservation或Environment Protection 环境友好型英文就是Environmentally friendly ,是你写的第三个

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