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导读: 54个,关于”七大基本句型“的英语句子54个,句子主体:Seven basic sentence patterns。以下是关于七大基本句型的专业英语句子。


关于”七大基本句型“的英语句子54个,句子主体:Seven basic sentence patterns。以下是关于七大基本句型的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Seven basic sentence patterns

1、A prectical tree-type clifier is formed; Imagerecognition experiment based on micro-computer, 245 sample windows (7 cl ofterrains) is performed, and a correct rate, 99.18%, is acquired. 基于微机实验,在七种地物类型的245个样本窗口中鉴别,获得了高达99.18%的识别正确率。

2、With seven basic characteristics and four main channels, life-long education is the base of the all-round development of people. 终身学习是人全面发展的基础。终身学习有七个基本特征和四个主要途径。

3、Seven texture parameters of this model are used for clifying six types of remote sense image over 210 samples. It's success percent is 98. 6 %. 使用本模型的七个纹理参数作特征,在六类地物类型210个样本上作实验,由此设计的分类器的识别率为98.6%。

4、The seventh fret harmonics pitch should match the fundamental frequency of the open string notes. 第七品泛音音高应与基本的空弦音一致。

5、In this thesis, according as discourse character we separate all these audience discourse into three cles: the mes audience discourse, the professional and the political audience discourse. 根据话语特征,本文将“xx年”间的读者话语分为大众型读者话语、专业型读者话语、权力型读者话语三类。

6、Seven basic architectural elements can be distinctly distinguished through core survey in the Shuanghe oilfield . 由双河油田岩心观察可明确识别出七种基本的建筑结构要素。

7、Setting up, dynamic investigation, registration of basic data on its members and member representatives. 七关于会员与会员代表基本资料之建立及动态之调查、登记事项。

8、Article 77 A contract may be amended if the parties have so agreed. 例句第七十七条当事人协商一致,可以变更合同。

9、They found that a version of the gene called Microcephalin formed only about thirty-seven thousand years ago. 他们发现这种基因对应的一种被命名为 小 脑症基因的 新版本大约成形于三万七千年前。

10、And there are seven parts in this thesis. The first part briefly recapitulates basic viewpoints of constructivism, which are also basal standpoints penetrating the whole article. 全文共分为七个部分,第一部分简要地概括了建构主义的基本观点,也作为贯穿全文的基本观点。

11、The fair attracted hundreds of thousands of partints from seven continents, which the rays of Lady Liberty's crown represent. 本届世博会吸引了七大洲的数十万人前来参观,而自由女神像的冠冕恰恰有象征世界七大洲的七道尖芒。

12、In the second chapter, based on Game Theory and the seven suppose in the Benchmark Model, the bidding strategy of the bidder in the four standard auction is elaborated. 第二章以博弈论为基础,基于基准模型的七个假定,阐述了四种标准拍卖中投标商的竞价策略问题。

13、The theutic efficiency of carboxyethyl germanium sesquioxide(CEG) on three kinds of gastric ulcer model is presented. 本文观察了二羧乙基锗倍半氧化物对三种大鼠胃溃疡模型的疗效。

14、Dacheng Dian ridge top nine, seven-room, the grand style. 大成殿九脊顶,七开间,造型宏伟。

15、An adaptive multiple model algorithm based on residual is presented, its basic idea is to ign the probability of each model in overall estimation through the size of residual. 提出了一种基于残差的自适应多模型算法,其基本思想是通过残差的大小来分配多模型中单个模型在整体估计中的权重。

16、他们本该今早七点到家  They should have arrived home at seven o 'clock this morning

17、A new cyclic organo-silicon compound containing polyvinylsilyl groups in the side chains is synthesized. 本工作合成的七甲基三乙烯基硅乙基环四硅氧烷,具有多乙烯硅基侧链。

18、The utility model relates to a luminous structure of a seven-segment display, including a substrate, a plurality of luminous chips and a light transmission glue layer. 本实用新型涉及一种七段显示器的发光结构,包括有一基板、多 个发光芯片及一透光胶层。

19、This VCD introduces the seven basic ways to make Chinese knots . 本片介绍最基本的七种中国结编结方法。

20、Time is not only the basic parameter in our daily life and work, but also one of seven elements in the SI. 时间不但是我们日常生活和工作中最常用的基本参量,也是国际单位制中七个基本量之一。

21、He was at sixes and sevens over his presentation. 不知道这样的造句行不行? 他的演讲乱七八糟。

22、Davy Crockett was born on August 17th, 1786 in eastern Tennessee. 大卫?克洛基在xx年xx月xx日出生于田纳西州东部。

23、The author thinks that the first 37 chapters of the present book basically maintain the visage of the original book ; 认为,今见五十六回本的前三十七回基本上保持了原稿面貌;

24、This thesis contains seven parts. 本文分为七章。

25、Because of the reason above, a synchronization model applied in multi-path channel based on ML algorithm is improved. 基于以上原因,本文对一种基于最大似然(ML)估计的适用于多径信道的同步算法模型进行了改进;


26、The responsibility of predicting area is 95%. The result of forecasting is about conformable to the actual data. 共建立了月、季、年十七个数学模型,并给出了可信度95%的预测区间,预测的结果和实际数据基本吻合。

27、For the basic contents of the bidding document, see the requirements in Chapter VI and Chapter VII. 投标文件基本内容见第六章、第七章要求。

28、The invention discloses a vertical transistor with high magnification based on organic semiconductor materials. 本发明公开了一种基于有机半导体材料的高放大倍率的垂直型晶体管。

29、Various dry, muddy smears on the palette confirmed this statement. 调色板上乱七八糟的污痕证实了这句话。

30、Used in naval base of the seven military packaging equipment. 运用于海军七大基地之器械包装。

31、Article 277 The Unit of Account referred to in this Code is the Special Drawing Right as defined by the International Monetary Fund; 第二百七十七条 本法所称计算单位,是指国际货币基金组织规定的特别提款权;

32、A these words daily seven time frequency appears in my mouth, becomes this month the pet phrase uncrowned king. 这句话一每天七次的频率出现在我口中,成为本月口头禅的无冕之王。

33、Murphy, G. L. "Taxonomic Organization and the Basic Level of Concepts. " Chap. 7 in The Big Book of Concepts. MIT Press, 2002. 莫非,〈分类组织与概念的基本层次〉,于《 概念的大书》第七章。MIT出版社,xx年。

34、Development models include enterprise production flow model, sight model, science and technology model, art and culture model, etc. 开发的模式主要有企业生产流程型、景观型、科技型、艺术文化型等七大模式。

35、This book presents the background knowledge of China as a whole and the basic structure of Chinese language before entering into a well-designed 7-day self-study course. 本书先让读者瞭解中国的大要和华语的基本结构,再进入七天的自学课程。

36、Regular direct flights from China Southern Guangxi branch implementation, models for the Boeing 737 - 800 luxury aircraft type. 定期直航航班由南航广西分公司执行,机型为波音七三七-八00型豪华客机。

37、Sequence comparison reveals that the protein sequences of these 12 APMV strains are most closely related to those of APMV-7, with sequence identities ranging from 36 to 73%. 该病毒株在胺基酸序列比对结果最为接近血清型七型,然而各基因之相似度仅为36至73%。

38、The basic objectives set forth in Article 76 shall be applicable to the people of each strategic area. 第七十六条所规定之基本目的,适用于每一战略防区之。

39、Wild generalizations stir up racial hatred and blind us to the basic fact. 野蛮(乱七八糟)的概括/归纳会激起种族仇恨,使我们对这基本事实视而不见。

40、This produce 17. amino acids, including Laclic acid and other acids, it should be stored in cool places. 本品含人体所需的赖安酸、亮安酸、谷安酸、门冬安酸等十七种氨基酸。适贮于阴凉通风处。

41、This book is based on seven years of conversations with North Koreans. 这本书也是基于xx年来对脱北者的访谈。

42、The hybrid-driven mechanical press in this thesis is an improved mechanical press based on 2-DOF seven bar mechanism. 本文研究的混合驱动压力机是基于平面二自由度七杆机构的一种改进压力机。

43、The chakras are related to the seven basic energy centers in the body. 脉轮指的是人体的七个基本的能量中枢。

44、This thesis has seven chapters . 本论文共七章。

45、In East Asia, a form of kelp called kombu is often used as the basis for broths called dashi in Japanese. 在东亚,一种叫做昆布的大型褐藻常用作高汤的基本原料。

46、Japan's "Iron Three Kingdoms", "Dragon Ball" and other works are based on traditional Chinese story. 日本的《钢铁三国志》、《七龙珠》等作品,都是基于中国的传统故事。

47、On the basis of the mechanical model of diametric disc test, a preliminary study was made to test indirect tensions properties of seven TATB based PBXs, including JB9014 etc. 在圆盘试验的力学模型基础上,测定了JB90 14等七种TATB基PBX的间接拉伸性能,为进一步完善该方法做了初步研究。

48、The book is about the July 7th Incident. 这本书是关于七七事变的。

49、The basic idea of a lattice robot is that swarms of small, identical modules that can combine to form a larger robot. 格型机器人的基本设计思路是通过大量的小型标准化模块技能型进行组合,构建出大型机器人。

50、Lean basics: introduce you the lean basic knowledge including 5S, seven wastes, visual management, standard working instruction. 精益基础:介绍精益生产的基本知识,包括5S、七种浪费、可视化管理、标准工作指令。


51、The article concludes seven chapters. 本文共分七章。

52、Annotation of Materia Medica has a three-volume version and a seven-volume version. New Materia Medica was written based on the seven-volume version of Annotation of Materia Medica. 《本草经集注》原有三卷本和七卷本两种,《新修本草》是以七卷本为底本修撰的。

53、The last chapter of Seven Types of Ambiguity, his seventh ambiguity, is actually, as Empson said, about "some fundamental division in the writer's mind." 在《朦胧的七种类型》的最后一章,第七种朦胧,Empson提到,“作者思维的本质区别

54、Common-emitter amplifier is a typical resistive cl A amplifier. 基本共射放大器是典型的电阻性甲类放大器。

55、The Hansen model considering seven species compositions and four chemical reactions was adopted as a model considered real gas effect. 真实气体模型采用考虑七种组分四种反应的汉森模型。

56、It was copied and kept in the Institute of Chinese Agricultural Heritage of Nanjing Agricultural University and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. 《茶书七种》七卷现存二份抄本,旧抄本藏在南京图书馆,转抄本存于中国农业科学院南京农业大学中国农业遗产研究室。

57、A corporate-level strategy characterized by an absence of significant change. 稳定型战略是一种公司层战略,其特征为基本不进行重大的变革。

58、It usually took the form of eight seven-character lines but was not regulated-versed. 从题目看,“反七律体”仍体现了七言歌行自由抒写的特征,但其形式是七言八句而“非格律化”。

59、Source: EB Rule 7, WHO Basic Documents (2005 edition), p.155 (来源:执行委员会议事规则第七条,世卫组织基本文件(xx年版),第155页。)

60、Doctor-patient communication skills are one of the seven lowest requirements of global medical education. 医患沟通能力是全球医学教育七大最基本要求之一。

61、I need an existing image (attached) to be vectored for a large scale banner roughly 77inches by 34 inches. 我需要一个现有的图像(附后)是一个由大型横幅大约34英寸七七英寸向量。

62、In view of the train of thought, the author tried to discuss the cause by using "localizability" model, based on the theory on non-equilibrium statistical physics developed in the 1970s. 本着这种想法,作者根据廿世纪xx年代发展起来的非平衡态统计物理学的理论基础,试图从“局域”模型出发探讨地震成因。

63、There are two types of basic integrated circuit: monolithic integrated circuit and the thin or thick film. 集成电路有两种基本类型:大集成电路和薄片或厚片。

64、And their brethren, mighty men of valour, an hundred twenty and eight: and their overseer was Zabdiel, the son of one of the great men. 他的众兄弟都是勇士(本句《马索拉抄本》作“在他以后是迦拜和撒来”,明显是残缺; 今照《七十士译本》翻译),共九百二十八人。

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