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导读: 37个,关于”所有的语法和句式总结“的英语句子37个,句子主体:Summary of all grammar and sentence patterns。以下是关于所有的语法和句式总结的初中英语句子。


关于”所有的语法和句式总结“的英语句子37个,句子主体:Summary of all grammar and sentence patterns。以下是关于所有的语法和句式总结的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Summary of all grammar and sentence patterns

1、We introduce the syntax-directed editing model called template-driven approach, and present the functions, general structure as well as the implementation techniques of ASDE. 本文首先介绍ASDE所采用的模板驱动方式的语法制导编辑模型,然后详细描述了ASDE的功能、总体结构和主要实现技术。

2、Methods All 96 patients with nodule were operated by resection of only thyroid leave and its isthmus. 方法总结96例甲状腺结节患者行一侧腺叶加峡部切除所采取的术式。

3、The conclusion summarizes the whole thesis, personal viewpoint of the researcher on the appropriate standpoint and attitude for researching Chinese traditional civil law is presented. 结语简要总结了全文的主要内容和观点,并对研究中国传统民法所应持的立场和态度提出自己的见解。

4、Chapter Two describes the structural, morphological and syntactic characteristics of the words of endearment which are used in conversation with children in Khorchin local dialect. 第二章介绍了科尔沁土语用于和幼儿交流的昵语的形式结构、词法、句法等方面的特征。

5、The syntax is a little confusing, but basically it is a way of formulating expressions that are a combination of regular expressions and XPaths. 它的语法有些令人困惑,但是基本上它是将结合了常规表达式和 XPath 的表达式进行公式化的方法。

6、Because SOAP is intended to be platform and language neutral, XSD does not define formats for encoding objects or structures unique to a single language. 因为我们希望SOAP平台和语言无关,所以 XSD 没有为某种个别语言才有的编码对象和结构定义格式。

7、What you're referring to is the old grammar-translation method. 你在这儿所指的是老式的语法—翻译方式。

8、Language is nearly endless in its forms. So the search for its behavioral fossils—genes ociated with grammar and syntax—should keep scientists busy for decades to come. 语言表现形式是无穷无尽的。因而对与语言行为的化石证据——即和语法句法有关的基因——的搜寻,足够科学家们忙上几xx年了。

9、Then, the common ways of Chinese and Russian abbreviation formation are contrastively studied, and the similarities and differences of ways of abbreviation formation are summarized. 其次对比分析了俄语缩略语和汉语缩略语常用的构成方式,总结出了俄语缩略语和汉语缩略语构成方式的异同点;

10、The manner expressing time in Chinese has two: by lexical form or by grammatical form; they have different degrees of grammaticalization. 汉语表达时间的方式有词汇形式、语法形式,各种形式的语法化程度不一样;

11、It is obvious that there is a disparity between the semantic (argument) structures and their syntactic representations. 非宾格动词的语义(论元)结构与其句法表达方式之间存在明显的不一致。

12、Many well-known grammarians, like Randolph Quirk and Geoffrey Leech, argued about the syntactic and semantic features of non-equivalent comparisons. 许多著名语法家,如夸克、利奇,对非等量比较结构的句法特征和语义特征,有不同的论述,争议颇多。

13、The GOBACK statement specifies the logical end of a called program or invoked method. GOBACK 语句指定了所调用的程序或方法的逻辑结束部分。

14、As what Chinese Grammer researches shows, most modifier-core structures can be divided into agglutinating-style structures and orted structures, according to the existence of "de". 汉语语法研究指出,多数偏正结构,可以根据是否带“的”,分为粘合式偏正结构和组合式偏正结构。

15、But present teaching materials have a few scientific induction and summary to form brief memory methods in teaching Programming with Assemble Language. 但是,现有教材很少对抽象、繁多的指令语句进行科学的归纳总结,形成简明形象的记忆方式。

16、Resultatives are very common in Chinese and almost all monosyllabic verbs denoting actions and monosyllabic adjectives denoting state changes can be resultatives. 动结式是汉语中的一种常见结构,几乎所有表示动作的单音节动词和表示状态变化的单音节形容词都能构成动结式。

17、Langage is actually the sum total of all known speech acts. 言语活动实际上是所有已知言语行为的总和。

18、The test base grammar format uses a format of parentheses and brackets to help specify the grammar to use. 测试的基本语法格式是使用一种由圆括号和方括号组成的格式帮助指定所用的语法。

19、The conclusion summarizes Kahlo's uniqueness and her aesthetic taste in relation with the author's everyday personal experience of painting. 结语部分结合自己的创作感悟,总结了卡罗创作的完美所在和审美情趣。

20、And this difficulty is greatly multiplied by the wide difference in vocabulary and sentence construction between the Oriental and Occidental language. 翻译之所以困难,是原语和译入语在词汇以及句法结构等方面的巨大差异使然。

21、Chinese agglutinating complement is a kir d of unique and highly used structure in modern Chinese. 粘合式述补结构是汉语独特的语法结构,在汉语中使用频率高。

22、Editor features include syntax highlighting, SQL formatting, content ist, statement parsing and validation, and semantic validation. 编辑器具有语法高亮显示、SQL 格式化、内容补全、语句解析与验证和语法验证等特性。

23、Figure 3 summarizes the invocation scheme used in all of these cases. 图 3 总结了所有这些案例中使用的调用模式。

24、English for law has striking characteristics in terms of diction, syntax and discourse, and it reflects speciality, solemnness , rigorousness and accuracy. 法律英语在词汇用语、句法选择和语篇结构上具有鲜明的语言特点,体现了法律语言的专业性、庄重性、严谨性和准确性。

25、Through study on it, the combination of the language diachronic study and synchronic study has been realized and the interrelationship among word, syntax and discourse has been clarified. 语法化研究实现了语言的共时研究和历时研究的结合,阐明了词法、句法和章法的相互关系。


26、By comparison of their MI-scores and PMW, similarities and differences between British English and American English are concluded. 通过MI值和PMW的对比,总结了限定词在英式英语和美式英语中使用的异同。

27、In the semantic level, we focus on the inspection of the deep semantic relations and semantic sentence structure model of the complex-sentence. 在语义层面,我们着重考察该复句的深层语义关系和语义结构模式。

28、Take British or American English for example, there are differences in expressions, unciation, spelling, nouns, verbs and syntactic grammar. 就说英语或美式英语,在其辞句、发音、拼音、名词、动词及文法上的组合都大有分别。

29、Fortunately, this process is easy to automate if you establish a one-to-one mapping between UML constructs and XML schema statements. 所幸的是,只要在 UML 结构和 XML 模式语句间建立一对一的映射,这个过程很容易自动化。

30、The distinction between cognate object construction and non-cognate object construction has been a controversial topic in English grammar. 英语语法中,同源宾语结构和与其形式雷同的非同源宾语结构的区分一直是一个有争议的问题。

31、There is a semantic sentence's opposite of declarative mood vs. subjunctive mood. 上海方言中存在着陈述语气和虚拟语气在句法形式上的对立。

32、It defines the UT functionally as textual unit instead of language unit which maintains its textual integrity by performing three functions, viz. 悉尼语法和加的夫语法是系统功能语法的两个分支,其关于语言单位的分类及语言的体现形式的观点也有所不同。

33、But there are differences in how the pattern works in a functional versus object-oriented language, and in the results it yields. 但这种模式在函数语言和面向对象语言中的工作方式不同,所得到的结果也有所不同。

34、This embodies the common rule of syntax structure and shows the pragmatic differences in different groups. 这既有句法结构的共同规律,也有不同组时表现出的语用差异。

35、The language of legal documents is a highly specialized legal language, having set forms and formulas. 法律文书的语言是高度专业化的法律语言,具有固定的格式和惯用语。

36、English inversion, as a grammatical form, is a very important part of contemporary linguistic study. 倒装句作为一种语法形式,是当代语言学研究的一个重要内容。

37、Carnap's meaning theory experienced a change from logical syntax to semantics in 1935. 以xx年为界,卡尔纳普先后提出了所谓逻辑句法和语义学。

38、Methods Lingual and non-lingual techniques in communicating with patients in paediatrics out-patient clinic triage were summarized. 方法总结儿科门诊分诊护士在进行语言性和非语言性沟通的技巧。

39、This part also makes a detailed description of and comparison between the grammars of the two languages and introduces the differences in the lexical and grammatical structures of the two languages. 在语法结构形式方面,对两种语言四音格词的构词方式和语法结构形式作了较详细的描写和比较,并归结出它们在构词方式和语法结构形式的异同点。

40、Spellings vary slightly, but the general notions of quantification, alternation, and sequencing exist in all EBNF-style language grammars. 拼写稍有不同,但是量化、交替和定序这些一般概念都存在于所有EBNF样式的语言语法中。

41、Structuralist teaching materials are arranged on a basis of underlying grammatical patterns and structures. 结构主义安排语言教学材料是以潜在的语法格式和结构为基础的。

42、I believe my data from this work, conclusions and ideas, methods will be of great importance and significance to a reference work on study the Chinese two-type words. 我相信在我的这项工作中所收集的数据、总结出的结论和探索的思路、方法对汉语兼类词研究具有参考意义。

43、Ancient Chinese is rich in the pive sentence, which is always a emphasis in Chinese grammatical studies. 古代汉语被动句式纷繁复杂、姿态纷呈,历来是汉语语法研究的一个重点。

44、The sentence meaning not only derives from the lexical meaning of each word, but also from the construction itself. 语言表达式的意义不仅来自于其所包含的词汇,表达式所包含的语法构式同样只有意义。

45、This thesis discusses the great values of law term for the history of Chinese grammar which based on the spring of forcing resultative complement and special syntax form. 文中以使成式的产生与特殊句式为例说明了法律用语对汉语历史语法学研究的重要价值。

46、Abstract: Being the carrier of legal culture, legal language has attracted more and more linguists' attention due to its terms and complicated syntactic structure. 作为法律文化载体的法律语言因其术语和句法结构的复杂性引起越来越多的语言学家和法律界专家的关注。

47、Iconicity mainly concerns the corresponding relationship between syntactic form and semantic function. 象似性则主要涉及语法形式和语义结构之间的可论证性。

48、At a high level, you see the familiar "update… set…. where…" syntax of an SQL UPDATE statement. SQL UPDATE 语句的总体结构仍然是大家熟悉的 “update… set…. where…” 语法。

49、The entire language pr has been summed up in two productions. 两个产生式中总结了全部的语言解析器。

50、As a widely used figure of speech, trope is important to enrich and develop the syntactic form. It can be used as different grammatical formatives with different function. 比喻作为现代汉语最为常用的修辞手法之一,对于语法形式的丰富和发展有着积极的意义,可以充当不同的句法成分,具有不同的作用。


51、Duchang dialect is of northern part's Gan-dialect and has its features in the grammar, in parts of speech, suffix, reduplication pattern and syntax compared as Putonghua. 都昌方言属北片赣语,它的语法有其特殊现象,词类、附加、重叠形式和句法跟普通话都有不相同之处。

52、It is the collection of all the features of the linguistic form; it is abstract and de-contextualized. 它是语言形式所有特征的总和,它是抽象且脱离语境的。

53、告辞 take an active part in 积极参加 take care of 照顾;

54、Being the carrier of legal culture, legal language has attracted more and more linguists' attention due to its terms and complicated syntactic structure. 作为文化载体的法律语言因其术语和句法结构的复杂性引起越来越多的语言学家和法律界专家的关注。

55、The online English hard news is characterized by the structure of "a paragraph of one sentence", which differs a lot from other news styles. 网络英语纯新闻的“一句成段”结构决定其翻译方法与一般报刊广播或电视新闻等新闻语体有所区别。

56、B eing the carrier of legal culture, legal language has attracted more and more linguists' attention due to its terms and complicated syntactic structure. 作为法律文化载体的法律语言因其术语和句法结构的复杂性引起越来越多的语言学家和法律界专家的关注。

57、This thesis attempts to study the textual functions of EST pive voice at the textual level from a pragmatic perspective. 语篇语用学从语篇语境的角度研究句法结构的选择与语篇功能。

58、Grammaticalization is characterized by two effects: the narrowing of grammaticalizing element and the expansion of the construction (context) of which the grammaticalizing element is a part. 语法化具有双重效应,即语法化项特征的“窄化”和语法化项及其所在构式的环境“扩展”。

59、The appearance of dissyllabic words in Chinese history which is a phenomena of lexicalization implies the weakening of grammaticalization in language form. 汉语历史上双音词的产生所体现的由句法到词法的变化实际上是一种类似语法化的语言形式的理据性减弱的变化过程。

60、In French, German, and Italian-, French, German and Italian cuisine of quite Sheng, but good quality. 在法语、德语和意大利语区,法式、德式和意式烹饪的影响颇盛,但质量上乘。

61、All IBM designers continue to use the smart multi-line editors that provide syntax colorization and statement completion. 所有 IBM 设计器仍然能够使用具有语法彩色显示和语句完成功能的智能多行编辑器。

62、Scholars both abroad and at home have made researches on female features in language use and have drawn conclusions mainly in the aspects of phonology, lexis and syntax. 国内外学者都对女性语言特色进行了研究,并在语音、词汇、句法、语体以及语用方面做出了总结。

63、Probabilistic grammar igns a probability to a sentence or a string of words, while attempting to capture more sophisticated syntactic information than the context-free grammar (CFG). 上下文无关语法在处理句法歧义时遇到了困难,概率上下文无关语法和概率词汇化上下文无关语法为解决句法歧义问题提供了有力的手段。

64、The valence theory of cognitive grammar provides a powerful explanation to the semantic construction of the English adjectival syntactic construction. 认知语法语法配价理论对英语形容词句式的语义建构做出了强有力的解释。

65、Peroration is a summary of this research . 结语部分对本课题研究所做的总结。

66、Its main characteristics are reflected by the concrete use or arrangement of words, syntax, rhetorical devices, discourse structure, punctuation marks, graphs and formulae, etc. 其特点是通过词语、句式、修辞手法、篇章结构、标点符号、图表公式等因素的具体运用体现出来的。

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