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导读: 56个,关于”孤独的短句“的英语句子56个,句子主体:Lonely short sentence。以下是关于孤独的短句的专业英语句子。


关于”孤独的短句“的英语句子56个,句子主体:Lonely short sentence。以下是关于孤独的短句的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Lonely short sentence

1、Wish me good deep, alone. 祝我久居深海,孤独终老。

2、Some people say that loneliness is shameful, but fashion is a means of resistance alone, this is fashion realm. 有人说孤独是可耻的,而时尚则是抵抗孤独的手段,这才是时尚的境界。倗。

3、Most people with autism do not have any exceptional abilities that go along with it. 大多数孤独症患者并不具备,由孤独症所带来的任何特殊能力

4、Eventhough I will feel lonely! 即使我会觉得孤独!

5、Maybe you don't know Alica has already borne too much loneliness and cannot bear anymore your loneliness. 也许你不懂, 爱丽斯已经很孤独, 无法再承载你的孤独了。

6、To live and die alone? 孤独地生老病死。

7、i want to kiss you tonight. 我一直孤独入眠,

8、There are mutual, just have social fraternity, elderly and orphans not lonely; 有互助,才有社会友爱,老人和孤儿不孤独;

9、No one can think is lonely.什么是孤独?

10、In solitude dies. So touching. 在孤独中消逝。那样凄婉。

11、He remembered the strange solitariness of her existence in London; her even stranger indifference to this solitariness. 他记得她呆在伦敦时那种奇特的孤独;更奇特的是她对孤独的无视。

12、The best thinking has been done in solitude. The worst has been done in turmoil. 最好的思想在独处中诞生;最糟的思想在混乱中产生

13、Be used to being alone 习惯了一个人的孤独

14、Subjects were scaled by autism behavior checklist, childhood autism rating scale and adaptive behavior scale before and after the short-term training to compare the curative effects of two groups. 均于短期培训前后分别接受孤独症行为评定量表、儿童孤独症评定量表和儿童适应行为量表评定,比较两组疗效。

15、Heros are born to be alone and forlorn. 英雄生来是孤独的。

16、I have been sleeping all alone, 我一直孤独入眠,

17、I'd rather living in my dreamed world alone , than chosing a brief hiness in reality… 我宁愿孤独地生活在自己的画中,也不愿再选择现实中的短暂快乐…

18、Always so lonely and Lingao … 永远那么的孤独与冷傲…

19、This bleak world alone? 在这个凄冷孤独的世界?

20、She continues to tell Vanity Fair "I'm perpetually lonely. I’m lonely when I’m in relationships. 她继续告诉“名利场”:“我一直都很孤独,甚至当我和我的情人的时候我还是很孤独。

21、She feels very cold and lonely. 她感觉很冷也很孤独。

22、中文 “老人独居也会觉得孤独” 英文 "The old man can live alone and feel lonely."

23、The warm understanding and solace are needed for prideful solitude, and no soul is willing to suffer long solitude. 高傲的孤独,也需要温暖的理解和抚慰,没有灵魂愿意长久孤独。

24、“You cannot be lonely if you like the person you're alone with.” Wayne Dyer “学会独处,你就绝不会孤独。

25、From my bewildered solitude, from fear. 我迷狂的孤独,还有恐惧。


26、Be a lonely man forever. 永远都是孤独的一个人

27、no one can think is lonely. 什么是孤独?

28、'Cus I'm afraid to be alone. 因为不敢,我害怕孤独。

29、You are alone out there. 你在那边是孤独的。

30、Have than loneliness more bloodcurdling? 有比孤独更恐怖的吗?

31、Navajo is far from alone. 纳瓦霍语远离了孤独。

32、When he said that, he looked lonelier than I had ever seen a man still alive. 当他说这些话的时候,他看上去那么的孤独。我从没见过任何一个活人如此孤独。

33、Riesman, David. The Lonely Crowd . 大卫·理斯曼:《孤独的人群》。

34、Want to love not love the lonely. 要爱不爱的孤独。

35、Burdens are bedfellows with loneliness. 负担是孤独的同伴。

36、 Ideal, you are lonely but true. 理想,你孤独而真实。

37、So the life of man is the life of nature, the life of solitary,poor, nasty, brutish and short. 人类的生命便是自然的写照,生命是如此孤独,贫穷,令人作呕,既残忍又短暂。

38、Out of the queen dugus ward. 走出独孤皇后的病房。

39、Solitude is a blessing! 孤独是件妙事!?

40、“You cannot be lonely if you like the person you‘re alone with.” Wayne Dyer “学会独处,你就绝不会孤独。

41、The tree was lonely and sad. 老树很孤独很伤心。

42、Amélie still seeks solitude. 爱美丽一直在寻求孤独。

43、Where do the lonely hearts go . . 孤独的心往哪里去?

44、Govern your thoughts when alone, and your tongue when in company. 一人独处慎于思,与人相处慎于言

45、He's lonely and hankers for friendship. 他很孤独,渴望友谊。

46、AIM: To introduce the clinical manifestation during music therapy for autistic disorder, and spread the theutic principle. 目的:介绍孤独症音乐治疗的临床表现,推广孤独症音乐治疗的指导原则。

47、Although I travelled solo, I was never alone. 虽然我独自出行,但从未感到过孤独。

48、“You cannot be lonely if you like the person you're alone with.” Wayne Dyer “学会独处,你就绝不会孤独。

49、We walk our own path, alone. ——“独步其道,孤行凡间。”

50、An estimated 80% of foetuses with Down's syndrome are aborted and autism rights campaigners are worried that the same could hen if prenatal tests for autism are developed. 据估计,80%的唐氏综合症胎儿被打掉,所以孤独症维权者们担心,如果孤独症的产前筛查手段开发出来,孤独症胎儿会遭受同样的命运。


51、The standing alone is what doesn't matter look for, standing alone is not intentional to put the green shade that grow up. 孤独是无所谓寻找的,孤独是无心插柳长成的绿荫。

52、Runs away lonely lonesome, hides the lonely aloneness. 逃不过寂寞的寂,躲不过孤独的独。

53、No, he'd never do that! Not even in the face of social and party isolation. He never gave up! 即令是面对全社会的孤独、全的孤独,他也决不轻言放弃!

54、I have sought it, next, it relieves loneliness----that terrible loneliness in which one shivering conciousness looks over the rim of world into the cold unfathomable lifeless abyss. 我追求爱情,又因为他能减轻孤独------那可怕的孤独啊,一个颤抖的灵魂在这孤独中望着世界边缘之外冰冷而无生命的无底深渊。

55、We wouldn't get Nobel prize-winners with autism if there weren't some strengths to autism. 假如孤独症一无是处的话,就不会出现获得诺贝尔奖的孤独症患者。

56、Well, all the people Frost writes about are in some sense alone, often alone together. 弗罗斯特写的所有人,都在某种意义上非常孤独,常常与孤独相伴。

57、Only nature and solitude. 只有自然和孤独。

58、So never leave me lonely; 不要让我孤独

59、The majority of people with autism. 大多数的孤独症患者

60、With the increase of the autism children, more and more autism students are entering the special education schools. 随着孤独症儿童数量的增加,越来越多的孤独症学生走进特教学校。

61、You wanton brooks and solitary rocks, 肆意而孤独的摇摆

62、There is a growing international autism civil rights movement, with many people who have been labelled as autistic combining in self-defence against discrimination and stigmatisation. 现在在国际范围内有一个日益成长的孤独症民权运动,它由很多孤独症人士联手,以保护孤独症患者不受歧视和偏见之苦。

63、I'm used to loneliness. 我已习惯于孤独。

64、Solitude makes monsters of both. 孤独造就了两个怪物。

65、For there is a fellowship more quiet even than solitude, and which, rightly understood, is solitude made perfect. 这是一种比孤独更安静的结伴,正确理解的话,应该称之为完美的孤独。

66、and again it is the best thing in life that each should have everything in himself; his fate, his future, his whole expanse and world. —— Rainer Maria Rilke 没有人在底部的生命可以帮助别人的生命,这一经历一遍又一遍地在每一次冲突和困惑:一是独自一人。

67、Do you call it solitude? 你将它唤作孤独吗?

68、One Hundred Years of Solitude. 记得还有《百年孤独》。

69、I have sought it , next, because it relieves loneliness---that terrible loneliness in which one shivering consciousness looks over the rim of the world into the cold unfathomable lifeless abyss. 我追求爱情, 又因为它能减轻孤独——那可怕的孤独啊, 一个颤抖的灵魂在这孤独中望着世界边缘之外冰冷而无生命的无底深渊。

70、I have sought it, next, it relieves loneliness- that terrible loneliness in which one shivering consciousness looks over the rim of the world into the cold unfathomable lifeless abyss. 我追求爱情,又是因为它能减轻孤独-那的孤独啊,一个颤抖的灵魂在这孤独中望着世界边缘之外冰冷而无生命的无底深渊。

71、Solitude brings profoundest effect on human condition, man is the only being who knows he's alone. 孤独会给人类带来复杂而深远的影响, 而人类唯一了解自己是孤独的。

72、But Frank Smythe was alone. 但弗兰克斯迈思是孤独的。

73、I want to kiss you tonight. 我一直孤独入眠,

74、I do not want isolation, but how do I feel lonely rejection is also not open, perhaps nicely point that I am a lonely hero. 我不想孤独、可是孤独我怎么也甩不开,也许好听点说我是一个独行侠。

75、I wandered lonely as a clou. 我好似一朵孤独的流云。

英文句子模板76:Lonely short sentence

76、You're a solitary gazer , a thinker. 你是孤独的看客,是智者。

77、And you in the battle alone? 你在战场上孤独无助?

78、The poet is old, alone. 诗人老矣,孤独。

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